Immersed in God

Immersed in God by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The landscape is teeming with life. Earth and sky are engaged in a mystical dance with such synergy that myriads of suns appear and merge with towering mountains in a joyful embrace.

The love of surrender is palpable and the intimacy of the touch feels sublime.

I gazed upon this painting created with alcohol inks on Yupo paper for weeks after completing it in my studio. This morning I realized that what started as a class demonstration piece is actually portraying each and every one of my experiences painting. It also depicts how I undertake any endeavor, from designing a new kitchen or a home to making works of art, writing and teaching.

Whether I play with alcohol or acrylic inks, or use enamels that morph when dried, I relish the mystery, thrive on the process and courageously surrender to it. I long passed the fear of what it will become and slowly but surely, I have embraced the process and incorporated it to my everyday life.

Living life creatively means that when the yearning to create beckons, we pay attention and cultivate it by making artworks, writing, singing, speaking, teaching, or…starting a new business!

The yearning to create is the voice of our souls wishing to manifest itself in the physical world.

 Honoring our soul’s needs is connecting with Spirit and opening to new learning from a pure and loving place within us. We are thus immersed in light, in God and find ourselves precisely on the spot where Heaven and Earth kiss passionately.

And so it is that when situations appear to have turned dark and dreary, I remind myself of what I learned in the studio. I feel blessed to know that nothing is permanent, that the sun is always present albeit behind dense clouds and that life loves me so deeply that it provides the wind beneath my wings so I can soar.

I am not unique or special. We are each divine and our hearts are all filled with divine light.

Yet each of us is at different stages in embracing our divinity, acknowledging our light and allowing it to fully shine in the world without fear of outshining anyone else’s. When we do recognize this powerful beacon of unconditional love and surrender to what is; we are Immersed in God.

 “Be the king who has made his own kingdom. Be the moon that has made her own summit.                                                

How much longer will you coo coo like a pigeon?

Empty your head of all mortal lusts. And become life without breath.                                                                                               

You will not call out for God anymore, for you have become immersed in God.”

Rumi (as translated by Rassouli)

May owning this painting cause you to live life Immersed in God!

Traveling to Find the Place Where Everything is Possible

Traveling by Lidia Kenig Scher
Traveling by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

Finding the place inside me where everything is possible is how this journey started.

Living my truth and having the courage to move forward on the momentum I created was the intention.

Shattering old patterns and limitations that have kept me from flying in the direction of my path was a goal.

Keeping a close watch on the mind and harnessing ego’s power to steer my life by the heart-mind was my resolution.

Teaching by example, giving and allowing unconditional love, embracing the abundance of what I have and who I am.

Sharing my skills and talents with compassion and kindness,

Practicing forgiveness on myself and toward others and consciously accepting every experience as part of my spiritual evolution and as an act of grace,

These intentions were the road map by which I created this work.

As I painted, I traveled through my life luckily noticing that the final destination determines neither my happiness nor the quality of my life.

But when I asked myself what would happen after I reached that place in life where I had everything I dreamed, another question popped:

what happens then?

The answers came in the act of creating:  to reinforce the treasures found in the joy of traveling.

The rhythmic, yet distinct movement of the red shapes in the art reminded me that growth occurs when I see every step on the journey with the clarity that arise from presence. The painting portrays, with its many colored layers and whimsy, the power of pondering the obstacles and skillfully integrating them into my life with a sense of wonderment.

The central figure with multiple heads looking in many directions, moving upwards and dragging a heavy load helped me recall times when I made myself miserable moving from self-help books to gurus, teachers, coaches, therapists and to religion to find my purpose and soothe my pain.

Yes, in my previous travels I exhaustedly swam mostly against the current until like in the painting, I noticed the light.

Then I lacked the understanding that my only purpose was to manifest that light, which is always emanating from within and is always available to me…if I look inwards instead of outwards.

This time I am traveling quite aware of where my light resides, it makes for a rewarding journey and it changes my vibrational field.

