Moonlight Rebirth Meditation

A moonlight meditation in images
Moonlight Rebirth Meditation by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Awoke shortly after sunrise and as usual, I prepared for meditation. Instead of doing a contemplative exercise, I slid into the studio to make painting the contemplation. I picked a 40” x 30” blank canvas and as I sat in front of the canvas, some words and sentences bubbled up.

Arising, releasing pain, sorrow, guilt, shame, tiredness, frustration, danced in my mind’s eye. A certain pride for having persevered in spite of the many naysayers, including me; a visceral urge to break away, to say good bye to the past, without attempting to change it or squash it emerged, giving me a sense of peace and acceptance never before felt.

Eventually I was moved to pick up a jar of fluid Prussian Blue acrylic paint along with a flat wide brush. I loved how the inky paint flowed onto the canvas!

The last thing I remember was reaching for the cellophane that had covered the brand-new canvas and diluting thick Iridescent White acrylic paint with a little water and colorless polymer.

Twelve hours later I emerged from the studio and fell into a deep slumber. I awoke the next morning feeling lighter, smiling broadly and remembering a dream where Divine beings were guiding me to swim in loving waters of changing colors.

In the dream, the Bodhisattva Kwan Yin was showing me objects beaming with light floating in the water around me. I recognized some of my paintings, a home I had recently designed, students’ artworks, sculptures and photos of happy and grateful people. These were all things and situations that I created in my life and that coexisted with painful situations, interactions and sadness. I realized that Kwan Yin and all the other angels were showing me how blessed I am, as my past became the rich fertilizer that now helps flourish the life cycle I am sailing into.

For the next 10 days I looked at the painting before I turned in for the day and immediately upon waking. Each day I wrote in my journal, knowing that lessons and title would eventually come forth clearly. I noticed that the day I began to paint, coincided with a full moon and a partial eclipse, best observed in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Boston area the moon showed its fullness with alluring brilliance. It was easy to take in its beauty on a hot summer night.

The moon is a symbol of the spiritual aspects of femininity- intuition, psychic abilities, creativity and wisdom. Its phases remind us that all things on Earth have a natural cycle. Water evaporates from the ocean and falls down again as rain. Fruit falls from a tree, carrying a seed that grows into a new tree.

Because of the moon’s connection to water and the tides, it is said to represent our emotions and our subconscious mind – what we see on the surface often does not reflect what is going on underneath, nor does it reveal its vast depths. We must go deeper and explore.

When the moon is completely illuminated, it represents completion, the height of power, the realization of our desires and the peak of clarity. It is a time to celebrate our growth, take note of what progress we have made and reflect on how far we have come.

An eclipse invites us to see what is hidden and release it to the light; the art’s meaning and its title became clearer now.

Several decades ago I was privileged to learn a meditation called Moonlight Rebirth, from my most revered teacher, HH Lin Yun, Rinpoche. A few days ago, as I was again contemplating the painting, I began to practice it and immediately I knew that this is what I had painted!

Practicing this meditation, we are able to touch oneness, when spiritual powers can reach through time and space. A profound physical and mental healing takes place enabling us to “wipe the slate clean”, so to speak and begin anew. Aware of the effects of the moon upon the earth, this practice can improve luck, spur new growth, diminish anger and increase the sense of peace and well-being.

The meditation, the intention, the creative process and the dream are all depicted in the art. Are you the lucky buyer now willing to summon courage, unflinchingly look in the inner mirror and feel Oneness?

Even if you are not ready to shift yet, Moonlight Rebirth Meditation, with its colors, images and textures will infuse any space where it is installed, with bliss, peace and joy. Purchase includes the meditation instructions and one practice session with me to “wipe the slate clean”, own your gifts and sail into a new life cycle.



Red Tara’s Teachings in a Simple Flower

Red Tara by Lidia Kenig
Red Tara by Lidia Kenig

It started as a question…What is after “embracing grace”?

And as I made this query the centerpiece of my meditation practice of the past few weeks, events and circumstances appeared gently leading me to answers.

