Can You Allow Life to Surprise You?

Allowing Life to Surprise by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c) 2018
Allowing Life to Surprise by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c) 2018


I must admit, I was getting impatient. I have been feeling listless for several weeks. I would meditate and fall asleep. I would go to bed early and sleep late. I would go into the studio and stare at a blank canvas with an equally blank gaze. I would re-arrange the brushes and inspect them carefully only to put them back unused in their bin. Even though I checked all my acrylic inks and the soft body paints for drips and dried up paint, when I looked around I noticed that the studio was untidy yet my living quarters were nice and clean.

Lacking motivation to read, I slept. I was not depressed; my empty mind knew that this is how I needed to be at the moment. From a sort of hibernation I trusted that somehow I would eventually find my way into a more physically and mentally productive stage. The full yin mode prepared me for a shift that fittingly so, began on the first day of Spring.

The sun was shining brightly as I cautiously entered the studio and felt the change in consciousness. I looked down and saw light in my heart and began to quickly and randomly apply soft body cadmium yellow paint on to a square canvas with a slanted palette knife. Filled with joy, I scratched the thick paint to make deep marks on the surface. I did this literally and figuratively, like I finally broke through a stalemate.

Even though I soon ran out of steam and needed to rest again, I was unafraid to yield. Something was about to be born and all I had to do was to continue to show up and be willing to be genuinely surprised. Allowing was the key.

A beautiful pearl is born when the oyster quietly secretes pearlescent nacre as she tries to ward off a foreign substance. Allowing gives time for the foreign (the unknown) to become, make itself known and reveal the beauty of the process.

During the next session, violet and lavender drips moved about the canvas aided by air from a compressor. When the undulating deep purple shape appeared on the bottom, I realized that I had created a window into the new cycle of my life.

Contemplating the final painting and looking for the lessons it was teaching me, I saw that after a whirlwind period of painting, exhibiting, presentations, teaching and writing, I needed permission to really let go. Thus, I allowed myself to come apart and be dissembled so that the pieces could be reassembled into a new spiritually coherent form.

The drips were an important part of my learning. They represent my unwillingness to detach from a painful life situation. The images suggest that it is time for a thorough unraveling. Spirit guided me to see that the reedy formations crafted into branches were now bursting with luscious red berries. Basking in the light of a glorious sunrise the young trees are so rapidly growing that they blend into the dreamy sky.

This painting reminds me and anyone who beholds it that life does not have to be grasped, or sought as much as received. When we are willing to trust our heart’s guidance and hold the necessary time and space for the new to unfold, we allow life to surprise us with the sweet berries of gratefulness, delight and joy.

As I internalized the art’s gifts, I received even more.  I was offered new and exciting art commissions, renewed a very old friendship and my family is hosting a party for my birthday. Last week, a friend hosted a surprise celebration for me.  Former students publicly expressed their appreciation for how my teaching affected them, a faraway friend surprised me with plans to visit me in the fall and another one booked a visit for next Summer.

I could actually post a very long list of happy surprises, but I hope that you may want to purchase the painting and learn to allow Life to Surprise You! Click on the link to see the painting up close and buy it now.

The Light in the Soul

Light In the Soul by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c)
Light In the Soul by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c)

Do you normally feel rapturous joy? I remember feeling it as I dragged orange acrylic paint into creamy yellow to cover the canvas. This sense continued beyond writing my signature.

If you have been following my writing, you know that the physical act of creating is separate from the mental, emotional and spiritual part of naming the piece and dialoguing about what showed up on the canvas.

Pre-painting I sit quietly and use my breath to clear my mind. I observe thoughts come and I let them go, until I am possessed by the silence and a sense of openness akin to the endless sky.

At some point I move into the studio and pick up what I will use to go on an adventure of sorts. Akin to a shamanic journey, I use the surface as a portal, then materials, colors, textures and shapes show up along the way and become part of a life lesson I will learn and hopefully integrate and release after the painting is completed.

The finished art moves to a prominent place where I can contemplate the images to discern what it’s teaching me, what it wants to be called and how to best describe it for others to get the most benefits.

