Wind and Water

Wind and Water by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Wind and Water by Lidia Kenig-Scher

In reviewing this year’s news cycle and my personal news, I see a hardened, more entrenched societal divide at all levels. I also recognize that albeit not politically, I too experienced significant dissension in my life.

What about you? Did you find yourself consumed by outside conflict and did not notice it in your day-to-day life? Or like me, you looked in the mirror and realized that the “wars” were just as present in your world?

Even if we choose to hide in a cave, we are affected by what occurs around us.  Looking closer, we will see that we are affected because in some way, what surrounds us, reflects what is going on in our inner world. In other words, the landscape is trying to show us that the storm is also in our homes or businesses.

I call obstacles a growth opportunity.

Just as when we are in an educational setting, the quality and breadth of what we learn is marked by our readiness to engage in the lessons, our willingness to be challenged, our present skillset, and an explorer’s mindset.

I daresay that acknowledging our interconnection to all things and experiences brings about the most dramatic breakthroughs. And taking responsibility for our part in conflict is truly transformational!

How do we expand our skillset and the willingness to see obstacles as crucial to our happiness and the well-being of our community? We could quietly and intently sit outside by a stream and just watch and hear nature or focus our eyes with an open heart on the painting I titled Wind and Water.

Wind and water immediately bring to mind a sense of flow or movement. Wind can be a gentle, caressing breeze or morph into a raging hurricane. Water can be a swirling eddy, a calm lake, a gentle stream or a killer tsunami.

Wind is caused by a difference in pressure from one area to another area on the surface of the Earth. Air naturally moves from high to low pressure, and when it does so, it is called wind. The “cause” of the wind is the Sun’s uneven heating of the ever-moving Earth’s surface.

When rain falls on earth, it either seeps into the ground or becomes runoff-water, which flows downhill into rivers and lakes, on its journey towards the sea. A small creek flows downhill until it merges into larger streams and rivers. Rivers eventually end up flowing into the ocean.

Wind patterns affect water currents. The larger and more spread out is a body of water, the more its molecules are exposed to air and are influenced by wind speed, direction and relative humidity, Water temperature affected by the sun and the earth’s curvature, determines how quickly the water particles are moved. A water molecule that is moving very quickly is more likely to burst from the water surface into the air, thus creating waves.

Understanding interconnection in nature offers us with a mirror into how all else, including our lives, can naturally thrive.

Wind is air in its active aspect. It represents the vital breath of the universe, or what I call Spirit or Source; the divine realm. It is the “fung” in the art and science of Feng Shui. Wind causes movement. Water is the “shui” and as shown, dependent on wind to move, but is also affected by the sun, the moon and the earth. It is akin to life itself. Nothing can thrive without it. It represents our life journey, the human spirit and our emotions.

Our breath is our “wind“ and how it flows is dictated by the available pathways or “ch’i” within us. Ch’i is our life force; it is how Spirit flows within us. A block in the flow of ch’i causes problems; when our breathing has a regular and easy rhythm we feel well. Thoughts and emotions regulate our breathing patterns and cause the biggest blockages. How we perceive a threat determines how easily we breathe. If we sense space, our inner channels are open and we flow like a calm stream.

Fear causes uneven pressure on our entire system. It is a thought not aligned with Spirit.

When fear appears as anger our system becomes blocked by heat. When fear shows up as depression, is like a weak wind gust; ripples appear on smooth water. As the sadness persists, we are overcome with emotional gusts that renders us powerless. The longer the wind blows on the open water of despair, the larger the waves of suffering.

The painting depicts the interrelatedness of the elements with a bright and colorful demeanor. We notice the winds’ patterns and acknowledge that they may change at any moment, but we do not fear it. The water flows smoothly in the middle ground offering a paradox. The bright colors in the foreground implying blossoms on swaying vegetation demand our attention. As we see the firm ground supporting the growth we can be amused by the movement and form created by the wind.