In early December, I was invited to participate in a “super full moon” celebration that included time for introspective journeying and deep contemplation. That night the moon appeared very large as it orbited closest to Earth and this phenomenon was said to cause geophysical stress.

Mystics termed it an extremely powerful celestial event, occurring in the sign of Gemini with the planet Mercury beginning a long period of retrograde movement.

The conjunction was about hyper-illuminating the truth, especially in the area of communications, highlighting motives and intentions. Mercury starting a retrograde cycle would be particularly helpful in noticing when someone was holding back the truth or being purposely deceitful.

But this alignment was also a good time to ask important life questions, for the answers could be revealed under the bright moonlight and be held to the scrutiny of our past actions and beliefs.

That night I reflected on my chosen theme for this year; learning to embrace what came my way while monitoring how I perceived opportunities, endings and beginnings in many areas of my life. I became aware that I was no longer devastated when I expected strawberries and got lemons. In fact, I tasted the most amazing lemonades! When I was in pain, I accepted it yet focused on what I was learning from the suffering. I experienced much joy while adventurously unwrapped unexpected “gifts”.

If Embracing Grace was about deepening my relationship with Spirit and being grateful for everything, the super moon introspection implied that Light maybe the theme of my next life cycle.

This weekend I celebrated Chanukah, the festival of Lights with family and close friends. The theme of the super moon was duplicated in many ways, as it again highlighted issues of communication, motivation and intention.

Lighting the candles on the menorah also offered opportunities to bring forth our inner lights, joining with others to further goodness and heal through sharing deep love, sweet gifts, hope and joy.

I ended the weekend with marvelous people, chanting gratefulness to the Indian teacher Anandamayi Ma, the “Great Mother of Love and Light”, and later on vividly encountering Red Tara in my dreams.

Known as the “Mother of all Buddhas”, or the female Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism, Red Tara is the embodiment of Light and Love, reincarnating always as a female and compassionately assisting people in removing difficult obstacles. In fact, her energy appears in times of stress and amidst great social strife.

This morning, as I was completing this card I painted for a very dear friend, I noticed that the flower I depicted had four perfect petals, while the fifth was being pulled away by the wind.

It is said that at birth, Red Tara implants the light of awareness on the minds of certain individuals to awaken during stressful time periods and teach the four qualities of Light: equanimity, compassion, love and joy.

She also awakens collective wisdom so that a society may realize the true nature of reality. Tara shines a bright light on seemingly insurmountable obstacles and offers to swiftly remove them by practicing the four qualities.

Who wants to let the wind take dire difficulties and receive enlightenment by contemplating the flower?

I am offering a free download of this card as a gift to those who wish to practice seeing everyone as divine, to encourage helping anyone without expecting a pay-back, to pledge unconditional love for all beings and to celebrate life without attachments or aversions. Such awareness will render us all strong, beautiful, blissful and useful!

Claim your free card @ Contact, write “Red Tara” in the message box and commit to shine Light everywhere.

Happy Holidays!








A Grateful Heart Does Alter the Land


The Grateful Heart Alters the Land by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Grateful Heart Alters the Land by Lidia Kenig Scher

A beautiful crystal heart hangs in front of my bedroom window. As it is a North window, the sun rarely pierces its prismatic facets, but I love knowing it is there bathed in its own brilliance. One cold autumn morning, after meditating on the Heart Sutra, one of Buddhism’s most revered scriptures, I noticed the crystal looking brighter than ever. It seemed to beckon me to the window.  I took it in my hands and looked through it at the landscape below.

I felt my chest expanding as I saw the Buddha statue peacefully presiding over the garden fully dressed in late fall colors.

I knew it was cloudy, yet somehow there was gold everywhere. As early snowflakes began falling, they seemed to simply glisten. The tree branches provided a magnificent contrast to the dance I was witnessing. I took my camera and with a great deal of difficulty I captured what my heart and my eyes were seeing and turned a print into the 14” x 10” mixed media on paper that I call The Grateful Heart Alters The Land.

