Connecting with the Immeasurable Love of the Universe

Door Protector to place above door- Dangelbig
Dangelbig Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The newest Door Protector was created for a professional couple in their late thirties, whose new home located in a semi-rural town west of Boston I helped designed.

Like all Door Protectors, it started with receiving a written statement from each person, preparing the support and meditating. And while both partners expressed their desire to experience harmony and be aligned with all things, the art did not seem to readily find the images that would invite those sentiments.

I started by doing an intuitive divination, invited some crystal allies and animal spirits and consulted various oracles, yet I was unable to move the art forward for quite a long time.

After the crystals I ordered arrived and the wood panel was ready to accept paint, I began by applying a Prussian blue coat of acrylic paint and when dried, I mixed in different amounts of Titanium white to create a variety of curling swirls that stretched and moved in all directions.  A hot pink hue showed up on the palette and a soft brush helped them merge, twist and blend with the toned blues.

For the next 3 months and in spite of chanting the mantra, eagerly contemplating the canvas and summoning all my guides; nothing else showed up.  As I had similar experiences while creating other Door Protectors, I reached out to the clients several times to inquire if there was anything I should know, if there had ben any arguments, or events that may have caused anxiety, concern and conflict. Upon receiving confirmation, and still nothing was happening, I sent an email to the couple, offering a new way of thinking about the art we were co-creating.

We acknowledged that Lillie (not her real name) was expecting her first child and this was the last trimester of her pregnancy. Fears and doubts became hard to ignore, coupled with the physical symptoms of tiredness, irritability with a very demanding work situation and natural frustrations with the on-going renovations in the new home. The husband, Paul (not his real name) who maintains a strong spiritual practice was also struggling with his own feelings about the impending responsibilities while attempting to reassure Lillie. The email and subsequent phone call finally worked!

The next day, a pure zinc white area appeared where the Wish Granting Jewel mantra is inscribed and was crowned by a bright yellow hue lined with an orange ribbon. A deep red line now supports the hot pink spirals, as if it is keeping the confusion at bay and reassuring the couple that everything would be alright. The reassurance is aided by nuggets of Carnelian within the blue.  This is the crystal of trust, inner resolve and wisdom. It helps dispel background confusion like in the art, while in the foreground, playful Spring grasses sporting tiny blooms daintily reach toward the mantra and the sunlight.

A Lepidolite crystal is crowned by a raw Azurite stone and sits right beneath the syllables corresponding to ushnisha vimale, which translates as the “stainless lotus of Ushnisha.” This is the name of the Buddha in the manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of limitless compassion. The Ushnisha is the oval topknot often depicted in art on top of a Buddha’s head symbolizing the spiritual power of attaining enlightenment. The lilac Lepidolite crystal is an excellent stress relief stone. It contains lithium, which soothes and calms the body/mind continuum, reduces anxiety, stress and signs of depression. It assists in maintaining an attitude of acceptance of the present moment. Azurite is the stone of inner vision and insight, enhances intellectual functions and helps the mind retain information. It confers awareness to discern where we get stuck in outmoded mental constructs and self-deception, as well as alerts us when someone is not acting or speaking truthfully.

Each syllable in the mantra represents core Buddhist teachings that along with the pictorial symbols continuously emit positive and wholesome vibrations into the space where it is installed. As the people who occupy the space connect with the art, their door protector becomes a mirror of their souls and find opportunities to connect with the immeasurable love of the universe; the divine realm. Every time they see or think of their art, they are more able to abide in joy and gratitude, they come to know that everything is sacred, feel at peace and are protected within this love energy.

The more people intentionally gaze at the art they helped create, the more they recognize the interbeingness inherent in all things and begin to experience unconditional love. The art gives people who own it the opportunity to be conscious beings able to learn, grow and change and act and think as the spark of divine light on earth that they actually are.

And everything did turn out all right. A few days ago, a beautiful baby girl was delivered without complications and joined her truly joyous parents. Please join me in wishing that life continue to unfold for this threesome, with myriads of fortunate blessings!

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Clear Skies, Gentle Rolling Hills and a Powerful Mantra

PA Door protector
PA Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher (c)

She learned that she had options and so she began to consciously raise her vibration at every chance she had.

Paula (not her real name) ordered a Door Protector when she was navigating a difficult family situation. Yet it took nearly two months to write her personal statement because she wanted to make sure I understood her correctly. As she later realized, creating the statement was the beginning of her role in birthing the art I would be bringing to life for her and her family and that the statement was actually a conversation she needed to have with her Higher Self and God.

