Connecting with the Immeasurable Love of the Universe

Door Protector to place above door- Dangelbig
Dangelbig Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The newest Door Protector was created for a professional couple in their late thirties, whose new home located in a semi-rural town west of Boston I helped designed.

Like all Door Protectors, it started with receiving a written statement from each person, preparing the support and meditating. And while both partners expressed their desire to experience harmony and be aligned with all things, the art did not seem to readily find the images that would invite those sentiments.

I started by doing an intuitive divination, invited some crystal allies and animal spirits and consulted various oracles, yet I was unable to move the art forward for quite a long time.

After the crystals I ordered arrived and the wood panel was ready to accept paint, I began by applying a Prussian blue coat of acrylic paint and when dried, I mixed in different amounts of Titanium white to create a variety of curling swirls that stretched and moved in all directions.  A hot pink hue showed up on the palette and a soft brush helped them merge, twist and blend with the toned blues.

For the next 3 months and in spite of chanting the mantra, eagerly contemplating the canvas and summoning all my guides; nothing else showed up.  As I had similar experiences while creating other Door Protectors, I reached out to the clients several times to inquire if there was anything I should know, if there had ben any arguments, or events that may have caused anxiety, concern and conflict. Upon receiving confirmation, and still nothing was happening, I sent an email to the couple, offering a new way of thinking about the art we were co-creating.

We acknowledged that Lillie (not her real name) was expecting her first child and this was the last trimester of her pregnancy. Fears and doubts became hard to ignore, coupled with the physical symptoms of tiredness, irritability with a very demanding work situation and natural frustrations with the on-going renovations in the new home. The husband, Paul (not his real name) who maintains a strong spiritual practice was also struggling with his own feelings about the impending responsibilities while attempting to reassure Lillie. The email and subsequent phone call finally worked!

The next day, a pure zinc white area appeared where the Wish Granting Jewel mantra is inscribed and was crowned by a bright yellow hue lined with an orange ribbon. A deep red line now supports the hot pink spirals, as if it is keeping the confusion at bay and reassuring the couple that everything would be alright. The reassurance is aided by nuggets of Carnelian within the blue.  This is the crystal of trust, inner resolve and wisdom. It helps dispel background confusion like in the art, while in the foreground, playful Spring grasses sporting tiny blooms daintily reach toward the mantra and the sunlight.

A Lepidolite crystal is crowned by a raw Azurite stone and sits right beneath the syllables corresponding to ushnisha vimale, which translates as the “stainless lotus of Ushnisha.” This is the name of the Buddha in the manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of limitless compassion. The Ushnisha is the oval topknot often depicted in art on top of a Buddha’s head symbolizing the spiritual power of attaining enlightenment. The lilac Lepidolite crystal is an excellent stress relief stone. It contains lithium, which soothes and calms the body/mind continuum, reduces anxiety, stress and signs of depression. It assists in maintaining an attitude of acceptance of the present moment. Azurite is the stone of inner vision and insight, enhances intellectual functions and helps the mind retain information. It confers awareness to discern where we get stuck in outmoded mental constructs and self-deception, as well as alerts us when someone is not acting or speaking truthfully.

Each syllable in the mantra represents core Buddhist teachings that along with the pictorial symbols continuously emit positive and wholesome vibrations into the space where it is installed. As the people who occupy the space connect with the art, their door protector becomes a mirror of their souls and find opportunities to connect with the immeasurable love of the universe; the divine realm. Every time they see or think of their art, they are more able to abide in joy and gratitude, they come to know that everything is sacred, feel at peace and are protected within this love energy.

The more people intentionally gaze at the art they helped create, the more they recognize the interbeingness inherent in all things and begin to experience unconditional love. The art gives people who own it the opportunity to be conscious beings able to learn, grow and change and act and think as the spark of divine light on earth that they actually are.

And everything did turn out all right. A few days ago, a beautiful baby girl was delivered without complications and joined her truly joyous parents. Please join me in wishing that life continue to unfold for this threesome, with myriads of fortunate blessings!

You too can commission your mirror of the soul. Click on Door Protectors for more information on how to order one.