In the studio, I added more crystals, pearls, gold thread, gold leaf and iridescent paint to put on paper what I knew was happening in my garden. As I completed the piece, chanting the Heart Calming Mantra which is at the heart-no pun intended of the sutra, I understood that when we feel, act and see from the heart center, it alters our perception to such a degree that we can no longer see anything but gratefulness, joy, peace and infinite love everywhere.

Over the years I had guests gracing my garden who swear to have seen fairies lurking about joyously. They wonder…I know!

Gate, Gate, Para Gate, Para Sam Gate…Bodhi Svaha is the chant, loosely translated as gone, gone beyond, utterly beyond, toward enlightenment.  The original painting sold a while back, but you may purchase cards and easily frame them in a 5″ x 7″ frame and/or share them as greeting cards. They are available with or without the holiday message.

 “In this Season of Joy…Become the Change you Dream…Be the Light Unto the Path of Those who Need it…Fuel Your Light with a Grateful Heart…For All You Have, and…Create Heaven on Earth…Celebrate with Us!”

What if you look within and a whole universe heretofore unknown opened up?

Spirit Within-Heaven by Lidia Kenig

A few years ago I went on a solitary retreat to Block Island, RI. I found a beautiful spot where I meditated, painted and walked every morning, afternoon and night. A nice deck cantilevered on an ever-changing marsh.

Leaning over the rails, I could count myriads of greens, and discover pinks, reds, blues, violets, yellows and oranges in lavish tonal varieties.

The wind moved the grasses below at times ever so gently and quite swiftly at other times.

Birds of all sorts visited. Majestic hawks perched above the peak of the house across the way or circled above me.

In the morning, subtle brush stroke-like streaks swept the magnificent ever-changing blue sky, and every afternoon, rolling clouds created amazing violet and pink layered shapes. The sheer vastness was simply breath-taking.

A perfect place to meditate with open eyes!

One late afternoon I stayed on my cushion past dusk and into the night, and I heard a hawk’s screech above me. The piercing shrillness soon became a song inviting me to see beyond what was there. Accepting the challenge I opened my eyes and fearlessly focused on the bird’s imposing shape.

Then… it happened.

My chest seemed to open for the rising moon to take over my heart. I felt a comforting coolness and blinding brightness as the entire shape of my body melted into the silvery glow.

A reassuring calmness settled on the marsh. But Nature was alive.

The wind was clearly speaking. At first I was unaware of any distinct language, and then I found myself asking questions, and hearing answers. I asked if I was dreaming, and I heard that perhaps I was exploring. I asked if the moon was really on my chest, and I heard that I was the moon. I was invited to see with the moon’s “eyes” and be within the sky. I did. A wolf howled in the distance until finally, a profound peace enveloped me…

As the sun’s fire peeked over the horizon I fell asleep knowing that I needed to make that experience visible in a painting.

A year passed where I practiced in deep meditation with open and closed eyes and had vivid dreams; but I could not find the right medium to portray what I felt on the magical deck.

One day, as I was cleaning the studio, an old laptop screen appeared and I knew that this was the perfect surface to depict oneness and wonderment.

My version of the Block Island night is the black shadow box representing the everyday mind frame with live in; tightly containing all the things, people and situations we know. These are the stories, roles and mental constructs that rule our experience. It is the seemingly unbending world that binds us to ever-repeating behaviors, thoughts and attitudes.

Yet the box is made of wood. We just have to notice that and pierce it with a hawk’s shrillness.

The second layer with silvery stripes glimmers with possibility. If we allow our minds to connect with our hearts, we may see and experience new ideas. The lines are sparks of moonlight beckoning us to break down our rigid ego-ruled mind and dig deeper to uncover our dreams and resolve to make them manifest.

The lines are made of shiny silver dust. There we can clip our pat answers, dullness, anger, fear, and scarcity.

And dust can be swept away!

Parting the veil, we see the vastness of a light-filled universe suffused with love-the center black screen, and realize that it feels familiar. We just had to go deeper inward and consider a hawk’s vision to take over our hearts propelling us toward oneness with the Universe.