Throughout her life, Paula found that she needed to exercise total control of what she said and did, otherwise she would experience pain. On one hand she trusted that a higher power was at work and on the other hand she wanted to make sure that she was directing God with the right words.

Amidst the conundrum she was living through at that time, she founded laborious to clarify what she wished to manifest in her life and for her household-3 teens, husband and aging parents.

Soon she received a sign that was hard to ignore. After she tendered her written statement, a flying squirrel drowned in one of the toilets. In discussing the spiritual significance of a rodent that typically burrows in a house’s roof, stores food in crevices, has a keen sense of smell that allows it to find where the goods are hidden and glides nocturnally from tree to tree (don’t really fly); we agreed that much as Paula liked to plan for the future and control her life, she had lately found herself erratically running around and struggled to accomplish much both in her business and with the family. She lost money, had a particularly hurtful interaction with one of her sons and chose to avoid confronting her husband. She stored her worries, she felt responsible for everyone but did not have the keen sense of smell to find what needed to be acknowledged, integrated and released. She also tiptoed around the problems, for she felt unable to manage the aftermath of what needed to be discussed. As the flying squirrel, she was stretched thin and was exhausted.

In creating Paula’s Door Protector, I offered her the clarity of a turquoise sky with gentle winds scattering seeds above gentle and fertile rolling hills. The two dark stones implying flower pots are Shungites. These are healing stones known to help detoxify the body by absorbing and eliminating negative energies or anything that is physically hazardous. These crystals infuse the house’s aura with light, allowing only positive energies to reach the dwellers.

 The “pot” on the left has 5 natural Citrines blooming. Citrine is the premier stone of manifestation and imagination. They promote the healthy functioning of the will, stimulate all chakras like sunshine in Spring, clear the mind and stir the soul to action.

On the right, rubies confer nobility, magnificence, passion, protection and prosperity. They teach its owners to be grounded, strong, present and loving as the means to attract prosperity at all levels.

To further emphasize safety and protection, I scattered mustard seeds around the pots and the hills. The most powerful protection comes however, from the Wish Granting Jewel Mantra handwritten in Tibetan Sanskrit and that is the centerpiece of all Door Protectors. The 12 syllables constantly emit vibrations of unconditional love, balance, joy, gratefulness, right thinking, right speech, right concentration and right action for the benefit of all in the household. It will also positively affect those who simply behold it or pass under it.

Over time the family learned to connect deeply with the art and allowed the mantra to gently and consistently raise everyone’s vibration as they were ready and open to be so affected.

Although everyone’s life improved and shifted in different ways, it was Paula who since hanging the art made the most visible shifts. She learned that she had options and began to consciously raise her vibration at every chance she had. Paula meditated more often, attended retreats, connected with helpful friends, is considering expanding her business in a major way and admits without a doubt that she is fully protected, that life loves her and that her actions no longer resemble those of a flying squirrel.

Paula learned to express her needs with kindness and compassion, has forgiven herself and those who unwittingly hurt her and manages to live a more balanced life by listening to her heart.

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Is it Mostly About Endings?

LauraC Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher


The woman who installed this door protector in her home approximately a month ago wrote that so far, this has been mostly a journey about significant endings. She noticed which relationships or aspects of some of these liaisons drained her energy, and resolved to keep clear boundaries around them.

Laura C.  knows that she is making room for new relationships, situations, and opportunities and is quite passionate about it.

As she began to consciously focus on self-love, new levels of healing became available to her.  Deeply buried feelings of anger arose, yet she was able to move through the pain and shift it into hopefulness.

And then Laura noticed an increase in physical energy which enabled her to accomplish new tasks, entertain new business ideas and spontaneously start a powder room remodel on her own. Wow!!!

The powder room Laura considers symbolic of her brave and fresh outlook on life. She loves the creative aspects of the project, trusts that she will be able to complete it and find help if needed and revels in the courage it took to undertake it.

Above all, Laura trusts the unseen influences at work in her life sensing their protective and benevolent energies around her.

The divination that preceded the creation of this Door Protector guided me to provide lots of Water energy. This element represents our emotional intelligence beckoning us to accept our feelings and integrate them into the fabric of our lives.

