Surrendering is Key

Surrender by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c)
Surrender by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c)

Heavy snow blanketed the area where I live when I started this painting. White clumps sat heavily on tree branches and coated everything in sight. The hush that fell over the land made it easy to fall into deep meditation.

Seeing Peace; the painting that depicts the quiet time at the beginning of Spring was within sight. I chuckled at the moment’s perfection;  the calm of a deep freeze now would create space for what might unfold after the snow melted.

I unwrapped a 30” x 40” canvas as if it were the snow where I could play. After a few hours, I stepped back to notice that albeit hesitantly, I seemed to be yearning to get close to the Light.

Fast strokes of Phthalocyanine Blue acrylic paint were brushed toward a center, as if someone (me?) had scratched herself out of a beautiful cave to face the bright morning sun. Wow!

In my next meditation, I played with entering the warmth and opted for giving my fears away to the fiery glow. The cave was protective and filled with healing vibrations, yet I wanted to understand at the physical level, what inviting the light felt like.

The yellow spiral intrigued me. Did I have to merge with it? Yes, let it rip!

Not so fast…

Creating is a natural spiritual power we all enjoy. It has taught me that we can’t force anything, for if we do; we become depleted. Nature has its own timing and we are part of this principle.  Surrendering provides a flow for what needs to be created.

We are all creating something important with every thought and every action we take. These are the seeds we harvest sooner or later and that if we care to dig deep, will help us ascertain if what sprouts is aligned with Divine Light and therefore significant for the spiritual awakening of our planet, or guided by ego-based beliefs.

This process occurs inside our “cave” and it shows up when we look out and reflect on our interactions with others and in the life situations we face. Do we see the bright sunshine of helpfulness, kindness, love, joy and ease, or are we witnessing the menacing clouds of discord, dirt, lies and disappointment?

Everything we encounter is part of our path to align with our true selves; our Divine Light.

And we can’t strive for it; we need to allow it. Striving implies lack while allowing means flow, release and surrender freeing us to participate in the greater flow. It is the delicate dance between doing and being. Being is grounded in presence, gratefulness, stillness and wonder. The “doing” guided by these attributes transforms us into a magnet for manifesting spiritual joy and the gift it brings: love and abundance at all levels, peace and harmony.

When I next entered the studio I was ready to cultivate the qualities I sought to experience externally.

A human shape appeared, coated in flat Unbleached Titanium acrylic paint, looking deeply and curling up around the Light. She seems ready to disrobe and release all society-created mental concepts, as seen in the red fingernail at the bottom. She lets her hair out and surrenders…

When I later contemplated the finished painting above, it felt that by letting go, the light was now inside me. I experienced its warmth and brilliance and was willingly and gently sucked in.

I peered and thought that Spirit’s Light was at the other end…But no, there was no end. Skies upon skies opened up and an infinite sun emitted waves of Love.

In surrendering I became whole being light and reflecting it.

Surrender is a beautiful painting to install anywhere. It will suffuse the space with divine light and it may cause you to easily allow for the next cycle of growth in your spiritual evolution to unfold. At the very least, it will invite you to dance around with joy and peace, thus creating an enormous amount of light. Original or blessed prints are available by clicking on Surrender.

A Storm of Divine Light

A Storm of Divine Light by Lidia Kenig (c) 2018
A Storm of Divine Light by Lidia Kenig (c) 2018

When I first heard that physical pain was an opportunity to bring about awareness and heal a part of my life’s journey, I thought… great, bring it on!

When it was suggested that the pain may go away when I acknowledged the lesson and embraced its role in helping me be whole, I said…that’s easy. I meditate regularly, I fix it!

When I understood that what came up for healing, was a chapter of my life I already deemed “complete”; I was not surprised!

When I experienced sustained and debilitating pain, I acknowledged that embracing and integrating the spiritual lesson may take longer and it may require reviewing the prior layer.

When I considered that seeking relief from the outside may be a band-aid, I realized that it could offer the temporary space I needed for clarity.


Sitting in front of my Door Protector, I pondered on the intention I put forth for this year: to experience Divine Light.

