Instead of Living with Fear

Playing with Fear by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Today I like to focus on the elephant in the room: FEAR.

Unless you have been hiding underground, you will have noticed that a large segment of our neighbors, friends, co-workers and family are experiencing fear to such an extent that many are changing vacation plans, adding security systems to their homes, avoid large gatherings and make it a point to talk to their children about safety. In fact, ads for bulletproof school bags are again ubiquitous and demands for legislators to enact laws that control gun ownership and access to assault weapons reached a fever pitch while traditional and social media forums are filled with anger, fear and despair.

Here in the United States, we are a nation fiercely divided, with each faction blaming the other for their woes. It is all happening amidst a presidential primary election season where over 20 candidates vie for attention in order to qualify for the next round of debates and an incumbent president has chosen to fan the flames of division and fear as a re-election strategy.

It all got crystallized when once again, two unconscious individuals took it upon themselves and went to great lengths, to commit genocide inspired by the idea that some groups of people have more rights to live in this country than others. Both killers felt validated by the constant replay of divisive rhetoric.

While conflict is unavoidable and potentially enriching, how we think about it will determine if we become richer for it or are so emotionally and spiritually crippled that we fail to physically thrive.

On March 1933, a beleaguered nation heard president Franklin D. Roosevelt say in his inaugural speech“So first of all let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself-nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes the needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” FDR himself had narrowly avoided the bullets of a would-be assassin, two weeks before he spoke these words to a country in the throes of the most severe depression the United States has ever known.

Many in the business community at that time, feeling pinched by the economic decline equated the nation with an invalid afflicted with a mental problem; a paralysis of action. This thinking somehow had to be turned around, toward positive confidence.

Julius Barnes, the Chairman of the Board of the National Chamber of Commerce suggested such metaphor, positing that by changing the “patient’s” thinking, the body would naturally recover its mobility. President Roosevelt became the much needed mental healer for the body nation at that time.

Current research suggests that Mr Barnes was quite accurate in his assertions.

I have no desire to run for president, join the shouters or deliver lofty pronouncements, and we have not yet found an FDR for our times, but I concur that the nucleus of our societal problem lies in WHAT we think and the actions that follow our thinking. Thoughts are real forces and this has been known for millennia.

Our thoughts affect our vibrational field and in turn we affect all who surround us in a viral contagion. Whether or not we accept that we are interconnected, all we have to do is look around; open Facebook or turn on the television, check in with suicidal hotlines and speak with psychotherapists.

Instead of complaining, I have taken the quiet yet industrious route, I create sacred objects that help people, slowly over time, to notice their life patterns, become conscious and shift their thinking toward a more inclusive, compassionate and benevolent existence. When I help people install their commissioned Door Protectors, I teach them how to use the art we co-created to derive the maximum benefit. I remind them that it is like a mirror they can rely upon to reflect their true selves. I suggest they aim their gaze inward and see that fear and anger arise when they imagine a future that does not exist or recall past occurrences that are long gone.

The mantra at the center of this Door Protector is the same mantra that the historical Buddha taught 2600 years ago when he was teaching about building a wholesome and fulfilling life. It’s called the Wish Granting Jewel Mantra.

The Buddha noticed that when his disciples learned, chanted the mantra and were present to its sound and meaning, they became enlightened on the spot. That is because each of the 12 syllables are seeds of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path; the most important tenets at the core of Buddhist philosophy.

The mantra was the Buddha’s way to remind us of our own light and the wisdom that we carry…always. When we look upon the mantra, or hear it, we feel its vibration at our core.

Everything has a vibration and an energy field.

We do not need to be Buddhists to accept Door Protectors into our lives. We simply need to connect to its vibration and through practice, deeply connect with its energy. It happens because what I paint for the owners is channeled through meditation and propelled by my conscious intention to be such conduit for maximum benefit.

I am a better person because I work with my Door Protector and the mantra every day of my life. The testimony of hundreds of clients and collectors for the past 12 years caused me to pause and take note of their effect on people and environments. Everyone has had amazing results in many areas of their lives. They tell me that above all, they are no longer ruled by FEAR and that it has become an easy practice to check-in when in the presence of conflicts, questions and the need to make important decisions.

Some feel truly enlightened!

Thus, I have committed to have as many Door Protectors as possible into people’s homes and businesses, as they affect the owners and all those who see it and pass under it. Instead of living with fear, click on the link in this paragraph, above to commission your own or go the the website Gallery to order a print of your choice and start working with its energies.