Our life journey moves along like frothy water sprays that delights us, or like high waves by exciting us. The gentle undulating movement works with the tides and the wind yielding to wakes. “The higher the wave goes”, said Osho, “the deeper is the wake that follows it. One moment you are the wave, another moment you are the hollow wake that follows.”

Water cannot forever freeze as a wave, nor always be the wake. It moves along by virtue of being in continuous relationship with the elements. So it is that we move forward in life and experience growth through our human relationships.

Our natural ability to thrive depends on the emotional charge we invest in relationships and the levels of attachment we spend in maintaining them to make them into what we think they should be.

When we mirror the ocean we count on the variables for growth and transformation. We accept who and what we encounter expecting to find jewels after the storm. We trust that even when we can’t see land, the sea will carry us to the shore and witness a new dawn.

In the sacred art, Tourmalines of various colors and energetic properties bob above the waves easily and gracefully, surrounded by a golden bubble. These crystals were included to remind Laura that she will find the jewels of adventure, abundance, love, joy, peace and wellness by deepening her meditation practice and staying fiercely present to variables.

The 9 butterflies streaming from the mantra represent Spirit’s guidance whispering that Grace is a birthright. The mantra itself broadcasts truth, foretells of a magnificent dawn always rising to summon courage, unleash her creativity and live the life she came here to live.

Laura C is not seeking to know what her passion is. She is allowing her heart to speak by doing what she loves, taking time to savor both the waves and the wakes of her journey, feeling the wind as she looks for the jewels in the endings and expecting the sun to rise by passionately delighting in the possibilities.

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A Chain of Seemingly Insurmountable Mountains

Door Protector HL by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Door Protector HL by Lidia Kenig-Scher


Creating a Door Protector for this family was rather easy. I was first invited for a Feng Shui consultation some 10 years before and over the decade, I visited the husband’s workplace, helped the wife to carve a personal space within the home, re-arranged the children’s bedrooms, spiced up the master bedroom, changed the color of the family room and eventually participated in a house and garden major renovation that caused the property to grow from a “Feng Shui nightmare” into a warm and loving environment that supported everyone’s growth.

The husband is a well-recognized and admired business leader, a consultant to powerful organizations and a highly praised published author. The wife is a true renaissance woman. A successful entrepreneur, she is an accomplished ceramic artist who engages her pottery and the vibrational energy of crystal bowls to facilitate healing. This dynamic woman is also a 4-time best-selling author!

A couple of years ago, the family was going through a rough patch and I was called for the “Feng Shui tune up” that led to commissioning the door protector.

The silhouette of a sinuous mountain range with the sun peeking over the gentle yet solid shapes seemed the appropriate metaphor to convey the family’s need for stability and hope. The powerful Wish Granting Wheel Mantra appears to form out of the sunlight blurring the separation between night and day, as if to indicate that in life, darkness and light are equally powerful gifts.

A full moon mirror on one side provides for the crystal clarity born out of introspection. The North Star on the opposite side serves as a source of wisdom and guidance helping the dwellers to always find the best way to move forward in trying times. Mustard seeds are meant to dispel negativity. Placed at the end of the mantra, it implies that if the family follows the principles of ethical living, with kindness and compassion, climbing life’s hills and peaks could turn into gentle gliding journeys.

Door Protector Installed and its Proud Owner
Door Protector Installed and its Proud Owner

The day we installed the art above the door, one of the sons was convalescing from ACL replacement surgery and experienced a nasty rash on his whole leg that was defying all forms of treatment. After we installed the door protector, they “discovered” a treatment that worked effectively. The daughter had been sick with the flu and by that night, her fever had broken and she was on the road to recovery

Since then, the husband wrote a very influential book aimed to help people improve their leadership skills and build great organizations. The publishing of Ingaging Leadership by Evan Hackel in August 2014 was met with enormous success.

Meanwhile in May 2015, Laura Zak Hackel published The Energy of Healing, the first of 4 best-selling books edited by Erica Glessing.

In Laura’s words, since the door protector was installed, “the house just felt right. It is expansive and open and I feel safe”.

Laura Zak and Evan Hackel along with their high school daughter and 2 successful young men in their 20’s enjoy life and like sharing their goodness with family, friends, clients and strangers. They cheerily encourage you to purchase an embellished canvas wrapped print of their door protector and experience its full power.

