Healing Cloth?

Energy One Silk Scarf by Lidia Kenig

I don’t know why I never thought of it before!

Acrylic transparencies and alcohol have been part of my creating toolkit for quite a while now, and seeking more saturated colors, I added acrylic inks to the mix. Without the binder’s presence, the inks’ hues were clearer, brighter and when exposed to alcohol, offered felicitous effects. So it seemed natural to heed one of my student’s suggestions and explore alcohol-based inks in class.

With gusto, I dove into the vivid palette and explored ways to use the quickly drying, yet easily changeable medium. I tried them on canvas and on Yupo; the latter, a synthetic non-porous and non-absorbent machine-made paper, used by watercolorists, allowed me to more efficiently practice the many ways to affect and move the inks. As soon as I began to post mine and my students’ art, I received teaching requests from outside my studio.

And once you prepare a class, you learn even more!Student painting a tile with alcohol inks

The first attempts, using cellophane paper to create texture, watching the inks react to each other and  easily create masterpieces were such fun that I moved on to painting on ceramic tiles, to the oohs and ahhs of delighted students.

Inherent in using the medium is the element of surprise.

The inks are fluid and fast-drying. Recipes are few, and the best intention a newbie can put forth is to work with what shows up. Thus, if one is willing to suspend judgment and see the results of the inks on the surface as colors, textures, shapes and interact with them as play, the results are always outstanding.

The card on left was created by moving the inks using a straw while they were still wet, and after the art dried, dots were added with the tip of a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Additional marks were made with water-based pens before sealing the art.

In the tile on right inks gets layered to create new effects. They bloom when clear alcohol or another color is added and the size of the dots is controlled  by mastering the amount of ink absorbed by the cotton swabs.  Misting causes another texturing.

And then, I stumbled upon silk fabric and I was hooked!

The scarf above was created with alcohol inks and markers set by heat. When cooled, the fabric retains the familiar softness and lustrous feel. The inks vivid hues add luxury to the mix.

Here is an example of a scarf that started with a linear design, got a heavy dose of alcohol and was sprinkled with salt while still wet, then the fabric was swooshed around and when dried, it turned out with a really interesting mottled texture in a gorgeous blue tint. The student later added amorphous shapes by randomly dripping alcohol. She finished it with silvery dots inside the random shapes, and the effect is truly celestial.

And then I got it.

This technique was not only the easiest way to teach people to paint intuitively and encourage presence; it helps students engage in play, observe ego-based thoughts as they surface and assists them in managing the mind with courage and joy. Everyone left the class proudly wearing their creations and asked for more instruction.

I began to see scarves as another way to become intimately involved with the art I create and experience its transformative and healing energy.

Just as I do with my students, meditation and grounding precludes encountering the materials to be used. In the stillness, my heart opens fully and I invite Spirit to guide my hand.  What is created through me has a powerful message embedded in each color, shape or texture.

When a viewer or a wearer beholds the art, the energy produced by the combination of all the elements becomes available. It gains power when users intentionally open their heart to what is there to learn.

When this happens, it is an “aha” moment. Something becomes clearer as the wind catches their scarf; and a solution to an issue is found, or a new viewpoint is suddenly available, when carrying an item blessed with the artworks.

Everything is energy and we are all connected to it. When you select a painting co-created with Spirit, you have begun to heal, although you may not know what needs healing at the moment. If you are attracted to a particular painting, or a scarf, maybe a tote bag;  Spirit beckons!

Today I opened a new gallery on the website called Cloth Art. Go get this scarf now and open your heart to hear its voice. It is Healing Cloth!

Energy One Silk Scarf by Lidia Kenig

And the Gold Orb?

The Nature of Reality by Lidia Kenig
The Nature of Reality by Lidia Kenig

What is reality? Is it what we are able to see and therefore declare it real?

Is it a belief or a fact proven by scientific methods?

When I posted a watercolor and ink sketch of a glass vase filled with tulips and daffodils on social media; it got an enormous amount of attention.

It was a well-executed still life on paper showing rather photographically, how the arrangement was caressed by sunlight; it reflected on the glass and bounced on other objects. The response level indicated that people were reacting mostly to what was easily recognized.

