In Alignment with the Heart

Aligned with the Heart by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Aligned with the Heart by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Ahhh, what a wonderful year just ended!

What began with a fall on black ice and a concussion followed by sheer bewilderment while carrying out the simplest of tasks, unfolded and culminated in an array of fortunate events, fruitful lessons, a total energy shift and a feeling of peace.

A few of my long-time clients pulled me back into creating successful interiors in beautiful places near and far away and I learned new ways to deliver good design. Some asked me to design furniture and commissioned paintings and I practiced with diverse ways of painting from the heart. Others simply called to relay the impact my artworks and the interiors I created had on their lives and my eyes filled with tears of joy. More people now own Door Protectors and report awesome results and I felt grateful. My students not only created beautiful artworks, but a few began painting professionally and held successful exhibits. My heart expanded at these gifts of grace.

At the spiritual level the shift was also remarkable. In awe I witnessed many more events having not only positive effects on me, but on those around me. Last January I pledged to look within to fully uncover my light and as usual, I did this through the practice of meditation and intuitive painting. As I immersed myself in the process of creating new paintings for a Spring exhibit I consciously invited Divine Light to merge in my heart and then allow it to shimmer and shine all around me. I began to feel good even when faced with what I normally would deem negatively. Gratitude at the simplest things became a way of life.

In the process, I became a better human and had a very successful solo art exhibit. I also can proudly state that I know happiness and that I am blessed.

When the light in our hearts is fully turned on, we leave behind conscious and unconscious prisons of the mind; fear dies, worry is in the past and love takes over unabashedly in the here and now. We begin to trust that Life has our back, assistance coated in unconditional love is always available and the right circumstances open up. Help shows up in unexpected places and a cheering crowd applauds when we most need it.

As we become present to the miraculous beauty that seeks to live through us, as us and for the benefit of all humanity, we are grace and are in grace; we are aligned with the Divine Light that lives within our hearts.

Aligned with the Heart is a painting I created to depict my fruitful year of learning and good fortune and celebrate all of you who are in my life. It is a small alcohol inks on yupo that packs a lot of light and plenty of happy blessings. I would be honored if you purchase it here.

And Happy New Year 2019!!!



Dancing to the Rhythm of Joy

The Rhythm of Joy by Lidia Kenig-Scher
The Rhythm of Joy by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The night before, I fell asleep bathed in the full Buck Moon shining brightly through my bedroom window. Yet it was still dark when I awoke and decided to go for a walk on the bike path. I arrived at a clearing just as the sun was peeking over the horizon and I could still see the stars being rapidly swallowed by the fiery splendor.

I leaned against a rock to marvel at the spectacle.

Everything appeared so sharp; the colors seemed brighter and the sky more spacious. I could clearly hear the fullness of nature’s silence and noticed that it mirrored my mood and the rhythm of my beating heart.

A palpable energy shift was unfolding. I felt lucky, invincible and powerful as I walked back home, keenly focused on every breath and on every step.

Two days later I turned a significant age milestone.

Perhaps I was buoyed by the love of my family and friends who joyously feted me with month-long impromptu celebrations. Maybe I was inspired by the last of the parties that took place on a gorgeous summer day where moments of beauty, love and joy intermingled as if it were divine music, when a week later I began this painting.

I went into the studio after my customary meditation…just breathing…just being.

As I started to paint, a sunrise began to appear on the canvas, and when the first session was over I noticed on the left, the precious moment I had witnessed earlier; the time when night and stars give way to the powerful light of the sun.

Once more, it took my breath away. I leaned against a chair and marveled at the spectacle.

When the sky and the ground were completed, I began painting random dots on the foreground but soon I became again engrossed in the sky’s beauty. Another day I was guided to mix red, purple, yellow and green with a palette knife and began to feverishly apply it over the dotted images. By the end of the session, the manic palette dabs shaped themselves into silhouettes and over the next couple of days, dancing figures appeared while haphazard markings made with a gold leaf pen defined the moving bodies.

