Connecting with the Immeasurable Love of the Universe

Door Protector to place above door- Dangelbig
Dangelbig Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The newest Door Protector was created for a professional couple in their late thirties, whose new home located in a semi-rural town west of Boston I helped designed.

Like all Door Protectors, it started with receiving a written statement from each person, preparing the support and meditating. And while both partners expressed their desire to experience harmony and be aligned with all things, the art did not seem to readily find the images that would invite those sentiments.

I started by doing an intuitive divination, invited some crystal allies and animal spirits and consulted various oracles, yet I was unable to move the art forward for quite a long time.

After the crystals I ordered arrived and the wood panel was ready to accept paint, I began by applying a Prussian blue coat of acrylic paint and when dried, I mixed in different amounts of Titanium white to create a variety of curling swirls that stretched and moved in all directions.  A hot pink hue showed up on the palette and a soft brush helped them merge, twist and blend with the toned blues.

For the next 3 months and in spite of chanting the mantra, eagerly contemplating the canvas and summoning all my guides; nothing else showed up.  As I had similar experiences while creating other Door Protectors, I reached out to the clients several times to inquire if there was anything I should know, if there had ben any arguments, or events that may have caused anxiety, concern and conflict. Upon receiving confirmation, and still nothing was happening, I sent an email to the couple, offering a new way of thinking about the art we were co-creating.

We acknowledged that Lillie (not her real name) was expecting her first child and this was the last trimester of her pregnancy. Fears and doubts became hard to ignore, coupled with the physical symptoms of tiredness, irritability with a very demanding work situation and natural frustrations with the on-going renovations in the new home. The husband, Paul (not his real name) who maintains a strong spiritual practice was also struggling with his own feelings about the impending responsibilities while attempting to reassure Lillie. The email and subsequent phone call finally worked!

The next day, a pure zinc white area appeared where the Wish Granting Jewel mantra is inscribed and was crowned by a bright yellow hue lined with an orange ribbon. A deep red line now supports the hot pink spirals, as if it is keeping the confusion at bay and reassuring the couple that everything would be alright. The reassurance is aided by nuggets of Carnelian within the blue.  This is the crystal of trust, inner resolve and wisdom. It helps dispel background confusion like in the art, while in the foreground, playful Spring grasses sporting tiny blooms daintily reach toward the mantra and the sunlight.

A Lepidolite crystal is crowned by a raw Azurite stone and sits right beneath the syllables corresponding to ushnisha vimale, which translates as the “stainless lotus of Ushnisha.” This is the name of the Buddha in the manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of limitless compassion. The Ushnisha is the oval topknot often depicted in art on top of a Buddha’s head symbolizing the spiritual power of attaining enlightenment. The lilac Lepidolite crystal is an excellent stress relief stone. It contains lithium, which soothes and calms the body/mind continuum, reduces anxiety, stress and signs of depression. It assists in maintaining an attitude of acceptance of the present moment. Azurite is the stone of inner vision and insight, enhances intellectual functions and helps the mind retain information. It confers awareness to discern where we get stuck in outmoded mental constructs and self-deception, as well as alerts us when someone is not acting or speaking truthfully.

Each syllable in the mantra represents core Buddhist teachings that along with the pictorial symbols continuously emit positive and wholesome vibrations into the space where it is installed. As the people who occupy the space connect with the art, their door protector becomes a mirror of their souls and find opportunities to connect with the immeasurable love of the universe; the divine realm. Every time they see or think of their art, they are more able to abide in joy and gratitude, they come to know that everything is sacred, feel at peace and are protected within this love energy.

The more people intentionally gaze at the art they helped create, the more they recognize the interbeingness inherent in all things and begin to experience unconditional love. The art gives people who own it the opportunity to be conscious beings able to learn, grow and change and act and think as the spark of divine light on earth that they actually are.

And everything did turn out all right. A few days ago, a beautiful baby girl was delivered without complications and joined her truly joyous parents. Please join me in wishing that life continue to unfold for this threesome, with myriads of fortunate blessings!

You too can commission your mirror of the soul. Click on Door Protectors for more information on how to order one.

If you are not ready to commission a custom created art but would like to start working with this powerful energy, try purchasing a print that speaks to you from the Door Protectors Gallery and be on your way to connecting with the immeasurable love of the universe!