If you are not ready to commission a custom created art but would like to start working with this powerful energy, try purchasing a print that speaks to you from the Door Protectors Gallery and be on your way to connecting with the immeasurable love of the universe!

Dancing to the Rites of Spring

SFT Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Created for a couple who collects very unique art and live in a home designed by a star architect, this Door Protector was commissioned to assist them in living consciously, freely, creatively, and compassionately. They desire to age gracefully by bringing light and wisdom’s insights into their lives, deepen their relationship and permeate all other relationships and endeavors with such qualities. They hoped that the art would help them nurture and embody their values, assist them in empowering their intuition and inspire them to own and express their creative talents. In fact, the wife said that she was ready to take one of her dream projects to a deeper level.

A new Door Protector begins by gathering the client’s statements and payment along with the pre-selected surface, also known as supports, and then I bring all of it into a deep meditation that is followed by a contemplative focus on the people who commissioned the art. Working with various divination tools, which include cards, crystals and animal spirits I end the session with a silent intuitive reading.  I listen deeply for patterns, meaning and guidance and complete the initial work by purchasing the stones and preparing the surface. Sometimes I must wait for crystals to arrive while the prepared canvas or support sits within my altar, but the blank canvas becomes part of my daily meditation until I am moved to begin painting.

Daily meditation continues, respecting the timing and the process, as I am always attuned to the guidance I receive. I found that when several days go by and nothing shows up on the canvas, I am urged to connect with the client and inquire about their lives so that in facilitating the understanding of a difficult issue, they may help get the images flowing. I talk about aspects of the intuitive reading and invariably, our conversation uncovers events and situations that gripped them. I reassure them that what they are experiencing is part of the process of birthing their Door Protector. I explain that with their thoughts, beliefs and emotions, they are creating the sacred art through me and I invite them to release the resolutions to the higher power that oversees the creation of the piece.

And just as invariably, after the intervention, the images begin to flow on the canvas! By turning their attention on the artwork I am painting for them, the clients and I are co-creating with Spirit.

While working on the Door Protector featured here, and seeing that nothing was showing up for several weeks, I called the client and she confessed that she had been distracted, confused and worried about upcoming pre-planned trips and the impact that one of them, a solo journey, would have in her life. She was also worried about her husband’s health and the outcome of a planned, but potentially difficult surgery.

Alas, our chat seemed to help, because the next day images began to appear on the surface, and within a short time the art was completed and installed, just before the first trip!

Behold the images in the SFT Door Protector, where a magical sun-dappled forest provides the perfect backdrop for the Wish Granting Jewel mantra, appearing to emanate from the sun’s rays and bringing forth the light and wisdom of the ancient syllables.  The trees seem to joyously sway to the sound of Igor Stravinsky’s Rites of Spring, prompting all who behold the art to dance to their authentic rhythms.

Tall peaks rise on the left, in the foreground, with a raw Cuprite crystal embedded in to assist the clients in connecting with the grounding and nourishing earth energies and offering the reassurance that all is well; always.

A Rhodonite stone sits at the bottom near the center to remind the couple of the love they share and teaching them to love and appreciate who they are individually. A mountain path strewn with Aquamarine chips helps them reflect on their resolve, offers calmness and flow and as the road dips into the water, it provides clarity and inspires truth in living, provided that they release outmoded mental constructs and allow in the aid of a higher power.


Door Protectors are designed to be installed above a home’s front door, the physical element that provides a clear transition between the outside world and the inner sanctum of a dwelling. Many, many owners of this art report that seeing it upon entering or leaving their space provides everyone, even those who pass under it, with a reassuring sense of safety and well-being. By regularly connecting to their art, owners tell me that they feel at ease at home or within their business. Openness and trust, enables their chosen intentions to manifest in an even better form than anyone could have imagined. They learned that the Universe has their backs and will present them with a broader vision than any human mind could see.

The owners of this Door Protector report that every planned trip unfolded wonderfully, that the woman’s solo trip proved to be more fruitful than she had anticipated and that the husband’s operation was a total success.