The more we contemplate Wind and Water, the alcohol inks painting on yupo featured here and that is beautifully framed, the more at peace we feel. In time, it becomes easier to look within but without fear, to explore what is behind our current divide.

Because we are interbeings, when we bring harmony to our world by using our thoughts to affect our wind and our water, we take a small step into bringing harmony to the entire planet! Buy the painting here!



Bliss Blossoms

Bliss Blossom by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Bliss Blossoms by Lidia Kenig-Scher

A state of happiness when we experience great joy; a sense of profound love:

B.l i.s.s.

Very busy with painting commissions, teaching and interior design work, I had been unable to set aside sustained time in my studio to just connect with Spirit and paint together.

On an unusually warm winter’s day I not only began a new painting but followed it with a lot of cleaning and organizing until quite late in the evening.   I should have suspected that something was afoot when I awoke at 3:30 AM but did not fret or tossed and turned. I accepted the perfection of the moment and immediately felt light, loved and loving. A sense of happiness enveloped me and in time, I felt asleep again, naturally waking a bit passed 7:30 AM.

In my journal I recorded how easy it was to enter the studio on such bright morning and start a new work. I left all mental machinations behind and opened to play. What I did not notice until today, was that on the night before I had asked for a way to understand Bliss, and that just before I fell asleep, I found a poem by Rumi…

Lose your head!

Not a single thread that has a head

can go through the eye of the needle.

I also did not know that on that night, the moon was on its first quarter phase, when its brightness was at 50% visibility from earth, marking exactly seven days before the full eclipse of a Super Red Wolf Moon!

But what I saw the next morning upon glancing at the unfinished painting left me speechless. Depicted was something akin to an Aurora. This is the natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of reddish or greenish lights in the sky, seen near dawn during the winter months on the southern and northern poles of the earth. Aurora Borealis are the northern lights and Aurora Australis are best observed by the South Pole. What was most unusual in the art were the countless blooming flowers; an unlikely find on the Arctic dawn.

The unfinished canvas sat in my bedroom for another week before I was ready to complete it, but memories of an all-around fulfilling and productive day, completing long overdue projects with ease and a sense of joy lingered and helped me turn in every night of that week feeling profound love.


I treasure my painting sessions for in creating I practice surrender and listen to the guidance of my heart.  I easily allow for surprises and the entire process brings me to a place of unabashed contentment.

I completed the painting on the morning of the eclipse, and then again cleaned my house, prepared for a special meditation of release and at night, from my bedroom window, I followed the path of the silvery moon until it was above the roof of my house, casting a ring of light around it captured by pristine snow on the ground.

Given the very cold night, I did not go outdoors when the earth’s shadow began to block the sun’s light, which otherwise reflects off the moon. Instead I watched the bright light dim until near total darkness diffused the landscape. I didn’t see the sun flecks that made the moon appear red. I instead visualized and internalized the process until I fell asleep.

When I awoke, I realized that I had lost all hearing from my left ear!


It was hard to miss the connection between the painting and its process, the intention I stated beforehand, the eclipse, an unusual cosmic occurrence and the sudden hearing loss. And it was to this connection that I relied upon as I navigated what I knew was a temporary physical event.

I contemplated the art to learn what was teaching me about experiencing bliss and consulted traditional medical resources and so-called alternative pathways to regain my hearing. It all pointed to an existential crossroads.

What did I need to shift and release to dwell in Bliss?

Answers came as I was ready to face and integrate them. Karmic events reflected in family issues appeared but to be seen in a different light. One morning I focused on the little blooms atop wiry stems quivering high in the sky within the painting, and realized that they depicted old fears surfacing. As soon as they were exposed for the stories they really were, they transformed into unexpected gifts: magnificent winter blossoms able to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Another day I looked intently at the sky I painted and learned more about what causes an Aurora event to happen and why it occurs mostly near the earth’s magnetic poles.  Essentially, powerful solar winds stemming from the sun’s own magnetic field push on the earth’s magnetic field, changing shape and thus squeezing and compressing said earth’s field. At the same time, the sun’s coronal mass ejects high voltage charged particles that can more easily penetrate the earth’s atmosphere at its poles. These speeding electrons collide and explode with the mixture of gas atoms that comprise the air we breathe, fueling the gases and causing them to release both light and more electrons.