Sometimes the art sits in my bedroom for several weeks before I understand the theme, or the life lesson. At other times it moves out until its time comes.

This painting went to an exhibit so I had to call upon my Spirit Guides for quick help in naming it until I was ready to have a longer conversation with it.

I looked at the flat female figure with an empty head and holes in her energy centers dancing in a sea of golden and white light. Her childlike demeanor beckoned me in. I merged with her and I felt bright and beautiful.

An Ancient Chinese proverb came to mind…

When there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person.

I now see that the painting is showing me that in consciously inviting Divine Light, I became beautiful.  “You are radiant” became an often heard comment.

Childlike giddiness prevails as I visualize my salt and pepper hair turning into strands of Cerulean Blue and Red Cadmium Light. I notice that calmness pervades my present interactions with strangers, loved ones and friends. People seem eager to learn about my “jewels” –the wisdom they perceive in the words I speak.

When there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation.

So I tell of times of honoring my truth when I could have otherwise caved in and of trusting the voice in my heart to uncover the light within. Divinity enters, Grace unfolds and my work becomes visible to those who need it. By owning the art or taking my classes, folks can invite Divine Light.

When there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.

I explain that those who are en-lightened are not special. They are committed to water the seeds of goodness wherever they are. They embrace what is and respect everyone’s journey. They spread unconditional love, unbounded joy, infinite possibility, total forgiveness and sheer equanimity. They transform collective fear, insecurity, jealousy, anger and despair by healing their gardens first in whatever ways they can.

My way is to put forth images conceived in love and light that raise the vibration of the places where they are installed. They provide a mirror for those who behold it so they may uncover their own Light.

At a recent art exhibit a receptionist commented that she was no artist, but during the six weeks that she sat in front of The Light in the Soul, she felt inspired to look at her work and her life differently. For the first time she noticed that she was creating (Light) all the time by the way in which she thought and behaved. She began to understand her uniqueness; her power to bring forth that which only she could.

If you want to experience en-lightenment, bring The Light of the Soul into your space and feel rapturous joy!

When I Invited Divine Light…

Inviting Divine Light by Lidia Kenig (c) 2018
Inviting Divine Light by Lidia Kenig (c) 2018

…I shed tears of joy and could only utter words of deep thankfulness.

As the brush guided yellow, orange and red paint though the canvas, I felt completely at ease as if I was painting from inside Light.

And when Titan Buff acrylic arranged itself into a dominating, yet at ease female figure that lacked dimensionality, I knew that I was at once reflecting light and being part of it.

The velvety Alizarin Crimson forms laced with soft gold tones depict the rising of the powerful energy I experienced when while painting, fire appeared to enter through my root chakra, mingled with the vibrant creative force of the second chakra and guided Grace to penetrate my third chakra, the seat of Divine will.

Gold lines flowing upwards toward the heart center vividly capture what happened next; infinite love burst uncontrollably and I was overcome with profound gratefulness.

I felt riotously rich, filled with invaluable treasures, swimming in a river of abundance beyond anything I ever knew. Overall, I felt completely at peace. Like the figure in the art, I had no busy mind-chatter to enter my consciousness, thus, I was able to freely shed tears of joy and could only utter words of deep thankfulness.

In contemplating the finished art, I now realize that I will never be as I was before participating in its creation. As the profusion of tiny dots, stars and gold jewels imply, I was touched by the Light, became a part of it, reflected it, yet its Divine manifestation would later become clear.

Inviting Divine Light proved to attract magic at many levels. It sold before it was uploaded to the website, through a few progress photos I posted on Instagram. It will be installed in the private residence of my sister and brother-in-law residing in Chicago. With this purchase, this very dear couple expressed love and the desire to invite the Light into their lives. They also affirmed strong and generous support for my work as an artist and caused me to shed tears of joy and utter only words of deep thankfulness.

The art has also been much admired during the ongoing exhibit at Lexington Wealth Management in Lexington, MA. It was the first of many pieces sold on opening night and throughout the show’s run. It brought me additional commissions and attracted connections and assistance from welcome unexpected sources. The exhibit ends on May 10th at noon, so hurry to see Inviting Divine Light and the other pieces, including the art still available for purchase. You can follow the link to this art which will take you to the website’s preview gallery before you go.

