Be Safe: Stay Grounded, Respect Your Path and Open Your Heart

Linda M Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Linda M Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The latest Door Protector was installed 2 weeks ago and my client reports seeing significant energy shifts in her life.  The movement actually started as soon as she commissioned it.

A well respected body-centered psychotherapist and much admired singer and song-writer, Linda M. ordered the sacred art as an important relationship was ending. And in creating the intention statement for the art, she was able to quickly see the learning that this relationship had brought her and effectively integrate the experience into her life.

Now she was eager to explore the many new possibilities for growth.

It was not a surprise that in my preliminary divination process I saw Hummingbird as her guiding animal spirit. Those who possess the medicine of this tiny but powerful bird dwell in Joy, can spend quality time in stillness, and are sources of hope and renewal for those who need it. They remain soft, adaptable and trusting knowing that Life loves them.

The card appeared upside down suggesting that although Linda has a strong meditation practice, is a fantastic mentor to musicians and an effective therapist, she may need time to fully embrace her gifts and talents, explore her dreams and commit to follow her intuition, sensing that a greater force is always supporting her.

My job in creating her art was to provide Linda with visual symbols that would help her to lean in, yet step back and admire the wealth of what she already has, while at the same time, remind her to “freely fly among Life’s flowers and partake of their sweet nectar”. This would insure that her heart remains open and that her gifts become a source of joy and abundance for all.

The three crystals that appeared further in the reading and are now on the Door Protector gave me strong guidance.

Cuprite, the triangle at the bottom of the art is a great grounding mineral; affirming that all we need is always provided for when we are rooted in the stillness of the earth and are grateful for all we have.

Charoite is the lilac colored stone in the middle, reinforcing that our skills and talents are in fact what allows us to walk our path of service. This ally’s energy helps us stay on our path and speak our truth.

Rhodonite is the heart’s healer reminding us that it is only by loving ourselves fully, that we can manifest love from others, as well as abundance and well-being for all.

These crystals form the focal point in the transformative cycle of a beautiful starry night into the dawning of a new day. The rising sun is crowned by the Wish Granting Jewel mantra, bestowing its blessings of unconditional love, balance, joy, gratefulness, right thinking, right speech, right concentration, and right action for the benefit of all and embedding these “nectars of truth” on garlands of magnificent flowers streaming through the stones.

When the client consciously connects with the vibrational energy of the symbols; in times of sorrow or pleasure, she will receive the essence of what the art carries: that wherever she is, it is the right path fully supported by benevolent Universal forces, helping her feel safe and protected from harm.

When she looks at her Door Protector installed above her front door, Linda can allow her life to unfold, while feeling whole, powerful and grateful.

Limited edition embellished prints of this art are available in the Door Protectors Gallery. Or you can commission a personalized art, by following the instructions on the Purchase Info Tab

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