Can You Allow Life to Surprise You?

Allowing Life to Surprise by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c) 2018
Allowing Life to Surprise by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c) 2018


I must admit, I was getting impatient. I have been feeling listless for several weeks. I would meditate and fall asleep. I would go to bed early and sleep late. I would go into the studio and stare at a blank canvas with an equally blank gaze. I would re-arrange the brushes and inspect them carefully only to put them back unused in their bin. Even though I checked all my acrylic inks and the soft body paints for drips and dried up paint, when I looked around I noticed that the studio was untidy yet my living quarters were nice and clean.

Lacking motivation to read, I slept. I was not depressed; my empty mind knew that this is how I needed to be at the moment. From a sort of hibernation I trusted that somehow I would eventually find my way into a more physically and mentally productive stage. The full yin mode prepared me for a shift that fittingly so, began on the first day of Spring.

The sun was shining brightly as I cautiously entered the studio and felt the change in consciousness. I looked down and saw light in my heart and began to quickly and randomly apply soft body cadmium yellow paint on to a square canvas with a slanted palette knife. Filled with joy, I scratched the thick paint to make deep marks on the surface. I did this literally and figuratively, like I finally broke through a stalemate.

Even though I soon ran out of steam and needed to rest again, I was unafraid to yield. Something was about to be born and all I had to do was to continue to show up and be willing to be genuinely surprised. Allowing was the key.

A beautiful pearl is born when the oyster quietly secretes pearlescent nacre as she tries to ward off a foreign substance. Allowing gives time for the foreign (the unknown) to become, make itself known and reveal the beauty of the process.

During the next session, violet and lavender drips moved about the canvas aided by air from a compressor. When the undulating deep purple shape appeared on the bottom, I realized that I had created a window into the new cycle of my life.

Contemplating the final painting and looking for the lessons it was teaching me, I saw that after a whirlwind period of painting, exhibiting, presentations, teaching and writing, I needed permission to really let go. Thus, I allowed myself to come apart and be dissembled so that the pieces could be reassembled into a new spiritually coherent form.

The drips were an important part of my learning. They represent my unwillingness to detach from a painful life situation. The images suggest that it is time for a thorough unraveling. Spirit guided me to see that the reedy formations crafted into branches were now bursting with luscious red berries. Basking in the light of a glorious sunrise the young trees are so rapidly growing that they blend into the dreamy sky.

This painting reminds me and anyone who beholds it that life does not have to be grasped, or sought as much as received. When we are willing to trust our heart’s guidance and hold the necessary time and space for the new to unfold, we allow life to surprise us with the sweet berries of gratefulness, delight and joy.

As I internalized the art’s gifts, I received even more.  I was offered new and exciting art commissions, renewed a very old friendship and my family is hosting a party for my birthday. Last week, a friend hosted a surprise celebration for me.  Former students publicly expressed their appreciation for how my teaching affected them, a faraway friend surprised me with plans to visit me in the fall and another one booked a visit for next Summer.

I could actually post a very long list of happy surprises, but I hope that you may want to purchase the painting and learn to allow Life to Surprise You! Click on the link to see the painting up close and buy it now.

Feeling Poor? Look at the Abundance of Summer

Summer Blooms by Lidia Kenig Scher (C)
Summer Blooms by Lidia Kenig Scher (C)

Early summer is the season when nature bespeaks of abundance through its vivid green carpets, spectacular blooms, melodious songbirds and the anticipation of well-earned vacations. We can envision happy outdoor gatherings permeated by the scent of a barbecue grill, the sight of colorful fruits and vegetables, the sound of laughter and the thrill of catching fireflies at night under a canopy of bright stars. Isn’t easy to feel likewise abundant at summertime?

It is not coincidental then, that this mature tree, depicted in its full summer dress was created as a Feng Shui adjustment to balance issues with wealth and abundance that dwellers of a home or office experience. We know from research that what we hold uppermost in our minds tends to manifest. As we become more and more able to notice it in nature, in our surroundings, with our families and friends and elsewhere; we begin to feel abundant and inwardly expect that it will also manifest in our lives.

If this 20″ x 16″ acrylic on pressed paper is installed where the viewer can consistently behold its magnificence, and especially if it is hung in the Wealth area of the home, office or bedroom; abundant thoughts can be instilled and mindsets can be trained to see the same explosion of joy everywhere else, thus attracting a wealth of resources, of love, or opportunities and yes, monetary abundance!

You can purchase the original-no frame needed, and well-priced limited edition archival giclee prints to give as gifts, encouraging you to practice true abundance. Owning Summer Blooms  is a win-win deal; you support my work, your friends are grateful and I support your wealth!!!

Both the original and prints come with specific hanging instructions to maximize the art’s beneficial energy, or you can email me with additional questions.

Have a blissfully abundant week,


A Feng Shui Adjustment to Boost Your Job Opportunities-The Water Element

Feng Shui Adjustment for Career Gua
Winter Wolf Moon by Lidia Kenig Scher

This 20″ x 16″ framed acrylic on paper depicts the Wolf Moon, the first full moon of the New Year and it is part of the Feng Shui-Elemental Energies Series. Fittingly, tonight at 11:53 PM EST, and if the clouds cooperate, we may be able to witness the actual Wolf Moon gracing the sky.

This artwork can be used as an adjustment within a living or working space to balance issues of career, life-journey, and fear/ trust energy within the home or business. In the body-mind continuum, Water energy is associated with the ears, kidneys and bladder, and disorders associated with these body/organ parts. An adjustment to the Water area of the home or business would also be called for if you experience anxiety, scattered thinking, insomnia, chronic fatigue and/or depression. It is a good piece to install if your business or career path is underperforming, if you are losing money, have difficult collecting receivables or find it hard to attract profitable business ventures.

The art is ready to ship, it is well priced and it is a great piece to start off 2015 and boost your life journey. Click on Wolf Moon Feng Shui to purchase it and enjoy it for the rest of the year and beyond!

As there is only one original, you can also purchase limited edition unframed museum quality giclee reproductions to frame or to give. You can also look at the other Feng Shui art adjustments that may better suit your present needs.

Have a great moon night everyone!