Upon completion, I leaned on the meditation cushion and marveled at the spectacle.

Everything was now sharp; the colors were bright and the sky looked quite spacious. I could clearly see that the fullness of nature’s silence mirrored my mood and the rhythm of my beating heart; The Rhythm of Joy!

I invite you to Purchase the painting, or a print now and begin to shift your energy to The Rhythm of Joy

Let me know how it went.


Of Storms and Oysters

Of Storms and Oysters
Of Storms and Oysters by Lidia Kenig (c) 2018

a day a while ago
i took out my shiny boat
to roam the High Seas

paddling i was
laughing out loud
and free
living the High Life
when the sky turned gray

clouds thickened
winds howled so loud
i couldn’t hear myself think

good thing!

my shiny boat capsized
and I lost all I owned
i felt scared
lonely and unloved

where those seals I spotted ahead?
are there dolphins surfing on the waves?
i really couldn’t see
blinded by rain
i felt so cold

not ready to perish
i began to swim with zest
furious waves tossed me about
until i came to rest
and caught the glassy rays

this must be Heaven
I said
God was showing me the way

my spirit soared
my arms forged ahead
until I saw the Sun
a brightness I have never seen
then i knew i be alright

the Light outside
was deep within me too
i would survive this Storm

and here I am
writing this to prove
that all storms
give way to the sun
and pearly oysters

good thing!

of Storms and Oysters
I am building myself
a shiny new boat

lidia kenig-scher
may, 2018

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When I Invited Divine Light…

Inviting Divine Light by Lidia Kenig (c) 2018
Inviting Divine Light by Lidia Kenig (c) 2018

…I shed tears of joy and could only utter words of deep thankfulness.

As the brush guided yellow, orange and red paint though the canvas, I felt completely at ease as if I was painting from inside Light.

And when Titan Buff acrylic arranged itself into a dominating, yet at ease female figure that lacked dimensionality, I knew that I was at once reflecting light and being part of it.

The velvety Alizarin Crimson forms laced with soft gold tones depict the rising of the powerful energy I experienced when while painting, fire appeared to enter through my root chakra, mingled with the vibrant creative force of the second chakra and guided Grace to penetrate my third chakra, the seat of Divine will.

Gold lines flowing upwards toward the heart center vividly capture what happened next; infinite love burst uncontrollably and I was overcome with profound gratefulness.

I felt riotously rich, filled with invaluable treasures, swimming in a river of abundance beyond anything I ever knew. Overall, I felt completely at peace. Like the figure in the art, I had no busy mind-chatter to enter my consciousness, thus, I was able to freely shed tears of joy and could only utter words of deep thankfulness.

In contemplating the finished art, I now realize that I will never be as I was before participating in its creation. As the profusion of tiny dots, stars and gold jewels imply, I was touched by the Light, became a part of it, reflected it, yet its Divine manifestation would later become clear.

Inviting Divine Light proved to attract magic at many levels. It sold before it was uploaded to the website, through a few progress photos I posted on Instagram. It will be installed in the private residence of my sister and brother-in-law residing in Chicago. With this purchase, this very dear couple expressed love and the desire to invite the Light into their lives. They also affirmed strong and generous support for my work as an artist and caused me to shed tears of joy and utter only words of deep thankfulness.

The art has also been much admired during the ongoing exhibit at Lexington Wealth Management in Lexington, MA. It was the first of many pieces sold on opening night and throughout the show’s run. It brought me additional commissions and attracted connections and assistance from welcome unexpected sources. The exhibit ends on May 10th at noon, so hurry to see Inviting Divine Light and the other pieces, including the art still available for purchase. You can follow the link to this art which will take you to the website’s preview gallery before you go.

Please know that I may shed more tears of joy and will be deeply grateful for your visit!


Red Tara’s Teachings in a Simple Flower

Red Tara by Lidia Kenig
Red Tara by Lidia Kenig

It started as a question…What is after “embracing grace”?