I chanted the mantra and then spent time embellishing prints I had sold over the holidays. I went to acupuncture, reflexology and chiropractic and I stretched my sore right heel while tapping.

I had known for quite a while that my symptoms were those of Plantar Fasciitis but I chose to ignore them. I suspected the emotional connection and ignored that too.

Now I could no longer do so.

The fibrous tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes and supports the arch of the foot is a ligament called fascia. It is the feet’s “shock absorber” that holds all the parts together and keeps them strong and functioning optimally. If we strain our plantar fascia, this ligament gets weak, swollen and inflamed, causing the heel or the bottom of the foot to hurt when standing or walking.

Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D., a pioneer in the field of healing emotional wounds by integrating behavioral and psychoanalytic approaches has done extensive research on the role of emotions in physical trauma. In his seminal book, Messages from the Body, Dr Lincoln describes life situations that correlate with the symptomatology of Plantar Fasciitis.

 For example, when we become the shock absorber for anybody else’s pain, or when we feel responsible for keeping things together at home or at work, we are often tired, burdened and our calves’ muscles contract. When we don’t feel supported or valued, or when we feel frustrated and stuck in a relationship or life situation; the ligament in the feet, the mechanism that supports us gets tight, causing tiny tears that lead to pain and swelling.

“The emotional component of plantar fasciitis in the right foot involves having deep conflicts over how to get support, as well as concerns about relationships and commitment. For the left foot, it’s about being handicapped with vulnerability issues, unwilling to receive support, and refusing to allow others to be caretakers”, says RN and Guided Imagery Practitioner, Maureen Minnehan Jones.

I knew that I long experienced frustration and alienation with some very important relationships. I often feel stuck so I push the pain of helplessness deep inside where it burrows and seethes. Thus I had no trouble seeing that my feet, which in Feng Shui knowledge correspond to the energy of family and ancestry, were offering me a chance to revisit how I think about my role in these liaisons and change my mind pattern to one that allows for receiving support, assistance and encouragement from all kinds of people and situations, including self-love and forgiveness.

What better way to start changing these particular malfunctioning mind patterns than experiencing Divine Light?


Last weekend I entered the studio for the first time since I slipped on black ice and sustained a concussion in late December. I meditated, I chanted, I cleaned surfaces, vacuumed the floor and organized materials and then, I unwrapped a new canvas.

Surrendering to the pristine surface, I consciously invited Divine Light to fully enter it as if this was the Earth and asked that this light weave its brilliance and energy into my whole being. I willingly became light’s living vessel and the images appeared easily and joyfully.

A storm was raging outdoors and in my studio; a huge transformation was taking place. I felt strong, grounded, peaceful and loved, as if the soul of the earth had taken hold of my heart.

It had and there it merged with Heaven’s light.

The next day I painted for 8 more hours without pain.

How could I not when I was amidst A Storm of Divine Light?


I still have more mind-shifting to do, but I am in the game and I am patiently moving. While I do my exercises, radiance flows into me and it fills me with joy and love. Panting itself is a very loving practice. When I am creating there is no pain and no thinking. In the studio I feel profoundly loved and cared for. What I also enjoy, is that when I meditate with it afterwards, the art provides me with tools to see a life situation anew and suggests ways to move through the lesson in a positive and life affirming manner.

The art is conceived in love and henceforth it broadcasts love. Those who own my artworks confirm this assertion.

A Storm of Divine Light depicts joyous love and emits this powerful vibration. It will thus touch lives and effect meaningful changes wherever it hangs.

Here you can purchase A Storm of Divine Light and experience it firsthand.


The Pain that Makes us Aware

From the Depths to the Light by Lidia Kenig-Scher
From the Depths to the Light by Lidia Kenig-Scher

You want to feel good, no? Yeah, we all do; and what we do and acquire in order to fulfill our yearning to feel happier!

When the discontent that was playing in the background becomes so painful that there is nothing available to assuage the suffering, we get busy with all-consuming projects, we buy new cosmetics, get a new toy, we plan a trip…

Eventually the pain can no longer be ignored; we get sick, have an accident, a relationship breaks down and cannot be easily repaired.