Allow the mantra’s teachings and all the symbols to inform your path in life, see the way forward with more clarity, and sense the North Star’s illuminating the way out of a chain of seemingly insurmountable mountains.

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A Well-Built Hut

Burak Door Protector by Lidia Kenig
Burak Door Protector by Lidia Kenig

This door protector was commissioned by a warm, caring and loving couple, parents to two teenagers. The art installed above their front door, on the inside was imbued with wishes for good health, peace, grace, success, abundance, ease and kindness for everyone in the family and to likewise affect all who pass under it.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra, also called the Wish Granting Wheel Mantra prominently featured in the art, is an important tool for reaching enlightenment in the Buddhist Mahayana tradition, of which Tibetan and Zen practices are a part of. Mahayana Buddhism is rooted in the basic teachings of the historical Buddha, and emphasizes the individual search for liberation from the cycle of samsara (birth, death, rebirth…). While Zen Buddhism tends to focus on meditation to bring out the essential Buddha nature, Tibetan Buddhism relies on rituals, and initiations centered on mantras, yogic techniques and meditations, with the ultimate goal of becoming a conduit for the divine to establish heaven on earth and achieve liberation for all.

This is the mission of the Bodhisattvas; human beings committed to the attainment of enlightenment for the sake of others.

Yearning to be of such service I faced the daunting task, furnished with pure motives and visual arts skills. I added my long and fruitful Feng Shui consultancy and interior design talent, and all paved the way to help homeowners and businesses create well-built physical environments conducive to optimal growth.

These environments are quite successful. They earn more money, have less employee turnover; people love their homes and all enjoy going to work. But those who display my artwork seem to be even happier and more satisfied.

About five years ago I was unable to readily travel to assist a client with a difficult home and business situation. Meditating on ways I could help her sooner, the Wish Fulfilling Mantra, hanging above my door, appeared as the divine solution I proposed.

I was privileged to be given this mantra by Geshe Tsulga-Ven. Tsultrim Chophel, when he was the resident teacher at Kurukulla Center in Medford, MA, and during a teaching on “building a powerful hut”. It was then that I understood the value of using all my life experiences to grow character, discipline, acceptance, non-attachment, loving-kindness, respect for all life, and joy, as a prerequisite to have all my wishes fulfilled.

OM PAD MO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT, written in Tibetan as in this and all the sacred art I call door protectors, is a powerful set of ancient syllables, believed to have been taught by the Buddha Shakyamuni in the “The Sutra of Hut Construction” which, besides containing general instructions on how to build meditative virtues to construct a well-built inner house, it gives the explicit direction to place this mantra over the doorway, so that all who walk under it may be blessed.

The esoteric knowledge surrounding the mantra appears to have been lost, yet the exoteric teaching still remains. Lama Zopa, Rinpoche considers it one of the “five great mantras” and recites it while visualizing its energy pattern, to grant enormous blessings for purifying water, healing negative karma and ensuring auspicious rebirths. He says that “anyone who goes under this mantra gets one thousand eons of negative karma purified… the whole family [will] have long life, health and prosperity…all wishes will be fulfilled according to the Holy Dharma.”

That first client had indeed all her wishes fulfilled, and many others, including me, experienced amazing results since that fateful day. Their stories are told in several blog posts since 2014, when I began to collect testimonials- see Door Protector Stories

The mantra is inscribed above a rising sun, in the art installed a month ago and crowned by a Selenite crystal. Lotus blossoms containing additional Selenites, instill the piece with a conduit of connection to our higher selves. The Azurite crystal in the bottom center is placed to assist everyone in making insightful decisions and for noticing truthfulness in their interactions. Everywhere there are symbols of transformation, joy, and ease within the waters of self-reflection propelled by a sense of adventure to find the jewels of learning from life’s difficulties.

This art will support each family member as they build a strong inner house. The visual symbols will continually broadcast powerful signals for the best way to do it.

Why call the art Door Protectors? Because they protect and benefit all who come through the threshold of a well-built hut! Order yours here.

Feeling Safe Is a Matter of Neuroplasticity through Art

Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
Door Protector KWM by Lidia Kenig Scher

Feeling safe implies that we think we will not be harmed in any way. We tell ourselves that somehow, we will overcome a natural disaster, or that someone or something will keep us from being negatively affected by the actions of others. Feelings arise from thoughts that when sufficiently repeated become beliefs.

