The Colors of Healing

The Colors of Healing by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c)
The Colors of Healing by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c)

I always loved looking up at the sky when the sun peaks over the horizon until it fully rises and lights up the day. A pure white ball surrounded by the blazing yellow corona inches up, it turns intensely orange and slowly disperses the red tones. Then magenta and violet puffs show up as if the sky was flowering. Soon the blues take over, the shimmering fire mass moves higher and when fully visible it warms the land.

Sunrise from my bedroom window

Many days I feel so energized after the marvelous spectacle out of my bedroom window, that I follow it by an open sky meditation where I simply focus on the vastness of the blues while fully grounded on the earth. It is rather easy to later glide into the studio and paint a sky. Possibilities are endless!

Progress painting

Twas on one of these mornings that I started the painting I call The Colors of Healing; fittingly so, it began with a sunrise. I wanted to capture the vision still in my heart and by the end of the first session; the canvas showed what appeared to be a flame of sun fire springing into a dance.

I loved how the magenta color looked against the blue sky and next to the orange brushstrokes. I must have been sensing the light inside me, because what sprung from the sun mass was painted in pure gold paint.

During the third session I became intrigued by the shape behind the “sun dancer” and loved how the light blue color was showing through.

In the final session, the forms distinguished themselves as if rising from the darkness and in front of the sun. Back-lit by the brightness, the two “figures” were not really detached.

The sky became more layered, the magenta more prominent and the dark purple more grounding. The turquoise hue offered a luminous contrast, uniting the shapes and highlighting a sense of joyous movement.

Where there two figures or two aspects of one? As I contemplated the finished work, I realized that it was helping me process a difficult interaction with a loved one.

Tears flowed where I saw separation and I summoned the nectar of mercy and compassion residing deep in my heart. I looked within and connected to its light and asserted that the same luminescence is within each of us; we are just at different stages of realizing it.

Where I felt despair, I glanced at the images in the art, at first dancing apart and ultimately reunited. Thus, I placed trust in the process and on Divine timing.

Where I perceived judgement, I healed it by dwelling on self-love and visualized the warm feelings growing to encompass all my loved ones. I surrounded everyone in peace, joy and gratefulness.

The title of the painting came at the end of the contemplation. I realized that the color turquoise and the mineral with the same name both embody the energy of wholeness. Much as humans like to focus on what divides us, in essence, we are one. Magenta vibrates with the energies of harmony and emotional balance. As the combination of red and violet, it merges the passion, power and energy of red, and it’s balanced by the dark, quiet and introspective energy of violet.

Magenta stimulates intuition and vision. It is transformative in that it encourages the release of old patterns preventing us from growing emotionally and spiritually. It assists us in moving forward through the door of unconditional love, compassion, kindness, cooperation, self-respect and contentment with ourselves; who we are and what we have. Gold is the quintessential color of healing; it symbolizes spirituality, higher understanding and communion with Source; with All That Is.

Blue, the dominant color in the painting vibrates with the vastness of the sky, conferring the sense of peace, serenity and the connection to a higher consciousness.

If you resonate with this painting and its healing properties, go to The Colors of Healing and purchase it now. Its power and beauty will not disappoint you!








After the End

After the End by Lidia Kenig-Scher
After the End by Lidia Kenig-Scher

This painting sat untitled for about month and it followed Perfect Order as part of a series exploring the fluidity of inks, both alcohol-based and acrylic-based. The medium demands full presence and the willingness to trust unexpected surprises as part of the creative process.

After several meditation sessions, I began to see implications of an ocean disturbed by a sunken ship still oozing fire.

Mmmm…something in my life has ended or was about to end.

I continued to look within to understand the lesson the painting was offering me and by yesterday, I realized that it was actually preparing me to navigate the unexpected events I experienced in the past two weeks.

Osho said that when we create we are closest to God, and the more creative we become, “the more godly we become”. I call it being in a state of open-heartedness.

In painting we may reflect our present godly experiences, and we can bring forth visions of what is yet to manifest. I first interpreted this art as a reflection of the ongoing drama related to the US government. I saw the shipwreck as a symbol of societal confusion, fear and divisiveness, ending in a breakdown.

It also mirrored what I was about to experience in my personal life.

Not unlike working with inks, I was surprised when an old script came up to the surface during an interaction with a loved one. Relationships are not different from working with the fluidity of my chosen medium.