And then we have to decide to look at what hurts with compassion, or choose to succumb to the misery and give our power away.

“This pain is not to make you sad, remember. That’s where people go on missing…. This pain is just to make you more alert–because people become alert only when the arrow goes deep into their heart and wounds them. Otherwise they don’t become alert. When life is easy, comfortable, convenient, who cares? Who bothers to become alert?” * said Osho Rajneesh

So it is with major life events that seem out of our control. The death of a loved one causes us to confront grief and loss, and in the breakup of a primary relationship, we may also experience shame, confusion and fear.

When we are fired from a job, our sense of self and our security are challenged, but in the midst of an earthquake or a flood, every physiological need is at risk, as our very survival is in question. Yet Osho continues to suggest that “those are the occasions when, if [we] use them, [we] can become aware. 
The arrow is hurting: it can be used. The pain is not to make [us] miserable, the pain is to make [us] more aware! And when [we] are aware, misery disappears.”*

Such is the subject of this painting. It invites us to courageously dive into the original background discontent and go a little deeper, so that we may be able to bring ourselves back into balance and experience a transformational growth spurt.

Fear keeps us in avoidance mode, whereas when we are physically hurting we have no choice but to look at the source of the pain. In inaction, we can search for the knot that is holding the suffering.

Suffering forces us to explore the present for clues that mirror our sorry situation and discern what has come up for healing. In darkness we may see possibilities.

Possibilities are the jewels pain provides. Healing ensues when we are aware of its gifts.

The painting facilitates this by luring viewers to dive into the turbulent waters, hang on to slippery silk strings, grab some hurling jewels and look at the faceted crystals flowing upwards from the bottom, refusing to sink into the abyss. Mirror-like pieces float about and whirling brush strokes surge upwards from a knot midpoint on the bottom.

Knots are provocative; more so is a knot under water.  It implies that there something anchoring it. But we are unable to see it at first because the actual knot here is at the bottom of the canvas!

Most disconcerting is that in order to find the knot and what is anchoring it; we need to swim against the current, implying that when facing a present obstacle, we cannot apply old solutions to resolve it. We must allow ourselves to be swept by the strong currents of emotion and in reliving the pain we can untie the hold it has on our life and that keeps us from moving freely in the here and now.

Do you see that there is light at the top?

We can only emerge whole and healed if we are willing to forgive ourselves and “the other” we perceive as wronging us. Then we can untie the old pain and see the pieces of our ego-mind hurling and swirling through the sea of our suffering toward the transformation that ensues when we reach the clear light of a new day (the understanding).

Water (emotions) can be our ally in acknowledging and embracing our deeply rooted suffering (ego). Befriending it, the ego ceases to be the needy child constantly craving and aimlessly moving as it realizes that it too can win by attaching to our inner power and fueling our passions.

In forgiveness, our heart/mind is at the helm unleashing huge gushes of love. Peace and harmony envelop us. In Oneness with the entire Universe, we accept the gift of healing and our power to create a new life chapter.

If you are willing to let pain bring you awareness, this painting is for you. Only prints are available at, From the Depths to the Light.

*Crying in your loneliness, From Take it Easy, Osho Rashneesh. Volume 2 Chapter 12


Filled with Possibility

Filled with Possibility by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2016
Filled with Possibility by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2016

I knew the moment I looked at this painting that the turmoil laced with uncertainty that I felt around me, in the country and in the world at large mimicked my own. No matter what media or what social situations I found myself in, they all managed to bring out a similar theme: fear.

Fear is evident in the collective when as a country, we find ourselves deeply divided in the way in which we perceive our role in society. One side looks in utter disbelief at how the other side feels and does not see a way to compromise.

The side appearing as the outcast expresses their wounds by complaining, and finding all means of proving the other wrong. The winning side celebrates victory by mocking the losers and showcasing their new-found power.

But we all carry our wounds, and in reality, neither faction is interested in hurting the other. Each group is simply safeguarding their own wounds and on alert to keep the other group from inflicting pain.