When I post abstract works, they don’t get noticed as quickly. I know that this has nothing to do with their quality.

Non-representational work requires a commitment to interact with art in a conversation most people are unaccustomed to have.

Pictures of recognizable things get the most notice because our fast-paced life has trained us to have short and selective attention span. We look and quickly decide, often on a small screen where we are going to spend this precious commodity. When something bright and familiarly pleasant pops up, we feel good enough to post a heart and even a comment, before moving on. What we see checks with what we know and there is no need to interact with it for long.

An abstract painting requires a commitment from us to enter the unknown and make meaning with what we are not familiar. It looks un-real.

I am not assigning value to one style or another. I simply say that images, shapes and textures in an abstract painting serve to push the envelope.  They invite artists and viewers to the brink of mystery and prod it without any frame of reference.

Take a moment to observe The Nature of Reality.

Dark bronze and brown color shapes on the bottom of the canvas, create the entry point into the art, while gold and silver paint airbrushed in a swirling motion draw us in. Next we are lured by light-catching surfaces that force us to move in different directions and unwittingly we begin to search for familiar shapes.

Suddenly we recognize “letters”. The mind takes over and we find more “words” attached to thin glittery paper lines with strong upward movement. We follow them to see if we can understand. Eventually the writing also swirls to the left ending in a flame, and to the right dispersing into an orb.

Puzzled, we continue scanning the painting for clues and encounter flowing lotuses. In these “recognizable” shapes we find relief and security. We recognize “flowers” and may even sense wind in their wavy stems….but the “words”? We still want to know what they are saying but are clueless. We also ask ourselves, why the flame? And the gold orb?

These inner/outer conversations in viewing abstract art strain the ego-mind and engage senses and emotions.  We are invited to explore uncharted territory and pose questions for which we may not get answers; like… how valuable is to make additional meaning of what we already know?

This art contains no letters. The dialog opens new doors of awareness, or provides alternative viewpoints we can later extrapolate to our day-to-day life. Labeling reassures our ego-mind that we are “in the know” at a high price. It keeps us from seeing reality as it is.

Everything we think real is inherently impermanent; paper in this case, can crumble or yellow with age or be burned in a fire. It has no substance unto itself. I did not intend to create words in any way. I was attracted to texture and color that together with the other elements create a rich vibrational field.

Yet delighting in the art elements within the work, while consciously focusing on their interaction, may lead to experiencing deep joy or be moved to sadness.

That is because art elements vibrate much as musical instruments do, and create an energy field that strikes a chord deep within us beckoning further exploration. This reality needs no belief, scientific proof, or visual confirmation. It is accessed through presence and the courage to dive into the unknown.

It is in the nature of reality that everything is impermanent and has an interdependent value. Nothing is real unto itself; it is a vibrational field in which we all play ball.

Want to play more?

By now you understand why the “words” end in a flame. And the gold orb? Do you know what it represents and why only “letters” go into the gold orb?

Want a hint? What I create comes from absolute presence, and with the awareness that I am co-creating with Spirit. The meaning is derived afterwards, when I sit with the painting and do exactly as I described above; I notice what strikes a chord and willingly explore a reality that does not require scientific proof, yet is really real.

You can purchase The Nature of Reality, in its original 30″ x 40″ x 2″ form by clicking Spiritual Art Gallery. There you will find limited edition canvas wrapped prints as well.

Post your thoughts below on the nature of reality. Love to read them!

The Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore*

Emptiness by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Emptiness by Lidia Kenig-Scher

A few weeks ago I wrote that I was committed to Embracing Grace in my everyday living, and as such I am keenly aware of how my thoughts and emotions, if not acknowledged and integrated, lead to behaviors that are misaligned with my intentions.

Such was the case this past weekend when I awoke to a bright sunshine and cool breezes, yet felt saddled by what Eckhart Tolle aptly calls “the pain body”.  My thoughts began to dispatch a barrage of mandates to contact that person, post an update on social media, clean up my house, do a laundry, take a power walk, lose 15 lbs, and…that painting I worked on yesterday? Of, my, that is awful!