Staying present to what was unfolding, I struggled with trusting that the unexpected conflict would yield precious gifts and succumbed to the fire of heated emotions. I left the present and swam far back into the arms of a frustrated little girl, who was unable to understand her daddy’s demands for “better behavior” and what made her good and lovable.

Still struggling, I remembered the now long healed rift in the relationship with my father and focused on applying the lesson to the present circumstances.

I soon realized that a breakdown was needed.

And when I later noticed the bright lights in the art’s foreground I knew that these were beams of my inner eyes to help me discern how to navigate life After the End.

I had been unable to give a title to this artwork, because I first had to own that I am OK just the way I am, and that nobody can judge my goodness, my lovability, my way of life and my behavior.

I take full responsibility for my actions and know that how I behave is always the result of who I believe I am at a moment in time and what resources I am able to see. The same holds true for everyone. We may hurt others, we may have stayed in a relationship too long and we may have allowed others to decide what we could and could not do.

While I regret my part in the relationship, we cannot undo the past.

After the end we are each called to create a new vehicle. It may not be a boat, or a plane or an automobile. It will need to look and feel different from what was before. If we rebuild the old jalopy; we will be using outgrown tools.

We must create an empowering new life!

And like painting with inks on a fresh canvas, we co-create with god by acting from the heart and allowing our inner lights to guide the way.  With presence and the willingness to trust that unexpected surprises are part of creative living, we will all know what to do after the end.

If you get the original or blessed prints this art will guide you After the End.

The Feng Shui of Relationships Revisited

The Feng Shui Series: Relationships by Lidia Kenig-Scher
The Feng Shui Series: Relationships by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Did you know that where you live, the layout of your home and the furniture arrangement can help you understand how your primary relationships function?

Did you know that the kind of art you display can help you see why you have attracted the right love partner to your life or what causes you to stumble upon unsuitable ship mates?

Our relationship issues are visually and energetically spelled out in our home floor plan.

Whether we own or rent our abodes, a trained Feng Shui consultant can interpret these signs, help us uncover the underlying issues that led us to live in these environments and suggest adjustments to shift both the dwellers’ and the space’s vibrational level.

Physical adjustments or “cures” such as art, create anchors within the home to encourage intentional engagement and yield the desired outcome or better.

The art here was created to serve such purpose.

The lunar cycle that started this month ushers in the year of relationships, or what in Feng Shui astrology or 9 Star Ki is known as number 2 Soil. In 2016 this number that relates to relationships, nurturing, and female energy is located right in the center of the universal energy grid. This ancient tool is used by many professionals to understand how energy flows in the larger universe and within the enclosed spaces where we live or work. Most importantly, it is concerned with how our personal energy interacts; it affects and is affected by all that surrounds us.

The art aptly called Relationships helps overcome and enhance a home or business where this energy is stagnant or even missing. It is 12” x 12” x .75” D.

Relationships or “soil” in Asian healing arts relates to the stomach and digestive system. In the painting, placemat-like shapes appear homespun; together with bright seedlings these provide symbols of abundant and loving family gatherings. Squares, including the canvas shape are stand-ins for the energy of the Earth; the consummate nurturer and provider. The two white flowers and the flowering trees emphasize the caring aspect of female energy. Pairs of elements and the color pink provide symbols of “marriage”, and the orange colored background is another symbol for the earth, the source of our food, the ground beneath our feet and the ultimate symbol of love and compassion.

Properly placed and strengthened by intention, the art will provide gentle reminders of the kinds of thoughts and beliefs needed to enhance your present relationships or attract a new one. At the very least, it will boost the confidence of the women residing or working in the space, and increase the resident’s (or employees) ability to relate more effectively to one another.

To further understand the effects that our living or working environment has on our lives, you can read an article I wrote a few years back. It will also help you decide the best spot for the needed adjustment. See Feng Shui and Relationships

Improve your love life, purchase the art at Relationships and have a great week!

Slaying The Dragon-Seeing Gold

Slaying The Dragon-Seeing Gold_LidiaScher2013

Working with the other paintings in a series I call, The Dragon’s Jewels, over the past few weeks along with its accompanying narrative allowed us to contemplate a relationship from the moment we knew it was ending. We followed it through the process of grieving, we saw ourselves having second thoughts, and felt deep anger. We also considered our attachment to having the relationship. If we did our inner work, we came to the point when we acknowledged that forgiveness and acceptance, of actions, feelings and emotions in ourselves as well as in the other was an important element in healing. I used the metaphor of a mythical dragon to alert us of the need to allow for the release of all the negative feelings and emotions we pinned to the events and see the ending as a choice born of standing in our spiritual truth with no prisoners remaining. Today’s painting, depicting a bold fire dance, with clean smokeless flames swirling about and transforming into bright sun specks, continues the metaphor of the dragon. It proposes that when we summon the courage to “slay the dragon”, we find the jewels of transformation: the peace and freedom that comes from understanding.