In this painting a turbulent bloody river caused by warring energies, moves sinuously to and fro in an attempt to affect and eventually transform the real fear; seeing the other as the enemy.

The ensuing devastation forces each faction to look at the other and see that the wounds are similar, and that the uncertainly that gave rise to fear is a shared experience.

 We come to see that by denying our inter-beingness, each side is equally affected.

A breakdown leads to surrender and in its aftermath, the quiet that follows enables our collective witnessing consciousness to arise.

A breakdown is filled with possibility. We can no longer run our present experience through the filters of our past. We begin to realize that there is neither good nor bad, but rather “two octaves of the same frequency” (Naisha Ahsian)

We see that each group possesses transformative powers.

And then there is a breakthrough.

We learn to look at the others in the eye and learn of their struggles. We hold another person in our arms and feel our hearts beating in unison. We hear the former enemy and realize that we BOTH allowed our collective ego to run amok.

The breakthrough is caused by a shift in consciousness whereby we do not blame others for our misfortune. Instead we hold each other accountable with kindness and compassion.

We ask for help when we are weak and we teach others to fish when they are hungry.

We ask for forgiveness and forgive ourselves for our incorrect perceptions.

Together we decide to own our interdependence and hold space for each other’s karmic path.

We look at our shared journey filled with love and light.

Breakdowns are filled with possibility!

This alcohol inks on Yupo paper painting helped me to look deeply within and see where I was feeling fearful and held others responsible for my pain. I too had a bloody breakdown, a much needed one, but in the stormy waters I saw possibility reflected and surrendered.

Instead of telling myself a story that inflicted misery, I became a witness to what was happening, saw the other’s fear matching my own and felt compassion for both.

Healing my pain and forgiving is a breakthrough: We are both healed.

We can all change turmoil and uncertainty in the world by looking deeply, finding our own, accepting the coming breakdown and like me, allow the art to help you see that it is Filled with Possibility. Get it here now!


HUM by Lidia Kenig
HUM by Lidia Kenig

A cold, wet and generally gloomy morning invited me to linger on the meditation cushion, embracing the doubts and confusion mirrored on the raindrops creating puddles in the street.

Still not liking myself too much, I began chanting OM AH HUM and as I visualized the radiant syllables of this powerful purification mantra, I felt the urge to move into the studio to paint my meditation.

At first I glanced at my last week’s painting, OM hanging nearby, and contemplated it thoughtfully. Then I reached out for the Naphtol Red acrylic to paint the AH syllable on the surface, but I soon surrendered to the alluring depth of an Anthraquinone Blue.

The wide brush glided easily on the canvas, aided by just the right amount of medium while inviting random sprays of teal paint to softly stain parts of the magnificent blueness.

I smiled as I heard myself silently chant the HUM syllable and physically felt my heart expanding.

In the cool and calm blues, I recognized the immense wisdom of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas purifying my heart-mind and dissolving narrow thinking patterns and the obsessive stories playing in my ego-mind.

A simple blue wash was pierced by alcohol sprays to uncover the light behind the clouds and brighten the landscape, while playful white shapes appeared clustered in the center.  The white shapes represent the radiant light of OM coming down to release body tensions and dissolve attachments to the old mind constructs that created the gloominess.

The bright red of AH, punctuated by metal flecks, shines it radiance on our patterns of speech, purifying it and allowing it come forth and nestle amidst OM’s white luminosity. It reflects upwards and sideways dispelling incorrect perceptions and conceptions within our physical being. The blue syllable HUM, written in Tibetan script, cleanses the heart-mind and supports and seals the balancing system with clarity and strength.

As I beheld the images and colors in the art, I experienced pure blissfulness; my body was at peace, my heart was full and my mind was joyful.

Reflecting on the intense experience of transformation I was able to paint, I am grateful for the keen awareness generated, which culminated in feeling awash in the great loving-kindness I was later able to share through my interactions with friends and family.

What I find is that painting helps me to control my mind and it makes it easier to corral the unfocused and random thoughts that create the gloominess that at times rains within.

It also opens the way for the natural wisdom to arise.