The commissioned sacred art carries us throughout our lives. Prints have shown to work for a period of time-months or a couple of years, and help with prescient matters. A print works because in instinctively selecting one, we make an important connection through the images, that will be helpful in our life at this moment in our life path.

Prints are a good way to experience working with Door Protectors.

Go on and order a print today!

Note: The artwork on this post-Playing with Fear, was published in a post in 2011. The original has sold, but copies are available. If you like it, just touch the image and check out your favorite size on the website.

A Humbling Retreat

The signs were all there. I slept poorly, I was still tired when I awoke, the studios were in disarray and I had to scramble to clean up and tidy them in time for each class.

I began to hide papers for a “later review”, and reviewing didn’t happen. One day I noticed that commissions that heretofore poured in, began to trickle.

The many other things in my life that slowed to a halt caught my attention, especially when I did not feel like painting.

Was I depressed? Did I contract an illness?

A skimpily attended street fair last week helped me decide that I was not energetically balanced and that a retreat may allow for whatever needed to be released to surface, then heal it and integrate it into my life.

As I consider dis-ease a sign of imbalance and misalignment in the body-mind-energy field continuum, I knew that disregarding what was happening may seriously endanger my life.

I decided to fast and meditate for as long as I needed, and started by preparing a familiar lemonade drink called Master Cleanse. The next day I sluggishly got up to swallow warm salted water and later had the first of the 7 lemonade glasses I intended to consume, plus several cups of green tea and 2 spoonfuls of olive oil.

Lidia Door Protector

Sitting in silence in front of my personal Door Protector, I allowed sadness, anger, negative thoughts and behaviors to surface. I simply watched, as I had no answers. Several hours must have gone by before I took a nap, had more drinks and went outside for some fresh air.

I consulted the Ancient Chinese Oracle I-Ching, which confirmed that I had been following a negative thought pattern that yielded likewise behaviors, compounded by old stories playing in the background.  I needed to stop this trend with an attitude reboot.

Day 2 was a combination of lemonade, tea, olive oil, walks, showers and deep meditation to begin healing what Eckhart Tolle calls “the pain body”; the emotional hurts  accumulated from negative emotions not faced, accepted, and released when they arose and that eventually become a semi-autonomous psychic entity.

Chanting, meditations, card readings and crystal allies, while facing my Door Protector, offered healing suggestions. But no clear guidelines as to how to integrate all that had surfaced.

On the cusp of Summer Solstice I connected with my wonderful coach and BFFF– extra F for Fairy godmother.  I always find in her a heart filled with love and compassion, wisdom beyond this world, and a mutually nourishing vessel. We agreed to talk the next morning and I went to sleep.

I knew I slumbered deeply when I awoke disoriented. But the sun was shining when I did my morning rituals in front of my altar followed by a sincere desire to heal. I picked 2 crystals from the original reading and the card I pulled was still puzzling. It was The Master.

Sitting by my sacred art I was ready for Coach Kimberly, who has the uncanny ability to hold space for what needs to unfold in her client’s life, judgment free. I began to see clearly that regardless of any praise I receive, or accolades I garner from collectors and students, I tend to disregard or downplay them. I saw that I dislike getting gifts, and that when faced with compliments, my old stories resurface to deny merit to my intuition, my actions and my feelings. When I receive compliments, I assign them to my superb skill set, God’s working through me, or sheer luck.

I realized that in denying the wisdom that came from my life experience, or in judging myself pompous when I rejoice in what others think of me, I became misaligned with my nature. I saw that in giving credit to my schooling when I successfully completed a design project, or when my students were grateful for lessons I taught them, I was actually implying that I do not matter.  When I view my client’s milestones after a Feng Shui consultation, or when they mention receiving benefits from my artworks, and assign this to my ability to let Spirit work through me; I am denying my Divinity.

Integration ensued when I owned my unique wisdom and aligned with the purpose I was born to fulfill. It happened when I committed to release the past and its shackles, opened my heart wider and embraced the pain body, while affirming that it is because of the sorrow that I am now a being of light able to offer its brilliance to others, fly skies of freedom by creating, and stand firm on the earth through deep human connections.

The 3-day retreat was deeply humbling and nourishing. I am grateful for my Door Protector and for my BFFF. You can read more about Door Protectors, commission your own or purchase a blessed print.

Divine and wise me looks forward to a new commission received today!


Is it Mostly About Endings?

LauraC Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher


The woman who installed this door protector in her home approximately a month ago wrote that so far, this has been mostly a journey about significant endings. She noticed which relationships or aspects of some of these liaisons drained her energy, and resolved to keep clear boundaries around them.