The Universe is inside our hearts all the time.

It is where we experience freedom and find answers to questions we did not know to ask. Deepak Chopra calls it the realm of potentiality and others say that it is the realm of God.

It is always within us.

The mixed media artwork shows us that to hear our hearts’ voice we must start from inside it. Deep within, we can courageously face the imposing figure of our unrealized dreams, and reject nothing; consider possibilities without attachments or aversions and commit to enlightened action in pursuing our path as if we were in an ever-changing marsh surrounded by the vastness of the sky and guided by the vision of a hawk.

So the next time you throw up your hands and say “I let Spirit handle it”, look within. You are Spirit in human form. Open your heart and LOVE!

The art is on display at E. Shan Tang-Asian Healing Arts Center-171 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA, but can be purchased at SPIRIT WITHIN-HEAVEN

The Jewels Are in the Lotus

The Jewels in the Lotus by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Jewels in the Lotus by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2015

One of the most revered of Buddhist mantras, OM MA NI PAD ME HUM, translates as “The Jewel is in the Lotus”, to signify that as the flower with the velvety graceful petals grows out of the dark and muddy waters, so our lives can emerge as beautifully and gracefully out of our deepest and darkest troubles when we remain true to our heart’s guidance, abide in peace, practice loving kindness and compassion and live in the present moment. Thus, the “jewels”, also called the six true words come forth and radiate pure love and healing for all, starting with ourselves.

Om Mani Pad Me Hum is the mantra of Avelokitesvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. Chanting it reminds us of our intrinsic Buddha nature and that we, as the lotus, are born with a pure and loving heart. Faced with much difficulty over the last few weeks, the mantra gave me much needed peace as I meditated and focused on the syllables to help me compassionately navigate a much needed change.

I looked at fear and chanted. I felt sadness, confusion, anger and sorrow and I looked at the blank, unwrapped canvas. Sobbing I focused on my heart and saw that it is in fact pure. After the lotus was painted floating on the tranquil water, I stepped aside until my chest opened and my heart joyously sang the six true words.

A fabulous enamel called Pebeo offered the awesome textures that created the jewels in the center of the flower as well as the interesting shapes that spill above and below the lotus. Small pink crystals sit at the very heart of the jewel, while pure white soft embossed paper spirals appear to rotate endlessly portending safe transformation as they twirl about the pink blossom.

I was able to come safely out of the dark mud that shrouded me by painting what was in my heart. You may click on The Jewels Are in the Lotus to see the painting up close and wish to purchase it. You can also inquire through the website, if you are interested in purchasing blessed reproductions to help you too emerge safely and gracefully as you navigate life’s endless surprises.

May you have a lovely week!

Just Watching the Snow Fall

Poem & Photograph of a Buddha in the Snow
Just Watching the Snow Fall © by Lidia Kenig Scher, 2014

I hear much complaining about this harsh winter of 2014. Yet Winter is the season of rest, of deep inner work. It is the yin time. Our society is arranged in total conflict with this notion. We are on the go, busy with work, study, commitments, appointments, events. May we need to accept what we cannot change? Does it make us any happier to complain? And if we complain, can we change the weather? What can we change?

Happiness comes from presence. When our minds wander we lose focus and feel unsettled. The mind seeks focus. When we complain, we are expressing an emotion, and the mind does not know what to do with an emotion. May we be able to acknowledge that we are in “complaining mode” and think differently about the cold, the snow, the shoveling, the late appointments, and the school cancellations? In addition to dressing appropriately and leaving earlier on account of the traffic we will surely encounter, can we start by putting a different frame on our picture of the day?

Upon waking I looked out my bedroom window and my eyes focused on the garden Buddha. From above, he looked funny; I tightened my thick terry robe and ran downstairs.  As I waited for the tea water to heat, the view shifted. The sun was shining and I smiled seeing the garden Buddha covered in his snuggly pure white blanket. I enjoyed the visual texture that the wind left on the snow, and the long shadows the sun casted in the wee hours of the morning. I felt so lucky to be able to be present to this view. I deemed myself so fortunate to notice how the Buddha was dressed, just as I was in my snuggly pure white robe. And that is how the poem started, then I snapped the picture and finished my tea. It was a great beginning for this cold winter day and it got better as the day wore on!