See the sacred art up close, find out how to order yours and start to dance to your authentic rhythms by clicking on SFT Door Protector.

I Don’t Really Create these Artworks…

K J Door Protector by Lidia Kenig
K J Door Protector by Lidia Kenig

Every time I create one of these sacred artifacts I call Door Protectors, I marvel at how they affect me and the clients who commissioned it. Over the past 8 years I collected stories ranging from uncovering an illness and healing it, to dramatic career changes. I heard of powerful shifts in relationship status and unexpected moves. I even read that the Door Protector halted years of vandalism and uninvited rodents in a seasonal dwelling. More recently, a client reported that during a devastating hurricane, while the entire neighborhood was flooded, miraculously their home experienced minor damages. Another individual whose apartment unit was below a severely damaged penthouse found that only a couch was affected by the water and debris pouring from above.

Because the creation of the piece is deeply connected to its owners from the moment they think about it or order it. I learned to be patient with the process. I know that when the art is not progressing smoothly, the client is experiencing doubts, setbacks or conflicts. In those times, I simply chant the mantra in the art’s presence and focus on the client until I am guided to make the next move.

Occasionally, if nothing happens for a few weeks, I reach out to the client to identify the issues and reassure them, present options or suggest alternate ways of perceiving the situation. Then the colors, textures, and shapes begin to arrange and unveil themselves until the sacred art is completed and installed.

The art above is no exception.     

After the initial burst of action when fiery red appeared on top from a combination of soft-bodied acrylics and acrylic inks, the golden-yellow streak and the rose-colored bottom took shape.     But when it came time to write the Wish Granting Jewel mantra, none of the brand new pens I had just purchased worked!

I considered going out to exchange them, thinking that they may be defective, when I heard my phone ping, indicating that a message had arrived. I never answer my phone and it is never in the studio when I paint, but I was moved to read what came through this time and indeed, it was from the client. She wrote that her momentum of positive energy had halted, felt stuck and couldn’t seem to move forward.  “It’s like I have no juice in me”, she wrote.

You can imagine that I decided to call her, and after 30 to 40 minutes of listening and providing alternative ways of looking at her situation, also telling her about attempting to write the mantra, but the pens had “no juice”, she laughed heartily, felt complete and at peace.

Without skipping a beat, I picked up the black pen and completed writing. I then added the gold-leaf layer and within 15 minutes, the mantra was perfectly inscribed. Relaying these results to the client was a way of reaffirming the non-physical aspects of our co-creation and Spirit’s intervention leading her to reach out and assisting me in moving the process forward.

A few sessions later, the pair of flying turtles bearing jewels and flanking the mantra appeared and was followed by the client texting me about a dream in where she was in Hawaii looking through her ancestral roots. I then knew that these were the revered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles known as Honu, symbols of good luck, endurance and long life. In this case, they were identifying themselves as the client’s guardian spirits and were in the art to help her, when lost or confused, to find the way to her inner home; our truest home.

As you can see, I don’t really create the art. The client’s intentions are heard by the Universe and channeled through me into a sacred tool able to keep the person who owns it in her power, and centered in the intrinsic meaning of the mantra’s 12 syllables: OM PAD MO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT, said to vibrate with the Buddhist Eightfold Path of wholesome living.

Feel free to read more Door Protector stories published throughout the blog and perhaps you will decide to commission your very own artwork. It will be your faithful servant, maybe the perfect mirror you can look at when you are lost or confused to guide you to your inner home, listen to your heart and live life to the fullest.  See below, the client’s reaction upon receiving this painting.

As I have learned, a selected print works very well for navigating prescient issues. The personalized art stays with its owners for an entire life, supporting people through each cycle of growth.

You will find available prints, in the Door Protector gallery. They also make great gifts. You are welcome to email me and request a gift certificate for the purpose. If you like to order your very own sacred art, learn more in the Door Protector Purchase information tab.



Out of the Fog

AB Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher
AB Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The gray clouds recede and as the sky clears, brilliant blue hues appear.

The fog vanishes at the edge of the world, unveiling an iridescent gold mandala edged by puffy hearts.