Laura C.  knows that she is making room for new relationships, situations, and opportunities and is quite passionate about it.

As she began to consciously focus on self-love, new levels of healing became available to her.  Deeply buried feelings of anger arose, yet she was able to move through the pain and shift it into hopefulness.

And then Laura noticed an increase in physical energy which enabled her to accomplish new tasks, entertain new business ideas and spontaneously start a powder room remodel on her own. Wow!!!

The powder room Laura considers symbolic of her brave and fresh outlook on life. She loves the creative aspects of the project, trusts that she will be able to complete it and find help if needed and revels in the courage it took to undertake it.

Above all, Laura trusts the unseen influences at work in her life sensing their protective and benevolent energies around her.

The divination that preceded the creation of this Door Protector guided me to provide lots of Water energy. This element represents our emotional intelligence beckoning us to accept our feelings and integrate them into the fabric of our lives.

Our life journey moves along like frothy water sprays that delights us, or like high waves by exciting us. The gentle undulating movement works with the tides and the wind yielding to wakes. “The higher the wave goes”, said Osho, “the deeper is the wake that follows it. One moment you are the wave, another moment you are the hollow wake that follows.”

Water cannot forever freeze as a wave, nor always be the wake. It moves along by virtue of being in continuous relationship with the elements. So it is that we move forward in life and experience growth through our human relationships.

Our natural ability to thrive depends on the emotional charge we invest in relationships and the levels of attachment we spend in maintaining them to make them into what we think they should be.

When we mirror the ocean we count on the variables for growth and transformation. We accept who and what we encounter expecting to find jewels after the storm. We trust that even when we can’t see land, the sea will carry us to the shore and witness a new dawn.

In the sacred art, Tourmalines of various colors and energetic properties bob above the waves easily and gracefully, surrounded by a golden bubble. These crystals were included to remind Laura that she will find the jewels of adventure, abundance, love, joy, peace and wellness by deepening her meditation practice and staying fiercely present to variables.

The 9 butterflies streaming from the mantra represent Spirit’s guidance whispering that Grace is a birthright. The mantra itself broadcasts truth, foretells of a magnificent dawn always rising to summon courage, unleash her creativity and live the life she came here to live.

Laura C is not seeking to know what her passion is. She is allowing her heart to speak by doing what she loves, taking time to savor both the waves and the wakes of her journey, feeling the wind as she looks for the jewels in the endings and expecting the sun to rise by passionately delighting in the possibilities.

Tap on Door Protectors to order yours today!

Life as You’ve Never Known It

Paula H Door Protector by Lidia Kenig
Paula H Door Protector by Lidia Kenig (c)

When I first spoke with Paula H, in her voice I heard confusion, despair, and a sense of being stuck. Her energy level was low, which she said was due to the negativity that surrounded her in just about all aspects of her life. She even seriously questioned the decision to move to Miami five years ago.

Not seeing her way out, she consulted mystics, therapists and doctors when a chance meeting with one of my former students coupled with testimonials she read about the sacred art I create, led her to commission a door protector this past April.

Paula was beaming when we chatted this morning and offered an impressive list of good news that started at about the time we installed the completed art via Skype, in her Miami home about 5 weeks ago.

The formerly unappreciated sales associate in a Biotech firm got a promotion with a substantial raise and a private office. She started diving regularly and appreciating the beauty she found under water and shared some beautiful pictures of recent diving trips with me.

New friends, resting better at night, and an improved relationship with a sister with whom she had not spoken in 2 years, led her to state that “for the first time in 5 years I enjoy living; I am a happy person, working in a successful business, enjoying my new friends and diving; and I love being in the water!”

While I cannot say that it was the art alone that helped manifest Paula’s dramatic improvements, I can say that it was a powerful catalyst since the moment she put in the order.

Masai Mara
Masai Mara

When the client first laid eyes on the art, she began to cry because the scene seemed to have come out of her computer’s screen saver; the sunset in Masai Mara, Kenya seen on left. The mountains, she was sure, were Mount Kilimanjaro, which she still had on her mobile device, all from a recent trip to Africa.

Mt Kilimanjaro
Mt Kilimanjaro


I too had to take a deep breath, as I had not known of her trip, nor had I seen the pictures. However, it reassured me that the intuitive work I engage in when I create these artworks that are installed above the door, come through me and not of me.

Seeing the photographs reminded me of the beauty and power of what comes through in each finished product and the breadth of the images, ranging from very realistic to extremely abstract work and a huge diversity of color schemes. Many clients have commented that what I produced deeply resonates with them and often it comes from past experiences.