Have a great week everyone!

I Am Grateful

I Am Grateful-Lidia Kenig Scher-2013
I Am Grateful-Lidia Kenig Scher-2013

…is the last of The Grateful Heart Series. Like the others, it features a photo captured through a faceted crystal heart of the garden below my bedroom window. The image is an 18” x 18” Mixed Media on paper, and like the one published on November 18th, The Grateful Heart and the Buddha’s Field, the Buddha statue is at the center of the crystal heart. In this one, the outline of a human upper torso is behind the heart. It is an earth being with feminine energy dominating the middle ground, with the earth as the background, like double Yin. As this being lies down on the welcoming earth, the Buddha sits directly over her high heart, implying that her heart and the Buddha’s heart are one. This hearts’ pairing spawns the energy of pure and unconditional love and, like in the entire series; it affects the land, the people and everything. The Buddha’s orb spins a sacred spiral that lodges at the throat chakra, ending on a gem silica crystal, right at the 6th chakra opening. This stone is the crystal form of chrysocolla, a wonderful earth ally encouraging speaking one’s highest truth, the one from the heart. White light emanates from the heart, implying the clarity and beauty of pure love.Today, I invite you to meditate with me. Look at the picture and read the description that follows.

Focus on it intensely and with me, scan the scene. The mantra I was chanting while painting this piece, bubbles up from within. AHAM BRAHMASMI, translated as I am divine, I am the universe, the absolute is an Sanskrit mantra found on the Upanishads, the ancient Hindu scriptures written between 800 and 200 BCE. Spiritual teacher Osho called this mantra a declaration of enlightenment, because it implies that there is no other god than our own inner being. Osho’s definition comes close to what I call the Spirit-Within-Me. So let us chant and breathe reaching a complete sense of peace. This state is represented by the orb above the Buddha-the divine presence, sending its light through the heart and on to the solar plexus where a sun shines right into this energy center and is further nourished by the within all-encompassing love. Sense the same feelings arising within you.

Look at the beautiful flower bud rising from below lying directly at the heart center. Next, see the will center covered with more buds and healthy leaves. Place your palms on your solar plexus and feel, as in the picture, the main part of the flower. This signifies the human will aligned with divine’s will.

Now sense the flowers’ roots growing longer, stronger and thicker within you too. Filled with divinity itself, we understand that the roots are deep within the earth’s core, and the seed started in the root chakra, it opened within the second chakra-the dan tien, then it moved up the chakric column, bursting into the beautiful blossoms at the heart where it collected pure light and love. The perfumed scent arising from the flowers flows through our upper chakras, and suddenly, a flurry of divine flowers shower from the heaven realm onto our meditating bodies, infusing us with their scent and enveloping us and the being in the art, completely. We are in bliss. We are free, as the sound of the heart chakra begins reverberating throughout the universe- Yum. Yum, YUM, YUMMMM. This is real power uncoiled from our being’s core. When this energy is unleashed; what is known as the Kundalini, meaning “she who is coiled”, it changes everything. The power within is released and we complete an important cycle here on earth. From here on, like the being in the picture, we dwell in joy. Breathe easily, and when ready, continue reading.

As you can see, this art work is a perfect piece to practice a meditation to awaken the fullness of our core and allow it to merge with the earth’s and heaven’s energies. It was created in meditation, and it brings about oneness. With consistent practice, it leads to enlightenment.  Additionally, every time we glance at the picture it reminds us that we have a grateful heart, and the grateful heart alters everything!

My study of the Heart Sutra through painting is completed for now. I know that there are more layers to this wonderful sutra. I am grateful to have it to look forward when the next time arises. Creating art this year has been a source of immense joy and pleasure. Shifts in relationships, activities and life situations gave me plenty of study hall time. I learned a lot and that in and of itself makes this year an extraordinary one. I loved, I released, I shifted, I won where I thought I lost, I lived fully and I am living my dream. I thank you for being a huge part of it.