The steady and pulsating energy at the center of the mandala causes additional hearts to be released spreading into the vastness of space and gathering at the top to form a crown.

Like the sun’s corona (crown), the aura of plasma that extends into space and is most easily seen during a total eclipse; this mandala/sun brings forth sudden explosions of pure love from its steady and calm nucleus.

This sun’s explosions are called coronal mass ejections, and in this Door protector, the powerful particles arrange themselves into the Tibetan syllables of the Wish Granting Jewel mantra.

As the mantra unfolds, it releases whimsical beings that joyously dance or happily and confidently perform acrobatics.

The black figures balance a Carnelian crystal on their heads with grace and ease. Carnelian is the stone of inspired action. The other figures hold aloft Citrines, the crystal of success, prosperity and joy. There are no leaders or followers in this group. Each contribute their unique skills and talents and all acknowledge themselves as divine beings capable of bringing peace and harmony to the world.

This Door Protector invites transformation and reassures its owner that the change will be joyous-the funny beings; if he allows the veils of illusion, incorrect perceptions, and conditioning to burn away like fog and be replaced by the bright light of awareness; the mantra’s teachings and the influence of the crystals.

Aaron’s parents own a Door Protector and his father has a print hanging in his very corporate office. So the recent college graduate requested a sacred art for himself to help with transitioning, and to cultivate the necessary frame of mind and attitude to find a clear direction for his life, select work that he loved, encounter prosperity and be surrounded with love.

As I worked on the art, I noticed that at times the colors, textures and shapes flowed easily, while there were periods when it all simply stalled. Toward the end I was surprised when some of the script smeared, and I had to re write it. When I checked in with Aaron*, we realized that the stalled times coincided with periods of doubt and confusion, and that the smears appeared when he feared sliding back into self-destructive behaviors.

When I installed the art Aaron confessed that even though I had mentioned that what I paint comes from him, the “coincidences” caused him to emotionally re-center. He was now able to trust the guidance from a higher power, and recognized the gifts of awareness behind each of his actions.

Aaron knew that his art reflected not only who he was, but who he was committed to evolve, as he matured.  This young man was ready to carry his art as a personal mirror to his summer residence, trusting that if he focused on the mandala’s center when doubts arose, becoming centered in his own “sun” would be easier. And that by contemplating the mantra’s lessons during his daily meditation practice; the path he needs to travel in this lifetime would become clear.  Thereafter, the Door Protector would move with him wherever he went.

The nascent knowingness Aaron was experiencing would spur him to take inspired action and manifest his dreams. And because he embraced his ability to bring groups of people together in harmonious creativity, he would be rewarded with ample examples of grace manifesting in his life.

If you lack clarity, doubt the direction you are traveling in life or engage in addictive behaviors, you may decide to mimic Aaron and commission your own sacred art. You can go to Ordering a Door Protector and read about the differences between originals and prints, make a choice and perhaps read more stories about this sacred art and the people who work and live with them for many years now, elsewhere on this blog.

*Name has been changed to protect the client’s privacy

Feeling Safe Is a Matter of Neuroplasticity through Art

Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
Door Protector KWM by Lidia Kenig Scher

Feeling safe implies that we think we will not be harmed in any way. We tell ourselves that somehow, we will overcome a natural disaster, or that someone or something will keep us from being negatively affected by the actions of others. Feelings arise from thoughts that when sufficiently repeated become beliefs.

Feeling insecure comes from opposite set of beliefs laden with emotional responses to thoughts of survival. When we reinforce these beliefs by seeking confirmation outside of ourselves, they become instinctual by receding into our subconscious mind. Unaware, underlying fear is now the state of mind that guides our feelings and actions.

Fear is based on stories we tell ourselves that something we do not like may happen and will affect our well-being.  In a September 1851 journal entry by Henry David Thoreau, we get a clue of the power that these stories exert over our lives. “Nothing is so much to be feared as fear”, he wrote. Franklin D. Roosevelt was later to use the sentence to reassure a beleaguered nation gripped by fear of the Great Depression.