The Feng Shui of Relationships Revisited

The Feng Shui Series: Relationships by Lidia Kenig-Scher
The Feng Shui Series: Relationships by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Did you know that where you live, the layout of your home and the furniture arrangement can help you understand how your primary relationships function?

Did you know that the kind of art you display can help you see why you have attracted the right love partner to your life or what causes you to stumble upon unsuitable ship mates?

Our relationship issues are visually and energetically spelled out in our home floor plan.

Whether we own or rent our abodes, a trained Feng Shui consultant can interpret these signs, help us uncover the underlying issues that led us to live in these environments and suggest adjustments to shift both the dwellers’ and the space’s vibrational level.

Physical adjustments or “cures” such as art, create anchors within the home to encourage intentional engagement and yield the desired outcome or better.

The art here was created to serve such purpose.

The lunar cycle that started this month ushers in the year of relationships, or what in Feng Shui astrology or 9 Star Ki is known as number 2 Soil. In 2016 this number that relates to relationships, nurturing, and female energy is located right in the center of the universal energy grid. This ancient tool is used by many professionals to understand how energy flows in the larger universe and within the enclosed spaces where we live or work. Most importantly, it is concerned with how our personal energy interacts; it affects and is affected by all that surrounds us.

The art aptly called Relationships helps overcome and enhance a home or business where this energy is stagnant or even missing. It is 12” x 12” x .75” D.

Relationships or “soil” in Asian healing arts relates to the stomach and digestive system. In the painting, placemat-like shapes appear homespun; together with bright seedlings these provide symbols of abundant and loving family gatherings. Squares, including the canvas shape are stand-ins for the energy of the Earth; the consummate nurturer and provider. The two white flowers and the flowering trees emphasize the caring aspect of female energy. Pairs of elements and the color pink provide symbols of “marriage”, and the orange colored background is another symbol for the earth, the source of our food, the ground beneath our feet and the ultimate symbol of love and compassion.

Properly placed and strengthened by intention, the art will provide gentle reminders of the kinds of thoughts and beliefs needed to enhance your present relationships or attract a new one. At the very least, it will boost the confidence of the women residing or working in the space, and increase the resident’s (or employees) ability to relate more effectively to one another.

To further understand the effects that our living or working environment has on our lives, you can read an article I wrote a few years back. It will also help you decide the best spot for the needed adjustment. See Feng Shui and Relationships

Improve your love life, purchase the art at Relationships and have a great week!

Relationship Issues Show Up In The Home: Looking Within

Yesterday we looked outside of ourselves and looked at how we perceived others in relationship. Today we turn and look within to discern how our interpretation of what we observed affects our relationship with ourselves.

So…what is your relationship with yourself? Do you like yourself? Do you feel vulnerable? Do you feel unimportant? Or do you feel vibrant, alive and useful? Is your life meaningful? How do you see yourself in a relationship? Are you waiting for the love of your life so you can be whole and happy?

What do you have to offer your partner? What are your gifts? These questions form your relationship blueprint and affect all the relationships in your life, not just the intimate ones.

The difficult relationships tug on our heartstrings because through each relationship we replay information we collected since birth while role-playing. We were brothers, sisters, cousins, best friends, lesser friends. We were boyfriends, girlfriends, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandchildren, neighbors, vendors, buyers, dependents, independents. Each role became a filter that we use now to relate to others. Some relationships we experienced up close and personal and at other times we were observers.  In all instances, we assessed love and made decisions about loving and being loved. This filter, Eckhart Tolle calls our “pain body”. Most of us, unwittingly, use it to relate to our world and it is our relationship vibration or what I call: our relationship blueprint. When we enter into an intimate relationship, our “being loved” filter takes command. If our love filter matches the other person’s love filter, then there is a match. So, these questions beckon us to accept responsibility for whom and what shows up in our life and when events and circumstances keep on repeating over and over, the common denominator is us!