An Aurora, a dawn spectacle is a magnificent and colorful array of movement best seen in the wee hours that triumphantly heralds a new day, a new beginning and maybe a new way to see life.  If we understand that “when a blade of grass is cut, the whole universe quivers”, then you can begin to see how I was guided to paint the picture I call Bliss Blossoms.


By the end of last week I was besieged by a powerful flu virus and was forced to completely surrender to my physical needs yet, I recovered most of my hearing ability!  

While I could hear better, I now could not speak racked by a sore throat and could only focus on containing my body’s coronal mass ejections. I continued to meditate and contemplate the painting to learn all that it was teaching me.

I now see that what I am experiencing is serving and mirrors the travails of all my fellow humans. I felt the eclipse’s vibration, one of introspection, reflection and release at my core, next I experienced diminished ability to hear, speak and even breathe well-a sinus infection and the probable physical cause of my deafness.

The illness provided me with time and a safe cover to shift to the consciousness of bliss.

Humanity is in deep need of introspection, reflection and release of old ego-based stories and attachments that divide us, diminish our capacity to experience lasting happiness and find us searching for love mostly in eventually unfulfilling circumstances. A shift will only happen through experiencing a powerful personal eclipse; a meaningful change in the way we perceive ourselves and our role in this lifetime, in how we perceive each other and the world we cohabitate.

My personal eclipse led me to dwell in bliss but before I understood it, I had to “lose my head”

As I journeyed through the situations that life provided me these past few weeks, I realized that the shutdown afforded me the opportunity to awake to a dawn unlike even the most amazing ones I see out of my bedroom window, thus I gave in.

 I surrendered impatience for what I didn’t yet have and allowed for the natural unfoldment of my desires into form. I placed trust in the perfection of each moment. I did not judge myself; I did not worry about my extensive to-do list, I slept when I felt the urge and I spent time in stillness, sometimes just following my breath; my wind, and at other times, I contemplated my unusual depiction of an Aurora.

Feeling open, curious and present, my quiet mind could more easily discern what I had magnetized, and I turned my focus on how I could manifest more of my goodness, my inner light in the world.  It became clear to me that the answer was in the act of creating.

If I experience bliss every time I paint, I can also live each life situation as it if were a fresh canvas!

As a result, I experienced a rather swift physical recovery, my to-do list was breezily managed, and it included releasing outgrown expectations of myself and others; noticing if my time commitments elicit a sense of well-being and joy, and looking at how these commitments connect to my path of service.

Personal creative time moved up to the top of my daily routine, for like meditation, it is my practice for living a wholesome life and fulfilling my path of service.


Out of my bedroom window the sight of a wondrous Aurora greeted me today. It is exactly a month since it all began, and it coincides with a complete moon cycle. My state is one of happiness; I am experiencing great joy. I turned my gaze to the painting and smiled at the icy field of violet flowers in vibrant bloom at the height of winter.

A sense of profound love erupted from deep within my core. I now knew bliss and recognized the flowers as Bliss Blossoms!

 Purchase Bliss Blossoms and install it in a room where you can lose your head and enter a state of happiness when you experience great joy; a sense of profound love. It is also a good idea to let others to see it too!

In Alignment with the Heart

Aligned with the Heart by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Aligned with the Heart by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Ahhh, what a wonderful year just ended!

What began with a fall on black ice and a concussion followed by sheer bewilderment while carrying out the simplest of tasks, unfolded and culminated in an array of fortunate events, fruitful lessons, a total energy shift and a feeling of peace.

