The Great Release

The Great Release by Lidia Kenig

I often liken painting with being immersed in God, because when I am in the studio, it appears that the Universe orchestrates a joyful dance with the materials and processes so that the right procedure, the perfect color delivered in the perfect way, lands on a canvas without my physical involvement.

It may sound otherworldly, but I often feel like a puppet on a string, except that the strings are made up of pure light, and as painting progresses, light pours out in all directions, but I become the one generating it.  If I were to describe the overall emotion, I would call it love.

The studio is my happy place where I love openly and where I feel unconditionally loved. It is where, with unabashed trust I allow colors, textures and images to appear on the canvas. It is where I practice trusting life.

Thus, I was not surprised at the images in the completed canvas when I began the post painting meditation. I saw a bright sunrise above a fiery earth, facing a deep blue ocean below. Perhaps there are buildings in the distance, but there are no people about in this slice of Summertime.

My slice of summer was bittersweet. Long held traditions ended and relationships shifted or expired, yet I had many rewarding experiences reconnecting with old clients, successfully designing residential spaces, serendipitously finding places to exhibit artworks, attracting painting commissions and receiving heartfelt testimonials about my art and my designed interiors.  Like when I create, I was deeply present to what landed on my life canvas and in meditation, I reflected on the emotions that emerged and the people and situations that provoked the feelings.

I felt like I was being carried into a new life cycle, and consciously allowed all of it to coexist by trusting in its inherent rightness. As such, on the second meditation, I considered that the “fiery earth” I originally saw in the painting, could also be looked at as the very precious antique cloth that is my life.

I can’t prove that we have had many lives and accumulated what in Buddhism is called karma, which ripens in each lifetime. I noticed that not all the experiences and people that show up in our present life are a product of our thoughts and deeds in this life. Some seem to come from some other place and time. We can see strong patterns operating in people’s lives that can either help them grow in a supportive way or challenges them to become stronger. In all cases, when we become aware of these threads, often through meditation, that seem to run our lives and take inspired action, we gain much wisdom and can lead very fulfilling lives.

In my first meditation with the painting, I saw a starry sky receding to make way for the light of the sun. The land below is still smoldering from ravaging fires above the great ocean. The wind helps the ashes and debris to fly off into the ether. The bits blowing away depict the things, people, relationships, thoughts, emotions and life patterns being released from the mind, which is represented by the landscape. The rising tide washes away the last bits of live fire as a new day begins. The sun shines upon the parched land, spreading bits of light to help the ashes transform eventually into fertile soil.

On another day meditating with the painting, I focused on the textured “land” and began to see it as precious antique tapestry. All my life experiences, my mishaps and my triumphs in this or any other lifetimes have given my soul much material from which to create the rich cloth that is my life now and that could not have existed without such journey. Yet, in time, some threads on the cloth wear out and must be discarded because they no longer provide a viable structure to the tapestry. A good restorer can seamlessly weave new threads, place the worn-out ones into the recycle bin and lovingly return the cloth to its original glory.

I looked at the difficult changes that occurred this summer as worn out threads that needed to leave my life. In emptying the recycle bin I saw an opportunity to release old emotional baggage and lovingly weave new patterns into my life tapestry.  I appreciate what I learned from the outworn threads and admire the beauty and power of the parts that remain. Its overall stability accepts the new strength being provided by new material and trusts that, restored to its brilliance, it will gracefully carry me into a new life cycle!

I recently shared this painting, but not my interpretations with several clients as a meditation. In most cases, the revelations were quite powerful; all had to do with letting go of old patterns of thought!

The Great Release invites you to look within and let go of what no longer makes your life tapestry strong. Isn’t time to weave the shiny new threads to carry you, as if by magic into your best life?

Call it self-love and take inspired action; find the painting’s purchase options here in, The Great Release.


Just Watching

Just watching by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Just Watching by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Awoke with a sense of deep sadness I could not shake in meditation.

Looking for a change in perspective, I considered driving to the beach, sit on the sand and simply watch the waves crash and kiss the sky. Taking in the sheer vastness of such spectacle, hearing the wind catch my wayward thoughts and allow them to drown in the choppy waters would surely be a powerful healing experience.

While I was eager to feel the warmth of the sun and bear witness to a new day dawning, when I pulled open the shades, out of my window I could only see thick clouds and a steady raw drizzle.

No, sitting on the cushion would not do for today, so I moved into the studio to paint what I needed to experience.

It was powerfully healing.

Alcohol inks and a white tile were on one of the tables waiting to be put away, after the past weekend’s successful workshop.

I smiled recognizing Spirit’s hand in all of it.

As I poured blue ink on the tile, I felt the whoosh of the wind and heard the roaring of the waves. When the cool morning yellow strip was in place, I began to see the sun pushing the rose and gray cloud cover away, unveiling the clear blue sky above it and lovingly warming my body.

The little red buoy gave me joy.

Nora Copeland said that “storms always lose to the sun”, a reminder that what I was feeling, albeit deeply painful now, would give way to an acceptance of what I cannot change, and provide me with the clarity to paint a new story.

