Moonlight Rebirth Meditation

A moonlight meditation in images
Moonlight Rebirth Meditation by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Awoke shortly after sunrise and as usual, I prepared for meditation. Instead of doing a contemplative exercise, I slid into the studio to make painting the contemplation. I picked a 40” x 30” blank canvas and as I sat in front of the canvas, some words and sentences bubbled up.

Arising, releasing pain, sorrow, guilt, shame, tiredness, frustration, danced in my mind’s eye. A certain pride for having persevered in spite of the many naysayers, including me; a visceral urge to break away, to say good bye to the past, without attempting to change it or squash it emerged, giving me a sense of peace and acceptance never before felt.

Eventually I was moved to pick up a jar of fluid Prussian Blue acrylic paint along with a flat wide brush. I loved how the inky paint flowed onto the canvas!

The last thing I remember was reaching for the cellophane that had covered the brand-new canvas and diluting thick Iridescent White acrylic paint with a little water and colorless polymer.

Twelve hours later I emerged from the studio and fell into a deep slumber. I awoke the next morning feeling lighter, smiling broadly and remembering a dream where Divine beings were guiding me to swim in loving waters of changing colors.

In the dream, the Bodhisattva Kwan Yin was showing me objects beaming with light floating in the water around me. I recognized some of my paintings, a home I had recently designed, students’ artworks, sculptures and photos of happy and grateful people. These were all things and situations that I created in my life and that coexisted with painful situations, interactions and sadness. I realized that Kwan Yin and all the other angels were showing me how blessed I am, as my past became the rich fertilizer that now helps flourish the life cycle I am sailing into.

For the next 10 days I looked at the painting before I turned in for the day and immediately upon waking. Each day I wrote in my journal, knowing that lessons and title would eventually come forth clearly. I noticed that the day I began to paint, coincided with a full moon and a partial eclipse, best observed in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Boston area the moon showed its fullness with alluring brilliance. It was easy to take in its beauty on a hot summer night.

The moon is a symbol of the spiritual aspects of femininity- intuition, psychic abilities, creativity and wisdom. Its phases remind us that all things on Earth have a natural cycle. Water evaporates from the ocean and falls down again as rain. Fruit falls from a tree, carrying a seed that grows into a new tree.

Because of the moon’s connection to water and the tides, it is said to represent our emotions and our subconscious mind – what we see on the surface often does not reflect what is going on underneath, nor does it reveal its vast depths. We must go deeper and explore.

When the moon is completely illuminated, it represents completion, the height of power, the realization of our desires and the peak of clarity. It is a time to celebrate our growth, take note of what progress we have made and reflect on how far we have come.

An eclipse invites us to see what is hidden and release it to the light; the art’s meaning and its title became clearer now.

Several decades ago I was privileged to learn a meditation called Moonlight Rebirth, from my most revered teacher, HH Lin Yun, Rinpoche. A few days ago, as I was again contemplating the painting, I began to practice it and immediately I knew that this is what I had painted!

Practicing this meditation, we are able to touch oneness, when spiritual powers can reach through time and space. A profound physical and mental healing takes place enabling us to “wipe the slate clean”, so to speak and begin anew. Aware of the effects of the moon upon the earth, this practice can improve luck, spur new growth, diminish anger and increase the sense of peace and well-being.

The meditation, the intention, the creative process and the dream are all depicted in the art. Are you the lucky buyer now willing to summon courage, unflinchingly look in the inner mirror and feel Oneness?

Even if you are not ready to shift yet, Moonlight Rebirth Meditation, with its colors, images and textures will infuse any space where it is installed, with bliss, peace and joy. Purchase includes the meditation instructions and one practice session with me to “wipe the slate clean”, own your gifts and sail into a new life cycle.



The Summer of Love

Toscana On My
Toscana on My Mind © by Lidia Kenig Scher, 2013

On June 20th 2016, the Strawberry Moon was seen at its fullest at 7:02 AM EDT, and at 6:34 PM EDT, the sun’s zenith was at its furthest point from the equator. This is the point on the horizon where the sun appears to rise and set, and when at this time, the sun stops and thereafter it reverses direction. This event is called the Northern Hemisphere’s Solstice. The two events haven’t occurred on the same day since 1967 and will not coincide again until 2062.

The summer of 1967 was “the summer of love”, and the beginning of a major cultural revolution, still reverberating.

The Strawberry Moon hasn’t occurred during the Summer Solstice since 1948.

In May 1948 the United Nations declared Israel an independent state in Palestine, and created the World Health Organization. Great Britain launched the National Health Service, an ambitious social program that would bring free healthcare to the citizens of the United Kingdom, funded entirely by taxation; the Marshall plan was enacted, and the Summer Olympics opened in London after an 8 year hiatus caused by war. Hope prevailed throughout the world and the effect of those events still reverberates.