And as I made this query the centerpiece of my meditation practice of the past few weeks, events and circumstances appeared gently leading me to answers.

In early December, I was invited to participate in a “super full moon” celebration that included time for introspective journeying and deep contemplation. That night the moon appeared very large as it orbited closest to Earth and this phenomenon was said to cause geophysical stress.

Mystics termed it an extremely powerful celestial event, occurring in the sign of Gemini with the planet Mercury beginning a long period of retrograde movement.

The conjunction was about hyper-illuminating the truth, especially in the area of communications, highlighting motives and intentions. Mercury starting a retrograde cycle would be particularly helpful in noticing when someone was holding back the truth or being purposely deceitful.

But this alignment was also a good time to ask important life questions, for the answers could be revealed under the bright moonlight and be held to the scrutiny of our past actions and beliefs.

That night I reflected on my chosen theme for this year; learning to embrace what came my way while monitoring how I perceived opportunities, endings and beginnings in many areas of my life. I became aware that I was no longer devastated when I expected strawberries and got lemons. In fact, I tasted the most amazing lemonades! When I was in pain, I accepted it yet focused on what I was learning from the suffering. I experienced much joy while adventurously unwrapped unexpected “gifts”.

If Embracing Grace was about deepening my relationship with Spirit and being grateful for everything, the super moon introspection implied that Light maybe the theme of my next life cycle.

This weekend I celebrated Chanukah, the festival of Lights with family and close friends. The theme of the super moon was duplicated in many ways, as it again highlighted issues of communication, motivation and intention.

Lighting the candles on the menorah also offered opportunities to bring forth our inner lights, joining with others to further goodness and heal through sharing deep love, sweet gifts, hope and joy.

I ended the weekend with marvelous people, chanting gratefulness to the Indian teacher Anandamayi Ma, the “Great Mother of Love and Light”, and later on vividly encountering Red Tara in my dreams.

Known as the “Mother of all Buddhas”, or the female Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism, Red Tara is the embodiment of Light and Love, reincarnating always as a female and compassionately assisting people in removing difficult obstacles. In fact, her energy appears in times of stress and amidst great social strife.

This morning, as I was completing this card I painted for a very dear friend, I noticed that the flower I depicted had four perfect petals, while the fifth was being pulled away by the wind.

It is said that at birth, Red Tara implants the light of awareness on the minds of certain individuals to awaken during stressful time periods and teach the four qualities of Light: equanimity, compassion, love and joy.

She also awakens collective wisdom so that a society may realize the true nature of reality. Tara shines a bright light on seemingly insurmountable obstacles and offers to swiftly remove them by practicing the four qualities.

Who wants to let the wind take dire difficulties and receive enlightenment by contemplating the flower?

I am offering a free download of this card as a gift to those who wish to practice seeing everyone as divine, to encourage helping anyone without expecting a pay-back, to pledge unconditional love for all beings and to celebrate life without attachments or aversions. Such awareness will render us all strong, beautiful, blissful and useful!

Claim your free card @ Contact, write “Red Tara” in the message box and commit to shine Light everywhere.

Happy Holidays!








Out of the Fog

AB Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher
AB Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The gray clouds recede and as the sky clears, brilliant blue hues appear.

The fog vanishes at the edge of the world, unveiling an iridescent gold mandala edged by puffy hearts.

The steady and pulsating energy at the center of the mandala causes additional hearts to be released spreading into the vastness of space and gathering at the top to form a crown.

Like the sun’s corona (crown), the aura of plasma that extends into space and is most easily seen during a total eclipse; this mandala/sun brings forth sudden explosions of pure love from its steady and calm nucleus.

This sun’s explosions are called coronal mass ejections, and in this Door protector, the powerful particles arrange themselves into the Tibetan syllables of the Wish Granting Jewel mantra.

As the mantra unfolds, it releases whimsical beings that joyously dance or happily and confidently perform acrobatics.