The painting is fittingly named: Slaying the Dragon-Seeing Gold. Working with it, we may be able to understand that transformation needs not be the result of a momentous time in our lives. As fire, we are always involved in change at some level, with its attending choices available to us. However, every moment is unique and no choice is incorrect. As we learn to manage our energy and our minds, we unleash our most precious resource, curiosity and joy. The perfect symbol of these attributes is the hummingbird. The painting implies that we too can alchemically transform our pure fire into the gold hummingbird.

Before I dive into managing our energy and mind, and tackling transformation, I like to reiterate that relationships refer to personal liaisons as well as business entanglements and all the flavors in between. Every time we find ourselves “in relationship” the components are the same: there is a courtship, when we are excited to be in this special situation. The excitement is fueled by the energy of the second chakra; the creative & sexual energy center located just below the navel. It is followed by the igniting of passions and ideas that combine with emotions usually stemming from the 3rd chakra, our will center located in the hollow created by the chest cavity. Depending on our ability to manage the dance of the second and third chakras, the initial high passions may move into enjoyment peppered with acceptance of the natural twists and turns of a partnership, until the partnership, following its natural cycle, ends. The ending can be a physical or vibrational death. It is in the understanding of cycles and the role of the mind and emotions when a relationship shifts, where the differences are sharpest and the theme of the previous 3 paintings.

The first one, The Masquerade Ball Ended-All’Swell, showed us that we tend to walk through life with blinders on. The first moment of transformation occurs when we see that what was sustaining the relationship was fear based. Refusing to acknowledge the rough spots, we clang to a false belief, that without it we would be worse off. The fear creating the clinging arises from the energy of an imbalanced will chakra hijacking our consciousness. These are the stories we etched in our consciousness and divide our world into winners and losers. The dirty little secret is that when any life situation changes, we secretly believe that we are the most likely culprits, but we blame the other as a defense mechanism. It is truly transformative to look into another and be grateful that you were in this relationship to learn and heal.

The second piece, Cleaning Up After The Ball, showed us that by releasing our attachment to this relationship and accepting its timely lessons, we may be willing to incorporate these gifts into our lives. The transformation occurs when we consider that grieving is good and that healing is possible.

The last piece, There Are Still Some Revelers-Here Comes The Dragon, was offering the possibility of transformation by understanding how we make choices. Being fully present to the workings of the ego, when regret surfaces and we go into unconsciousness, it may behoove us to remember that we are all responsible for managing our energy. Hidden in the painting’s playful figures dancing about, making noise and getting caught in a whirl of “whipped cream”, we may miss that some are about to fall into the abyss of their own foolishness. Like these beings, we don’t hear our inner voice. Transformation comes when screaming “ahhhs” we become aware of the workings of the second chakra. This chakra is greatly impacted by our early childhood experiences, when we experienced issues of fear. Feeling unprotected, alone and confused, our emotions conned us to believe that fear and pain were to be avoided. The dark, the unknown and what we did not understand became thoughts and feelings that translated into mistrust. We learned not to trust others, yet most pernicious is that we learned not trust ourselves. It follows that a transformation occurs when we learn to trust the choices we make at every moment. The dragon’s jewels become evident when we summon the courage to look deeply and act in spite of fear. These are balanced second and third chakra energies.

This 11” x 14” mixed media on wood depicts the final unveiling of the jewels. It portrays how we gain freedom from cravings and attachments as we discover our power to create the life we want. Learning to focus inward we become aware that we may be by ourselves but are never alone, and we co-create our reality aided by the Universe’s benevolence and love. Our will center becomes aligned with Spirit and our inner flame burns cleanly. There is no need to fear the unknown. Choice empowers us, and our journey is transformational at every turn because we are in tune with our inner voice. As we train ourselves to view all the crossroads, big and small, with curiosity and wonder, kindness and compassion; we slay the dragon and claim the jewels. We are now able to move away from blind and ephemeral passions and turn on the energy of the second chakra into the level of creativity that attracts a mutually enriching partnership and the fulfillment of dreams aligned with the will of the universe. At peace and in joy, we feel love and trust in the timing and perfection of each person’s journey. From the alchemy of fire turning to gold a hummingbird is born free. Such freedom arises of curiosity of what is simply all around us and always available. This is the ultimate transformation. Namaste–May the gold within me see the gold within you!