Will this year’s skies signal a major shift in consciousness toward love and hope that will still reverberate in 2062?

Solstices and Full moons are metaphysically considered opportunities for significant change.

Solstices mirror our ability to stop and decide if a new direction is called for in any aspect of our lives.

When we see the moon at its fullest, it mirrors a cycle in our lives that is completed.

We have been witnessing violence, confusion, polarity, destruction, and extremism. All these attributes have one common denominator: fear.

Fear arises when we feel lack of self-love and deem ourselves powerless to control our destiny. Dwelling in a state of wanting, we imagine that forces outside ourselves will bring more income, security, well-being and happiness.

While overwhelmed by what is occurring at present; we may consider that underneath it, there is an opportunity for change. Like the sun, we can decide that we have reached our furthest point from our equator and choose to reverse course in the direction of compassion, community, acceptance, kindness, unconditional love, peace, cooperation, sharing and celebration of each other.

Additionally, at this time we can witness the “midnight sun”, where at least part of the sun’s disk is visible above the horizon for 24 hours, in all areas from just south of the Arctic Circle to the North Pole.

Isn’t this a great opportunity to stop, veer and aided by the abundance of light, see the events in our life from a different perspective?

Can we use the light from the magnificent celestial body to discover our own light?

Can we feel empowered by harnessing our own fire?

Can we turn away from violence and instead foster creativity in every aspect of our lives?

Our ability to see the sun may be obscured by clouds, but it is always there. So it is with our inner light. It is always there but sometimes obscured by incorrect perceptions, habits, wrong thinking, and attachment to situations, ideas, things, that are inherently ephemeral.

Uncovering our inner light makes us feel safe, discerning and able to express our authentic voices with lovingkindness.

Toscana on my Mind was created a few years ago as a house warming present for my sister, as she was changing course in her life and decided to trust her voice, embody her light and move in the direction of love, forgiveness, acceptance, hope and joy. Her auspicious personal solstice event still reverberates.

The original 48” x 36” painting fills her foyer with sunshine 24 hours a day, joyously greeting anyone who enters the home. You may purchase embellished wrapped canvas prints or archival paper prints and allow the bright light to help you see your own and propel you to experience your very own rare cosmic event. It will reverberate!

A Feng Shui Adjustment to Boost Your Job Opportunities-The Water Element

Feng Shui Adjustment for Career Gua
Winter Wolf Moon by Lidia Kenig Scher

This 20″ x 16″ framed acrylic on paper depicts the Wolf Moon, the first full moon of the New Year and it is part of the Feng Shui-Elemental Energies Series. Fittingly, tonight at 11:53 PM EST, and if the clouds cooperate, we may be able to witness the actual Wolf Moon gracing the sky.

This artwork can be used as an adjustment within a living or working space to balance issues of career, life-journey, and fear/ trust energy within the home or business. In the body-mind continuum, Water energy is associated with the ears, kidneys and bladder, and disorders associated with these body/organ parts. An adjustment to the Water area of the home or business would also be called for if you experience anxiety, scattered thinking, insomnia, chronic fatigue and/or depression. It is a good piece to install if your business or career path is underperforming, if you are losing money, have difficult collecting receivables or find it hard to attract profitable business ventures.

The art is ready to ship, it is well priced and it is a great piece to start off 2015 and boost your life journey. Click on Wolf Moon Feng Shui to purchase it and enjoy it for the rest of the year and beyond!

As there is only one original, you can also purchase limited edition unframed museum quality giclee reproductions to frame or to give. You can also look at the other Feng Shui art adjustments that may better suit your present needs.

Have a great moon night everyone!

Weekly Monday Night Meditation Group

A The Bodhisattva Way: GenerosityLast night we witnessed a powerful full moon during Monday night’s weekly Meditation Group. We meditated and contemplated generosity. Reading from Lama Surya Das’ Buddha Is As Buddha Does, he writes “… each of our thoughts, words and actions sets in motion a related chain of events that reverberates in the universe as a whole, as well as in our own individual lives. If we fail to be generous, kind and giving, we not only diminish the potential existence of these qualities in the …world around us but also create a life for ourselves that is in many ways impoverished.”
We completed the evening by doing a Primus Activation Meditation created by Naisha Ahsian. Oh…what an awesome event.

Written within the painting  is the following prayer:

” May I Perfect the Sublime Virtue of Generosity

Which Liberates and Releases

Craving, Grasping and Attachments

And Brings Joyous Contentment”.

Painting by Lidia Scher, 2009 is a Mixed Media Acrylic Painting on Canvas. It  is part of the Spiritual Works Galllery