When I paint, I experience an intense awareness of my consciousness because I am undistracted and deeply connected to the medium, the paint and the tools. Moreover, the sheer pleasure inherent in the act of creating, plants seeds of loving kindness that are nourished by the potent fertilizer of self-compassion. I am patient, I am present and don’t future walk nor past trip.

The practice easily spills into the rest of my life

The entire process of creating is deeply etched on the canvas, causing it to vibrate with the same energy it was conceived and birthed. It is a way of paying it forward; I create in bliss and wherever the art hangs, it henceforth offers constant bliss to those who behold it.

All of my collectors have reported experiencing a particularly beneficial feeling in the art that they own.

May you also experience the blissfulness, heart-opening and purifying energy embedded in this art, by purchasing the original or well-priced prints. Bring HUM into your life and use it as a tool of spiritual healing and growth, or simply take advantage of its radiant aesthetic beauty, silently and assuredly casting purification and blissfulness where it is installed.

Follow the HUM!

Luminous Awareness

Luminous Awareness by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Luminous Awareness by Lidia Kenig-Scher

There were very few times in my life when I looked in the mirror and thought that I had a nice looking body. I tried diets and exercise programs that included relaxation, food diaries, tapping and meditation until I finally understood that I am a complete system and there is no separation between my mind and my body nor am I disconnected from the environment.

This implies that there is no bad or good me, no spiritual me separate from the physical me. I am endowed with the power to create beauty and gifted with the pettiness to act crassly. I am one at all times and I am powerful, as long as I am aware of my mind and the significant role it plays in how I think about my body and my environment.

It may be difficult to locate the mind, yet we can understand how it works. A life situation produces an emotion that like a snapshot from a camera, it is stored in our system. Every time we encounter a similar situation, our body reacts by feeling the same emotion. Eventually, we no longer need to see the situation, but the feeling, now lodged in our body is triggered by a like-thought. Eventually a belief is born.

Emotions clamor for space in our body-mind continuum, constantly emitting ready to fire electrical impulses. Most are old unresolved feelings that unwittingly create densities in the system and can only be released through keen awareness.

Awareness is like a flashlight we can use to explore the dark and crowded attics of our mind and eliminate the clutter, lest we strain the “house” with dangerous volume and weight.

We can look at the density we carry in our bodies, the state of our relationships, our job satisfaction level, our interactions with the world at large and the look of our homes for clear evidence of the contents of our mind.

The light of awareness is always within us and can be awaken through the practice of meditation, a peace-abiding method whereby we can safely identify the burdensome contents using our heart-mind.

In the meditative state, we are in touch with the love source from whence our light is nourished. This pure energy alive, pulsating and ready to satisfy our total needs enables us to transform densities into lightness.

When we allow our luminous awareness to identify what doesn’t serve us, we see that none has substance. Like confetti, crusty emotions are easily dispersed by the winds of understanding. In clarity we see true power: our heart-mind filled with love and compassion for us and all and our interconnections.

Luminous Awareness is the title of this painting because in creating and contemplating it I saw that I am filled with light and love not unmovable densities born in dualities. Resting at the source, my heart-mind feels oneness, loving kindness and appreciation for the body and the densities I still carry, seeing it all as equally worthy. Meditation continues to open the way for wisdom to thrive and thoughtfully move what must. It gives me method for when I detour thinking that I will be gorgeous when I lose weight, and refocus to rejoice in the gorgeousness I already am.

The Tibetan syllables on the art, OM AH HUM (Body, Speech and Heart-Mind), are the mantra I chanted and meditated upon as I painted. It helped me see a nice looking body reflected in my mirror. Go to Luminous Awareness to purchase the art, or prints and if you wish, request the full meditation through the Contact form.

A Source of Positivity

Steiner Door Protector by Lidia kenig-Scher
Steiner Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

While we tend to think that emotions are instinctual; they are actually a response to thoughts we created by interpreting events in our past. When our present circumstances mirror in some manner the original ones, we reprise the old feelings in the now.

Today we must admit to having plenty of situations that threaten our most basic hierarchy of needs and give rise to physiological and safety-related emotions that threaten our sense of belonging.