Today our buried fears are calcified by multimedia reinforcement. We witness terrorized people fleeing their homeland to encounter more fear, depending on where they land. We receive dire insurance solicitations promising safety in exchange for premiums and get text messages announcing that a known pedophile has moved nearby. Teachers are urged to wear guns in schools and savvy politicians feed with gory rhetoric the hungry fear deep within our core.  We want to move to Mars!

Unfortunately, underlying fear keeps us from thriving, creating and attaining happiness. Sure signs that we function in fear are issues with wealth and abundance, rampant health problems, especially cancer, anxiety, weight gain and the establishment of rigid rules that create a sense of false security, at home or worldwide.  Check, check, check!

We can start feeling safe now by deciding to change our minds, because “when we change our thoughts, what we look at changes”, said Dr. Wayne Dyer. This means creating empowering new neural pathways in our brains to help us alter emotional fear triggers. Scientists call it “neuroplasticity”, or a way to rewire our brains with new thoughts, that become new beliefs and provoke us into new ways of behaving and feeling. And I have just the tool to get us started!

A few years ago I encountered an ancient beautiful mantra called The Wish Fulfilling Mantra and began creating what I call Door Protectors with it, with the intention of assisting my clients to overcome issues they experienced and I saw as being consistent with living with fear. As the just delivered art above, door protectors are sacred paintings, created by channeling the energy of the person/s who commissions it while chanting and writing in Sanskrit the cherished Buddhist mantra taught 2600 years ago by the historical Buddha.

The colors, shapes, textures and findings around the mantra are selected for the particular client to create empowering new neural pathways in our brain that broadcast clarity, harmony, balance, and joy. The thoughts are reinforced on a constant basis because the art is installed above the front door on the inside. This neuroplasticity also positively affects all who pass under the threshold.

I am privileged to have received many wonderful testimonials from the many clients who now own door protectors. Their stories are quite compelling. Please see Door Protector Stories to read them. It is these stories that keep me creating them. Be safe and order yours today at Sacred Art

A Door Protector Serves its Purpose Well

Door Protector
TS-Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

The Door Protector was commissioned by The Theosophical Society of Boston a year after I conducted a consultation and healing session using Feng Shui principles to stabilize this independent branch of the venerable organization founded by Helena P. Blavatsky in 1875. The sacred art’s purpose is meant to sustain and ensure the growth this group experienced since the energetic adjustments were enacted last year.

I was honored to create art for a center dedicated to fostering spiritual exploration, and openly embracing the wealth of philosophies and spiritual practices available for the purpose of establishing dialog and cooperation. Yet most intriguing was the fact that Theosophy had a tremendous impact on the work of Wassily Kandinsky, arguably the father of the modern abstract art movement.

The term Theosophy often refers to the universal wisdom underlying all religions, which can be found at their core when they are stripped of accretions, deletions, and superstitions. It is also a state of consciousness accessible to all who are willing to undergo the type of inquiry leading to what we call enlightenment, which in Madame Blavatsky’s time was seen as communing with the devil.

Today we admired a person with strong spiritual practices and remark that she emits a particular vibrational field which in Kandinsky times was known as “thought-forms”, a term coined by J. Peters in 1908, referring to Mme. Blavatsky’s ideas of approaching spiritual issues by way of inner knowledge. Kandinsky fully embraced Blavatsky’s writings and what Peters called Transcendental Photography, or thought forms captured on form, such as a painting, and set out to fully explore art as “a pure inscription of the artist’s inner vibration”, dispensing of the need for representational content.

In his 1910 seminal book, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Kandinsky wrote that “the aesthetic purpose should be to produce vibrations in the beholder, and that “the work of art is the vehicle through which this purpose is served”. He posited that his paintings would be capable of relaying thought vibrations by evoking “sympathetic vibrations” in the viewer. Thus, the value of the work is measured according to its power to affect the viewer.

If you have been following my work, you know that I have ample testimonials that the art I call Door Protectors have a significant impact on its owners. Thus, this exploration of the purpose and philosophy of the Theosophical Society and its connection to the work of Wassily Kandinsky have given me a chance to explain why the installations work so well.