The entire series is available for closer viewing and purchase @ It will  also be on exhibit this Saturday, Nov 2, at the Worcester Palladium’s Inter-dimensional Vaudevillians’ Cosmic Side show,  8PM-2AM. The Palladium is on 261 Main St., Worcester MA 01608. Hope to see the locals having fun!

There Are Still Some Revelers-Here Comes The Dragon

ThereStillSomeRevelers-LidiaScher This 12” x 16” acrylic on paper is number 3 in a series that explores ending relationships of any nature. The first painting focused upon the realization that a relationship is over when we decide to take off the mask, as in The Masquerade Ball Ended-AllSwell. The next one, Cleaning Up After The Ball, focused on the emotions, the beliefs and the actions inherent in the aftermath. It addressed the need to release our attachment to the relationship, by acknowledging every part of it, embracing the thoughts and the emotional content and offered an opening to create room for the new. The last piece briefly touched on the role of ego in breaking up. This piece, There Are Still Some Revelers-Here Comes The Dragon, encourages us to be present to the workings of ego and urges us to have the courage to see what truth we choose to live as we view the relationship that ended. This work is meant to help us contemplate how the choice was made. Was it in the light of our spiritual truth or did we move according to our material world view?

As we all know, ego plays a big role in how we view our life and the people around us. The ego firmly clings to the past and loves to replay it endlessly. Additionally, the more turmoil we find ourselves in, the more the ego asserts its influence by capturing the lowest emotions we experienced. It is hard to end a relationship, because the ego whispers conflicting messages that, in a state of vulnerability, we buy as what is real. The swirling red and white paint on the black background are quite contained, as evidence that this is a cloud, a temporary explosion. The black represents the void, the realm of possibility, the unmanifest. The red paint is thick and strong, as in rage, but looking carefully, we can see that the anger seems to revolve around itself. Isn’t it how it usually plays? When we are angry, when we are in trouble, it is temporary. We tend not to remember that everything is always moving and changing. The only thing we create while in a state of inner war is misery for ourselves and those who are on our war-path. We also create more karma.

The little figures in the background, also twirling and swirling about, cling to the “dust balls” for dear life. Just like the emotional baggage that we cling to and that plays over and over in our minds, the imps don’t want to hear and don’t want to die. This is what Buddhism calls the endless wheel of Samsara. Here comes the dragon!

In Chinese lore, dragons radiate power and bestow greatness, bravery, and intelligence. The Asian dragons are associated with beauty, kindness, and prudence and are considered to be intelligent beyond measure. Here in the West, our folklore paints dragons as negative, symbolizing greed and hunger, with the capabilities of wreaking havoc if their guidance is not heeded. It is said that they roamed the country side eating and feasting endlessly. A brave young lad finally conquers the beast and in its place, great jewels are found within the dragon’s carcass as a prize for the boy’s bravery in the face of danger.

In using the symbol of the dragon cleaning up the “mess”, I use a combined interpretation of East and West philosophies. In the grip of ego, we sometimes may be unable to see that we are not living our spiritual truth. The dragon (our courage, our beauty, and our kindness) comes by and drags everything on its wide clear path (our intelligence-control of the mind) to conquer the beast (our base emotions) to find the great jewels of freedom from unhealthy attachments.

This freedom comes when we look at the other in the relationship and decide what is real and truth. Do we feel saddened, betrayed and mistreated by the other party? Do we wish that we reacted sooner? Do we wish that the other person had been more caring and loving? If this is how we feel, then we are coming from our material truth. This truth contains dualities, it renders us as limited individuals; it sees situations as a matter of luck, birthplace, rank, etc. In this truth, we are powerless.

If we could see that the person with whom we were in relationship, may have been incapable of treating us differently. If we could step away and realize that their actions were the perfect reflection of whom they were at that moment in their lives; we can also see that standing in judgment, prevents from seeing that whom we attracted in partnership provided us with a gift. The gift can be that continuing it could have been more harmful. It is best for both parties to move on. This break up enables us to attract a more appropriate partner, a more meaningful relationship, or a better situation all around. The relationship taught us to see the person as it was, and not as we wished it. We learned not to cling and not to look for love in the wrong places. It allowed us to see that during its course and our attachments, we did not love ourselves enough to release it when we knew it needed to go. We can see how we valued ourselves. It taught us that we have choices and that no matter which path we take, we always win, if we are willing to stand in our power, by seeing with curiosity what was there to learn, that there are no enemies, and of the limitless possibilities that we are yet to experience. This is living from our spiritual truth and these are the dragon’s jewels. As such and in this painting, the dragon is shiny and bejeweled. We conquered the beast and claim the prize: peace and real happiness for both parties!