I can say that the divination and meditation work I do before I start painting and that seems to inform the images and colors, is always correct. It is confirmed by the final report and consultation I provide to my clients, of which I also had no previous knowledge. Present in the images, are life situations that they may use to dive deeper and transform their present lot, as they live and work with their door protector.

In this case, the fog lifting from the mountains implies that in Paula’s life, her “fog” would lift through a greater reliance on developing intuition, trusting inner knowledge and connecting more deeply with Spirit’s counsel.

Eight silvery butterflies portend deep transformation, while one red butterfly at the rear predicts that it will happen very soon. Hematite flower petals, with a Phenacite crystal center, present opportunities for Paula to experience her inner light shining brightly.

Hematites have excellent grounding and balancing energy and are powerful aids in stimulating the mind, enhancing memory and evoking deep thinking. They also have a highly protective energy and are good to help women who lack courage and feel desperate and stuck.

Phenacites are rare crystals, here also seen crowning the mountains. They embody pure light and are known to continually beam blessings. They are also particularly helpful in healing the past and attracting angelic forces.

The mountain peaks are aimed at the gold leafed Tibetan script of the Wish Granting Jewel mantra * appearing to be beamed out of the brilliant afternoon sun, beckoning Paula to trust that her life is already transforming into a lovelier, warmer and brighter life.

paula-herman-pic A recent photo provided by Paula, is encouraging you to order your own door protector and begin to experience life as you’ve never know it! See the Door Protector’s Gallery and for more information on ordering your own, go to Commission a Door Protector.

Thank you, Paula and thank you to all the clients and collectors who have been enjoying the art, growing with it and gifting me with their trust and support!


Read more about the Wish Granting Jewel Mantra.


A Door Protector to Heal a Family

SB Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher
SB Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The client who ordered this door protector told me that she came to my Open Studio exhibit this past April “as if divinely guided”. She does not reside in the neighborhood, or anywhere close by, and where I was holding the exhibit, was not an area that she frequents. Yet her eye caught the sign leading to my studio on a lawn and she felt compelled to follow it.

It didn’t take us long to connect at a deep level, and she was able to share some very personal events that threatened to destroy her immediate and extended family in the aftermath of her father’s recent death. The more she confided in me, the more the plot thickened. Soon her eyes fell on some of the reproductions of the sacred art I call door protectors, and she knew she must have an original for her home.

Stephanie was born in Germany and that is the scene where most of the extended family drama is unfolding, but there is plenty of it locally. A difficult divorce, confusion about her career and the management of 3 teenagers and a home had left this warm, soft and caring woman physically and energetically depleted. She felt unsupported, yet she did not want to preserve the role of a servant, a situation that she seemed to easily fall into with everyone.

What showed up as I started working on the piece, was the confusion and the hurt I felt coming from the client and her deep sense of responsibility toward everyone’s well-being, except her own. A forested background laced with gray dead branches sits against a stormy sky. We are not sure if it is morning or afternoon. It may be raining, or snowing…

Suddenly, soft sinuous rose colored flames appeared and blanketed the entire foreground. Could it be Love providing powerful new lenses through which to look at life? The rich texture of red enameled dots, forces us to stop and notice our inability to continue wallowing in our powerlessness. The strong red bespeaks of resilience and offer the fuel for transformation.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra dances amidst the flames of Unconditional Love and a Snowflake Obsidian crystal wrapped in gold reminds Stephanie that she is receiving the highest forms of protection, no matter what comes.

Chrysanthemum blossoms with Pyrite crystals at their center lazily flow around Love’s flames. Mums signify a life of ease in Chinese folklore, and Buddhists practitioners are fond of using this flower as offerings on altars, as these flowers symbolize the powerful yang energy that attracts good luck to the home or the space where they reside.

Pyrites are protective stones known to block and deflect negativity from various sources. Their strong yang male energy beckons the user to feel empowered to make good decisions and to summon the courage to overcome feelings of inadequacy and inertia. Also known as “fool’s gold”, they are little abundance magnets!

The art was installed a little over two weeks ago and some powerful energy is surely shifting within Stephanie and her family, here and abroad. The seemingly negative occurrences in Europe appear to be more intense, and the local situation seems to be sapping her strength. I had to gently remind her today that there must be some breakdowns before we see breakthroughs, but that in any case, her sacred art has deep connections to Spirit, and thus she is fully guided and thoroughly protected, as has been the experience of those who have lived longer with their sacred art.