A few of my long-time clients pulled me back into creating successful interiors in beautiful places near and far away and I learned new ways to deliver good design. Some asked me to design furniture and commissioned paintings and I practiced with diverse ways of painting from the heart. Others simply called to relay the impact my artworks and the interiors I created had on their lives and my eyes filled with tears of joy. More people now own Door Protectors and report awesome results and I felt grateful. My students not only created beautiful artworks, but a few began painting professionally and held successful exhibits. My heart expanded at these gifts of grace.

At the spiritual level the shift was also remarkable. In awe I witnessed many more events having not only positive effects on me, but on those around me. Last January I pledged to look within to fully uncover my light and as usual, I did this through the practice of meditation and intuitive painting. As I immersed myself in the process of creating new paintings for a Spring exhibit I consciously invited Divine Light to merge in my heart and then allow it to shimmer and shine all around me. I began to feel good even when faced with what I normally would deem negatively. Gratitude at the simplest things became a way of life.

In the process, I became a better human and had a very successful solo art exhibit. I also can proudly state that I know happiness and that I am blessed.

When the light in our hearts is fully turned on, we leave behind conscious and unconscious prisons of the mind; fear dies, worry is in the past and love takes over unabashedly in the here and now. We begin to trust that Life has our back, assistance coated in unconditional love is always available and the right circumstances open up. Help shows up in unexpected places and a cheering crowd applauds when we most need it.

As we become present to the miraculous beauty that seeks to live through us, as us and for the benefit of all humanity, we are grace and are in grace; we are aligned with the Divine Light that lives within our hearts.

Aligned with the Heart is a painting I created to depict my fruitful year of learning and good fortune and celebrate all of you who are in my life. It is a small alcohol inks on yupo that packs a lot of light and plenty of happy blessings. I would be honored if you purchase it here.

And Happy New Year 2019!!!



Judgements-The Disease of the Mind

Judgments by Lidia Kenig (c) 2018
Judgments by Lidia Kenig (c) 2018

 When I contemplated this painting for what it was teaching me, I was initially attracted by the bright colors and rich textures, but when I moved past the glitz, I saw that it reflected recent experiences of being judged and judging. As such, I welcomed the opportunity to move through the initial emotional reaction and its delusional nature to see the actual gifts.

I think I was triggered by the cluster of shapes on the left side being offset by the very organic, plant-like form on the right. This was indeed a sign of separateness. But it was the tightness of the cluster with the bright red on top that stopped me on my tracks. It implied righteousness-as when we angrily judge another who appears to have disappointed us.

I reached into my heart and touched my recent sting! Yet I knew that there is a choice in how we interpret judgments others make about us. If we allow our ego to sprint with the emotions, we all lose. If we step back and reflect, we may accept the judgment as a karmic gift; an opportunity to heal the situation the judgment revealed and grow by releasing what we learned from our subconscious.

And relationships hold the richest lessons. Our inter-beingness coupled with mindfulness provide the mirror we can use to notice what has come up for healing.  This is a shared yet very individual opportunity; for we are each on our own personal journey to enlightenment.

When we are the ones who judge and notice it, we would be wise to remember that “whoever judges others digs a pit for themselves.” (Buddha) The moment we set ourselves apart from others through judgment, we plant seeds that will eventually blossom as negative experiences in the future.

When in the painting I looked more closely at the red drips in the middle of the cluster, it appears to purposely reach out to touch the separate one on the right.  To me, it depicts very prescient life situations our society is grappling with. We not only dislike those we disagree with and judge them as incorrect; we work very hard to point out their wrongness, elevate our rightness and use our judgments to shame them into conforming. In the process, we forfeit our authenticity, neglect to see what is possible, relinquish self-trust and discernment and give up on inner peace.

A sixth Century Chinese Chan (Zen) text calls judgments, “the disease of the mind”.