This much beloved and respected artist long ago paved the way for me to create sacred art in a state of deep reverence, holding loving and joyous thoughts that culminate in the writing of an ancient mantra intended to protect and guide those who behold it. I know that as I create the work, my vibrational field is enhanced, and I have witnessed that these paintings that embody my sincere wishes for well-being and harmony evoke sympathetic vibrations in those who see it or live with it. I would say that my works of art serve its purpose well!

The Theosophical Society of Boston is poised for a period of deep growth and renewal, knowing that out of the burning fires containing old thoughts, ideas and habits, one can emerge on a clear day where you can see forever! You can see a larger version of this door protector, and commission your own or purchase available blessed reproductions at LidiaScherArt/DoorProtectors

A New Door Protector Installed

R.Wright door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
R.Wright Door Protector (c) by Lidia Kenig scher

The newest door protector was installed this weekend for a client who had difficulty mustering all the resources needed to create a well balanced and nourishing home. As all Door Protectors, it was designed to be placed above the front door of her home, but it could also be installed in a business.

Door protectors are sacred paintings, created by channeling the energy of the person/s who commissions it while chanting the Wish Granting Jewel Mantra, a cherished Buddhist mantra taught by the historical Buddha about 2600 years ago. Said mantra is written in Tibetan and is at the center of the art. Together with colors and shapes, crystals and/or other objects selected for the particular client, it is intended to broadcast clarity, harmony, balance, and joy.

The folklore around the mantra tells that all who hear, see, touch or pass under it will receive many blessings. The individual who commissions the art and all who live in the home are then privileged to learn the mantra’s lessons of presence, compassion, love and equanimity in order to facilitate the fulfillment of their path of service. Thus, all situations occurring in the dwelling and its occupants after the installation of the art, are to be understood in light of what is best for the people residing there.

There are many wonderful testimonials from the many clients who own door protectors. Their stories are quite compelling. Please see Door Protector Stories to read them. It is these stories that keep me creating them.

While this piece is not available for purchase as a print, I encourage you to visit the Door Protector Gallery to see others who are indeed available in print, or canvas wrapped, ready to hang. You may also consider commissioning your own; I know you will not regret it!

The Four Immeasurables: An Ever Giving Happiness Tree

The Four Inmeasurables by Lidia Kenig Scher © 2009
The Four Inmeasurables by Lidia Kenig Scher © 2009

The work featured here relates to the Buddhist concept of personal responsibility for everything that happens in one’s life. It implies that we exist in a quantum field and as such, we are all connected, life and death are a continuum and we are holographic in nature. This means that everyone of my actions affects not only myself but the entire Universe. So that when I am angry, I create anger around me which then vibrates beyond me and creates anger elsewhere. As it meets with other angry vibrations, it continues to reverberate to cause anger that can be quite faraway from me, the original source. Conversely, when I am vibrating at the level of love, care and compassion, the same vibrational path causes love and compassion to occur not only around me but quite far away from me, the source.

The Buddha taught that as I practice loving kindness, I can overcome anger. Loving kindness is the practice to bring happiness to others without asking for anything in return.

As I practice compassion, I can overcome cruelty, because compassion has the capacity to remove suffering from others without asking anything in return.

As I live in joy others around me also vibrate with joy and we all enjoy well-being and success.

As I look at all people and events without prejudice and with total presence, I am able to see everything without attachments or aversions. I know that I am not separate from another. I don’t reject one thing to chase after another because I understand the importance of this event, this thing and this moment.

The Buddha named this teaching, The Four Immeasurables and told his son Rahula that practicing the four immeasurables will help him become “a refreshing source of vitality and happiness for others” and by implication, for himself.

This golden “tree of life” aptly titled The Four Immeasurables,  is well grounded in all the precepts embodied in the prayer-see below, which is also written on the back of the painting . I invite you all to carefully view a larger version,  maybe purchase the original or a museum quality limited edition reproduction and after installing it in a special place you can see often, recite the prayer nine times as you focus intently on the piece.