When we allow our thoughts and emotions to be hijacked by what we see, hear and experience, we are not using our emotional intelligence.

The totality of our life experiences serve as fuel for the functioning of the body-mind continuum and our bodies are a reflection and a metaphor for the state of our mind, says Deepak Chopra, adding that “negative emotional experiences are stored as heaviness in our physical system”.

Depression, anxiety, failed relationships, financial instability and weight problems, among other things, are consequences of the dense fuel that keeps us from living an authentic life.

When we harness positive energy by spending time in nature, eat and sleep well, partake in the arts and engage in loving and compassionate interactions; our biochemical system stores these life situations as lightness.

The more we lighten our load by taking responsibility for what we allow into our system, and practice and participate in uplifting activities, the more emotionally intelligent we are and can act in the world as a source of positivity and goodness for all.

Thoughts are real forces, and much like planting beautiful flowers to overcome weeds without pesticides, practicing awareness by exposing ourselves to “lightness-bearing” experiences balances the negativity that we see, hear and feel in our daily lives.

The door protectors I create, such as the one pictured here, are such lightness-bearing tools that serve to balance our physical and mental systems.

Creating art has been my strongest medicine for personal healing and growth. By chanting the Wish Fulfilling Mantra as I also write it on the door protectors, and augmenting it with powerful symbols and images, I expand the positivity quotient for all.

The sacred art conceived with the purest of intentions lightens my mind and thus my body. When installed in people’s home and businesses, it gets mixed with the dwellers’ positive thoughts thus multiplying goodness by the gazillions.

The intentions seen every time they cross their thresholds promote subconscious awareness and become light-bearing imprints guiding owners on their right path and instilling the space with lightness and joy.

The light-filled mountains in this art promise that upon reaching the top, we can freely explore the sinuous and colorful spiraling “korus” beyond. New Zealand Maori’s unfurling fern frond symbol indicates that new beginnings, new life, awakenings, personal growth, positive change, strength and peace will happen in its own time if we see every experience as filled with light. Butterflies foretell of patience and resolve to transform beauty with grace, and flowers are a metaphor for sharing our lives with others in joyous ways. The mantra and mustard seeds are ancient protection sources.

Before we installed the art, my client was concerned with an ailing bird by her back door and its spiritual meaning. After installing it, the bird was gone, moreover, she reports having one of the best night’s sleep ever!

Become a source of positivity and purchase blessed giclee canvas-wrapped prints available at Door Protectors Gallery or commission your personal piece by emailing me a quote request.

The Innocence of a Child

The Innocence of a Child by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
The Innocence of a Child by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

A funny thing happens when you let go of troubling thoughts or any other thoughts for that matter, and allow Spirit to pick up your brushes and use your hands to create that which did not exist before; that which could not have materialized had you not being there at that moment in time and be willing to drop all knowledge and become as innocent as a child.

Without the trappings of name, identity, country of origin, profession, family affiliation, gender and any other defining qualifiers, there goes the personality and the ego as well. That is how a toddler behaves. So, who am I now? I asked myself, when I realized that the restless sleep over the previous night was centered around deeply rooted self-esteem issues that the morning light called weeds in serious need of being pulled out.

Feeling physically a mess and fully willing to face doubts, self-love, and lovability quotient in the best way I know, I lit a candle, brewed some Pi Lo Chun, a very unique and somewhat rare Chinese green tea and raptly watched the snail-like rolled leaves delicately unfurl as hot liquid was poured on. The sweet fragrance wafting from the tea is that of plums, apricots and peach blossoms surely picked up from the nearby fruit trees surrounding the area where these Camellia Sinensis plants grow in China.

Seating on my meditation cushion, I allowed the scent to fill my nostrils and imagined myself playing in the luscious hilly terrain, becoming the velvety rolled leaves laying on a wide bamboo basket, and feeling the warm water pouring down as if divine hands were unfurling me…

Somehow I made it to my studio from where I emerged six or seven hours later and stared at this 11” x 14” canvas admiring the various layers of acrylic in jewel-like blue-greens, with soft cobalt arches, brilliant cadmium red washes and sparkly yellows, accented with zinc white ink dots and drips, pure gold lines, and deeply textured enamels. The strong composition is anchored by dark ultramarine blue shapes cascading from above allowing the warmer colors to recede and be seen as a mysterious and richly layered background we could, like a child, joyously and innocently explore into infinity.