The explosions of pure light we see in the painting are there to shatter old patterns and limitations I may still carry. Electrical showers transform my load and move me forward to rejoice in the company of the other road warriors. As our vibrations rhythmically join in a sacred dance, we all become aware that we, along with everything in the universe, are actually fields of consciousness.

This is the moment when we humans understand our crucial role in the spiritualization of matter and bring about positive changes in the world’s frequencies. We take on our power to alchemically bring the vibration of matter into alignment with Spirit’s vibration. This, my dear readers is the place inside of us where everything is possible!

Traveling is a 30” x 30” mixed media painting on wrapped canvas that can teach you about your journey and of ways in which you can begin to… “Be a light unto yourself” to positively affect the world, as Gautama Buddha taught.

The art is so bright, that will lighten and energize any wall where it hangs, while its whimsical travelers will make you smile every time you pass by, thus joyfully altering the energy of the space where it lives. Original and very well-priced embellished prints are available at,
Traveling/New Work

Have a great week finding your light and post your comments and questions as they are always appreciated.


A New Door Protector Came Swiftly to the Rescue!

Door Protector TY by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
Door Protector TY by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

The young man who commissioned this door protector resides in a house shared with people of varied ages and lifestyles. He chose to install the art not in his private room, as many living in similar circumstances had in the past, but above the home’s front door thus offering the art’s blessings and benefits to everyone. Amazingly enough, his largesse came in handy, for as soon as it was installed we all realized that the sacred art was there to protect him most, yet help the others as well in amazing ways!

I was not surprised. By his request, and in addition to the Wish Fulfilling mantra I write in Tibetan, archangel Metatron’s cube was included. The art became one powerful force of good.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra is said to fiercely protect even from the possibility of an unlucky rebirth.The cube to those familiar with sacred geometry, and the ancient Kabbalist texts, is said to contain all of the shapes and forms in God’s creation and all that God created. It is believed that Metatron, as God’s “heavenly scribe” formed the cube from his very soul

Metatron was called a “heavenly scribe” in Talmudic texts, describing him as “allowed to sit down”; a stance only God was entitled to. Metatron’s job was to record the good deeds of the children of Israel and guard the Tree of Life. He was also the knower of all of God’s secrets. The Zohar, the mystical Kabbalistic text, refers to Metatron as a heavenly priest working on Earth as Enoch and as the angel who led the people of Israel through the exodus from Egypt. These ancient scriptures also imply that he was the angel who knew God’s soul, thus he was able to create the multidemensional form to be used as a mirror of goodness for all to behold and as a protection for falling out of God’s ways.

Also called The Flower of life, the main Cube is composed of 13 spheres held together by lines from the midpoint of each sphere. These points are nodes that connect to the other nodes through single lines to a total of 78 lines. The cube not only contains all the shapes of the universe, but it is an etheric geometry that continues ad infinitum, encompassing the entire universe, always moving, expanding and changing. Like the Wish Fulfilling mantra, it is the ultimate symbol of Divine Love’s ever pulsating and ever expanding vibration and a powerful symbol of protection. Hereby is the ultimate secret of these two amazing symbols.

The cube and the mantra serve to protect us because both are vibrational instruments helping us to stay true to our high hearts, the place within us where Divinity resides. and be guided by love in seeing each other as Buddhas, or Gods in embryo, as Deepak Chopra likes to refer humans as. Vibrating with the cube and the mantra allows us to be always compassionate, forgiving and act for the benefit of all. As in the Upanishads. these sacred symbols vibrationally teach us that “when a blade of grass is cut the whole universe quivers” In the presence of either symbol, only goodness, joy, abundance, love and light can exist.

The day I went to install the door protector, a very serious incident occurred that put my client in a very dangerous physical situation. However, everything was rather quickly resolved and…for the benefit of all. It seems that the new door protector came swiftly to the rescue!

My client has graciously allowed me to offer 10 (ten) blessed prints of his door protector for you, my followers to purchase. Ten prints on archival paper or as canvas wrapped and ready to hang are available by clicking on TY Door Protector and…Namaste-a Sanskrit greeting accompanied by a slight bow made with hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards and closely positioned in front of the chest. that roughly translated means, the god in me salutes your godliness.