Feeling insecure comes from opposite set of beliefs laden with emotional responses to thoughts of survival. When we reinforce these beliefs by seeking confirmation outside of ourselves, they become instinctual by receding into our subconscious mind. Unaware, underlying fear is now the state of mind that guides our feelings and actions.

Fear is based on stories we tell ourselves that something we do not like may happen and will affect our well-being.  In a September 1851 journal entry by Henry David Thoreau, we get a clue of the power that these stories exert over our lives. “Nothing is so much to be feared as fear”, he wrote. Franklin D. Roosevelt was later to use the sentence to reassure a beleaguered nation gripped by fear of the Great Depression.

Today our buried fears are calcified by multimedia reinforcement. We witness terrorized people fleeing their homeland to encounter more fear, depending on where they land. We receive dire insurance solicitations promising safety in exchange for premiums and get text messages announcing that a known pedophile has moved nearby. Teachers are urged to wear guns in schools and savvy politicians feed with gory rhetoric the hungry fear deep within our core.  We want to move to Mars!

Unfortunately, underlying fear keeps us from thriving, creating and attaining happiness. Sure signs that we function in fear are issues with wealth and abundance, rampant health problems, especially cancer, anxiety, weight gain and the establishment of rigid rules that create a sense of false security, at home or worldwide.  Check, check, check!

We can start feeling safe now by deciding to change our minds, because “when we change our thoughts, what we look at changes”, said Dr. Wayne Dyer. This means creating empowering new neural pathways in our brains to help us alter emotional fear triggers. Scientists call it “neuroplasticity”, or a way to rewire our brains with new thoughts, that become new beliefs and provoke us into new ways of behaving and feeling. And I have just the tool to get us started!

A few years ago I encountered an ancient beautiful mantra called The Wish Fulfilling Mantra and began creating what I call Door Protectors with it, with the intention of assisting my clients to overcome issues they experienced and I saw as being consistent with living with fear. As the just delivered art above, door protectors are sacred paintings, created by channeling the energy of the person/s who commissions it while chanting and writing in Sanskrit the cherished Buddhist mantra taught 2600 years ago by the historical Buddha.

The colors, shapes, textures and findings around the mantra are selected for the particular client to create empowering new neural pathways in our brain that broadcast clarity, harmony, balance, and joy. The thoughts are reinforced on a constant basis because the art is installed above the front door on the inside. This neuroplasticity also positively affects all who pass under the threshold.

I am privileged to have received many wonderful testimonials from the many clients who now own door protectors. Their stories are quite compelling. Please see Door Protector Stories to read them. It is these stories that keep me creating them. Be safe and order yours today at Sacred Art

A Door Protector Serves its Purpose Well

Door Protector
TS-Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

The Door Protector was commissioned by The Theosophical Society of Boston a year after I conducted a consultation and healing session using Feng Shui principles to stabilize this independent branch of the venerable organization founded by Helena P. Blavatsky in 1875. The sacred art’s purpose is meant to sustain and ensure the growth this group experienced since the energetic adjustments were enacted last year.

I was honored to create art for a center dedicated to fostering spiritual exploration, and openly embracing the wealth of philosophies and spiritual practices available for the purpose of establishing dialog and cooperation. Yet most intriguing was the fact that Theosophy had a tremendous impact on the work of Wassily Kandinsky, arguably the father of the modern abstract art movement.

The term Theosophy often refers to the universal wisdom underlying all religions, which can be found at their core when they are stripped of accretions, deletions, and superstitions. It is also a state of consciousness accessible to all who are willing to undergo the type of inquiry leading to what we call enlightenment, which in Madame Blavatsky’s time was seen as communing with the devil.

Today we admired a person with strong spiritual practices and remark that she emits a particular vibrational field which in Kandinsky times was known as “thought-forms”, a term coined by J. Peters in 1908, referring to Mme. Blavatsky’s ideas of approaching spiritual issues by way of inner knowledge. Kandinsky fully embraced Blavatsky’s writings and what Peters called Transcendental Photography, or thought forms captured on form, such as a painting, and set out to fully explore art as “a pure inscription of the artist’s inner vibration”, dispensing of the need for representational content.

In his 1910 seminal book, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Kandinsky wrote that “the aesthetic purpose should be to produce vibrations in the beholder, and that “the work of art is the vehicle through which this purpose is served”. He posited that his paintings would be capable of relaying thought vibrations by evoking “sympathetic vibrations” in the viewer. Thus, the value of the work is measured according to its power to affect the viewer.