Looking at all phenomena through the lenses of “like” and “dislike”, keeps us from seeing the whole picture, in other words, to practice discernment. When we encounter a life situation and examine it with a child’s demeanor, we are able to understand what has appeared and can make sound decisions. Acknowledging that we are upset or delighted and be willing to move freely between attraction and aversion, or praise and blame, without attaching to one view or another, helps us not only to be spiritually and emotionally richer; it does bring wholeness and peace.

And it is through wholeness that we find the peace of God, “which surpasses all understanding, and will guard our hearts and minds…” (Philippians 4:7)

Purchasing this painting will help you to understand the differences between judging and discerning, and will serve as a reminder of the choices you have when being judged or when you judge others, including yourself. It will teach you to trust Life. Additionally, its color palette will brighten any space!

To buy it, go to, Judgments

Dancing to the Rhythm of Joy

The Rhythm of Joy by Lidia Kenig-Scher
The Rhythm of Joy by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The night before, I fell asleep bathed in the full Buck Moon shining brightly through my bedroom window. Yet it was still dark when I awoke and decided to go for a walk on the bike path. I arrived at a clearing just as the sun was peeking over the horizon and I could still see the stars being rapidly swallowed by the fiery splendor.

I leaned against a rock to marvel at the spectacle.

Everything appeared so sharp; the colors seemed brighter and the sky more spacious. I could clearly hear the fullness of nature’s silence and noticed that it mirrored my mood and the rhythm of my beating heart.

A palpable energy shift was unfolding. I felt lucky, invincible and powerful as I walked back home, keenly focused on every breath and on every step.

Two days later I turned a significant age milestone.

Perhaps I was buoyed by the love of my family and friends who joyously feted me with month-long impromptu celebrations. Maybe I was inspired by the last of the parties that took place on a gorgeous summer day where moments of beauty, love and joy intermingled as if it were divine music, when a week later I began this painting.

I went into the studio after my customary meditation…just breathing…just being.

As I started to paint, a sunrise began to appear on the canvas, and when the first session was over I noticed on the left, the precious moment I had witnessed earlier; the time when night and stars give way to the powerful light of the sun.

Once more, it took my breath away. I leaned against a chair and marveled at the spectacle.

When the sky and the ground were completed, I began painting random dots on the foreground but soon I became again engrossed in the sky’s beauty. Another day I was guided to mix red, purple, yellow and green with a palette knife and began to feverishly apply it over the dotted images. By the end of the session, the manic palette dabs shaped themselves into silhouettes and over the next couple of days, dancing figures appeared while haphazard markings made with a gold leaf pen defined the moving bodies.

Upon completion, I leaned on the meditation cushion and marveled at the spectacle.

Everything was now sharp; the colors were bright and the sky looked quite spacious. I could clearly see that the fullness of nature’s silence mirrored my mood and the rhythm of my beating heart; The Rhythm of Joy!

I invite you to Purchase the painting, or a print now and begin to shift your energy to The Rhythm of Joy

Let me know how it went.



Boundless by Lidia Kenig, 201+6
Boundless by Lidia Kenig (c) 2016

If life is a journey without fear, you may hesitate at some of the turns, but move forward because you know that the new sights will be filled with goodness.

Moving as if you were boundless, you see the lights of possibility everywhere.

When you can walk on the road humming your own tune and liking the sound you are making; you are indeed boundless.

As you saunter knowing that “life loves you”, to coin the title of a little book by Louise Hay and Robert Holden, what you find as you turn right or veer left, is exactly what you need to make your meal bundle.

Even if you are not easily contented finding berries and nuts to make your lunch; you are boundless. For being easily satisfied comes from the smallness within that is powered by fear and it is of our own making.

You may feel apprehension and even right down distaste at whom or what you may encounter; but regardless of the choice you make, the alchemist in you can turn lead into real gold, just by choosing how to view the event.

Life is actually a boundless blank canvas with unlimited potential.

Some of my students are eager to work on the largest canvas, while others only want the smallest possible size. Each group seems to be missing the richness of experiencing the tiniest moments in total boundlessness. As you can see in the painting above; much is going on in a 12” x 12” size.

