Dancing to the Rhythm of Joy

The Rhythm of Joy by Lidia Kenig-Scher
The Rhythm of Joy by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The night before, I fell asleep bathed in the full Buck Moon shining brightly through my bedroom window. Yet it was still dark when I awoke and decided to go for a walk on the bike path. I arrived at a clearing just as the sun was peeking over the horizon and I could still see the stars being rapidly swallowed by the fiery splendor.

I leaned against a rock to marvel at the spectacle.

Everything appeared so sharp; the colors seemed brighter and the sky more spacious. I could clearly hear the fullness of nature’s silence and noticed that it mirrored my mood and the rhythm of my beating heart.

A palpable energy shift was unfolding. I felt lucky, invincible and powerful as I walked back home, keenly focused on every breath and on every step.

Two days later I turned a significant age milestone.

Perhaps I was buoyed by the love of my family and friends who joyously feted me with month-long impromptu celebrations. Maybe I was inspired by the last of the parties that took place on a gorgeous summer day where moments of beauty, love and joy intermingled as if it were divine music, when a week later I began this painting.

I went into the studio after my customary meditation…just breathing…just being.

As I started to paint, a sunrise began to appear on the canvas, and when the first session was over I noticed on the left, the precious moment I had witnessed earlier; the time when night and stars give way to the powerful light of the sun.

Once more, it took my breath away. I leaned against a chair and marveled at the spectacle.

When the sky and the ground were completed, I began painting random dots on the foreground but soon I became again engrossed in the sky’s beauty. Another day I was guided to mix red, purple, yellow and green with a palette knife and began to feverishly apply it over the dotted images. By the end of the session, the manic palette dabs shaped themselves into silhouettes and over the next couple of days, dancing figures appeared while haphazard markings made with a gold leaf pen defined the moving bodies.

Upon completion, I leaned on the meditation cushion and marveled at the spectacle.

Everything was now sharp; the colors were bright and the sky looked quite spacious. I could clearly see that the fullness of nature’s silence mirrored my mood and the rhythm of my beating heart; The Rhythm of Joy!

I invite you to Purchase the painting, or a print now and begin to shift your energy to The Rhythm of Joy

Let me know how it went.


The Dance of Life

The Dance of Life by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Dance of Life by Lidia Kenig Scher © 1986

An old painting, nearly burned in a fire, smelling badly and splotched with mildew and mold was thrown away a while ago. Only a high-resolution photo remains of a time in my life when my family and I happily pranced to life’s dance, enveloped in the last patch of a clear blue sky nearly swallowed by the hot pink sunset. It is a reminder of time gone by and a joyous past. Much sorrow followed these happy times until we three eventually found a way to understand, as Dr A.P. J. Abdul Kalam stated, that difficulties in our life did not come to destroy us, but to help us realize our hidden potential and power.

The journey to understand and uncover our potential and realize our power was rough and bumpy. Several times we only saw a steep wall we had to scale and hung on to dear life amidst an unforeseen avalanche. Some days we witnessed magnificent sunrises, and glorious landscapes filled with hope and peppered with love. Fortunately we three tucked that love safely in our hearts and allowed it to blossom more and more every day. It was after all our life and we danced to it joyously. We are still prancing, but now we each dance to our own distinct beat!

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