If you have been following my work, you know that I have ample testimonials that the art I call Door Protectors have a significant impact on its owners. Thus, this exploration of the purpose and philosophy of the Theosophical Society and its connection to the work of Wassily Kandinsky have given me a chance to explain why the installations work so well.

This much beloved and respected artist long ago paved the way for me to create sacred art in a state of deep reverence, holding loving and joyous thoughts that culminate in the writing of an ancient mantra intended to protect and guide those who behold it. I know that as I create the work, my vibrational field is enhanced, and I have witnessed that these paintings that embody my sincere wishes for well-being and harmony evoke sympathetic vibrations in those who see it or live with it. I would say that my works of art serve its purpose well!

The Theosophical Society of Boston is poised for a period of deep growth and renewal, knowing that out of the burning fires containing old thoughts, ideas and habits, one can emerge on a clear day where you can see forever! You can see a larger version of this door protector, and commission your own or purchase available blessed reproductions at LidiaScherArt/DoorProtectors

A New Door Protector Came Swiftly to the Rescue!

Door Protector TY by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
Door Protector TY by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

The young man who commissioned this door protector resides in a house shared with people of varied ages and lifestyles. He chose to install the art not in his private room, as many living in similar circumstances had in the past, but above the home’s front door thus offering the art’s blessings and benefits to everyone. Amazingly enough, his largesse came in handy, for as soon as it was installed we all realized that the sacred art was there to protect him most, yet help the others as well in amazing ways!

I was not surprised. By his request, and in addition to the Wish Fulfilling mantra I write in Tibetan, archangel Metatron’s cube was included. The art became one powerful force of good.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra is said to fiercely protect even from the possibility of an unlucky rebirth.The cube to those familiar with sacred geometry, and the ancient Kabbalist texts, is said to contain all of the shapes and forms in God’s creation and all that God created. It is believed that Metatron, as God’s “heavenly scribe” formed the cube from his very soul

Metatron was called a “heavenly scribe” in Talmudic texts, describing him as “allowed to sit down”; a stance only God was entitled to. Metatron’s job was to record the good deeds of the children of Israel and guard the Tree of Life. He was also the knower of all of God’s secrets. The Zohar, the mystical Kabbalistic text, refers to Metatron as a heavenly priest working on Earth as Enoch and as the angel who led the people of Israel through the exodus from Egypt. These ancient scriptures also imply that he was the angel who knew God’s soul, thus he was able to create the multidemensional form to be used as a mirror of goodness for all to behold and as a protection for falling out of God’s ways.

Also called The Flower of life, the main Cube is composed of 13 spheres held together by lines from the midpoint of each sphere. These points are nodes that connect to the other nodes through single lines to a total of 78 lines. The cube not only contains all the shapes of the universe, but it is an etheric geometry that continues ad infinitum, encompassing the entire universe, always moving, expanding and changing. Like the Wish Fulfilling mantra, it is the ultimate symbol of Divine Love’s ever pulsating and ever expanding vibration and a powerful symbol of protection. Hereby is the ultimate secret of these two amazing symbols.

The cube and the mantra serve to protect us because both are vibrational instruments helping us to stay true to our high hearts, the place within us where Divinity resides. and be guided by love in seeing each other as Buddhas, or Gods in embryo, as Deepak Chopra likes to refer humans as. Vibrating with the cube and the mantra allows us to be always compassionate, forgiving and act for the benefit of all. As in the Upanishads. these sacred symbols vibrationally teach us that “when a blade of grass is cut the whole universe quivers” In the presence of either symbol, only goodness, joy, abundance, love and light can exist.

The day I went to install the door protector, a very serious incident occurred that put my client in a very dangerous physical situation. However, everything was rather quickly resolved and…for the benefit of all. It seems that the new door protector came swiftly to the rescue!

My client has graciously allowed me to offer 10 (ten) blessed prints of his door protector for you, my followers to purchase. Ten prints on archival paper or as canvas wrapped and ready to hang are available by clicking on TY Door Protector and…Namaste-a Sanskrit greeting accompanied by a slight bow made with hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards and closely positioned in front of the chest. that roughly translated means, the god in me salutes your godliness.


A New Door Protector Installed

R.Wright door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
R.Wright Door Protector (c) by Lidia Kenig scher

The newest door protector was installed this weekend for a client who had difficulty mustering all the resources needed to create a well balanced and nourishing home. As all Door Protectors, it was designed to be placed above the front door of her home, but it could also be installed in a business.