You know what I mean. I am sure some of you live with those foolish tyrants we allow to ride on our shoulders and even let them bowl us over when sleepy, tired and hungry, until we remember that the thoughts, while appearing real and are forceful, do not have power unless we let them run the show.

Embracing grace means that we look at the cast of characters as a call to consciousness and recognize the kernel of truth in their impatient mandates, but decide to look beyond the thoughts’ limited horizons.

Thankfully I learned to move away from the din by meditating.

Just breathing and just being on the cushion creates the necessary space to look at the drama as if I were in a play.  From that new vantage point, I can isolate a few of the demands heard, check out their validity, ascertain their urgency and take inspired action.

Feeling refreshed, I chose to take advantage of the weather by walking at a medium pace at a nearby trail, enjoying the tree canopy, and the other walkers, bikers and runners.  I immersed myself in the smells of the Spring flowers, the vivid greens that lined the road, the sounds I heard and the warmth of the sun.

Feeling my chest expanding, I stopped at a pond as a beautiful swan came into view. Another one was nearby.

A biker also stopped and while taking a picture mentioned that she had never seen them before and asked if I had. When I replied that I hadn’t, she exclaimed that we must be lucky to have shown up on this day, for swans are the very embodiment of grace, the connection to spirit and of the beauty that comes from within.


Amazing events unfold when you take charge of your thinking and the feelings these bring forth, and decide to hear their message through the lens of unlimited possibility.

May I tell you a few other coincidences that arose throughout the weekend? A radio show was exploring the meaning of body weight. It led me to focus on losing one lb a week for as long as it took to balance my weigh.  A conversation with my sister reminded me what I learned through the process of creating a new painting:

Everything unfolds on its own time. When I do not like what I see, I step back and allow new images to show up.

After lunch I scheduled house cleaning and laundry for later in the week, completed this painting I call Emptiness, and scheduled social media postings before going to bed to read an inspirational book.

The painting is about expanding our one-dimensional human-bound viewpoint. We are spiritual beings learning to release all the densities restricting us, allow the light of Spirit to guide our path and share the wisdom with all who need it.

As I look at the images, the verses from the Heart Sutra, one of the most important Buddhist teachings, came to mind:

“…this Body itself is Emptiness
and Emptiness itself is this Body.
This Body is not other than Emptiness
and Emptiness is not other than this Body.
The same is true of Feelings,
Perceptions, Mental Formations,
and Consciousness…”

*The translation by Thich Nhat Hanh is called The Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore.

Go to Emptiness and purchase the art now.


Be Safe: Stay Grounded, Respect Your Path and Open Your Heart

Linda M Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Linda M Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The latest Door Protector was installed 2 weeks ago and my client reports seeing significant energy shifts in her life.  The movement actually started as soon as she commissioned it.

A well respected body-centered psychotherapist and much admired singer and song-writer, Linda M. ordered the sacred art as an important relationship was ending. And in creating the intention statement for the art, she was able to quickly see the learning that this relationship had brought her and effectively integrate the experience into her life.

Now she was eager to explore the many new possibilities for growth.

It was not a surprise that in my preliminary divination process I saw Hummingbird as her guiding animal spirit. Those who possess the medicine of this tiny but powerful bird dwell in Joy, can spend quality time in stillness, and are sources of hope and renewal for those who need it. They remain soft, adaptable and trusting knowing that Life loves them.

The card appeared upside down suggesting that although Linda has a strong meditation practice, is a fantastic mentor to musicians and an effective therapist, she may need time to fully embrace her gifts and talents, explore her dreams and commit to follow her intuition, sensing that a greater force is always supporting her.

My job in creating her art was to provide Linda with visual symbols that would help her to lean in, yet step back and admire the wealth of what she already has, while at the same time, remind her to “freely fly among Life’s flowers and partake of their sweet nectar”. This would insure that her heart remains open and that her gifts become a source of joy and abundance for all.

The three crystals that appeared further in the reading and are now on the Door Protector gave me strong guidance.

Cuprite, the triangle at the bottom of the art is a great grounding mineral; affirming that all we need is always provided for when we are rooted in the stillness of the earth and are grateful for all we have.