Tackling life’s canvas as boundless arises from the intensity of knowing that any obstacles can be embraced and transformed by the clarity of our inner light. This adventurous spirit is cultivated in the fertile ground of meditation practice.

The painting I created using alcohol based inks and enamel reminds me of the way I like to travel my life’s roads. I tend to tackle the trip feeling boundless, starting without a solid map, and knowing that when night falls, I can always turn on the intense fire of inquiry, examine what I collected on the day’s path and close my eyes knowing that what I could not solve on that night will be made clearer by sunrise.

I invite you to purchase this little canvas, as it is packed with wisdom, bright colors, and plenty of light, to inspire you as you begin to see your personal road as a boundless adventure.

Go to Boundless now!

Piercing Densities

Piercng Densities-Progress Painting By Lidia Kenig Scher
Piercng Densities-Progress Painting By Lidia Kenig Scher

While there are myriads of weight loss programs, books and exercise gurus clamoring to help us lose weight, the real issue is one of piercing into the density accumulated by thoughts and emotions that contributed to carrying a large body. This density affects not just how we look physically, but many more aspects of our life.

I do not discount the value of programs, books, gurus and the impact of exercising, monitoring eating, counseling and the rest. Yet some people succeed at reducing body mass and most struggle for years. I am part of the latter group and last week I decided to ponder and pierce my densities by asking my heart to help me shine the light on it through painting. I am hoping that my processes can help others see through and conquer their densities for good.

If you have been following my musings, you know that a painting session is preceded by tea and meditation. It is during these preliminary activities, that I sometimes sense a theme ready for exploration. Eventually I walk into the studio without thoughts, unwrap a new canvas and move to select colors, look around for other possible media and finally sit in front of the pristinely stretched fabric until something moves me to the next step.

Over the course of this work’s first painting session, a wide brush caused a large black shape to appear. It was indeed dense yet dynamic. I poured some alcohol on the form as if trying to dissolve it. Alcohol separates the paint, creating lines, or shapes, depending on how it is applied thus revealing the layers underneath. A bright turquoise blue was added, as if to bring in the vastness of sky, coupled with swaths of soft pink to include the perspective of a sunrise, dripping through the “blob”. Some deep red marks showed up just before the canvas was left on a table to dry.

During the next meditation I contemplated that the black density needed to be more decisively impacted, so the red marks became an amorphous shape with circles, the soft pink took on a deeper tint, closer to magenta, and the circles began to house pink spirals, aimed at transforming the dense blackness. Yellow made its appearance to add the clarity of light, and then… a small gold shape I found on the floor, simply flew on to the canvas. Noticing that the paper had a distinct heart shape, I saw it as a clue that love had a lot to do with piercing, and maybe transforming or dissolving the densities in my body.

On the following meditation session, I observed that the new colors and shapes seemed to lie on top of the blackness. None of what I had added seem yet to go in deeply. Mmm…I honored my feelings; I accepted the pain, allowed tears to roll and resolved to bring more light into the fears that created the density and fueled its growth. A deeper yellow was added and some of the spirals got a foil surface, indicating that transformation was indeed at work.

Piercing Densities by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
Piercing Densities by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

After a lunch break I felt eager to get back to work. More hearts where added, using enamel gold paint, which after it dries, creates beautiful textures, indicating that sources of love are all around me, yet not from where I crave it. This craving created the pain that became a dense body afraid of deserving love. My new vision, symbolized by splashes of bright green paint, included a huge dose of self-love and self-forgiveness. The center shape became a stand-in for a beating heart infused with so much love and so much light that it truly pierced the black density.

The light infused spirals helped me realize that holding on to how I wished my past to be, kept me from seeing the abundance of love that I have now. It also promoted the same sense of scarcity in many areas of my life. As diluted black paint began to move beyond the center form, I knew I was on to truly piercing and slowly dissolving the pain and begin accepting the past as a crucial part of my life path.  Releasing it enables me to allow love, abundance and joy.