I hope to take the time to contemplate this piece and share your experiences and reactions to it. The original is Next piece, we examine the “jewels”.

Cleaning Up After The Ball

C;eaning Up After The Ball_LidiaScherArt

This painting, a 16” x 20” mixed media on paper was created to explore what happens after the “mask” comes off and we examine a life situation we are experiencing. Last week’s painting; The Masquerade Ball Ended-All’s Well was about seeing what is real and true within a relationship.

With that piece, I proposed that our partners in relating are more like mirrors that we can look into and check in, to gauge if what we think we have is in fact what we are experiencing. I concluded that what we think we have is precisely what we think we have. The other also has a story about what we have together. When the stories have coherence, a relationship moves along smoothly. People create together, make joint plans, see possibilities and go on adventures. They “dance” well. They are even able to overcome obstacles and resolve difficulties. These partnerships can be romantic in nature; they can be within a family, or work related, or amongst friends.  The dynamics vary ever so slightly along the gender line.

Relationships are important and pivotal. They are the only means for us to understand who we believe we are and what impact we believe we have in the world. That is why they are like mirrors. If we turn so, then the image in the mirror has a corresponding one turning fro. If this does not happen, we will most likely think that we are dreaming, or part of an alternate reality, as the children who climbed in the wardrobe to access mythical Narnia in the “Chronicles” of the same name. In any case, it is an indication that some learning is about to occur.

Indeed when things don’t hum along nicely, we begin to wonder if we were living in a different reality. With the “mask off”, we now see the missing pieces, we may notice when we fell out of step with the other, and hopefully we discover that although it does not feel good to be in relationship with this person now, we are grateful for what we learned. Once we see the mask, we are ready to complete the dance. Hence, the name of this piece, Cleaning Up After The Ball.

Sometimes, the members of the party agree that the relationship was just right within a learning cycle in each of their lives and lovingly part, or at least amicably separate. Other times the break up is marked by ego-based behavior that relies on finger-pointing, revenge and suffering that spreads well beyond the confines of the relationship. In any case, “the party is over” and cleaning up must ensue.

The cleaning can be marked by sadness, longing, pain, relief, disappointment, anger, and/or grief. In all cases, ending a relationship involves letting go. This art work explores the process of releasing it all.  I used the sweeping strokes of a wide paintbrush heavy with thick red paint to denote fire; the flames that burn the old. Red is also here to imply the pain, and the anger underneath it all. The feelings fueled by our emotions are strong and indeed, it can feel bloody at times! Yet there is a need to embrace all the feelings. We know it is ego thrashing about, and allow it to undergo a controlled burn. We see torn fabric pieces flying about. The fabric has a spiral design, implying the vortex of regeneration, absorbing and transforming the past. A few gold glittery pieces crossing through the surface stand as a reminder of the good times, and of the jewels that we thought we had and now must go. The white paint applied by spatula sweeps over the red bringing in the coolness of the snow, to douse the flames and soothe the pain. Snow is also mixed in with “whipped cream”; as we recall the sweetness that we once felt. We now invite the winds of a great storm to scoop them all away and toss them into the black void-the background, cleaning, cleaning, after the party. It is over…we can abide in acceptance and be thankful for it all.

I invite you to contemplate this painting and use it to examine a break up in a significant relationship. Can you now trace how the process flowed for you? How long did it take for you to let go? Have you released this relationship? Do you still have feelings for this relationship? Do you have new insights? Did you make any new “rules” for yourself? How do you feel about your own power?

Have a great week and please let me know your thoughts.