The black figures balance a Carnelian crystal on their heads with grace and ease. Carnelian is the stone of inspired action. The other figures hold aloft Citrines, the crystal of success, prosperity and joy. There are no leaders or followers in this group. Each contribute their unique skills and talents and all acknowledge themselves as divine beings capable of bringing peace and harmony to the world.

This Door Protector invites transformation and reassures its owner that the change will be joyous-the funny beings; if he allows the veils of illusion, incorrect perceptions, and conditioning to burn away like fog and be replaced by the bright light of awareness; the mantra’s teachings and the influence of the crystals.

Aaron’s parents own a Door Protector and his father has a print hanging in his very corporate office. So the recent college graduate requested a sacred art for himself to help with transitioning, and to cultivate the necessary frame of mind and attitude to find a clear direction for his life, select work that he loved, encounter prosperity and be surrounded with love.

As I worked on the art, I noticed that at times the colors, textures and shapes flowed easily, while there were periods when it all simply stalled. Toward the end I was surprised when some of the script smeared, and I had to re write it. When I checked in with Aaron*, we realized that the stalled times coincided with periods of doubt and confusion, and that the smears appeared when he feared sliding back into self-destructive behaviors.

When I installed the art Aaron confessed that even though I had mentioned that what I paint comes from him, the “coincidences” caused him to emotionally re-center. He was now able to trust the guidance from a higher power, and recognized the gifts of awareness behind each of his actions.

Aaron knew that his art reflected not only who he was, but who he was committed to evolve, as he matured.  This young man was ready to carry his art as a personal mirror to his summer residence, trusting that if he focused on the mandala’s center when doubts arose, becoming centered in his own “sun” would be easier. And that by contemplating the mantra’s lessons during his daily meditation practice; the path he needs to travel in this lifetime would become clear.  Thereafter, the Door Protector would move with him wherever he went.

The nascent knowingness Aaron was experiencing would spur him to take inspired action and manifest his dreams. And because he embraced his ability to bring groups of people together in harmonious creativity, he would be rewarded with ample examples of grace manifesting in his life.

If you lack clarity, doubt the direction you are traveling in life or engage in addictive behaviors, you may decide to mimic Aaron and commission your own sacred art. You can go to Ordering a Door Protector and read about the differences between originals and prints, make a choice and perhaps read more stories about this sacred art and the people who work and live with them for many years now, elsewhere on this blog.

*Name has been changed to protect the client’s privacy

Who is My Door Protector Protecting – by Di Hall

Door Protector Hall
Door Protector Hall By Lidia Kenig Scher © 2009

“I have known Lidia for many years. During our first encounter I knew there was something mystical about this woman and her ability to know, just by being an open channel to spirit, exactly what is needed to support you on your journey. I am consciously using the word “encounter” because every time I’m with Lidia as my consultant and coach, something unexpected occurs!

During an annual Feng Shui house clearing (which I highly recommend), Lidia told me about these new door protectors she was creating for her clients. She described their purpose and immediately I knew I had to have one. I wasn’t sure why but I felt compelled to order one immediately.

At the time, I was living in a very large home with my partner, my two children and his four children. There was unrest, intrusion and disruption in our home due to unresolved issues around his divorce. I was not ambivalent about my feelings for my partner but I WAS ambivalent about the prospects of working through the escalating circumstances that felt unresolvable. As you know, ambivalence is not a lack of interest, concern or care; it is the feeling you get when you have very strong emotions about conflicting courses of action.

I felt stuck. I was unable to stay and yet also unable to leave. Was the situation really unworkable? If only I try a little harder… If only he or they [fill-in-the-blank]… We both wanted it to work, yet we were both unwilling to give up our own vision of how to make it work and create a shared one.

At the time, I anticipated that the door protector would protect our home from these disruptions. I hoped it would create an energetic cocoon that would bring harmony and peace to our blended family. When Lidia installed the door protector I felt a sigh of relief. Little did I know why or what the protector was really here to do!