Charoite is the lilac colored stone in the middle, reinforcing that our skills and talents are in fact what allows us to walk our path of service. This ally’s energy helps us stay on our path and speak our truth.

Rhodonite is the heart’s healer reminding us that it is only by loving ourselves fully, that we can manifest love from others, as well as abundance and well-being for all.

These crystals form the focal point in the transformative cycle of a beautiful starry night into the dawning of a new day. The rising sun is crowned by the Wish Granting Jewel mantra, bestowing its blessings of unconditional love, balance, joy, gratefulness, right thinking, right speech, right concentration, and right action for the benefit of all and embedding these “nectars of truth” on garlands of magnificent flowers streaming through the stones.

When the client consciously connects with the vibrational energy of the symbols; in times of sorrow or pleasure, she will receive the essence of what the art carries: that wherever she is, it is the right path fully supported by benevolent Universal forces, helping her feel safe and protected from harm.

When she looks at her Door Protector installed above her front door, Linda can allow her life to unfold, while feeling whole, powerful and grateful.

Limited edition embellished prints of this art are available in the Door Protectors Gallery. Or you can commission a personalized art, by following the instructions on the Purchase Info Tab

Just Watching

Just watching by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Just Watching by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Awoke with a sense of deep sadness I could not shake in meditation.

Looking for a change in perspective, I considered driving to the beach, sit on the sand and simply watch the waves crash and kiss the sky. Taking in the sheer vastness of such spectacle, hearing the wind catch my wayward thoughts and allow them to drown in the choppy waters would surely be a powerful healing experience.

While I was eager to feel the warmth of the sun and bear witness to a new day dawning, when I pulled open the shades, out of my window I could only see thick clouds and a steady raw drizzle.

No, sitting on the cushion would not do for today, so I moved into the studio to paint what I needed to experience.

It was powerfully healing.

Alcohol inks and a white tile were on one of the tables waiting to be put away, after the past weekend’s successful workshop.

I smiled recognizing Spirit’s hand in all of it.

As I poured blue ink on the tile, I felt the whoosh of the wind and heard the roaring of the waves. When the cool morning yellow strip was in place, I began to see the sun pushing the rose and gray cloud cover away, unveiling the clear blue sky above it and lovingly warming my body.

The little red buoy gave me joy.

Nora Copeland said that “storms always lose to the sun”, a reminder that what I was feeling, albeit deeply painful now, would give way to an acceptance of what I cannot change, and provide me with the clarity to paint a new story.

While I could have gone on the web and breathed slowly while gazing at beach sunrises anywhere in the world, the experience of painting my own was indeed transformative.

The inks are very fluid and unpredictable, thus, absolute presence is required to contain and direct their flow. Every cell in my body was involved in moving the rapidly drying liquid with the tools I used to create the scene.

Such power is embedded in the art now, and when I look at it, I can affirm the new perspective, transmute the sadness and invite Love in all its colors.

Like to experience powerful healing? Catch the buoy and click on Just Watching to get it now!

Homage to an Unlikely Arts Advocate

Mom and I by Lidia Kenig
Mom and I by Lidia Kenig

My mother was indeed an unlikely arts advocate. Her formal education ended in the second grade, and it is unclear why she could not continue to attend school. Maybe language, or poverty or both were barriers. Fleeing from Romania’s political upheaval, she arrived in Argentina at age 6 with her seamstress mother and 4 siblings to join their father. In Buenos Aires they encountered not the expected paradise but another subpar living environment mired in poverty.

At 16 she went to work as an assistant seamstress and soon fell in love with the owner’s 17 year old son whom she dated for 10 years while he was in college. The long courtship was the result of the groom’s family’s unhappiness with the couple’s mismatched educational level and socioeconomic status. These sentiments were aggravated when after the nuptials, my dad quit medical school and went to work in his father’s store under the guise of needing to provide for his family.

I was born 2 years into the marriage and managed to completely change family dynamics. The proud grandparents dotted on the baby girl and my mother status rose considerably. In time, my mother and grandmother became my staunchest allies to ensure that I would have a career in art.