This 30” x 30” painting is available to inspire and transform. Purchase the original or well-priced prints by clicking on Piercing Densities.

Have an awesome week,


The Contents of My Mind

The Contents Of My Mind by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Contents of My Mind © by Lidia Kenig Scher, 2013

I recently attended a silent retreat which culminated in reading a portion of seminal work by a well-known Buddhist teacher. This last session was optional, so I assumed that we were all interested in the contents…I was mistaken. We were all interested in spilling out the contents of our minds!

During the day, we had all respected the silence. There was no evidence of turmoil anywhere. Incense, natural daylight filtered through the windows and quiet permeated the meditation hall. When we assembled for the reading event, we could hear the rustle of books and the arranging of our belongings before the leader reminded us of the “etiquette” for the session. Well…we could not wait for the person whose turn was to read a few paragraphs, to make our statements. Our minds have had enough of the silence! At various times, the leader gently suggested breathing quietly for two minutes to no avail. The next paragraphs were followed by comments that veered to whatever one of us wanted to teach or say, as if we were reading ten or fifteen other books. We missed the powerful message available in the text we had originally chosen to share. Mercifully, some people closer to the exit started leaving, which left those of us further in to reflect on what happens when we allow the mind to run our lives, instead of playing a supporting role.

Spending time in silence is a technique meant to create space for us to observe how our minds work, so we can use the learning when we do not have the space to reflect and act on phenomena with total presence and in gentler ways. The painting above depicts a day in the meditation hall, when we have time to notice that as we hear noise, we want to assign meaning. We can see how we grasp unto thoughts which have no relevance at the moment, simply because we cannot act on them where we are. We watch the play and replay of situations that occurred in the past and are laden with emotions. We contemplate that we even add new emotions to what no longer exists. With nothing to do, we also indulge in the useless forecasting of events which are yet to manifest. The mind is always running. Its motor never runs out of fuel.

The ego continuously refills the mind with indiscriminate ranting, arguments, opinions and raves that have no basis on reality. At the end of the day of silence the group was forced to learn the greatest lesson; the mind is meant to serve us and not run our lives. When we could not hear the contents of the book we chose to read, we missed its nugget of wisdom; our inherent basic goodness.

There is in us a basic goodness we are born with, wrote the author, and from this basic goodness and with light heartedness and compassion we can resolve to use what we learned and notice when we are keeping ourselves from living in the reality we are in. Had we been present to the book’s message, we may have discovered a new idea to solve some of the conundrums we felt must be resolved on that day. We may have also discovered that what we wrestled with did not really exist outside of our minds. In The Sun Rises in the Evening, Osho says that if we just sit and write down, even for a few minutes whatever passes through our minds, we will understand and be surprised by what goes on inside of it. “It remains in the background”, he writes, “it is constantly there, it surrounds you like a cloud. With this cloud you cannot know reality; you cannot attain to spiritual perception…the cloud is not interested in you, remember it.” The people who quietly and sheepishly walked out into the fresh air in the early evening remembered it.

The Contents of My Mind is a 9” x 12” mixed media on paper. You can purchase it by clicking here and work with it as a tool to meditate and practice accepting and releasing the sound of the wind, the noise of the cars passing through, the flight of the birds, the busy bees, the now, the then and the waves of time passing you by. You can learn to be softer, to be grateful to your mind for working with you and enlist the help of the ego in putting forth the basic goodness that is in each of us. Or you can simply hang it in your favorite reading spot!

Have a great week everyone.

The Grateful Heart Alters the People

TheGrateful Heart Alters the People_LidiaScherArt

The second mixed media on paper came about as I looked deeply into the original photograph and began to notice more things in the landscape I had seen through the heart crystal in my window. This cool and gray day offered more possibilities to understand the Heart Sutra and explore gratefulness. I printed another photograph, a bit larger this time and gazed upon the image for a while.