Fast forward five years. My partner and I decided to end our relationship three years ago, after two years of significant turmoil. Within four weeks of putting our house on the market, and in the middle of the worst recession seen in decades, it quickly sold for the price we wanted.  I moved into a house that I had seen three years prior, but wasn’t ready at the time, to leave the relationship. Everything fell into place with little effort. This is not to say that the emotional journey was easy, but the universe supported a smooth physical transition.

My door protector came with me to my new house, where I have found peace, harmony, career success, spiritual break-throughs, and a new relationship that brings me much joy and laughter.

I have now come to realize that the door protector came to protect me; to help move me along my path. All along it was there to help me hear my inner wisdom and support me in taking the course of action that, while very painful, released and eventually healed me.

Below is the view from my current backyard deck. Every day I look at the mountains and I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for all; even the challenges. Both aspects have all helped me become Me.

A good friend of mine gave me a plaque for my kitchen that says “It is never too late to live happily ever after” and I believe my door protector has played (and will continue to play????) a more significant role than I would have expected in making this my reality.”

Di Hall, 51 Years Old

Harvard, MA

Di Hall backyard 1
Di Hall Backyard 1
Di Hall Backyard 2
Di Hall Backyard 2

When I asked Di Hall to send me some thoughts about what she thought was the role of her door protector in her life for the past 5 years, I expected bullet points to build the post around it. Instead, I received a ready to publish piece with her signature attached! I am not only grateful to her, but Di’s review provides me with the perfect way to end the series. Her explanation that the art was there to protect her makes perfect sense. It was created to bring about balance, love and peace to the dwelling. But as she was the one who commissioned it, her questions seem to have been picked up by Spirit, so in creating it with the intention to make the best possible outcome for everyone, Spirit guided my hand and provided her with the sense of peace and contentment she needed.

I started this series to explore the impact, if any of what I suspected was a powerful art work. As I wrote in the first June entry, I started creating them because I didn’t know how else I could help people when I was unable to be present to sense the energy of the space in question and how it was affecting those who live there. Afterwards, I offered them because there weren’t enough adjustments I could install to help the situation I was facing. I hoped that my pure intentions embedded in a work I know I co-create with Spirit would do a good job. It has exceeded my expectations and that of the many clients who now own one. They create a peaceful energy field and are constant reminders of the state of harmony, available to us all, that is the essence of the universe.

The door protector is available as 6 limited edition museum quality prints and 6 gallery wrapped canvas reproductions that need no framing. Each piece is signed and blessed prior to shipping and includes explicit instructions for hanging it above the front door of the home. You can find the art by clicking on door protectors’ gallery, and intend to create an “energetic cocoon” that will bring harmony and peace to your life.

Have a great week everyone! Please comment and ask questions. I love to hear from you.

Hearts Filled with Gratitude: A Family Reunion

Family Reunion by Lidia Kenig Scher© 2014
Family Reunion by Lidia Kenig Scher© 2014

This past holiday twenty one people ranging from 18 to 94 years old and hailing from many parts of the US and from Argentina gathered in my home for a family reunion. Some had never met and others had not seen each other in 45 years. I am happy to report that it was a joyous event that many of us will fondly remember. We learned that roots run deep and that heartfelt love is as sweet and palpable as chocolate frosting. Today, my home is glistening with it. It all started with my nuclear family.

My sisters and I and our families get together annually. After 44 years of gathering during the winter and enduring snow storms, frigid weather and strictly indoor events, with the occasional chattering teeth outdoors venture, we decided to meet over a milder season and Memorial Day weekend, the official start of the summer season in the US was chosen. During a casual telephone conversation, my sisters and I thought to invite some fairly local cousins whom we had not seen often, somehow the news spread to Argentina, our native country and with a focus on our great grandfather’s branch of the family, a Facebook page was created by one of the descendants, commitments to attend the Boston family event were made and my home became the center of the reunion.

