The Great Release

The Great Release by Lidia Kenig

I often liken painting with being immersed in God, because when I am in the studio, it appears that the Universe orchestrates a joyful dance with the materials and processes so that the right procedure, the perfect color delivered in the perfect way, lands on a canvas without my physical involvement.

It may sound otherworldly, but I often feel like a puppet on a string, except that the strings are made up of pure light, and as painting progresses, light pours out in all directions, but I become the one generating it.  If I were to describe the overall emotion, I would call it love.

The studio is my happy place where I love openly and where I feel unconditionally loved. It is where, with unabashed trust I allow colors, textures and images to appear on the canvas. It is where I practice trusting life.

Thus, I was not surprised at the images in the completed canvas when I began the post painting meditation. I saw a bright sunrise above a fiery earth, facing a deep blue ocean below. Perhaps there are buildings in the distance, but there are no people about in this slice of Summertime.

My slice of summer was bittersweet. Long held traditions ended and relationships shifted or expired, yet I had many rewarding experiences reconnecting with old clients, successfully designing residential spaces, serendipitously finding places to exhibit artworks, attracting painting commissions and receiving heartfelt testimonials about my art and my designed interiors.  Like when I create, I was deeply present to what landed on my life canvas and in meditation, I reflected on the emotions that emerged and the people and situations that provoked the feelings.

I felt like I was being carried into a new life cycle, and consciously allowed all of it to coexist by trusting in its inherent rightness. As such, on the second meditation, I considered that the “fiery earth” I originally saw in the painting, could also be looked at as the very precious antique cloth that is my life.

I can’t prove that we have had many lives and accumulated what in Buddhism is called karma, which ripens in each lifetime. I noticed that not all the experiences and people that show up in our present life are a product of our thoughts and deeds in this life. Some seem to come from some other place and time. We can see strong patterns operating in people’s lives that can either help them grow in a supportive way or challenges them to become stronger. In all cases, when we become aware of these threads, often through meditation, that seem to run our lives and take inspired action, we gain much wisdom and can lead very fulfilling lives.

In my first meditation with the painting, I saw a starry sky receding to make way for the light of the sun. The land below is still smoldering from ravaging fires above the great ocean. The wind helps the ashes and debris to fly off into the ether. The bits blowing away depict the things, people, relationships, thoughts, emotions and life patterns being released from the mind, which is represented by the landscape. The rising tide washes away the last bits of live fire as a new day begins. The sun shines upon the parched land, spreading bits of light to help the ashes transform eventually into fertile soil.

On another day meditating with the painting, I focused on the textured “land” and began to see it as precious antique tapestry. All my life experiences, my mishaps and my triumphs in this or any other lifetimes have given my soul much material from which to create the rich cloth that is my life now and that could not have existed without such journey. Yet, in time, some threads on the cloth wear out and must be discarded because they no longer provide a viable structure to the tapestry. A good restorer can seamlessly weave new threads, place the worn-out ones into the recycle bin and lovingly return the cloth to its original glory.

I looked at the difficult changes that occurred this summer as worn out threads that needed to leave my life. In emptying the recycle bin I saw an opportunity to release old emotional baggage and lovingly weave new patterns into my life tapestry.  I appreciate what I learned from the outworn threads and admire the beauty and power of the parts that remain. Its overall stability accepts the new strength being provided by new material and trusts that, restored to its brilliance, it will gracefully carry me into a new life cycle!

I recently shared this painting, but not my interpretations with several clients as a meditation. In most cases, the revelations were quite powerful; all had to do with letting go of old patterns of thought!

The Great Release invites you to look within and let go of what no longer makes your life tapestry strong. Isn’t time to weave the shiny new threads to carry you, as if by magic into your best life?

Call it self-love and take inspired action; find the painting’s purchase options here in, The Great Release.


Divine Nurture

Divine Nurture by Lidia Kenig-Scher

I felt quite content when I started this painting. It was the day before my birthday. The yellow gold strokes easily flowed onto the white canvas and later, reds blended into yellow to create orange. A wide brush laden with teal blue brought the undulating shapes we now see on the bottom. I don’t remember if at day’s end I had scumbled magenta on the upper right.

The following day turned out to be quite difficult, yet soon yielded a marvelous gift.

You see, sometimes our inner guidance leads us into darkness. Our consciousness constantly mapping our path, sets the stage so that we can learn something valuable. Perhaps we are stuck and unaware that we are no longer moving in alignment with our purpose. Or maybe out of pure unconsciousness, we either cause harm, or we receive it. Perhaps we face a traumatic situation and realize that we had been there before and felt as powerless.

In a sudden flash of insight, we could begin to see these conundrums as a way to heal old pain and past karma.  We could decide to mentally step away and hear our high heart, our connection to Spirit, asking us to integrate the lessons. We may be guided to heal ourselves by using the reappeared trauma as the fertilizer to enrich the soil where new seeds of love and light can sprout.

Finding myself at the receiving end of volatile anger, my instinctive reaction was to fight or fly. But something amazing occurred to me on that day amidst loud verbal attacks; I clearly saw the raw pain in the one hurting me and my heart opened up.