The art work is available for purchase, just in time for a life changing turn in 2014, at LidiaScherArt/New Work Gallery
If you like to receive a copy of the detailed guided meditation I created around this artwork, please post a brief comment and email your information to

Have a blissful week!

The Grateful Heart and the Buddha’s Field

The Grateful Heart and The Buddha Field_2013 LidiaScherArt
The Grateful Heart and The Buddha Field_2013 LidiaScherArt

Scanning the view out my bedroom window in the wee hours of the morning, I continued to play with the crystal heart. What I caught with the camera was again powerful. An overwhelming warmth, a deep feeling of love arose as I looked into the heart’s center and there I saw my beautiful garden Buddha, presiding over the autumn earth and remnants of the past season’s blooms. There were undefined yellows, some bright golds, spotty oranges, poignant dark purples and deep browns. As the sun was peeking on the right side, an orb created by the interaction of the statue, the light, the crystal, the sky, the sun and the wind appeared. The entire landscape transformed into a Buddha field. The mantra simply danced in my mind’s eye… Gate, Gate, Para Gate, Para Sam Gate…Bodhi Svaha, as I uttered similar words heard 2500 years ago. What do I need to know to expand this practice of supreme wisdom? How shall I best use my innate wisdom and what I learned over this life span? Can I use my art to help others see the beauty and strength of a fully open and grateful heart? Is this my task in this lifetime?

I am referring to the question described in The Heart Sutra, also called the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra. It was part of a lesson said to have been taught over 2500 years ago at Vulture Peak Mountain, located just outside the ancient city of Rajgir, in India, at a gathering which included the historical Buddha, along with a fully enlightened Avalokitesvara, or a venerable being called a Bodhisattva, who simply understood things as they are, and monks who were always eager to learn. What has come down in written form is a discourse explaining that nothing is inherently solid onto itself, including our forms, our perceptions, thought, ideas, concepts or beliefs. Everything is interdependent, and when we understand that phenomena are what we perceive, guided by our interpretations, we begin to feel liberated. Our place and time in the world are perfect, our form is perfect, and so are our perceptions, thoughts, ideas, concepts and beliefs, as long as we are present to see that all exists only in our awareness. But this “all” is available to be embraced, play with, contemplated, learned and eventually released. Under this scenario, Avalokitesvara assured, we will abide in wisdom and will be a light unto ourselves, so that others can learn too. I like to point out that this most revered and studied of the Buddha’s teachings is not a simplistic as it appears here. For today, I want to share how I open the door to better understand, how abiding in gratefulness and love can alter the land, the people and everything, and I know I can best express it through what I see and paint.

Thus, in the studio, I allowed the Buddha’s image to stay at the center of the paper, surrounded by the huge beating heart, to represent the wisdom of his teachings as embodied in the Dharma. Avalokitesvara is the orb above the Buddha, implying that they are not separate. Not as if they speak with one voice, but rather share the wisdom. The gold leafed shapes and lines, along with the silvery strands represent the innate wisdom we all share and are capable of uncovering. We don’t need to seek it. Like I said last week, it is here within us, within our heart-mind. As we uncover it, we are grateful for our joyful heart and feel irrepressible and unconditional love. Abiding in acceptance and in peace, we become a light. This is represented by the Amethyst at the end of a spiral and at the heart’s point spreading garlands of love and light everywhere. The images imply that the Buddha Field is everywhere we are. No tickets required, just acceptance of who we are, willingness to play full on with all our partners and sincere gratefulness for the marvelous playground we created. To emphasize that we are always in this “field”, I changed the contrast when printing it.

I invite you to answer the last question I posed in the first paragraph. I know I better understand my mind, my life events and the circumstances I am in by creating art and then meditating with it. Can meditating and contemplating the art help you? What are your experiences? Are you willing to try it with this piece and comment on the results?