The 3-day event was simply spectacular and when I started this painting, in a quest to understand the import of seeing people I had not seen for so long, I did not expect the rush of emotion, the feelings of deep love, the outpouring of good will, and the sense that I recovered the link to a chain I did not know was broken. Moreover, the desire to celebrate and the feelings I felt were also evident as the group assembled. In the 12” x 12” mixed media acrylic painting on a ¾” deep canvas panel I intended to portray my artistic vision of it all.

The painting represents the three sisters, their families and the joy and gratitude we felt for the gifts of the heart we all shared. The bright palette of yellows, blues, reds, whites and gold bespeaks of passion; the one we found in hearing of each other’s path in life. The blues and yellows celebrate the clear skies and the sunshine that unexpectedly broke out on the second day and caused us to spread our joy outdoors for all to partake. The gold lines surrounding the hearts, the ones wrapping the small circles and those seen as threads spreading throughout imply the richness we all experienced. The three flowers in the upper right symbolize the three sisters, and the three bunches of accordion paper around them, convey the multifaceted nature of each of our nuclear families; while the red hearts, the blue little circles and the wisps of flying pigment depict the rich tapestry of joy brought in by the visitors. The artwork wants to show that in this group, the love and the roots run deep, as my dear brother-in-law Tim wrote, and that the chain was never really broken; each of us is a wholesome and bright link.

On this first family reunion, we all left behind our elders’ unsuccessful interactions along with their individual pain and sorrows. We deemed these to be part of our fabric and focused on our new relationships. We looked to the past to remember with kindness those who passed on and found reasons to feast and occasions to toast both the old and the new. Indeed we had a simply spectacular 3-day event celebrating each other, and when we celebrate, the whole of existence participates. Osho writes that “only in celebrations do we meet the ultimate, the eternal. Only in celebration do we go beyond the circle of birth and death.” We did and vowed to do it again next year. My heart is filled with gratitude.

May you find this week many reasons to celebrate, fill your home with the glistening of love’s frosting and share the occasions and feelings with us; and if you like to purchase the original painting, please click on the New Works Gallery.

In closing, I include this wonderful Irish blessing sang by the amazing Snatam Kaur. It could have been the music for the weekend.  May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon you!

Just Watching the Snow Fall

Poem & Photograph of a Buddha in the Snow
Just Watching the Snow Fall © by Lidia Kenig Scher, 2014

I hear much complaining about this harsh winter of 2014. Yet Winter is the season of rest, of deep inner work. It is the yin time. Our society is arranged in total conflict with this notion. We are on the go, busy with work, study, commitments, appointments, events. May we need to accept what we cannot change? Does it make us any happier to complain? And if we complain, can we change the weather? What can we change?

Happiness comes from presence. When our minds wander we lose focus and feel unsettled. The mind seeks focus. When we complain, we are expressing an emotion, and the mind does not know what to do with an emotion. May we be able to acknowledge that we are in “complaining mode” and think differently about the cold, the snow, the shoveling, the late appointments, and the school cancellations? In addition to dressing appropriately and leaving earlier on account of the traffic we will surely encounter, can we start by putting a different frame on our picture of the day?

Upon waking I looked out my bedroom window and my eyes focused on the garden Buddha. From above, he looked funny; I tightened my thick terry robe and ran downstairs.  As I waited for the tea water to heat, the view shifted. The sun was shining and I smiled seeing the garden Buddha covered in his snuggly pure white blanket. I enjoyed the visual texture that the wind left on the snow, and the long shadows the sun casted in the wee hours of the morning. I felt so lucky to be able to be present to this view. I deemed myself so fortunate to notice how the Buddha was dressed, just as I was in my snuggly pure white robe. And that is how the poem started, then I snapped the picture and finished my tea. It was a great beginning for this cold winter day and it got better as the day wore on!

Have a great week everyone!