I became very quiet and tapped into the vastness, the place of potential, divinity’s abode and the realm of supreme wisdom. In the surreal inner silence, I prayed for guidance and expressed regret and bewilderment, as I can’t say that I understood then my role in the conflict.

What I knew for sure is that I did not want to manipulate or be manipulated. While I did not identify a perpetrator or a victim, I knew that I was no longer available to be unkind or be the recipient of unkindness. At that moment I perceived a bright light emanating from my heart and noticed that the other person had left.

The heart mind had done a great job leading me out of harm, however, over the next few hours, my body experienced what I can safely call “aftershocks”, so I began to practice Tonglen.

The next morning, I went into the studio and continued painting. I refined the shapes in the blue area and added the soft white layer between the yellow and teal colors, thus creating a foreground. The magenta hue in the upper right now became the background, green sticks were painted on the teal surface and, in the process, I felt divinely nurtured.

In such state I agreed to meet with the other person and lo and behold, we both came away knowing that the situation provided us both with profound healing. We each had faith in our bond, but saw that in order to move forward, we not only had to be fully present; we had to trust in that bond as we are now. We had to let go of thoughts and emotions based on the past, on fear, guilt and shame and we had to forgive ourselves and each other for past unconscious beliefs and behaviors.

In the end we both realized that the past is now the compost that will help us build a more wholesome relationship. We had grown from the harrowing experience and released the accumulated toxicity by surrounding it with pure love and utter compassion. We both remarked that this was a marvelous gift!

That afternoon I completed the painting I call it, Divine Nurture.

It is my wish that those who are called to purchase the original or a print for a home or business, allow themselves and all who behold the art, to be divinely nurtured.

Follow this link to purchase Divine Nurture.

Additionally, I will include a copy of Tonglen meditation with the original or prints, and I will be glad to personally instruct the person who purchases the original in the practice of Tonglen.

It’s Raining Fire

It's Raining Fire by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
It’s Raining Fire by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

A calm Spring morning suddenly turns as the bright blue sky erupts when a torrent of fire balls seemingly out of nowhere, portend a dramatic turn in the weather. No even the cool waters below can contain the heat, and in fact, the water takes on both the color and the power of the fire. It looks like the water is actually on fire!

The painting is really portraying the dramatic turn of events in one’s life, when we fall out of integrity with our life purpose. Situations we encounter and people we interact with, mirror exactly what we so neatly try to hide; the inner fire raging within when we, in order to fit in, or because we feel powerless, or fearful, engage in activities that no longer fit who we are, convincing ourselves that it is OK, that what we are doing is temporary, designed to save some money, or because what we really love to do is taking longer to fully develop.

Like in this painting, not even a lake can cool the heat. The difficulties we encounter cannot be pushed aside or justified by blaming;  nor are they a punishment for our incorrect perceptions. Instead, these are clear signs that better situations lie ahead when we can surrender the old ideas and habits, forgive ourselves for our lack of courage, and re-establish our connection to the Spirit Within Us. This is the voice of our heart encouraging us to resolve to heal our wounds and re-take our power to create the life we want. The fire dies down and like the legendary phoenix, we are reborn from the ashes to trust that we can co-create with Spirit;  that we are never truly alone and that we can turn over to spirit the timing and the way in which what we want manifests.

I encourage you to click on Raining Fire, to see a close up image, and appraise its brilliance and texture. You can also purchase the original to help you stay focused on your truth. It is well priced, it will easily fit anywhere and energetically charge the space with the blessings of beneficial change.

Have a great week and let me know how you are doing following your truth!

The Grateful Heart Transforms

The Grateful Heart Transforms People (c) by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Grateful Heart Transforms People (c) by Lidia Kenig Scher

The caterpillar doesn’t know
She could become a butterfly
But her longings know
There is something missing

Her stirrings cause her to create space
For a transformation
She still doesn’t know
As she dreams and ponders

There are more like premonitions
Guiding her to trust
That she is on the right path
In the quest for oneness

As she works and toils
She encounters blocks and boulders
Yet feels the rightness of her dream
And her heart rejoices

One day she looks back
And notices
The beauty of her path
And the gratefulness she feels

This is it…
The time has come…
To shed the skin that’s grown too tight
She now knows she is a Butterfly

Click on The Grateful Heart Transforms People to see a larger image and read the full description of this 12″ x 18″painting, priced @ $300.00. May it help you see your own beauty and be grateful to transform.

Slaying The Dragon-Seeing Gold

Slaying The Dragon-Seeing Gold_LidiaScher2013

Working with the other paintings in a series I call, The Dragon’s Jewels, over the past few weeks along with its accompanying narrative allowed us to contemplate a relationship from the moment we knew it was ending. We followed it through the process of grieving, we saw ourselves having second thoughts, and felt deep anger. We also considered our attachment to having the relationship. If we did our inner work, we came to the point when we acknowledged that forgiveness and acceptance, of actions, feelings and emotions in ourselves as well as in the other was an important element in healing. I used the metaphor of a mythical dragon to alert us of the need to allow for the release of all the negative feelings and emotions we pinned to the events and see the ending as a choice born of standing in our spiritual truth with no prisoners remaining. Today’s painting, depicting a bold fire dance, with clean smokeless flames swirling about and transforming into bright sun specks, continues the metaphor of the dragon. It proposes that when we summon the courage to “slay the dragon”, we find the jewels of transformation: the peace and freedom that comes from understanding.