In the process of measuring our love quotient we also created dualities. This person is nice. That person hurt me. I am good, others are not. He didn’t love me. She did not pay enough attention to me. Eckhart Tolle writes in A New Earth, that “what you react in another you strengthen in yourself”. When you blame others or complain about others not behaving properly, not caring for you, or not loving you enough, you create separations. In creating relational hierarchies you also deny yourself the benefit of learning from the circumstances by accepting responsibility for your role in it. When you feel unloved, you feel is the operative phrase. You have nothing to give and you want something or someone to give to you. Do question the validity of your feelings because they may not be real. As I mentioned, these feelings are most likely based on how you perceived the event many years/days/months/lifetimes ago. Above all, when you feel unloved, you see yourself as separate from Source, God, the Universe…Yes, many of us have suffered deeply while being in relationship with others, yet when we dismiss our role in the relationship we are holding on to a misperception of reality. You don’t condone someone who has hurt you deeply. You simply forgive yourself for allowing others to hurt you and release the other from perpetuating the role in the entanglement. It is about energy and our consciousness is energy at its finest and most dynamic form. You can change your reality at any moment by deciding to do it. When your vibration is one of self-love and deep self-respect, others’ negative actions or thoughts cannot break the energetic barrier it creates. These are your gifts. Remember Santa Claus? Others are eager to receive your gifts. Become Santa Claus when you are looking for good relationships.

Without self-love you look for the ideal partner to complete you. A friend mentioned the other day that she looked for partners to bring her out of her shell. So she continued to look for relationships with powerful men and bold risk takers, only to find out that they were actually untrustworthy, rather shallow, but good for the excitement. She did not trust herself to take risks on her own! When you feel powerful and whole, you have gifts for others and others have greater gifts for you. You are one with God, as Jesus says in Matthew 5:48, “Be ye whole, even as your Father in Heaven is whole”.

Spend today considering and reviewing your relationship blueprint. Do you like it? If so, continue as you have been. If you did not like some parts of the “layout”, then decide to improve it and have faith that you can do it. You deserve the best as you are a gift. You are your best Valentine!

 Are you ready to see how the existing relationship blueprint shows up in your home? See you tomorrow and Happy Self Valentine’s Day!

What Where They Thinking? Radio Station Promotes Fundraising & Headlines With Local Pessimism on the Future ???

This morning after my daily meditation I intended to write a post about honoring your dreams and finding small ways to manifesting them, until I turned on the local NPR station to catch the weather forecast…The first segment had a lively preview about interviews with fabulous women with today’s focus on Cindy Lauper. It was so much fun to hear a snippet of her new recording! Then, Bob Oakes, the host, encouraged us to match the amazing amount of money pledged on the off-air fundraiser. I was so excited and so ready to pledge, then he announced the next two top stories and my buoyant mood was severely threatened. In one sentence, Bob told us that a recent statewide poll clearly demonstrated that in this state we are very down on the economic outlook, doubted our personal prospects for success and expressed certainty that our children will not fare well in the future. Oh, yes, there was another story. There was a nice increase in sold properties.

ImageWhat were they thinking? I struggled to remember that Bob Oakes was only reading the news, but since his deep and often convincing voice was the only one I heard, I felt very sad. I found myself questioning his lack of discernment. Why did he not choose the story about houses sold to lead and then, if he needed to, report on the downer poll?  I also wondered how many of us felt as I did and if the pledges did not decrease following the segment.

Last night during our meditation & spirituality class, we touched upon complaining, either aloud or in our heads. We agreed that complaining has no real purpose and it incites ego-driven actions. One of the members spoke about “letting it out” in her own home to release energy as a positive action. She felt better and did not hurt anyone. Really?

Another member reminded us to be aware of what we are letting out in order to feel better. Our thoughts are real forces. They carry lots of energy. She asked what kinds of “seeds” we are planting, not only within our environments but outside in the world? Did she say…outside the safety of our homes? Indeed.

Those seeds-thoughts and words that are planted in our homes bear fruit in our furniture and accessories. They latch onto the dust, ride on the air we breathe, nest in our clothes, settle in our aura and take root in our psyche. We are thinking machines; we have about 60,000 thoughts a day. Most of the thoughts tend to be self-referenced yet random and porous. Unless we become aware of our thoughts and consciously filter the thoughts of the other trillions of people on the planet, we include these in our psyche, our aura, our clothes, our breath and bring them home to our dust, accessories, furniture, walls and windows.  We grow beliefs and vibrate with them. We attract others like ourselves. We affect others and our behavior is affected by our vibrational field.