The image is 13” x 13” mixed media on paper. It is available for sale @, under New Work.

The Grateful Heart Alters the People

TheGrateful Heart Alters the People_LidiaScherArt

The second mixed media on paper came about as I looked deeply into the original photograph and began to notice more things in the landscape I had seen through the heart crystal in my window. This cool and gray day offered more possibilities to understand the Heart Sutra and explore gratefulness. I printed another photograph, a bit larger this time and gazed upon the image for a while.

I mentally transported myself to the warmer days and the people and animals that had graced the space, seating around a small table and feeling blessed. A dog walker would stop by and admire the blooms, or make a comment on a particular arrangement and the interaction would extend beyond the simple pleasantries and into a deeper, more meaningful conversation. Mugs of tea or coffee were exchanged over a discussion on my dreams and theirs. Home baked muffins came in the day after noticing how the flowers just bloom, or how incipient weeds need to be pulled at the stake, and then mulch thickly. The muffin recipe was copied for someone else who remarked about how even with the rich mulch, we still needed to be vigilant, for sometimes the mulch had seeds of weeds within it. Her friend added that much like with our thoughts, we need to watch the invasive life suckers!

In the over 12 years I lived in this house, I never met so many neighbors, nor connected with so many strangers as this past spring and summer. I hosted wonderful small gatherings, all marked by the ease and joy of being in the land. That is how I named the previous artwork. I was grateful for the small encounters, the flowers, the trees and bushes, the birds, butterflies, insects, squirrels and even a couple of skunks. I know the power of thoughts and saw how mine and the joy others felt and shared, seemed to help the ecosystem flourish. I saw that a grateful heart truly alters the land. In this second piece I wanted to focus on how we become grateful and affect each other. In the studio, I discovered that it is truly a matter of transformation.

Nature is always there, being simply… natural. The bud does not ask anyone if it is ready to bloom. The tree does not look at its neighbor and compare heights. Water follows the path of least resistance, only stopping until it overflows its container. The rest of nature accommodates and thrives around it. The birds make nests in the most interesting places, as do bees and other insects and creatures. None asks human permission to thrive, nor do they ask each other. No part of nature asks the other how the weather is, nor criticizes the other’s form. Nature seems happy. Humans on the other hand, seem to need to work at being happy. If we notice what it’s naturally occurring around us, we seem to get it and it rubs off. But we humans have to notice it. However, we can only notice it when we engage in mimicking nature’s behavior, and use our thoughts to elicit emotions yielding to what we call gratefulness.

Gratefulness arises when we become aware that everything, including us is a gift. When our hearts feel full in appreciation of this gift, and of our role in this gift giving feast, something magic happens; we are changed and we change each other. Being in a state of gratefulness is easy to share love, joy, recipes, mulching tips, laughter, time, and offer to help one another without possessiveness, attachment or expectations for returned favors. When we use the common phrase “it comes from the heart”, it truly is. It comes from the energy center within our bodies, the fourth chakra, appropriately called the heart center, which is located in the upper part of our chest, close to the organ with the same name.

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto vividly shows in the The Miracle of Water, 2007-Atria Books, that our thoughts are so powerful, we can physically affect the molecules of water and clean a polluted lake. If we can change one of nature’s gifts by using our thoughts, we can affect each other and the whole of the Universe. It is truly transformational. Yes, we have to work at it.

In this piece, I conveyed the concept of a Big Heart field by printing the heart closer, appearing larger and the people rather small. I scattered the playful and funny characters evoking children’s joyfulness and how they in turn affect the heart of the world. I show this in the clarity and sparkling nature of the lower part of the heart, transforming the darkness above toward the light of the sun. The point of transformation, or when “we notice”, gives birth to a giant butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Or our former constricted self giving way to the freedom of a grateful heart and the pure light of love that truly alters the people. The people are now free to dance about joyfully.

Where there is joy and love, there can be no war or discontent. Dr Sharron Stroud, 1991-1992 International Woman of the Year states that “…when we realize that all life operates on a vibrational frequency of energy [we see that] the energy that we bring to life is the same energy that returns to us.”