The first time my mother advocated for my artistic talents was in my first grade class. She told me a wonderful story of a time when she was called to school because my teacher complained that I tended not to follow rules. As an example, the teacher showed her a drawing I made of a lady with a wide-brimmed hat and the words “I love my aunt Cecelia” alongside. The teacher stated that the assignment was to write “I love my aunt Ana”, the current study’s vocabulary words and illustrate the sentence with a pasted cut out figure from a magazine.

Appearing confused, my mother asked the teacher whether I was able to write the word Ana and had cutting and pasting dexterity. When the teacher replied in the affirmative, my mother suggested that “Cecelia” was a more difficult name than “Ana” and that her 6-year-old realistic drawing was prettier than a random paper cut out.

But when the teacher went on to complain that I was always making drawings, even next to math exercises, and was concerned about the “real” learning I may be missing, my mother then turned and asked me why I was not following the teacher’s requests in class and adding unnecessary drawings.

When I responded that the school work came from the teacher, but the pictures come from my heart and helped me learn best, my mother stated that my way of learning was through drawing and that she deemed that no punishment was needed.

That was quite the answer from an uneducated woman without any art background. As far as I remember, nobody in my family was an art lover, or had art in their homes. Mom enrolled me in art classes and convinced skeptical instructors that despite my age, I possessed mature artistic skills.

Both my mother and my grandmother continued to advocate for my right to study art, even when my father opposed it. Somehow an army of art supporters arose to convince him of the worth of a career in art when at age 12; I applied and was accepted to art high school in Buenos Aires.

Art school was expensive and my father now working with his brothers felt unable to afford my art education. It was my mother who accepted financial help from my grandparents so I could graduate in 1964 as one of the youngest college art instructors in Buenos Aires.

The 8” x 8” acrylic painting on paper was created to honor my mother, the unlikely arts advocate who continues to cheer me on from beyond. She left her body on March 8, 2003.

Thank you, mom!

What They Did for Love

After a very busy weekend I found myself reflecting on the past weeks’ events and noticed that in my conversations with clients and friends, there was a running theme; women were experiencing transformative awakenings.

I also noticed that many of them owned Door Protectors for various lengths of time and some spoke of decisions made shortly after the art’s installation.

This morning as I looked at the pieces owned by the women I had recently visited along with others whose situations I knew well. I noticed that all the stories lined up as examples of them finding their voices, or the necessary strength to face and move through relationships and life situations that held them hostage.

In each case, they were all seeking love, but the core issue was lack of self-love and what they allowed in their lives to feel loved.

A successful entrepreneur spent 19 years in an abusive marriage before she realized that the business failures she experienced during those same years, were the result of a hostile home environment.

A gifted poet earns a meager income because she cannot consider it possible to make a living saying yes to her art. Miraculously she now has regular reading gigs.

A much-loved and gifted body worker just realized her worth and what she did for nearly a decade to prove herself otherwise.

One of them found herself having to reopen a divorce settlement while ensuring the safety of her children, and holding a full-time job. She is coming through stronger and wiser.

A gentle soul broke through a very difficult family legal dispute across continents while warding off barbs from her local angry ex-husband and finding the strength to ground her children in love. Today she is on the other side of these challenges and thriving.

After a very long and loveless marriage, a very talented woman found herself reviving a career she thought lost, earning a good living, receiving praise for her work and enjoying life as never before.

Actually, what the all had in common was that each discovered that they had been living their life according to expectations they gathered from others and thought that they were her own.

They allowed others, mostly men, to dim their light, and it took adversity and in some cases tragedy, to see that there was a rainbow emanating from their center, that they could click their ruby slippers to not only break through relationships and situations that no longer served them, but could make their own dreams come true.

They each found that they were more than good enough; they were awesome!

Hope replaced fear and uncertainty and each without hurrying, found themselves dwelling in acceptance and not defeat.

They found their true voice, the voice that comes from their hearts, decided to heed it and live knowing that life loves them and supports them.

What they now do for love is to love themselves unconditionally.