Please know that I may shed more tears of joy and will be deeply grateful for your visit!


Surrendering is Key

Surrender by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c)
Surrender by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c)

Heavy snow blanketed the area where I live when I started this painting. White clumps sat heavily on tree branches and coated everything in sight. The hush that fell over the land made it easy to fall into deep meditation.

Seeing Peace; the painting that depicts the quiet time at the beginning of Spring was within sight. I chuckled at the moment’s perfection;  the calm of a deep freeze now would create space for what might unfold after the snow melted.

I unwrapped a 30” x 40” canvas as if it were the snow where I could play. After a few hours, I stepped back to notice that albeit hesitantly, I seemed to be yearning to get close to the Light.

Fast strokes of Phthalocyanine Blue acrylic paint were brushed toward a center, as if someone (me?) had scratched herself out of a beautiful cave to face the bright morning sun. Wow!

In my next meditation, I played with entering the warmth and opted for giving my fears away to the fiery glow. The cave was protective and filled with healing vibrations, yet I wanted to understand at the physical level, what inviting the light felt like.

The yellow spiral intrigued me. Did I have to merge with it? Yes, let it rip!

Not so fast…

Creating is a natural spiritual power we all enjoy. It has taught me that we can’t force anything, for if we do; we become depleted. Nature has its own timing and we are part of this principle.  Surrendering provides a flow for what needs to be created.

We are all creating something important with every thought and every action we take. These are the seeds we harvest sooner or later and that if we care to dig deep, will help us ascertain if what sprouts is aligned with Divine Light and therefore significant for the spiritual awakening of our planet, or guided by ego-based beliefs.

This process occurs inside our “cave” and it shows up when we look out and reflect on our interactions with others and in the life situations we face. Do we see the bright sunshine of helpfulness, kindness, love, joy and ease, or are we witnessing the menacing clouds of discord, dirt, lies and disappointment?

Everything we encounter is part of our path to align with our true selves; our Divine Light.

And we can’t strive for it; we need to allow it. Striving implies lack while allowing means flow, release and surrender freeing us to participate in the greater flow. It is the delicate dance between doing and being. Being is grounded in presence, gratefulness, stillness and wonder. The “doing” guided by these attributes transforms us into a magnet for manifesting spiritual joy and the gift it brings: love and abundance at all levels, peace and harmony.

When I next entered the studio I was ready to cultivate the qualities I sought to experience externally.

A human shape appeared, coated in flat Unbleached Titanium acrylic paint, looking deeply and curling up around the Light. She seems ready to disrobe and release all society-created mental concepts, as seen in the red fingernail at the bottom. She lets her hair out and surrenders…

When I later contemplated the finished painting above, it felt that by letting go, the light was now inside me. I experienced its warmth and brilliance and was willingly and gently sucked in.

I peered and thought that Spirit’s Light was at the other end…But no, there was no end. Skies upon skies opened up and an infinite sun emitted waves of Love.

In surrendering I became whole being light and reflecting it.

Surrender is a beautiful painting to install anywhere. It will suffuse the space with divine light and it may cause you to easily allow for the next cycle of growth in your spiritual evolution to unfold. At the very least, it will invite you to dance around with joy and peace, thus creating an enormous amount of light. Original or blessed prints are available by clicking on Surrender.

Three High Fives to Abundance

The Buddha Of Infinite Light by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Buddha Of Infinite Light by Lidia Kenig Scher © 2009

How many times have you renewed your commitment to one or more of the goals you resolved to achieve this year? Have you rebooted? In a meeting of one of my support groups a few weeks ago, while reporting on our mid-year progress, some of us simply giggled and tripped over the excuses. Need I bore you with them? Nah! You can use invisible ink to pen in yours.

It seemed so easy to create the perfect behavioral plan! We even joined in with others for support and mutual encouragement. Why did it not work?