The Four Immeasurables Prayer

May all beings have happiness and the cause of happiness.

May all beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering.

May all beings remain separated from the sacred joy and happiness that is totally free from sorrow.

May all beings come to rest in the boundless all-inclusive equanimity that is beyond attachment and aversion.

Click on The Four Immeasurables, in the Spiritual Art Gallery and let me know what happened.


I Am Grateful

I Am Grateful-Lidia Kenig Scher-2013
I Am Grateful-Lidia Kenig Scher-2013

…is the last of The Grateful Heart Series. Like the others, it features a photo captured through a faceted crystal heart of the garden below my bedroom window. The image is an 18” x 18” Mixed Media on paper, and like the one published on November 18th, The Grateful Heart and the Buddha’s Field, the Buddha statue is at the center of the crystal heart. In this one, the outline of a human upper torso is behind the heart. It is an earth being with feminine energy dominating the middle ground, with the earth as the background, like double Yin. As this being lies down on the welcoming earth, the Buddha sits directly over her high heart, implying that her heart and the Buddha’s heart are one. This hearts’ pairing spawns the energy of pure and unconditional love and, like in the entire series; it affects the land, the people and everything. The Buddha’s orb spins a sacred spiral that lodges at the throat chakra, ending on a gem silica crystal, right at the 6th chakra opening. This stone is the crystal form of chrysocolla, a wonderful earth ally encouraging speaking one’s highest truth, the one from the heart. White light emanates from the heart, implying the clarity and beauty of pure love.Today, I invite you to meditate with me. Look at the picture and read the description that follows.

Focus on it intensely and with me, scan the scene. The mantra I was chanting while painting this piece, bubbles up from within. AHAM BRAHMASMI, translated as I am divine, I am the universe, the absolute is an Sanskrit mantra found on the Upanishads, the ancient Hindu scriptures written between 800 and 200 BCE. Spiritual teacher Osho called this mantra a declaration of enlightenment, because it implies that there is no other god than our own inner being. Osho’s definition comes close to what I call the Spirit-Within-Me. So let us chant and breathe reaching a complete sense of peace. This state is represented by the orb above the Buddha-the divine presence, sending its light through the heart and on to the solar plexus where a sun shines right into this energy center and is further nourished by the within all-encompassing love. Sense the same feelings arising within you.

Look at the beautiful flower bud rising from below lying directly at the heart center. Next, see the will center covered with more buds and healthy leaves. Place your palms on your solar plexus and feel, as in the picture, the main part of the flower. This signifies the human will aligned with divine’s will.

Now sense the flowers’ roots growing longer, stronger and thicker within you too. Filled with divinity itself, we understand that the roots are deep within the earth’s core, and the seed started in the root chakra, it opened within the second chakra-the dan tien, then it moved up the chakric column, bursting into the beautiful blossoms at the heart where it collected pure light and love. The perfumed scent arising from the flowers flows through our upper chakras, and suddenly, a flurry of divine flowers shower from the heaven realm onto our meditating bodies, infusing us with their scent and enveloping us and the being in the art, completely. We are in bliss. We are free, as the sound of the heart chakra begins reverberating throughout the universe- Yum. Yum, YUM, YUMMMM. This is real power uncoiled from our being’s core. When this energy is unleashed; what is known as the Kundalini, meaning “she who is coiled”, it changes everything. The power within is released and we complete an important cycle here on earth. From here on, like the being in the picture, we dwell in joy. Breathe easily, and when ready, continue reading.

As you can see, this art work is a perfect piece to practice a meditation to awaken the fullness of our core and allow it to merge with the earth’s and heaven’s energies. It was created in meditation, and it brings about oneness. With consistent practice, it leads to enlightenment.  Additionally, every time we glance at the picture it reminds us that we have a grateful heart, and the grateful heart alters everything!

My study of the Heart Sutra through painting is completed for now. I know that there are more layers to this wonderful sutra. I am grateful to have it to look forward when the next time arises. Creating art this year has been a source of immense joy and pleasure. Shifts in relationships, activities and life situations gave me plenty of study hall time. I learned a lot and that in and of itself makes this year an extraordinary one. I loved, I released, I shifted, I won where I thought I lost, I lived fully and I am living my dream. I thank you for being a huge part of it.