This morning I became aware of what I was thinking and how quickly Bob Oakes words affected my thoughts, my feelings and therefore my actions. I did not pledge. I also became keenly aware of my complaining thoughts. I accepted that I was complaining and pondered about what within me was awakened by the radio stories. I will discuss that part of my internal search on another entry. Today I was certain that I had to find ways of transforming the negative seeds I was about to plant in my environment into beautiful blossoms. I know that what I decide to think affects me and those around me.

From gardening, I know that I need to pull the weeds as soon as they appear or they will invade the more beautiful plantings. I could also plant more flowers where the weeds were pulled and they would naturally keep the annoying ones from coming up. I acted as a gardener and first I shut off the “water”; I turned off the radio. Then I focused back on what I first heard; the story on Cindy Lauper. Pretty soon, her song buzzed in my head. I could sing all the words. Then I remembered that many more houses had been sold this past month and what a good thing it was for my business–I said that most of our thoughts tend to be self-referenced.  I could reach out to those new homeowners to help them clear the former owner’s energy, arrange their environment to facilitate growth and harmony and I could even sell them door protectors! Next was transforming my complaining to positive action.

Offering my experience as a learning tool for others seemed to fit the bill. I am grateful that through writing this piece, I transformed my complaining voice in the head. I accepted that I did not know why the radio station chose what they did, but that in general, I am enriched by the programming they offer. I made a pledge. I also patted myself on the back for having had the presence to turn off the sound when I did and for taking charge of my thinking. I have the power to insert a new thought at any time. I am not my thoughts and I decide what to think as long as I practice being present as much as possible.

Finally, I know that I create my reality by my thinking and my beliefs. I present to you a commissioned painting I did several years ago in where I entice the viewer to question what they see and think about what they see. Is it a picture of a sunrise? Could it be a fiery sunset as I witnessed this past summer on Block Island? Is it possibly a raging forest fire? Can it be a beautiful afternoon becoming cloudy and ominous on a late summer day? Maybe it is a gorgeous Fall Foliage day in New Hampshire? Or is it a self-healing piece about complaining and transforming thoughts? You decide. You are in charge of your own thoughts!

You can name the painting. Have a great day!!!

Office Renovation-Are All Required Expenses Accounted For?

Recently a client asked me for help in renovating a dental office. Whenever people think of renovating they do so prompted by the desire to add a new gadget, more staff, or a new procedure in order to increase revenues. The thinking goes that if we can offer more effective diagnostics, add a specialist, or refocus the practice, then the patients/clients will benefit and the practice will be more profitable. Good thinking! Excited at the prospects of growth, we tend to neglect to notice the inter-dependence of the basic components involved: changing the space to support the new addition, its financial impact and the people factor. Are all the required expenses accounted for? 

Financial matters tend to show what we value most and surface quickly. Discussions surrounding the space renovations became stalled when the price tag appeared to be higher than my client expected. The doctor asserted that the practice was in need of a very expensive and “much-needed, even crucial, newest and greatest” dental machine. However, they could not possibly afford the financial commitment of both! We need this superb diagnostic! Space designer, what do we do? Can we scale down the redesign? If so, how do we manage to add this BIG new machine within an existing constricted and awkward configuration? Designer, you can make miracles, don’t you?

The need to create room for a big piece of equipment not only means disruptions to the work, and a financial commitment; it also implies that changes are coming. These may be painful. Something must be removed to make room for the addition if no additional space is available. Space, like a body is an entity. We cannot continue to stuff an already full digestive system without introducing a new regimen—exercise, good & qualitative food and practices, eating less, meal planning…You get it, space does not stretch and this space is tight!

In this project, insufficient storage was but one of the problems. An outmoded and bulky filing system was compounded by single-use office equipment and the apparent lack of time for organizing the office. The front office was the one in most need of help. The first diagnosis: clean and clear as much as possible and combine office equipment. Staff time allocation for this procedure was strenuous; for when an office is crowded, people feel that they can never accomplish enough.  New multi-function equipment was installed and much de-cluttering ensued. Yet space and staff continued to be problematic.

The front office staff works in a narrow, very cramped space directly in line with the front door. They have breaks in an open and tiny space housing a microwave, a refrigerator and random storage above their heads; all within a narrow corridor shared with operatories, the sterilization center and the lab. Being in direct line with the front door makes them feel that they “are always on”. The lack of space to take a meaningful respite within the work day creates restlessness and feeling disrespected or uncared for. Continued neglect of staff needs eventually may show up in staff morale, disgruntled patients and a tired CEO. Can we afford to renovate with these people?