As I write this now, I dwell in the peacefulness of I AM; loving, lovable, unique and beautiful. My child-like self has no roles to fulfill. It simply knows by having lived my life deeply and fully. The wisdom of these rich experiences allows me to flow, as if pulled by angels in the direction my heart is pointing toward, authentically, and in acceptance of the ever-changing magic called life. It is all on a canvas called The Innocence of a Child , healed because I let go and let God…

Grab the painting, let go and have a magic week!

This Morning I Knew For Sure: I AM Buddha!

The Bodhisattva Way-Generosity by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Bodhisattva Way-Generosity by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

All I have to do is awaken it, right? It is always within, said a well-known guru. Yet some days, it seems really hard to find anything within.

In the morning I think as Buddha. At night I think like I don’t know anything. Some days I act like Buddha, and at other times…Not!  At times I am present; totally at one with the moment. Other times I trip myself futuring or revisiting well-traveled pastures

Yet when I reflect on the Buddha’s words…”if you see Buddha; kill it”, I remember that I am Buddha at all times. I don’t have to seek it. It is here at home clearly wearing my earthly form.

Sometimes I create peace and light for myself and others. At other times I attend life school to be a better Buddha. I see what and who shows up and I surrender to the lesson. Yet at other times, just like when I played “hooky” from school, I get in trouble and create misery for myself and others. I am Buddha then too. I am aware and patient with myself.

Overall I know that I travel the path of form and my purpose is to use this form to be awake for the good of all. I wholeheartedly open to infinite knowledge and I am able to bring the knowledge to those who need it to awaken their Buddha within. I meet these fellow travelers often. I learn and I teach, whether in counseling, meditating, “feng-shuing”, designing a space or painting a new piece.

Some of my friends tell me that they are uncomfortable when I suddenly state what “I hear”. I seem to remind them that I may be “hearing voices”. Of course you know the connotations… Yet I know it is my heart, open to the infinite knowledge available to me when I ask, or when someone near me states a question.

How do I “hear” the answers? Who knows! It may be the flowers on the vase who are responding. It could be the tree outside my bedroom window speaking the wise answers. Maybe it is the air whizzing by the outdoors café spot. Could it be the buildings nearby that are whispering? Perhaps the clouds are speaking my language on that day. Or the gentle kiss of the sun gets etched on my face, or the light of the moon is painting silvery streaks on my head. Sometimes the page in a book has the answer written so clearly,  or a radio host is just saying what I need to hear! I was once in a card shop and I found the answer to an earlier query…All I know is that what I hear is always perfect and it becomes even more perfect when I act on this “inspiration”.

My beloved teacher HH Lin Yun, Rinpoche called it our sixth sense. He said that we all have it, but like any sense, it must be developed and used well, so it performs best as needed. Presence, acceptance, trust, love, joy…these are key states to making this sense a top-notch ally on the path of wisdom. This sense is particularly alive when I paint.

All of us can experience what I just described. We are all able to open to our Buddha nature. We can all open our hearts and hear the answers we need. We can all manifest our deepest dreams if we allow ourselves to hear the unexpected and with the eyes and hearts of a young child, are willing to explore the entire universe. That what is beyond what we know. We are divine; and as above so below, we can ask, understand and follow through on what we hear without fear. We are Buddhas!

The 40″ x 36″ mixed media with acrylics on canvas is a visual and sensory Buddha field immersion experience. The bold sweeps of paint accented by little jewels embraces us and brings the focus to the center mirrors, where we can merge into the picture and open to the immensely joyous experience of an awaken Buddha Within. Although the original painting is sold; blessed and embellished giclee prints on wrapped canvas or museum quality paper prints are available for purchase. Click on The Bodhisattva Way-Generosity and have an awesome week!