I mentally transported myself to the warmer days and the people and animals that had graced the space, seating around a small table and feeling blessed. A dog walker would stop by and admire the blooms, or make a comment on a particular arrangement and the interaction would extend beyond the simple pleasantries and into a deeper, more meaningful conversation. Mugs of tea or coffee were exchanged over a discussion on my dreams and theirs. Home baked muffins came in the day after noticing how the flowers just bloom, or how incipient weeds need to be pulled at the stake, and then mulch thickly. The muffin recipe was copied for someone else who remarked about how even with the rich mulch, we still needed to be vigilant, for sometimes the mulch had seeds of weeds within it. Her friend added that much like with our thoughts, we need to watch the invasive life suckers!

In the over 12 years I lived in this house, I never met so many neighbors, nor connected with so many strangers as this past spring and summer. I hosted wonderful small gatherings, all marked by the ease and joy of being in the land. That is how I named the previous artwork. I was grateful for the small encounters, the flowers, the trees and bushes, the birds, butterflies, insects, squirrels and even a couple of skunks. I know the power of thoughts and saw how mine and the joy others felt and shared, seemed to help the ecosystem flourish. I saw that a grateful heart truly alters the land. In this second piece I wanted to focus on how we become grateful and affect each other. In the studio, I discovered that it is truly a matter of transformation.

Nature is always there, being simply… natural. The bud does not ask anyone if it is ready to bloom. The tree does not look at its neighbor and compare heights. Water follows the path of least resistance, only stopping until it overflows its container. The rest of nature accommodates and thrives around it. The birds make nests in the most interesting places, as do bees and other insects and creatures. None asks human permission to thrive, nor do they ask each other. No part of nature asks the other how the weather is, nor criticizes the other’s form. Nature seems happy. Humans on the other hand, seem to need to work at being happy. If we notice what it’s naturally occurring around us, we seem to get it and it rubs off. But we humans have to notice it. However, we can only notice it when we engage in mimicking nature’s behavior, and use our thoughts to elicit emotions yielding to what we call gratefulness.

Gratefulness arises when we become aware that everything, including us is a gift. When our hearts feel full in appreciation of this gift, and of our role in this gift giving feast, something magic happens; we are changed and we change each other. Being in a state of gratefulness is easy to share love, joy, recipes, mulching tips, laughter, time, and offer to help one another without possessiveness, attachment or expectations for returned favors. When we use the common phrase “it comes from the heart”, it truly is. It comes from the energy center within our bodies, the fourth chakra, appropriately called the heart center, which is located in the upper part of our chest, close to the organ with the same name.

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto vividly shows in the The Miracle of Water, 2007-Atria Books, that our thoughts are so powerful, we can physically affect the molecules of water and clean a polluted lake. If we can change one of nature’s gifts by using our thoughts, we can affect each other and the whole of the Universe. It is truly transformational. Yes, we have to work at it.

In this piece, I conveyed the concept of a Big Heart field by printing the heart closer, appearing larger and the people rather small. I scattered the playful and funny characters evoking children’s joyfulness and how they in turn affect the heart of the world. I show this in the clarity and sparkling nature of the lower part of the heart, transforming the darkness above toward the light of the sun. The point of transformation, or when “we notice”, gives birth to a giant butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Or our former constricted self giving way to the freedom of a grateful heart and the pure light of love that truly alters the people. The people are now free to dance about joyfully.

Where there is joy and love, there can be no war or discontent. Dr Sharron Stroud, 1991-1992 International Woman of the Year states that “…when we realize that all life operates on a vibrational frequency of energy [we see that] the energy that we bring to life is the same energy that returns to us.”

This piece will be loaded on to upon the posting of this entry. I encourage you to look deeply into your state of gratefulness and see what work you may still need to do to alter the molecules of water 🙂

Your questions and comments are always gratefully received. Today, go out and alter each other and the land around you!