The diagnosis was to carve appropriate space for their efficient functioning. This was the designer’s job. The clarity achieved in cleaning, de-cluttering and re-allocating inspired a space reallocation.  Great! Yet funding the new space design must also prompt some serious thinking. Improperly addressing money issues may create unwanted personal side effects on the management side. These are not only monetary. The need to maintain the pace of work to support growth may lead not only to working additional hours, but to a diminished quality of life. This was the doctor’s conundrum!

Fortunately, being in a healing environment, we looked to necessary procedures for proper treatment. Doctors know that the basic procedures are not priorities. They are just that; basics of equal weight. Just like doctors prepare patients for a healing treatment, space planners must prepare (design) the space for the new practices/equipment to be incorporated while considering the work flow and its needs (staff ) and the entire financial aspects. Failure to consider any of these basic components, like patients, the new treatment (space & new equipment) may fail (financial & people losses).

An optimal renovation means that staff will work in a space that supports them in assimilating the new and incorporating what exists. An office needs appropriate storage for efficient workflow and effective movement within the work area in addition to effective work practices.  A space that restricts movement cannot produce at any level; let alone increase productivity. People simply survive. It is hard for doctors or management to feel this because they are busy treating patients or taking care of “important matters”.

Yet, when the front office really produces, all will notice a remarkable surge in their ability to serve the needs of the patients/clients and their own comfort level. That is how dependent we are on our staff’s efficiency! Staff also needs room to take a meaningful break. When we provide for this basic need, it says we appreciate them. When we don’t, we express that we only care for the bottom line. When you feel uncared, it makes it quite difficult to care for others. The front office is the mouth of the practice and vital.

Dentists know the importance of discussing with their patients about what enters the mouth, a vital body part, and how it affects the rest of the body’s functioning; front office staff  are the first encounter with your business.  Overworked, tired and unable-to-concentrate greeters cannot be as cheerful as they need to be. Just like the space, their thinking becomes narrow, stagnant and constricted. They are unable to grow. If they accommodate, then they get in time, depleted.

Properly preparing to renovate the space means analyzing all the parts and their interaction. It is the only balanced move toward a practice that is healthy, happy and that keeps on growing. Developing the layout and pricing it is as important as getting the specs for the new equipment and pricing it, and as important as projecting for additional staff and planning for revenues and outlays.

At the present moment, we are still planning on renovating the space, keeping an eye on training staff for the new procedures and planning to purchase the amazing machine when the time is right. We all keep an eye on the basics and keep smiling. The doctor and I are still smiling 🙂

My success is related to the quality of my entrance, my bed position or where is my office located? This is crazy!!!


I know it sounds funny. Yet what I am going to tell you sounds even funnier: There is a direct connection between the floor plan of your home and office and your body!

When we look at a floor plan, we can see where the rooms are located and what function each room may perform as well as what other activities may go on within it. Is it a bedroom? Storage? Kitchen? Home office? A floor plan and layout also speak volumes regarding the occupant’s chances of success, health, wealth, relationships, family, children, creativity, recognition and spirituality, because the home and the body are connected. In Feng Shui terminology, a floor plan is the holder of the “mystical being”. The mystical being is our inner persona. That is what guides us to select a particular environment to live and work given the course of our life path when we buy, rent or select the particular space even for work outside our homes. Each body part and organ has a direct correspondence or vibrational resonance with an architectural detail, a sector of the space and the crucial systems that bring in electricity, plumbing, sewage, and ventilation. The energetic vibration of these elements corresponds to every atom, particle and molecule of our living system. I will elaborate on this concept on the next entry. Today I want to explain the connection at the practical level.