Life Is A Promise-Fulfill It, said Mother Theresa. My Dad Did…A Ceremony To Honor His Life and death

Today marks 100 days since my dad left his body. In following my Buddhist teachings, I chanted special mantras every 7 days for 49 days. Forty nine days is the estimated time for the spirit to move on to a state of rebirth, although, depending on the circumstances, it can happen any time between 3 days, 21 days, 49 and 100 days. In Tibetan Buddhism is called the Bardo, or transition. The prayers, chants and meditations are designed to aid the deceased in their quest to accept death, review his/her earthly life, his/her karmic path and make a decision as to how to heal accumulated negative karma, seek enlightenment and obtain an auspicious rebirth. While Buddhism does not see anything or anybody as having an inherently existing and permanent soul, it sees that one’s consciousness does not die with the body. It continues in subtle form. Professor Lin, my Buddhist teacher called it “the Ling particle”. This Ling particle seeks the next life form. If the family, especially the eldest child of the deceased ensures proper assistance in the form of prayers and remembrance ceremonies, a favorable rebirth may indeed occur.

So after 100 A Ceremony to Mark The End of the Bardo Periosdays a final prayer ceremony is conducted. Thereafter, one may stage another ceremony yearly on the deceased anniversary. It is not seen as clinging to the departed. It is more a celebration of the gifts we received from their lives and deeds and an acknowledgement of the natural cycles of life and death. It helps the living to focus on living ethically, so that a good death and rebirth may happen to us. In addition to mantras, prayers, and visualizations for an auspicious rebirth, food is offered and shared. Fresh flowers, candles, incense also adorn pictures of the deceased. Today I created a wonderful brunch feast. I dusted the surface where both of my parents’ pictures reside, and offered rice, the symbol of endless abundance, oranges for brightness, luck and protection, tea for continuous prosperity, blessings and joy for the ones left here and earth, strawberries, for the opportunity to carry within oneself the seeds of goodness throughout many lifetimes (good karma), and blueberries as a symbol of the rich soil and plentiful fruit that can be found just by looking to the earth and gather its riches. I also shared bread made from five grains, dusted with goat cheese to symbolize my kinship to other life forms and jam because it looked awesome. I invited the spirit of the consummate Bodhisattva of Compassion; Kwan Yin to round out the feast!

Altogether, these rituals also provided me with an opportunity to contemplate my view of my father’s life. It presented me with occasions to reflect on our relationship and the role of his parents in our family life. As in many families, it was more complicated than it appears.  I had a very strong bond with my paternal grandparents, and their spirit has always been for me a beacon of hope, love and deeply rooted trust. For him, and in his words, it was a mixture of love, trust, hope and rebellion due to his inability to meet their high standards. The funny thing was that they loved him very much and saw beyond his limitations. The problem was that they did their best to create their view of him whether my father liked it or not. This dynamic colored his life well into his late seventies. In time and well after my mother’s death, he became more reflective, more accepting, more grateful and quite gracious. He lived for our triumphs and became present to our discomforts, but never interfered. As he had an uneasy relationship to parental expectations throughout his life, he was not critical and saw that we all have our own path. His last strong wish was to be able to see better. Isn’t perfect? He had treatments to stop macular degeneration and finally, cataract surgery. Impatiently, he decided that he was not seeing yet well enough and left us. As Mother Theresa said, life is a Promise and our job is to Fulfill it. My dad did fulfill his promise to love us, teach us and encourage us and to honor each other and treasure our family. As my mother often said, we were their wealth. Today I pray that wherever his ling particle is, that my prayers and offerings will enable him at last to see better, that his next rebirth will be clear and loving and peaceful and that in his new life he is able to carry the message of love, encouragement, respect, and beauty. These are the gifts I received from him. Thank you, Dad!

Fixing the Home and Finding Happiness-Part 4 of 4

In my last entry I asked that you place a bagua on the layout of your home and study what you saw and experienced in each gua. Hopefully you found some areas of concern that mirrored your present life circumstances.

For example, you may be feeling more frustrated in your career and seek help in understanding why you are always hitting blocks in your progress with people in general and in finding new love. You may feel confused regarding your life path. Your sexual life is unsatisfactory. Looking at the floor plan shown on yesterday’s chapter you will find that it mirrors these problems. If this was your home, you will always face a split view and a long narrow corridor upon entering this apartment. Because this area holds the energy of career, life path, kidneys, bladder and ears, and sexual energy, a Feng Shui consultant may suggest creating a mural with depth on that long narrow corridor to draw attention away from the corner and expand the view upon entering the space. The expanded view you now face on a daily basis, will encourage you to be less narrow in your thinking and enable you to make more centered decisions. These suggestions are called adjustments or “cures” because they bring the environment into energetic balance with itself. This allows you the opportunity to bring balance into that life situation. Following these energetically based adjustments, you may find that opportunities begin showing up, including attracting possible partners. You experience more clarity about your life purpose and your sex life may improve! You are more likely to “hear” and find the root causes of the imbalance and decide to finally tackle it. It is all about our stuff…always.