Before we start beating ourselves up while trying to figure out how in the past, we got the car we dreamed, or went on the vacation we intended, it may be better to note that this time, while losing 15 lbs, attracting a new relationship, or a new job, or increasing our income were desirable resolutions, we were not really attuned to the energetic vibration of what we thought we wanted.

While willpower may have helped with our prior successes, the wish that prompts a resolution generally implies a commitment to achieve something we presently lack. Our perspective is one of going from a bad state to a better state. We start from a place of lack and tend to base our wishes on events/situations/things and behaviors we perceive will make us happier but with which we have no clear inner connection. Life happens and we find that our neatly described goals and milestones don’t seem to fit the new behaviors required within our already packed lifestyles. We also become impatient with our progress; because we did not lose the fifteen lbs., and we were not offered a new job. Doubts and fear of failure creep in and the inner critic goes to work hard against our most cherished intentions; yet…

“For to the one who has, more will be given, and he will have an abundance, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. “ Matthew 13:12

The biblical quote expresses that we can only attract more of what we believe that we already have. It sounds counter intuitive, but when we focus on what we lack and become impatient and think about the week that went by without losing an inch, in spite of all the diet and exercising we did, we simply create a vibrational field that energetically broadcasts impatience, failure and unhappiness. This is only compounded when what we want is what we think we want and not what we truly desire, causing us to become confused and feel that we have failed.

For our desires to become manifest, they must come from unspecified abundance and we must feel it and believe it. Repeated thoughts and feelings birth beliefs, and beliefs create the vibrational field we project and act from. As thoughts are changeable and exchangeable, we can always insert a new though and thus create a new feeling and new beliefs. It takes focused practice.

I invite you today to consider a practice I created and call Three High Fives. It is intended to harness the power of our mind to emit the new vibrations required to make our deepest desires manifest. For it you will need 5 things and three 5-minute sessions for 5 days in a row. The five items that will help you change your vibration are:

1. The Buddha of Infinite Light, the art in this post, which you can save & easily print,

2. A small garnet crystal you can purchase in any of the many jewelry making shops,

3. A pen,

4. A pocket notebook and

5. Special procedures for the three daily five-minute sessions.

The Buddha of Infinite Light, the first item on the list, was created to help viewers experience feeling abundance and the fullness that is within us as a birthright. In the presence of this painting, one is able to notice joy and laughter, as well as love and deep compassion toward oneself and others. The powerful rainbow depicting the full spectrum of light is the ultimate expression of infinite abundance. All the colors contained in the light are included. The rainbow bursts into the seven lavish colors from a carriage made of rose crystals and driven by crystal beings, careening about unfolding concentric spirals. The main engine of the carriage is a huge faceted crystal able to break the light into the magnificent rainbow. The happiness is contagious. The colors and the richness of the findings envelop us. We connect with the light and the love. We can visualize becoming the light by “jumping” onto the carriage and flying through the world, free at last of any wanting. We can experience the emotion of happiness with what we have; love, and who we are; Light. You will need this item for the practice of the last 5 minutes of the day.

Garnet is a stone that embodies the energy of prosperity, “helps cultivate a sense of physical security, safety and abundance and stimulates the base chakra and the heart, allowing for the manifestation of one’s heartfelt desires into the world. It helps alleviate worry, panic and fear and assist one in maintaining a sense of calm and grounded connection to the present”, writes Naisha Ahsian in her fabulous The Book of Stones. You will be using the garnet for the midday and end of the day practices.

The pen and notebook are part of the day end practices.

If you would like the special procedures for the entire practice and are committed to changing your perspective from lack to abundance by practicing for 5 minutes upon waking, five minutes in midday and 5 minutes before retiring, you can request it by clicking on Three High Fives; which will lead you to the Contact page on and in the message line type: “I am committed to 3 high fives to abundance” which I will quickly email to you.

On the third day of following this procedure, and “out of the blue”, a client got a job offer for more money and better working conditions, yet he hadn’t even searched for it. Now, that is a vibrational shift!!!