To begin to grasp the enormity of what I am presenting today, if we were to lay face down with our head at the front door, and then, given the locations of the other spaces, we follow to where our “neck” is laying, where are the “shoulders”, the “legs” and so on; we can identify not only parts of our bodies that may be sensitive, but also aspects of our lives. For example, if the neck is laying in a very narrow and shortened entry hall with the body abruptly going up the stair case, it leaves arms and shoulders down below as the chest angles upward. Given this scenario, in life we may exhibit difficulties getting cooperation to move our projects forward, our intimate relationships maybe difficult and we may have digestive issues such as reflux. This is because the head, the neck and the shoulders energetically resonate with our ability to attract benefactors and to help others. It resonates with our ability to comprehend information as well. Thus we may have difficulties grasping ideas, and carry them out or enable us to properly plan our projects and research necessary information. These parts of our anatomy also “speak” of obtaining support from business, banking, managing banking investments and dealing with authorities in general. Specifically to the body, if this area were constricted, cluttered or unkempt, a dweller may also suffer constant headaches, exhibit neurosis and skin problems, lung and large intestine conditions, and/or stomach ailments in general. It should be noted that not everybody will exhibit the same symptoms or problems in a family dwelling or an office setting. But it will affect those with a weaker vibrational field. Stress, illness and other factors affect the degree to which an individual resonates with the difficult space design. In short, analyzing a space and observing how energy flows around the dwelling, into it and throughout the interior can tell a lot about how our lives are flowing. When the design problems are identified and correlated with life situations or health conditions, we are able to address each of them either separately or concurrently with the ultimate goal of learning our life lessons and moving on to the next stage of our human path in this lifetime. The space you picked, yes, you did, offers you pearls of wisdom about yourself. Embrace its message!!!

More in a few days…But if in a hurry, go to or leave message or comment here.Floor Plan-Body Connection

Optimal Home Office Design-A Series of Articles-#2

The world in my handsSo last week we discussed what success mean to me. I hope you agreed.

Today I like to suggest that in a home office environment you can be incredibly successful, because you have total control of the working environment. Control is a must in Feng Shui terms, for control of your environment equals control over your life.

These are some of the most important areas that you need to exercise control if, in fact, you are going to achieve success:

1. Control of where your home/office is located.

2. Quality of access to both the home and the office.

3. Your ability position yourself in control in your bedroom and in your office.

4. The quality and size of your desk and chair and your bed.

5. Be mindful of conflicting activities.

6. Organize the environments so as to not accumulate clutter, especially in the entry, the bedroom and the office.

7. Check and adjust the center of your home, and

8. Have appropriate lighting.

Today I will discuss having control over the location of the home/office and its consequences.

Just as important as the quality of your neighborhood is to your home and business. The road situation where the home/business is located, affects your business and your life as well.

 Among the many building locations considered difficult is when a road or a water way curves away from your home/business. According to principles of energy, a water way is like a road. Both have defined boundaries and are directional moving elements. In Feng Shui practice, water correlates to wealth. This life situation will portend financial trouble, an under performing  business and difficulties in attracting quality employees, helpers and clients. It similarly affects the home life.

If your business is at the end of a cul-de-sac, you will tend to have even more struggle attracting quality business and employees.

If a major road aims directly at the front door or at a major window, your business will be always unpredictable and may in fact be a target of lawsuits and slander.

There are many more difficult site situations, including where the home/office is located within the lot, within the building and on the street in regards to other streets and walkways, but the reality is that we can’t control what goes on outside our home/office, once we are living in it. But we can control the inside! This is where Feng Shui knowledge is of paramount importance. What you do regarding the inside of your home and within your immediate surroundings will help you offset the negative situations that you cannot control. Your world is in your hands!!! 

That is the topic of my next entry. Stay tuned!

How using Good Design and Feng Shui Principles Contributed to a Successful Endodontics Practice.

Imagine an environment with relaxing colors, plants, original artwork and the peaceful sound of trickling water, where one can lounge in the most comfortable recliner on the planet. Where is this sanctuary? An island resort? A five star hotel? A spa?…Would you believe an endodontics office where people in serious pain come to have root canals?

A few years ago, when innovative endodontist Rudolph Lantelme decided to meld two practices into one, he located a space in an office park in Methuen, MA in the Merrimac Valley. As in the past, Rudi created what he thought was a good  floor plan, took it to the local dental supply office and construction started. After the first phase of construction had begun, Dr. Lantelme felt uneasy about the layout of the space, but he could not identify the problem. He discussed it with his contractor, Gil Mattheson from Doyle & Mattheson Construction Co, who recommended he call on award winning interior designer and Feng Shui practitioner, yes, you guessed it, Lidia Scher! Scher was then not only my Feng Shui mentor, but she specialized in dental and medical office design. She continues to focus her practice on this market.