The same floor layout suggests many life imbalances for the occupants. The bedroom is in the fame area, indicating inability to be recognized for one’s endeavors, as the bedroom is not open to the public. But maybe these people get to be known for their sexuality or intimate relationships! Mmmm….

The center of the house holds the conflicting energies of fire and water, indicating possibility of serious health and financial set-backs. The garage is in the benefactors gua and it represents metal energy. It relates to men, helpers, fathers, power, light, clarity, persistence, head, skin and lungs. It houses constantly moving objects. It portends a man always on the move. He may be unstable emotionally or simply find love elsewhere, as the energy of women is missing. It also indicates difficulties getting helpful people to commit. All kinds of relationships may be at risk here.

Lest you think you are doomed with your L-shaped house, or any other poorly designed home, Feng Shui offers a myriad of adjustments, some simple as the mural mentioned earlier, some a little more involved, to help you overcome a difficult floor plan and work on your life situations. Particular adjustments or good Feng Shui cures will be the subject of other articles. But not to be missed is the premise of this one. The issues that guided people to select these places to dwell on a given time in their lives must be addressed jointly. You simply cannot put live plants-a good Feng Shui adjustment for the family gua, and expect that you will now enjoy a peachy relationship with your difficult grandparents. Plants will make things easier because you placed a symbol of new growth in this area and you placed it with your intention to focus on family issues. Your grandfather may be less cantankerous when you see him next, but the root cause that placed you in this relationship will still need to be addressed by you as you sit quietly near the plant. Adding a room in the relationship gua may bring you more partners as now you have brought this energy within your life, but you still have to address what belief is keeping you from attracting the right relationship. As construction goes on, or as you add particular adjustments, you will find it easier to contemplate these deeply buried issues.


Take a good look at your relationship blueprint and note areas of consistent conflict or stress for you. Embrace the difficulties by taking responsibility for them. Examine your beliefs and your thoughts. Look at your home and see what is in disarray there. Where is the clutter? What are the rooms that just don’t feel right? Fix, organize, clean, clear up, vacuum, spruce them up. You will see that the difficulties without, mirror the ones within. As you clear up the guas, you feel clarity within you as well. Start where you are and don’t underestimate the power to change yourself and therefore your circumstances. At least do a thorough cleaning job and remove old stuff in your bedroom, change the sheets—I suggest you buy pink ones! You may change your partnership luck!

Finally…there is no other who will bring us happiness. That is why our dwellings are so important.Our home mirrors our life. Love yourself enough to explore this very primary relationship and see what happens…

Relationship Issues and The Home Floor Plan

Yesterday I suggested that you explore your relationship blueprint based on what you experienced as a relational being throughout your life. Hopefully you were able to discover some areas where your thinking was a bit askew, and decided to continue the growth process by re-designing or even creating a new  blueprint. I said that your home’s layout could be very helpful. In fact, it could be exceptionally helpful. Understanding how to find the area in the home that vibrational matches your present issues is the subject of this entry.

The ancient principles of Feng Shui are best suited to understand vibrational energy in our environment and how this energy interacts with our personal vibrational field. The art and science of Feng shui teaches that we are not separate from anything, least of all the houses we choose to dwell in.

Feng Shui has been used for thousands of years in the Orient to arrange the best spaces for living, working and burial siting. It is now widely used throughout the world and my company uses these principles in all the environments we create, with enormous success. A prominent tool used in applying Feng Shui is the energetic grid called the Bagua. This grid is used as a guideline to study how energy enters a space, how it travels through it and where specific vibrational areas are located that are stand-ins for nine life situations such as relationships, wealth, fame, family, creativity and children, career, benefactors and knowledge and spirituality. The center is where all the areas converge and it provides stability to the structure and its occupants. The center holds the balance and health of the occupants.

The Bagua grid is applied over the floor plan and aligned with the front door like a clock that can be stretched to match your shape-see picture, above. Your front door will always be located at the 7:00 o’clock, 6:00 o’clock or 5:00 o’clock quadrants. The 1:00 o’clock quadrant will always represent relationship energy. The other areas are arranged as drawn on the grid.