The art work is available for purchase, just in time for a life changing turn in 2014, at LidiaScherArt/New Work Gallery
If you like to receive a copy of the detailed guided meditation I created around this artwork, please post a brief comment and email your information to

Have a blissful week!

The Grateful Heart and the Buddha’s Field

The Grateful Heart and The Buddha Field_2013 LidiaScherArt
The Grateful Heart and The Buddha Field_2013 LidiaScherArt

Scanning the view out my bedroom window in the wee hours of the morning, I continued to play with the crystal heart. What I caught with the camera was again powerful. An overwhelming warmth, a deep feeling of love arose as I looked into the heart’s center and there I saw my beautiful garden Buddha, presiding over the autumn earth and remnants of the past season’s blooms. There were undefined yellows, some bright golds, spotty oranges, poignant dark purples and deep browns. As the sun was peeking on the right side, an orb created by the interaction of the statue, the light, the crystal, the sky, the sun and the wind appeared. The entire landscape transformed into a Buddha field. The mantra simply danced in my mind’s eye… Gate, Gate, Para Gate, Para Sam Gate…Bodhi Svaha, as I uttered similar words heard 2500 years ago. What do I need to know to expand this practice of supreme wisdom? How shall I best use my innate wisdom and what I learned over this life span? Can I use my art to help others see the beauty and strength of a fully open and grateful heart? Is this my task in this lifetime?

I am referring to the question described in The Heart Sutra, also called the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra. It was part of a lesson said to have been taught over 2500 years ago at Vulture Peak Mountain, located just outside the ancient city of Rajgir, in India, at a gathering which included the historical Buddha, along with a fully enlightened Avalokitesvara, or a venerable being called a Bodhisattva, who simply understood things as they are, and monks who were always eager to learn. What has come down in written form is a discourse explaining that nothing is inherently solid onto itself, including our forms, our perceptions, thought, ideas, concepts or beliefs. Everything is interdependent, and when we understand that phenomena are what we perceive, guided by our interpretations, we begin to feel liberated. Our place and time in the world are perfect, our form is perfect, and so are our perceptions, thoughts, ideas, concepts and beliefs, as long as we are present to see that all exists only in our awareness. But this “all” is available to be embraced, play with, contemplated, learned and eventually released. Under this scenario, Avalokitesvara assured, we will abide in wisdom and will be a light unto ourselves, so that others can learn too. I like to point out that this most revered and studied of the Buddha’s teachings is not a simplistic as it appears here. For today, I want to share how I open the door to better understand, how abiding in gratefulness and love can alter the land, the people and everything, and I know I can best express it through what I see and paint.

Thus, in the studio, I allowed the Buddha’s image to stay at the center of the paper, surrounded by the huge beating heart, to represent the wisdom of his teachings as embodied in the Dharma. Avalokitesvara is the orb above the Buddha, implying that they are not separate. Not as if they speak with one voice, but rather share the wisdom. The gold leafed shapes and lines, along with the silvery strands represent the innate wisdom we all share and are capable of uncovering. We don’t need to seek it. Like I said last week, it is here within us, within our heart-mind. As we uncover it, we are grateful for our joyful heart and feel irrepressible and unconditional love. Abiding in acceptance and in peace, we become a light. This is represented by the Amethyst at the end of a spiral and at the heart’s point spreading garlands of love and light everywhere. The images imply that the Buddha Field is everywhere we are. No tickets required, just acceptance of who we are, willingness to play full on with all our partners and sincere gratefulness for the marvelous playground we created. To emphasize that we are always in this “field”, I changed the contrast when printing it.

I invite you to answer the last question I posed in the first paragraph. I know I better understand my mind, my life events and the circumstances I am in by creating art and then meditating with it. Can meditating and contemplating the art help you? What are your experiences? Are you willing to try it with this piece and comment on the results?

The image is 13” x 13” mixed media on paper. It is available for sale @, under New Work.