What We Want and What We Manifest May Be a Cupful of Cravings

A Cupful of Cravings by 40" x 30" Mixed Media Acrylic on Canvas Wrapped
A Cupful of Cravings by Lidia Kenig Scher © 2009

No matter in what setting I find myself these days, I hear people talking about resolutions and goals to bring about a change they perceive will bring a happiness that is obviously lacking.

Regardless of how successful these folks appear, a background yearning moves them to decide that in order to have a good year, they must change careers, increase their incomes, socialize more, be in a new relationship, lose weight, exercise more, get a new car, a new house, travel, or whatever else is perceived as shifting the lack of comfort they are experiencing.

Resolving to achieve their desires, they create specific goals designed to ensure their manifestation in a meaningful time frame, and New Year’s Day tends to be a popular marker.

Research indicates that 46% of the people who make New Year’s resolutions never even get started. On line advertising company SocialVibe reported that in 2012, thirty-nine percent of people in their twenties followed through and reached their goals and just fourteen percent of those in their fifties fulfilled their dreams.

The 39 % who achieved their goals may have seen sheer willpower prevail, most likely due to their life cycle. The 14% of 50 Something’s may have experienced prior success by diligently applying focused will on their goals or succeeded because their chosen aim was just what was needed to shift stagnant energy and at least for the time being, regained a sense of contentment and even a peacefulness they did not have before.

By the time that the 46 % who did not even get started, or quit by the second week in January went to sleep on the first of the year, they were already shaky but not from champagne. As they toasted, they heard a familiar doubting voice softly whispering their prior failures and instead of interpreting these voices as just erroneous thoughts, as the sounds got louder, they gave up and created more erroneous history.

Reality is that unless what we want comes from a place of abundance instead of lack, it is rooted in the truth that comes from understanding our soul’s path, and we consciously choose to disregard our prior history, what we all actually manifest is not only ephemeral; it turns into a Cupful of Cravings for hollow change and an unrealized pursuit of happiness.

The painting above is a mixed media acrylic & enamel on canvas with paper, netting, cotton, acrylic gemstones, foiled paper & glitter, created to help us question what we really want. The nature of the rich looking cup’s contents causes us to see them us bubbles, or as baubles. What rises from the cavity maybe be yummy or a deadly poison. In all cases, nothing is what it seems, just like the cravings we have for life changes we decide to make without looking to what our heart is really wanting. A Cupful of Cravings invites you to notice the ego’s cravings bubbling up and decide to sip from your soul’s desires instead.

The original art needs no framing, and museum quality reproductions are also available to help you work on your true goals. When you are on your way, you can use the piece to invite your friends over and help them get clear on their cravings! Click on Spiritual Art Gallery to see the work up close.

Have an awesome week and tune in next week to learn ways to start seeing life as abundant instead of scarce. Please email me your thoughts and comments.


I opened the cabinet where most of my crystals are housed and my eyes fixed on a small Herderite pendant. It has a small Herkimer diamond on its face and thin silver wire wraps the entire piece in rather unobtrusive ways. It is quite a powerful little crystal and I know that when it shows up it has come to help me examine the ways in which I use my thoughts and the actions attached to those thoughts. This tiny crystal comes to remind me of how these very thoughts affect our world. Yes, my seemingly innocuous thoughts are so powerful that they can cross oceans, yet affect my neighbors, my circle of people and all I see, hear and touch.

I had spent the day meditating, chanting, fasting, reading, resting, walking and carrying out each activity with complete presence. At day’s end I started doodling in one of my beautiful sketchbooks.  I had no product in mind.  

I allowed the colored pencils to come into my hands and land on the page. At some point, I seemed to hear a faint sound playing music I did not recognize. I allowed the sound to envelop me. I said hello and gently bided it good-bye. I felt happy, so free, so full…I continued allowing the pencils to carry the moment until I fell asleep.

Startled upon waking, I looked at the picture. It was my face, but the eyes! On the right, there was clearly a face. The left side, seen by itself appeared flatter, as if it was receding and blending into the openness; not clearly defined. When I covered the right side, I saw a pretty hummingbird filled with light. The joined halves appear on fire, yet the lips are calm, relaxed. The forehead shows a very busy third eye. Overall the face is not quite human, neither quite wild. There is brilliance and calmness.