I want to thank my dear friend, mentor and fairy godmother Kimberly Ward Manning (http://www.kimberlywardmanning.com) for her keen listening and for encouraging me to write about this prescient issue. I love her unconditionally!

Embracing Grace

Embracing Grace by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Embracing Grace by Lidia Kenig-Scher


It is how I create and teach others to create. Embracing Grace is an attitude of openness to the realm of the unknown with innocence and trust. It is also a heightened state of alertness to what is there in the present moment and allows me to discern the motivations behind the choices I make.

When I paint I am fearless

Assuming total responsibility for all of my choices, I acknowledge its results with acceptance and non-judgment. The resulting artwork is an example of how lovingkindness colors—pun intended–a life situation and assists I the painter and you the viewer to examine the completed piece, apply its lesson to the particular situation and provoke growth.

When I paint I am Buddha

Each year, as part of a mastermind group, I select a theme to guide my intentions and inspire my goal setting to experience my best year yet. Even though I have been successful planning this way, I always feel that goals are restrictive and intentions are time-sensitive.

Foregoing goals I decided to apply what I learned through creating art and live my whole life with one intention: Embracing Grace.

Naturally, my buddies wanted examples of how the theme would apply to mundane experiences fraught with relationships, weather, unexpected events and the normal ups and downs of living.  I replied that by embracing grace, I perceive every moment as a gift to unwrap so that their request for an expanded perspective most likely implied that I too needed to flesh it out.

Thus I posited that if I live my entire life steeped in utter curiosity, as when I paint, I would best learn how to be a force for goodness at this time in history; my only goal.

As such, I see the timing to work on a piece or begin new art as being always perfect. Colors and technique simply show up, and whatever else I may be guided to do, I know that I will find it in the art store, or the market, on the street or in the basement.

The right numbers of students appear for a class, and the methods and techniques I need to teach are effortlessly communicated yielding amazing artwork even from people who never painted.

When not enough students enroll in a scheduled course, it most likely indicates that a change of direction is in the offing, or that this is not a good time to hold this class. Soon I am offered a new project or my participation in an auspicious event becomes possible because the class was cancelled.

It is at these times that I am able to perceive my interconnection with Spirit and how I fit in the Divine plan. I see that I am not accidental and nor is anyone else. Whatever I do, say and think at any time is important. If I were not painting, or teaching, or being with a friend, or attending to a repair person, or cooking, or walking at that moment, existence would miss me.

Osho said that a feeling of joy and fulfillment arises when we become aware that each of us is crucial for the proper functioning of the universe. It means that we are “related to existence, and existence cares for [us]… “and this gives us “dignity”.

As I was painting this weekend, I felt the hands of existence guiding me to visually portray these feelings and afterwards, in meditating with the art, I realized that by respecting my dreams and desires, assuming the responsibility to pursue them, owning my choices, and choosing how I perceive my dreams’ unfolding also means accepting how my choices affect others.

Grace is a birthright and by embracing this I lovingly trust that others are also capable of making good choices for themselves in their own time.

When I paint Grace is in charge

And in living I pause often and yield to my intuition. I take inspired action, watch what happens and monitor my thoughts to maintain alignment with my stated purpose; to be a force for goodness at this time in history.

When I paint I am blessed

When I embrace grace I live a blissful life and I am a force for goodness!

Try it for yourself; I trust that you can Embrace Grace now!

Is it Mostly About Endings?

LauraC Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher


The woman who installed this door protector in her home approximately a month ago wrote that so far, this has been mostly a journey about significant endings. She noticed which relationships or aspects of some of these liaisons drained her energy, and resolved to keep clear boundaries around them.

Laura C.  knows that she is making room for new relationships, situations, and opportunities and is quite passionate about it.

As she began to consciously focus on self-love, new levels of healing became available to her.  Deeply buried feelings of anger arose, yet she was able to move through the pain and shift it into hopefulness.

And then Laura noticed an increase in physical energy which enabled her to accomplish new tasks, entertain new business ideas and spontaneously start a powder room remodel on her own. Wow!!!

The powder room Laura considers symbolic of her brave and fresh outlook on life. She loves the creative aspects of the project, trusts that she will be able to complete it and find help if needed and revels in the courage it took to undertake it.