While I could have gone on the web and breathed slowly while gazing at beach sunrises anywhere in the world, the experience of painting my own was indeed transformative.

The inks are very fluid and unpredictable, thus, absolute presence is required to contain and direct their flow. Every cell in my body was involved in moving the rapidly drying liquid with the tools I used to create the scene.

Such power is embedded in the art now, and when I look at it, I can affirm the new perspective, transmute the sadness and invite Love in all its colors.

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A Chain of Seemingly Insurmountable Mountains

Door Protector HL by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Door Protector HL by Lidia Kenig-Scher


Creating a Door Protector for this family was rather easy. I was first invited for a Feng Shui consultation some 10 years before and over the decade, I visited the husband’s workplace, helped the wife to carve a personal space within the home, re-arranged the children’s bedrooms, spiced up the master bedroom, changed the color of the family room and eventually participated in a house and garden major renovation that caused the property to grow from a “Feng Shui nightmare” into a warm and loving environment that supported everyone’s growth.

The husband is a well-recognized and admired business leader, a consultant to powerful organizations and a highly praised published author. The wife is a true renaissance woman. A successful entrepreneur, she is an accomplished ceramic artist who engages her pottery and the vibrational energy of crystal bowls to facilitate healing. This dynamic woman is also a 4-time best-selling author!

A couple of years ago, the family was going through a rough patch and I was called for the “Feng Shui tune up” that led to commissioning the door protector.

The silhouette of a sinuous mountain range with the sun peeking over the gentle yet solid shapes seemed the appropriate metaphor to convey the family’s need for stability and hope. The powerful Wish Granting Wheel Mantra appears to form out of the sunlight blurring the separation between night and day, as if to indicate that in life, darkness and light are equally powerful gifts.

A full moon mirror on one side provides for the crystal clarity born out of introspection. The North Star on the opposite side serves as a source of wisdom and guidance helping the dwellers to always find the best way to move forward in trying times. Mustard seeds are meant to dispel negativity. Placed at the end of the mantra, it implies that if the family follows the principles of ethical living, with kindness and compassion, climbing life’s hills and peaks could turn into gentle gliding journeys.

Door Protector Installed and its Proud Owner
Door Protector Installed and its Proud Owner

The day we installed the art above the door, one of the sons was convalescing from ACL replacement surgery and experienced a nasty rash on his whole leg that was defying all forms of treatment. After we installed the door protector, they “discovered” a treatment that worked effectively. The daughter had been sick with the flu and by that night, her fever had broken and she was on the road to recovery

Since then, the husband wrote a very influential book aimed to help people improve their leadership skills and build great organizations. The publishing of Ingaging Leadership by Evan Hackel in August 2014 was met with enormous success.

Meanwhile in May 2015, Laura Zak Hackel published The Energy of Healing, the first of 4 best-selling books edited by Erica Glessing.

In Laura’s words, since the door protector was installed, “the house just felt right. It is expansive and open and I feel safe”.

Laura Zak and Evan Hackel along with their high school daughter and 2 successful young men in their 20’s enjoy life and like sharing their goodness with family, friends, clients and strangers. They cheerily encourage you to purchase an embellished canvas wrapped print of their door protector and experience its full power.

Allow the mantra’s teachings and all the symbols to inform your path in life, see the way forward with more clarity, and sense the North Star’s illuminating the way out of a chain of seemingly insurmountable mountains.

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A Well-Built Hut

Burak Door Protector by Lidia Kenig
Burak Door Protector by Lidia Kenig

This door protector was commissioned by a warm, caring and loving couple, parents to two teenagers. The art installed above their front door, on the inside was imbued with wishes for good health, peace, grace, success, abundance, ease and kindness for everyone in the family and to likewise affect all who pass under it.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra, also called the Wish Granting Wheel Mantra prominently featured in the art, is an important tool for reaching enlightenment in the Buddhist Mahayana tradition, of which Tibetan and Zen practices are a part of. Mahayana Buddhism is rooted in the basic teachings of the historical Buddha, and emphasizes the individual search for liberation from the cycle of samsara (birth, death, rebirth…). While Zen Buddhism tends to focus on meditation to bring out the essential Buddha nature, Tibetan Buddhism relies on rituals, and initiations centered on mantras, yogic techniques and meditations, with the ultimate goal of becoming a conduit for the divine to establish heaven on earth and achieve liberation for all.

This is the mission of the Bodhisattvas; human beings committed to the attainment of enlightenment for the sake of others.

Yearning to be of such service I faced the daunting task, furnished with pure motives and visual arts skills. I added my long and fruitful Feng Shui consultancy and interior design talent, and all paved the way to help homeowners and businesses create well-built physical environments conducive to optimal growth.

These environments are quite successful. They earn more money, have less employee turnover; people love their homes and all enjoy going to work. But those who display my artwork seem to be even happier and more satisfied.

About five years ago I was unable to readily travel to assist a client with a difficult home and business situation. Meditating on ways I could help her sooner, the Wish Fulfilling Mantra, hanging above my door, appeared as the divine solution I proposed.