Is this what oneness with Spirit looks and feels like? Ahhh… “the peace that comes from understanding”, as Eckhart Tolle writes. I reflect on the perfection of this moment, this life and this journey. And as I peer into each eye, and feel the warmth turned pure light around them, I notice beyond the flames, the growth that has come when I let go of thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve me. As I release any lingering fears and embrace uncertainty, I feel the rush of pure love fluttering around me, deeply touching me…and I begin to understand intimacy with Spirit for it is Within Me. We are equal. We cannot function without the other. Spirit is the “wind beneath my wings”, and I am Spirit’s only form. I came uniquely packaged to bring forth Spirit’s message of healing, acceptance, love, joy, peace and harmony. I am uniquely built to experience the heart-mind that Buddha taught. I can do my job well, practice compassion toward myself and my journey and see also the perfection of my companions’ journeys.

If I didn’t learn to live intimately with Spirit, I would not have learned to love and appreciate my gifts and talents. I would not believe that those who love me do so as deeply as they are capable of, and that it is OK. I would not have learned as much as I do from them and be grateful for my lessons. Ultimately, had I not learned to be intimate with Spirit, I would not have recognized my power to learn from each bump on the road, new and important things about my job in this earthly dimension.

Spirit cannot fight wars, famine, poverty, sadness, anger, or attachments. Spirit can whisper, blow wind. I can fight wars, famine, poverty…by facing and healing the wars within me; the hunger within me; the scarcity within me, the pain within me.  I can change anger to love when I see the ego seeking love outside of myself.

As I become the wind, Spirit becomes the water that carries the vibration of healing to touch all points in this dimension; in this Earth plane. When I merge with Spirit I find love, abundance, happiness, peace, contentment, and I create Heaven on Earth. When I step up and stop procrastinating, embrace my fears and get on to my path of service doing what I love, I observe the brilliance of it spill all around me. Now I can rightfully claim that Spirit Is Within Me. Then I simply receive the essence of what I give… I see how these very thoughts affect our world. Yes, my seemingly innocuous thoughts are so powerful that they can cross oceans, yet affect my neighbors, my circle of people and all I see, hear and touch!

Yesterday I told some friends that I was having a feeling of impending happiness. They laughed. Today I saw a beautiful double rainbow. I saw happiness kiss me right in the face!



They Are Happily Swimming Two

In today’s wonderful “Notes from the Universe” (, Mike Dooley as the “voice” of the Universe says, “Whether obvious or not, and usually it’s not, everyone in your life is there to help you, AND, they’re actually doing so right now.
We call this the Everyone In Your Life Is There To Help You Rule.”

I know it is a hard concept to entertain in a world where people suffer through wars and deeply rooted enmities. It is even more difficulty when we are personally involved in a situation where we are on opposite sides of a heated conflict. Anger and or sadness surface and we move from these two emotions until the emotions themselves take on a life of their own.

We have difficulty remembering the good times when we are happily swimming as two.  We move from blaming to self-pity. Seeing the other as the opponent makes us feel better, albeit temporarily. We cling to our story because we perceive that in not doing so, we will be weaker and defeated. We would be wiser to realize the fallacy of this assessment, for it is entirely the work of our Ego.

Albert Einstein called the ego “an optical illusion of consciousness”. The ego has a voracious appetite for making rights and wrongs. It assigns solidity to thoughts, behaviors and events that actually lack substance. It relies heavily on the stories that constantly run through our heads, especially when we are not conscious-our most normal state of being. This unconsciousness keeps us from noticing patterns in our lives that surface as we react to people, situations and events that we in fact, attract. It is our “school of life”.

We never leave the school of life, where everything around us, including ourselves, are the subject of constant learning and its accompanying quizzes. Everything and everyone is a helper. I know this awareness may feel like you’ve swallowed the whole ocean; but when you find yourself grinding your teeth, it is a good sign that an opportunity for growth is available.

