A New Consciousness

Like many of you, I have been keeping social distance for the past 8 weeks and, while I miss the physical contact with my loved ones, I have not lacked the emotional connections. In fact, communications with family, friends, neighbors, and clients have become even more frequent and daresay, more meaningful.

The quarantine keeping us from contracting or passing on viral infection, is indeed difficult for the economy, but is actually a blessing in so many ways.

It is not hard to see improvements in our environment. This past weekend I passed a pond I walked by for the past 20 years. At this time in Spring it is completely covered with green algae. Last Sunday it was so clear, I could see the bottom! Frogs were singing and a family of swans with their cygnets were happily gliding on the glassy surface. The unusual photos of lions napping on an empty highway on Kruger National Park, South Africa and a herd of goats frolicking on deserted streets in Wales clearly points to the impact of humans practicing social distancing.

Families are learning how to spend their time together in creative ways and maybe becoming closer. Some of my friends tell me that despite some difficult moments, they are getting to know their families and children anew and see this as a positive development. At the individual level, we are all discovering new skills, grappling with new emotions, noticing what we miss and not, and discerning how we spend our time. Many of us are paying close attention to what brings value and joy to our existence.

As the world is undergoing a massive transformation, we are being stretched in many ways. We are exercising spiritual, emotional, and mental muscles we never knew we had in exploring ways to thrive at this time in history. If we perceive the pandemic as a gift, we are examining our goals, our vows and the intentions we set for ourselves, perhaps in January, and are now assessing their relevance in an attempt to envision our lives beyond face masks, 6’ of separation and lines at the grocery store.

With limited movement and fewer choices, we are forced to look inward, be more reflective and a new consciousness is arising.

It is in this environment that I created this 12” x 12” acrylic painting a few weeks ago and decided to alter the way I interpret and title my work after completion.  I offered the image to my good friend and coach, Kimberly Ward Manning. I asked her to meditate with the painting and come up with a title and interpretation. What follows are her words in italics.

As I look at the painting, what first comes to mind is a garden. In the foreground is a hedge with an opening that leads beyond. The greens and yellows look and feel like a celebration, and the energy rises in ecstasy, into the stars, the Higher Mind, eternity, wherever. It feels more than hopeful — it’s joyful.

 As I sat with the piece longer, another meaning came forward. The circles in the foreground are beings/souls. They are being called to the green/yellow area in the middle to ascend in consciousness. Some have already gone and are showing their ascension in the different levels of energy/understanding/love. Everything is shifting higher. Again, the whole feeling is powerfully positive.

 There is a calling with this piece. It is asking us to enter and do something — go higher, go inward and up/outward, join together in this journey. In both interpretations, the individual circles meld into pure energy. There is no longer separate self/selves. We are each part of this One, which in my meditation shows up as this mass of energies in the painting.

 Overall, it feels like an initiation, a calling, a rising up. Like a secret garden behind a manicured hedge — magical, mystical, marvelous, powerful.

I invite all of you to take in the image and see how view it, and how it may assist you in experiencing this unusual time in your life. What is in your garden? What are you called to move into? What shifts are you urged to undertake?

Are you ready to emerge with A New Consciousness? Click on the link to see the painting up close and perhaps you will be called to own it.

2 thoughts on “A New Consciousness

  1. To me, it looks like fire is burning away some bad stuff we let accumulate around us and helping us to return to the beautiful blue sky above!

    I also note that people are seeing the top of the Himalayas once again . . .

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