Door protectors are sacred paintings, created by channeling the energy of the person/s who commissions it while chanting the Wish Granting Jewel Mantra, a cherished Buddhist mantra taught by the historical Buddha about 2600 years ago. Said mantra is written in Tibetan and is at the center of the art. Together with colors and shapes, crystals and/or other objects selected for the particular client, it is intended to broadcast clarity, harmony, balance, and joy.

The folklore around the mantra tells that all who hear, see, touch or pass under it will receive many blessings. The individual who commissions the art and all who live in the home are then privileged to learn the mantra’s lessons of presence, compassion, love and equanimity in order to facilitate the fulfillment of their path of service. Thus, all situations occurring in the dwelling and its occupants after the installation of the art, are to be understood in light of what is best for the people residing there.

There are many wonderful testimonials from the many clients who own door protectors. Their stories are quite compelling. Please see Door Protector Stories to read them. It is these stories that keep me creating them.

While this piece is not available for purchase as a print, I encourage you to visit the Door Protector Gallery to see others who are indeed available in print, or canvas wrapped, ready to hang. You may also consider commissioning your own; I know you will not regret it!

I Finished the House, Got Engaged, I will Be Married and…I Sold the House!

Cullen Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
Cullen Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher

The gentleman who commissioned this door protector requested a Feng Shui analysis of the home he was remodeling with the intention to sell it after construction was completed. Upon visiting, I saw that the house’s position on the lot was problematic. While the lot was lush and inviting, the front door was facing the back of the property, and it was not in good working condition; it did not even have a working doorbell! This situation would indicate that the people living there have difficulties getting ahead, miss opportunities in life and career, tend to feel anxious, insecure and fearful, function like they are always on-the-run, may have issues with guilt and anger and experience a host of health concerns around digestion and nutrient absorption. He admitted experiencing some of the issues I mentioned that were compounded by the construction and remodeling process. I suggested a door protector.

I felt that the blessed original art may be quite useful at least during the construction part and later, it may take care of the many other non-supportive energy issues. Because my client and his kids used the side door exclusively, he requested that we place the art on the side entrance, only accessible through an enclosed porch…more entry door problems!

What I created for him around the Wish Fulfilling mantra that I normally prominently paint on the door protectors is like an earth map as seen from an airplane showing a vast and clear body of water, maybe a lake and some meandering smaller tributaries lit by the sun and the moon. The top portion is showing a magenta colored fertile land and on the left, we can see a portion of a star-studded sky just before dawn. The water has brilliant large circles reflecting the richness of the sky. Circles imply pure space, totality, spirit, heaven and life’s continuity with no end or beginning; the color blue represents water, coolness and depth. Together with the circular mirrors, they invite clarity, calmness, and decisions made from our wise selves. The smaller magenta dots, imply strength, energy, the fire of new ideas, the passion behind a purpose and the masculine energies of focused action.

The mantra is placed at the confluence of Heaven and Earth and it is slightly tilted to create movement and encourage openness to the new. It is capping the fertile ground implied by abounding flowers in full bloom. The flowers contain the seeds of intentions, for as we water the seedlings, we abide in the peace of knowing that what we planted will surely grow. The flowers are pinwheels, spreading our energy as pure light, all around us. They rotate to the rhythms of the season. The sky on the left side and still glistening with stars represents our ability to dream large, and to follow our dreams, trusting that like the seedlings, they will manifest in divine time; and so…

Last week I was asked to come by and do a space clearing in preparation for the sale of the house, and we agreed on the particular ceremony I would perform. After the clearing ritual, and remarking on the beautifully completed home, I chided my client for still not having a strong front door or a working doorbell.  Smiling sheepishly, he announced that the night before he received an offer on the house. I asked then, why he thought he needed a space clearing, since he had a door protector on the side door. He stated that he wanted extra security, although by now, he knew the power of the door protector even if it was on a side door. After all, he said, “since I bought the door protector, I finished the house, I got engaged to a wonderful woman, I will be married this summer and…I sold the house!”

Maybe you can benefit from a customized door protector, as many of my clients have so far. Look for June 2014 series of blog post and read their testimonials. Click on Door Protectors to see this one up close and others I created and consider emailing me your questions.

Have a wonderful week!