Above all, Laura trusts the unseen influences at work in her life sensing their protective and benevolent energies around her.

The divination that preceded the creation of this Door Protector guided me to provide lots of Water energy. This element represents our emotional intelligence beckoning us to accept our feelings and integrate them into the fabric of our lives.

Our life journey moves along like frothy water sprays that delights us, or like high waves by exciting us. The gentle undulating movement works with the tides and the wind yielding to wakes. “The higher the wave goes”, said Osho, “the deeper is the wake that follows it. One moment you are the wave, another moment you are the hollow wake that follows.”

Water cannot forever freeze as a wave, nor always be the wake. It moves along by virtue of being in continuous relationship with the elements. So it is that we move forward in life and experience growth through our human relationships.

Our natural ability to thrive depends on the emotional charge we invest in relationships and the levels of attachment we spend in maintaining them to make them into what we think they should be.

When we mirror the ocean we count on the variables for growth and transformation. We accept who and what we encounter expecting to find jewels after the storm. We trust that even when we can’t see land, the sea will carry us to the shore and witness a new dawn.

In the sacred art, Tourmalines of various colors and energetic properties bob above the waves easily and gracefully, surrounded by a golden bubble. These crystals were included to remind Laura that she will find the jewels of adventure, abundance, love, joy, peace and wellness by deepening her meditation practice and staying fiercely present to variables.

The 9 butterflies streaming from the mantra represent Spirit’s guidance whispering that Grace is a birthright. The mantra itself broadcasts truth, foretells of a magnificent dawn always rising to summon courage, unleash her creativity and live the life she came here to live.

Laura C is not seeking to know what her passion is. She is allowing her heart to speak by doing what she loves, taking time to savor both the waves and the wakes of her journey, feeling the wind as she looks for the jewels in the endings and expecting the sun to rise by passionately delighting in the possibilities.

Tap on Door Protectors to order yours today!

The Arousing Symphony of Spring

Spring Symphony by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Spring Symphony by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Can you feel the excitement this painting conveys? The colors and textures bespeak of Spring, new growth, sunshine, and fun. Its vividness stimulates all the senses sweeping us in an arousing symphony that brings about pure joy and fills out hearts with love.

I created this mixed media painting on glass as a sample for the commissioned window I published the last week. Since I knew I could not remove the window to work horizontally, I had to use paint that adhered to glass, offered flow control, could withstand temperature fluctuations and resisted fading. I settled on acrylics mixed with mediums, seeking opacity and sheen after two layers of a glass primer.

As I did not want the entire window to be opaque, I added paint formulated for glass applications. The flow of these paints is easier to manage when applied in small batches to contained areas.  The dotted portions afforded me control and provided a colored glass effect that added luminosity during the daylight hours and reflected ambient light at night when the unpainted areas became black.

This sample is now available for purchase. The glass itself is 26” W x 10” H and it is framed to display on a window,  on a neutral wall or on any wall with the addition of white backing. It will brighten any room in need of Spring energy.

In fact, it is a perfect enhancement for the Family sector of a home or business. If you need to boost your family relationships, or your self-confidence, if you want grow your business, or have come up with a product you like to market, this artwork will enhance your efforts.

And if you experienced freak accidents recently, your staff is squabbling or your eldest son is giving you the business, this artwork is for you. If you have achy feet or liver problems, if your social life is dull, and if you are facing lifestyle conflicts with neighbors and acquaintances, this artwork will help you focus on the issues and find a solution.

The art and science of Feng Shui identifies the Family Sector, and the number 3 in the energetic grid called the Bagua as representing Spring and the quintessential social nucleus called Family; that includes those near, the extended family and the ones who have departed. This Gua is also associated with the rising sun, the cardinal direction East, the aforementioned life situations we find ourselves in and the Thunder trigram in the I Ching Oracle.

If you resonate with the issues and concerns I listed and/or you are attracted to this art, get swept in the Arousing Symphony of Spring and purchase the art. The purchase includes a personalized installation on site or via video conferencing, which will insure optimal placement plus a review of the energetic status in the Family sector of your space.