I Am Grateful

I Am Grateful-Lidia Kenig Scher-2013
I Am Grateful-Lidia Kenig Scher-2013

…is the last of The Grateful Heart Series. Like the others, it features a photo captured through a faceted crystal heart of the garden below my bedroom window. The image is an 18” x 18” Mixed Media on paper, and like the one published on November 18th, The Grateful Heart and the Buddha’s Field, the Buddha statue is at the center of the crystal heart. In this one, the outline of a human upper torso is behind the heart. It is an earth being with feminine energy dominating the middle ground, with the earth as the background, like double Yin. As this being lies down on the welcoming earth, the Buddha sits directly over her high heart, implying that her heart and the Buddha’s heart are one. This hearts’ pairing spawns the energy of pure and unconditional love and, like in the entire series; it affects the land, the people and everything. The Buddha’s orb spins a sacred spiral that lodges at the throat chakra, ending on a gem silica crystal, right at the 6th chakra opening. This stone is the crystal form of chrysocolla, a wonderful earth ally encouraging speaking one’s highest truth, the one from the heart. White light emanates from the heart, implying the clarity and beauty of pure love.Today, I invite you to meditate with me. Look at the picture and read the description that follows.

Focus on it intensely and with me, scan the scene. The mantra I was chanting while painting this piece, bubbles up from within. AHAM BRAHMASMI, translated as I am divine, I am the universe, the absolute is an Sanskrit mantra found on the Upanishads, the ancient Hindu scriptures written between 800 and 200 BCE. Spiritual teacher Osho called this mantra a declaration of enlightenment, because it implies that there is no other god than our own inner being. Osho’s definition comes close to what I call the Spirit-Within-Me. So let us chant and breathe reaching a complete sense of peace. This state is represented by the orb above the Buddha-the divine presence, sending its light through the heart and on to the solar plexus where a sun shines right into this energy center and is further nourished by the within all-encompassing love. Sense the same feelings arising within you.

Look at the beautiful flower bud rising from below lying directly at the heart center. Next, see the will center covered with more buds and healthy leaves. Place your palms on your solar plexus and feel, as in the picture, the main part of the flower. This signifies the human will aligned with divine’s will.

Now sense the flowers’ roots growing longer, stronger and thicker within you too. Filled with divinity itself, we understand that the roots are deep within the earth’s core, and the seed started in the root chakra, it opened within the second chakra-the dan tien, then it moved up the chakric column, bursting into the beautiful blossoms at the heart where it collected pure light and love. The perfumed scent arising from the flowers flows through our upper chakras, and suddenly, a flurry of divine flowers shower from the heaven realm onto our meditating bodies, infusing us with their scent and enveloping us and the being in the art, completely. We are in bliss. We are free, as the sound of the heart chakra begins reverberating throughout the universe- Yum. Yum, YUM, YUMMMM. This is real power uncoiled from our being’s core. When this energy is unleashed; what is known as the Kundalini, meaning “she who is coiled”, it changes everything. The power within is released and we complete an important cycle here on earth. From here on, like the being in the picture, we dwell in joy. Breathe easily, and when ready, continue reading.

As you can see, this art work is a perfect piece to practice a meditation to awaken the fullness of our core and allow it to merge with the earth’s and heaven’s energies. It was created in meditation, and it brings about oneness. With consistent practice, it leads to enlightenment.  Additionally, every time we glance at the picture it reminds us that we have a grateful heart, and the grateful heart alters everything!

My study of the Heart Sutra through painting is completed for now. I know that there are more layers to this wonderful sutra. I am grateful to have it to look forward when the next time arises. Creating art this year has been a source of immense joy and pleasure. Shifts in relationships, activities and life situations gave me plenty of study hall time. I learned a lot and that in and of itself makes this year an extraordinary one. I loved, I released, I shifted, I won where I thought I lost, I lived fully and I am living my dream. I thank you for being a huge part of it.

The art work is available for purchase, just in time for a life changing turn in 2014, at LidiaScherArt/New Work Gallery
If you like to receive a copy of the detailed guided meditation I created around this artwork, please post a brief comment and email your information to

Have a blissful week!