You can choose to ignore it-feed the ego and add to the old stories, or you can surrender to the lesson, forgive yourself for your incorrect perceptions, change your stories and be compassionate even to those who hurt you deeply, for they are or were unconscious too!

I learned a great lesson a while ago. When I am happily swimming along and then notice a “black fish” running headlong toward me, (look at the painting above) I surrender. I allow all the feelings and emotions to surface. I give them a voice. I take some deep breaths. It may take me a few days to rebalance, and regain consciousness. This always happens when I accept the “help” of the contrary person or event. I reflect on what in me attracted the black fish. I thank “the fish”, I forgive myself and the other for both of our incorrect perceptions and if that person or situation still belongs in my life, I allow it to happen. If not, I move on with love in my heart. In any case, however it turns out, it only does because I took care of my needs. I healed myself and changed my stories. I am the only one that I am able to change.

I invite you to dive in and swim downstream, happily running two, three, four…



Healing My Child Within-Again

“Allowing the cleansing and healing

of all emotional patterns that keep us from flight…

See holes and gaps as possibilities

and mirrors of a clear soul

where new growth can occur…

Resonating with Love…

release the pure sparkling original inner child

into the world of wonder…

Free to fly forever!”

I had a couple of rough weeks. As many of you know, I like to practice noticing what comes toward me and use the events and people who I attract to gauge the state of my vibrational field. What I’ve seen made me stop on my tracks. I didn’t like it. I retreated, yet I did not resist it.

I stopped all movement toward my stated dreams. I stopped as many things as I could without hurting anyone in the process. I mean that I performed most of my jobs with a positive demeanor but I released a project that I had accepted for all the wrong reasons. I also had a painful interaction with a very important person in my life and I began noticing anger and sadness in other people. I witnessed it in someone whom I simply adore. At the same time and amidst utter chaos, someone else I deeply love allowed me to see absolute kindness and calm.

I also stopped thinking. I retreated to a practice that has served me well for over three decades; meditation and silence. For 3 days, I performed only the most necessary external activities. I came home and sat. I did not write. I did not speak unless it was necessary. I did not reply to phone calls, text messages or email unless the caller would have been negatively affected. I decided to re-arrange the artworks in storage and the picture above “just surfaced”. I was grateful, for it was the first ray of light I had experienced in weeks. It was clear that at the root of my latest experiences, was some old and deeply buried emotional baggage trying to come up for air.

Well…I invited the whole bag! It certainly was not pretty, but in the process, I noticed, accepted and released old tapes still playing in my head (I know, tapes are old too) I accepted that not feeling loved was at the core, and that I really did not know what I was supposed to do to be loved. I was acting as if I was still 10 or 12 years old and I saw how many of the things I do, I secretly hope that would make me lovable. I worked and worked, and buried myself in “quality” work, whether I was designing, teaching, and even painting. Yet it was not working! The emotional baggage took a toll on my body and the work I love to do. As self “punishment” for my shortcomings, I invited no time to do the things I truly love. What I saw was that I did not show myself the love and respect I deserve. Thus, I was not getting it from the outside! Who could possibly love me if I did not?

Last night, during a wonderful webinar with Jessica Ortner, I heard her say something that truly resonated. “We take care of what we love”. I was not taking care of the only person that could love me. I AM THAT PERSON.

I accepted the lessons. I re-read the poem I wrote after I painted Healing the Child Within, in 2009 and that marked the beginning of a new period in my life cycle. I focused once more on the glittering light of the heart center and merged with it. I flowed with the swirling fires clearing the encrusted old patterns. I saw the loving heart breaking the boundaries of the painting and I saw new life growing yet blending into the darkness of the void…the field of possibility.

As I heal, I honor and increase my faith in my powers to create my life. I invite you to use the image and explore if your little child within, the one you may have kept from the light, is keeping you from flight. See holes and gaps as possibilities where new growth can occur. Resonate with self-love and be free to fly forever!

Found On A Box of Cereal…Organic In Many Ways

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second. Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you”, said William James. I say…give it a go and follow your dreams. Paint your best picture. Create your vision. Tomorrow you may be in a different world…maybe Rob’s world? I wonder what he is up to?