As I studied the plan, I noticed that a couple of rooms and a bathroom were relocated, the reception room was expanded and recreated, and some of the ceilings were redesigned to offer different heights, interest and spatial distractions. Scher interviewed the doctors and their staff and together they created an upbeat, contemporary environment.

That visit to this progressive practice and a chat with Dr. Lantelme sold this writer on the ideal place for a root canal. “Patients who come here are in a lot of pain. Once inside the office, they feel immediately relaxed. Once in the chair in the treatment room, patients often fall asleep without much sedation.”

 What makes the environment at Endodontic Specialists so patient friendly? Arranged and designed according to Feng Shui principles, the reception area is an inviting feast for the senses. The vibrant colors and variety of textures uplift the spirit, while the rounded shapes of the table, chairs and counters, and even the wall corners, soothe the soul. In Feng Shui, curves are preferable to straight lines, because they soften and harmonize the flow of ch’ i energy.

Five Energies

In Chinese thinking there are five energies represented by the elements: earth, water, metal, wood and fire. When all are present in a room, it creates a serene and balanced feeling. Scher brought all five elements into the reception area with a large water fountain to suggest the calmness and refreshment of water. The light beech furniture and plants tucked into the corners represent the resilient, creative qualities of wood energy. The reception desk granite counter top provides the order and endurance of metal energy. Artist Gillian Frazier’s painting with red flame-like shapes on the wall above the desk creates the brilliance and drama of fire.  Yellow and copper wall colors promote the healing, nurturing qualities of earth energy. In fact, Scher brought in the earth element- terracotta tiles, to the treatment rooms to ground and support the doctors and staff and to sooth the patients. She also added purple upholstery, and lavender and green walls. The fire energy of purple and lavender encourages communication and clarity of thought, enthusiasm and joy. Greens continue to bring the wood element to imbue optimism in patients who are pained and afraid, and encourages flexibility and the ability to create innovative and practical treatment plans. The multi-colored speckled carpet in the reception and the hallways generates a dance of color beneath one’s feet. Finally, magnificent color photographs from the doctor’s visit to Cuba, grace the walls of the operatories and hallways, and add an additional human and personal element to the practice. These were carefully placed to inspire and reinforce the different energetic areas.

A Highly Effective Environment

Even after merging two distinct offices, the staff, according to Dr. Lantelme, seemed happier and communicated better than in the former environments. Certainly they felt more comfortable in the new space. “I love working here,” exclaimed the practice manager, “We appreciated that Lidia interviewed each one of us.” In addition to selecting colors that support each staff member in their working environment, Scher placed them in the “command position,” which gives each person a view of the main door or the door to their office.

As patients step from the waiting room into the inner hallway leading to the treatment rooms, they encounter a glass water fountain sculpture with etched fishes. A wall behind the fountain imitates and expands the etched design by artist Antoinette Virgilio. Antoinette also created another painted copper wall seen upon walking toward the operatories, which invokes a feeling of wonder and delight. This wall also creates a distraction from what in Feng Shui terms is called a “split view”, when upon walking into a space, a door opening divides the vertical surface and forces the eye to see two scenes simultaneously. To solve the problem of the lack of natural light in two of the operatories, Scher directed Ms Virgilio to paint murals over the entire wall viewed by the patient. One is a lush, bucolic scene of the countryside and the other a yellow sunset over water. ” In addition to enhancing the mood, these scenes support the energies of the dentists who work there, said Scher.

Lidia worked closely not only with Patterson Dental Supply to furnish the operatories, she also collaborated with the doctors and technical experts in installing the most updated technological advances in dentistry. These advances enable patients to have a one-visit root canal treatment, an efficient and cost effective situation. “Patients sometimes faint when having a root canal,” stated Lantelme. “I experienced this in my former offices, but there has been no fainting in the six months we have been in this office.” Endodontics Specialists serves as a model for dental and medical offices of the future. “When patients are relaxed, we can be most effective.”….

 Mary Roberts is a Feng Shui consultant and owner of  Feng Shui Options, based in Carlisle, MA.  As the founder of Dorm Chi, a consultancy geared to enhance the dormitory experience, Mary created  the Mystical Pizza E-Kit to make college dorm spaces really work.