This piece will be loaded on to upon the posting of this entry. I encourage you to look deeply into your state of gratefulness and see what work you may still need to do to alter the molecules of water 🙂

Your questions and comments are always gratefully received. Today, go out and alter each other and the land around you!


I opened the cabinet where most of my crystals are housed and my eyes fixed on a small Herderite pendant. It has a small Herkimer diamond on its face and thin silver wire wraps the entire piece in rather unobtrusive ways. It is quite a powerful little crystal and I know that when it shows up it has come to help me examine the ways in which I use my thoughts and the actions attached to those thoughts. This tiny crystal comes to remind me of how these very thoughts affect our world. Yes, my seemingly innocuous thoughts are so powerful that they can cross oceans, yet affect my neighbors, my circle of people and all I see, hear and touch.

I had spent the day meditating, chanting, fasting, reading, resting, walking and carrying out each activity with complete presence. At day’s end I started doodling in one of my beautiful sketchbooks.  I had no product in mind.  

I allowed the colored pencils to come into my hands and land on the page. At some point, I seemed to hear a faint sound playing music I did not recognize. I allowed the sound to envelop me. I said hello and gently bided it good-bye. I felt happy, so free, so full…I continued allowing the pencils to carry the moment until I fell asleep.

Startled upon waking, I looked at the picture. It was my face, but the eyes! On the right, there was clearly a face. The left side, seen by itself appeared flatter, as if it was receding and blending into the openness; not clearly defined. When I covered the right side, I saw a pretty hummingbird filled with light. The joined halves appear on fire, yet the lips are calm, relaxed. The forehead shows a very busy third eye. Overall the face is not quite human, neither quite wild. There is brilliance and calmness.

Is this what oneness with Spirit looks and feels like? Ahhh… “the peace that comes from understanding”, as Eckhart Tolle writes. I reflect on the perfection of this moment, this life and this journey. And as I peer into each eye, and feel the warmth turned pure light around them, I notice beyond the flames, the growth that has come when I let go of thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve me. As I release any lingering fears and embrace uncertainty, I feel the rush of pure love fluttering around me, deeply touching me…and I begin to understand intimacy with Spirit for it is Within Me. We are equal. We cannot function without the other. Spirit is the “wind beneath my wings”, and I am Spirit’s only form. I came uniquely packaged to bring forth Spirit’s message of healing, acceptance, love, joy, peace and harmony. I am uniquely built to experience the heart-mind that Buddha taught. I can do my job well, practice compassion toward myself and my journey and see also the perfection of my companions’ journeys.

If I didn’t learn to live intimately with Spirit, I would not have learned to love and appreciate my gifts and talents. I would not believe that those who love me do so as deeply as they are capable of, and that it is OK. I would not have learned as much as I do from them and be grateful for my lessons. Ultimately, had I not learned to be intimate with Spirit, I would not have recognized my power to learn from each bump on the road, new and important things about my job in this earthly dimension.

Spirit cannot fight wars, famine, poverty, sadness, anger, or attachments. Spirit can whisper, blow wind. I can fight wars, famine, poverty…by facing and healing the wars within me; the hunger within me; the scarcity within me, the pain within me.  I can change anger to love when I see the ego seeking love outside of myself.

As I become the wind, Spirit becomes the water that carries the vibration of healing to touch all points in this dimension; in this Earth plane. When I merge with Spirit I find love, abundance, happiness, peace, contentment, and I create Heaven on Earth. When I step up and stop procrastinating, embrace my fears and get on to my path of service doing what I love, I observe the brilliance of it spill all around me. Now I can rightfully claim that Spirit Is Within Me. Then I simply receive the essence of what I give… I see how these very thoughts affect our world. Yes, my seemingly innocuous thoughts are so powerful that they can cross oceans, yet affect my neighbors, my circle of people and all I see, hear and touch!

Yesterday I told some friends that I was having a feeling of impending happiness. They laughed. Today I saw a beautiful double rainbow. I saw happiness kiss me right in the face!