What They Did for Love

After a very busy weekend I found myself reflecting on the past weeks’ events and noticed that in my conversations with clients and friends, there was a running theme; women were experiencing transformative awakenings.

I also noticed that many of them owned Door Protectors for various lengths of time and some spoke of decisions made shortly after the art’s installation.

This morning as I looked at the pieces owned by the women I had recently visited along with others whose situations I knew well. I noticed that all the stories lined up as examples of them finding their voices, or the necessary strength to face and move through relationships and life situations that held them hostage.

In each case, they were all seeking love, but the core issue was lack of self-love and what they allowed in their lives to feel loved.

A successful entrepreneur spent 19 years in an abusive marriage before she realized that the business failures she experienced during those same years, were the result of a hostile home environment.

A gifted poet earns a meager income because she cannot consider it possible to make a living saying yes to her art. Miraculously she now has regular reading gigs.

A much-loved and gifted body worker just realized her worth and what she did for nearly a decade to prove herself otherwise.

One of them found herself having to reopen a divorce settlement while ensuring the safety of her children, and holding a full-time job. She is coming through stronger and wiser.

A gentle soul broke through a very difficult family legal dispute across continents while warding off barbs from her local angry ex-husband and finding the strength to ground her children in love. Today she is on the other side of these challenges and thriving.

After a very long and loveless marriage, a very talented woman found herself reviving a career she thought lost, earning a good living, receiving praise for her work and enjoying life as never before.

Actually, what the all had in common was that each discovered that they had been living their life according to expectations they gathered from others and thought that they were her own.

They allowed others, mostly men, to dim their light, and it took adversity and in some cases tragedy, to see that there was a rainbow emanating from their center, that they could click their ruby slippers to not only break through relationships and situations that no longer served them, but could make their own dreams come true.

They each found that they were more than good enough; they were awesome!

Hope replaced fear and uncertainty and each without hurrying, found themselves dwelling in acceptance and not defeat.

They found their true voice, the voice that comes from their hearts, decided to heed it and live knowing that life loves them and supports them.

What they now do for love is to love themselves unconditionally.

I want to thank my dear friend, mentor and fairy godmother Kimberly Ward Manning (http://www.kimberlywardmanning.com) for her keen listening and for encouraging me to write about this prescient issue. I love her unconditionally!


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