The painting is fittingly named: Slaying the Dragon-Seeing Gold. Working with it, we may be able to understand that transformation needs not be the result of a momentous time in our lives. As fire, we are always involved in change at some level, with its attending choices available to us. However, every moment is unique and no choice is incorrect. As we learn to manage our energy and our minds, we unleash our most precious resource, curiosity and joy. The perfect symbol of these attributes is the hummingbird. The painting implies that we too can alchemically transform our pure fire into the gold hummingbird.

Before I dive into managing our energy and mind, and tackling transformation, I like to reiterate that relationships refer to personal liaisons as well as business entanglements and all the flavors in between. Every time we find ourselves “in relationship” the components are the same: there is a courtship, when we are excited to be in this special situation. The excitement is fueled by the energy of the second chakra; the creative & sexual energy center located just below the navel. It is followed by the igniting of passions and ideas that combine with emotions usually stemming from the 3rd chakra, our will center located in the hollow created by the chest cavity. Depending on our ability to manage the dance of the second and third chakras, the initial high passions may move into enjoyment peppered with acceptance of the natural twists and turns of a partnership, until the partnership, following its natural cycle, ends. The ending can be a physical or vibrational death. It is in the understanding of cycles and the role of the mind and emotions when a relationship shifts, where the differences are sharpest and the theme of the previous 3 paintings.

The first one, The Masquerade Ball Ended-All’Swell, showed us that we tend to walk through life with blinders on. The first moment of transformation occurs when we see that what was sustaining the relationship was fear based. Refusing to acknowledge the rough spots, we clang to a false belief, that without it we would be worse off. The fear creating the clinging arises from the energy of an imbalanced will chakra hijacking our consciousness. These are the stories we etched in our consciousness and divide our world into winners and losers. The dirty little secret is that when any life situation changes, we secretly believe that we are the most likely culprits, but we blame the other as a defense mechanism. It is truly transformative to look into another and be grateful that you were in this relationship to learn and heal.

The second piece, Cleaning Up After The Ball, showed us that by releasing our attachment to this relationship and accepting its timely lessons, we may be willing to incorporate these gifts into our lives. The transformation occurs when we consider that grieving is good and that healing is possible.

The last piece, There Are Still Some Revelers-Here Comes The Dragon, was offering the possibility of transformation by understanding how we make choices. Being fully present to the workings of the ego, when regret surfaces and we go into unconsciousness, it may behoove us to remember that we are all responsible for managing our energy. Hidden in the painting’s playful figures dancing about, making noise and getting caught in a whirl of “whipped cream”, we may miss that some are about to fall into the abyss of their own foolishness. Like these beings, we don’t hear our inner voice. Transformation comes when screaming “ahhhs” we become aware of the workings of the second chakra. This chakra is greatly impacted by our early childhood experiences, when we experienced issues of fear. Feeling unprotected, alone and confused, our emotions conned us to believe that fear and pain were to be avoided. The dark, the unknown and what we did not understand became thoughts and feelings that translated into mistrust. We learned not to trust others, yet most pernicious is that we learned not trust ourselves. It follows that a transformation occurs when we learn to trust the choices we make at every moment. The dragon’s jewels become evident when we summon the courage to look deeply and act in spite of fear. These are balanced second and third chakra energies.

This 11” x 14” mixed media on wood depicts the final unveiling of the jewels. It portrays how we gain freedom from cravings and attachments as we discover our power to create the life we want. Learning to focus inward we become aware that we may be by ourselves but are never alone, and we co-create our reality aided by the Universe’s benevolence and love. Our will center becomes aligned with Spirit and our inner flame burns cleanly. There is no need to fear the unknown. Choice empowers us, and our journey is transformational at every turn because we are in tune with our inner voice. As we train ourselves to view all the crossroads, big and small, with curiosity and wonder, kindness and compassion; we slay the dragon and claim the jewels. We are now able to move away from blind and ephemeral passions and turn on the energy of the second chakra into the level of creativity that attracts a mutually enriching partnership and the fulfillment of dreams aligned with the will of the universe. At peace and in joy, we feel love and trust in the timing and perfection of each person’s journey. From the alchemy of fire turning to gold a hummingbird is born free. Such freedom arises of curiosity of what is simply all around us and always available. This is the ultimate transformation. Namaste–May the gold within me see the gold within you!

The entire series is available for closer viewing and purchase @ It will  also be on exhibit this Saturday, Nov 2, at the Worcester Palladium’s Inter-dimensional Vaudevillians’ Cosmic Side show,  8PM-2AM. The Palladium is on 261 Main St., Worcester MA 01608. Hope to see the locals having fun!