When a floor plan is irregular, or L-shape as shown in the picture, we say that it has a missing area or “gua”, its Chinese name. A floor plan missing a gua is lacking the energy represented by that gua. If  in your personal exploration you found out that you had trouble attracting relationships, or keeping them, you may be missing the relationship gua just like the example shown. Your relationship with your mother may be strained, she may have died unhappy or you were crossed with her, and it may be difficult to have a good connection with your sisters. If you are a woman, you may feel unfulfilled, empty and unlovable. If you are a man, you are lacking balanced female energy.  You may not be able to hold on to relationships, and your relationship to women-mother, sister, friend, wife maybe unsatisfactory.

If that gua sticks out of the grid’s foot print, it may create an enhancement for the energy and life situation of that area. If it is in the relationship gua, you are likely to find fulfillment in most of your relationships.  When that enhancement is too large, then the energy is overpowering and it creates imbalances. Then the female has too much power, and men tend to be intimidated by it. If the Benefactors area sticks out, then the men will be too powerful and females will feel unrealized and unable to contribute.

Feng Shui principles correlate with all Asian healing systems. The relationship energy represents the energy of earth and it relates to women, mothers, nurturing, receptiveness, diversity, stability, cooperativeness and marriage, among other things. It also has to do with the abdomen, the stomach, digestive disorders and the upper spine. An imbalance in this area mirrors the same imbalance in the life of the home dweller.  You may be saving yourselves years of psychotherapy by uncovering these connections. It is worth noting that not all the occupants of the home will be experiencing the issues that the house presents to the same degree. Yet when the house is a vibrational match to one or more of the people’s personal energies, the effects are swiftly felt.

The houses that we inhabit do not create these life situations. We gravitate to these structures because of our personal energetic blueprint, or karmic path. Our dwellings simply reflect our vibrational map. When we select where to live, we make a choice that may very well be unconscious, but a choice nonetheless. Knowing how to read the energetic blueprint in our personal spaces allows us to focus on what does not function well in our lives and rejoice where all is well.

In the concluding entry I will be uncovering more of the issues presented by this floor plan and suggesting powerful adjustments to help you heal the imbalances in your life.

For tomorrow, I suggest you create a floor plan of your home and divide the space by superimposing a bagua grid over it, or nine equal areas. You may have a rectangle of a square. Label each nine guas and study what is going on in each of the corresponding areas of your home. You may be quite surprised at the findings!

Relationships Issues Show Up In Our Home! Fix It and Be Happy!

 The ideal love relationships blossom, first and foremost, because each partner loves and appreciates themselves to begin with. Each feels whole and powerful; each feels vibrant, creative and loving toward others. They also value their parents and their relationship and appreciate and love their siblings. They notice love everywhere! They live love and therefore vibrate love. Harmonious couples are easily formed because they are a vibrational match. When you enter their homes, you feel this vibration. The opposite is also true. Disharmonious matches are easily seen everywhere, especially in their homes! The living space is a gauge of people’s ability to attract and/or enhance primary relationships.

The correlation between relationships and the environment in which they unfold is perhaps more easily understood if we take time to understand our relationship blueprint. Once that is accomplished, we can take a look at the home environment’s floor plan and examine how we arranged our personal space. An educated eye will notice this correlation. Making  the necessary adjustments to the environment will enhance our ability to correct  the thinking patterns and outmoded beliefs that fostered unsuccessful connections and will yield more happiness, the possibilities of meeting the perfect love match or enhancing  an existing relationship. This shift will occur not only with mates, but with family as well, no matter how far apart things have become. Best of all, we will all be more loving toward ourselves.

The message is, if you want more love, or a new love; first look within. I intend to examine this premise in four entries. Starting with a pre-Valentine’s gift; our relationship with “others”.

 Exploring Your Relationship Blueprint-Part I

Take out a pad and pen and begin to write any and all issues related to relationships. Explore your relationships with others, and linger on the intimate ones. Are/were these nurturing, loving, and supportive? Are you happy? What kind of partner do you/did you have? What kind of partner do you want? Are you married? Dating? Lonely? How is your sex life?

Focus on your parents. What is/was your relationship with your mother? What was your parents’ relationship like? How do you perceive their marriage? What things are left unresolved? What about past family members? Your grandparents? How do you now perceive their relationship?

 Explore your relationship with your siblings, especially sisters. Any unresolved hurts? Any consistent differences? How do you see relationships in your life? Are other people difficult to deal with? Do you encounter people who are uncaring and bothersome? Do you envy others’ relationships? What are the losses you have experienced in your life? Are you still carrying them?

Have fun, be brave, be honest and be prepared to grow and be happier. Comments of course, are always welcome! Tomorrow’s entry is about our love relationship with ourselves. Until then…