I was privileged to be given this mantra by Geshe Tsulga-Ven. Tsultrim Chophel, when he was the resident teacher at Kurukulla Center in Medford, MA, and during a teaching on “building a powerful hut”. It was then that I understood the value of using all my life experiences to grow character, discipline, acceptance, non-attachment, loving-kindness, respect for all life, and joy, as a prerequisite to have all my wishes fulfilled.

OM PAD MO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT, written in Tibetan as in this and all the sacred art I call door protectors, is a powerful set of ancient syllables, believed to have been taught by the Buddha Shakyamuni in the “The Sutra of Hut Construction” which, besides containing general instructions on how to build meditative virtues to construct a well-built inner house, it gives the explicit direction to place this mantra over the doorway, so that all who walk under it may be blessed.

The esoteric knowledge surrounding the mantra appears to have been lost, yet the exoteric teaching still remains. Lama Zopa, Rinpoche considers it one of the “five great mantras” and recites it while visualizing its energy pattern, to grant enormous blessings for purifying water, healing negative karma and ensuring auspicious rebirths. He says that “anyone who goes under this mantra gets one thousand eons of negative karma purified… the whole family [will] have long life, health and prosperity…all wishes will be fulfilled according to the Holy Dharma.”

That first client had indeed all her wishes fulfilled, and many others, including me, experienced amazing results since that fateful day. Their stories are told in several blog posts since 2014, when I began to collect testimonials- see Door Protector Stories

The mantra is inscribed above a rising sun, in the art installed a month ago and crowned by a Selenite crystal. Lotus blossoms containing additional Selenites, instill the piece with a conduit of connection to our higher selves. The Azurite crystal in the bottom center is placed to assist everyone in making insightful decisions and for noticing truthfulness in their interactions. Everywhere there are symbols of transformation, joy, and ease within the waters of self-reflection propelled by a sense of adventure to find the jewels of learning from life’s difficulties.

This art will support each family member as they build a strong inner house. The visual symbols will continually broadcast powerful signals for the best way to do it.

Why call the art Door Protectors? Because they protect and benefit all who come through the threshold of a well-built hut! Order yours here.

The Shaman’s Jewels

The Shaman's Jewels by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Shaman’s Jewels (c) by Lidia Kenig Scher

An incredibly bright sunrise illuminates the path of the Shaman as she runs up the mountain. Her cape is fully open and emblazoned with precious jewels, symbolizing that she has precious wisdom to share with the people who await her. She is a wise mystic, who after a dark night of the soul has come through aided by the intense fire of inquiry to greet the sun and exchange pure light with Spirit. As a teacher, she is able to ground this light on to the earth and help it to spread in order to invite others to heal and grow. For as she distributes her jewels to the crowd, each one transforms into the crystal that each life student will need to grow and like her, walk in integrity with her purpose.

The 30” x 30” mixed media on canvas is the representation of a shamanic journey I undertook seeking guidance on how to move forward on the next adventure in my life’s path. During the journey, I was invited to dance and sing and then easily fall into the peace and joy of silence and total presence. As I had started the top of the painting prior to journeying, I asked my guides to show me what was below the sunrise. The path to Sacred Mountain appeared ahead, and the majestic Eagle who had guided me thus far, placed on my shoulders a gorgeous bejeweled cape topped with his feathers. I understood that I had earned the right to come to this mountain by being grateful for all I had learned and by honoring my gifts and talents. It was time to share the love, the singing and the dancing of my life with those who are simply waiting with their open hearts.

I understood that teaching is the path I am guided to follow when a beautiful wolf appeared carrying a bag to help me spread the jewels to the crowd, and witness their transformation into brushes, or pens or books, or music sheets, or ballet shoes, and on and on. In Native American folklore the Wolf is the symbol for the teacher. I knew exactly how to finish the painting and I knew what I needed to do next.
The next morning I completed the cape of the Shaman and her Jewels and crowned the glorious and fiery hair with silvery mica pieces to indicate that the connection to Spirit was complete and that the guidance would be heeded; the Eagle is the connection to Spirit.

The painting is available to guide you on your journey to Sacred Mountain and help you open your hearts to receive whatever jewel you need to begin the new adventure in your personal journey. The original and very well priced blessed reproductions are available now by clicking on The Shaman’s Jewels. Maybe your mother can appreciate the beauty and power of the painting?

Have an awesome week. I love to read your comments and experiences in discovering how to get on to your next life adventure!

The Soft Eyes

The Soft Eyes
The Soft Eyes © Lidia Kenig Scher, 2013

I like sitting on the banks of the Charles River looking toward the Boston coast line with the soft eyes of meditation.

In this state, I merge with the landscape, yet I am aware and fully present to the sound of the water, the chirping of birds and the rustle of the trees on this windy morning.

It could be any other place, you know. Any waterway will do, or a landscape.

With my soft eyes it could be winter, fall, summer or spring.

I breathe in the rising sun and breathe out the ripples on the water. I breathe in and pause, fill my lungs with wonderment and breathe out peace.

I breathe in the soft dew of the early hours and breathe out the serenity of just this precious moment.

I like looking through the soft eyes. It makes me feel whole.

Painting is available for purchase here . Gift yourself by practicing seeing with The Soft Eyes