To heal a family takes patience, love, compassion, acceptance and trust. The door protector provides a neutral healing zone where we can exercise these helpful qualities by first practicing the traits with ourselves. In time we uncover our inner light, always emitting a strong, bright and smokeless flame, and then we know that we must shine it on. We cannot help anyone see their own light, nor acknowledge ours. But in healing ourselves, we create the possibility for others to heal. That is the breakthrough.

Prints are available to help you get started in healing yourself and your family! Go to Stephanie’s Door Protector.


I Would Call it a Miracle

Balba Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
Balba Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher

The newest just delivered door protector to a very talented published poet and professional woman made its mark even before I completed it. A week after it was ordered, the client had a potentially life-threatening accident from which she came out unscathed. In a frantic phone call she told me; “I would call it a miracle!”

Even though she felt lucky to be alive, the events surrounding the accident were so unusual that she needed to communicate her feelings to me, as in a debriefing session. Gently, I reminded her of others whom she knew and who had felt the “protecting effects” soon after ordering the art. Such is the power of intention. What goes into our mind…is the main cause of our future experiences, said the Buddha.

When our minds are busy with thoughts we would call obsessive, as when we worry about our livelihood, our health, or our basic safety, and we are presented with what we perceive a possible remedy for what ails us, most of us go to it with lightning speed.

My client confessed that recently she had been worried about living alone and being in a situation where she could not receive help, but could not remember thinking this when she ordered the art. It does not matter.

Any thought plants a seed in our minds that eventually sprouts. When we entertain the same or similar thoughts over and over again, and when the thoughts are steeped in strong emotions, such thoughts will sooner or later sprout into like-our-thoughts situations and blossom into a garden that reinforces the events we have been fretting over.

Upon seeing the Door Protectors on display, this woman was drawn to commission a personalized one. This created a powerful sense of security that crystalized a week later when she had a dangerous fall that occurred when she was alone and unable to reach help. But help did arrive!

A lost repairman walked through the normally locked front door and, shocked at the situation in which he found my client pronounced the fact that the woman was unharmed amidst shards of glass, simply a miracle.

I did not know any of this while I was creating the piece. It had started really easily and then it was stalled until last Friday, when the shapes, textures and colors seemed to go smoothly on to the canvas. It was a signal that she now needed the art installed. This we did last night.

The large round moon mirror surrounded by brilliant silver circles implies the ability to look within for our innate wisdom. The fiery brilliant sun setting behind it and the black tourmaline pieces support the mantra as if giving it extra protective boost. The blue glittery circles surround silver spirals, symbols of transformation, and the blue pinwheels encourage us to see life with trust and child-like innocence.

Heliotrope crystals and garnets provide courage, support and passion for life, while the little white, black and yellow dots mimic bursting fireworks, aimed at reassuring this talented individual that life is not meant to be a chore filled with duties, but a joyous, abundant and miraculous journey.

The new life cycle has begun and with a little trust and strong resolve, she will be able to manifest her dreams and use fear only to be propelled to greatness. This piece is not available for prints, but there are many wonderful testimonials at, . Then you can decide if like the poet, you want to commission a personalized art or take advantage of the ones available at Door Protectors


Her Life Shifted When She Ordered a Door Protector

Door Protector Je Eun by Lidia Kenig Scher
Door Protector Je Eun by Lidia Kenig Scher

The newest sacred art was installed last week in the home of a very successful fiftysomething woman living in an urban setting. Her upscale apartment was tastefully and beautifully decorated and her close relationships and career seemed to be nicely humming along. Yet she felt insecure enough to order a door protector.

The neighborhood and the property had recently experienced unsettling incidents. Robberies and illicit activities made police presence more ubiquitous. The woman also mentioned feeling a bit insecure about the timing of her upcoming marriage and about officially becoming part of a family that included teenagers with a very difficult history.

When I installed the glowing art, the client mentioned what I often hear from those who order door protectors. She felt that something in her life had shifted right after ordering it. While each person experiences the shift differently; they all do. In this case my client was already feeling more confident and had a deeper sense of acceptance from the new family.

I explained that this is most likely because she entrusted a higher power to take care of what in her life she seemed unable to resolve.

From the moment I purchase the new canvas, or whatever support seems best for the application, whatever goes into the art from color, to texture, to crystals to symbols; the entire time I am focused on the person who ordered it and his or her needs…then amazing things happen!

I allow myself to be guided by the higher power I call Spirit-Within-Me and this is what each client trusts: that what they now see as difficulties will be perfectly taken care off on its own time.

In this door protector I used the symbolism of a huge rising sun mimicking the new beginnings we witness each morning encouraging us to remember that even when clouds obscure the life giving celestial body; it is still there in its magnificent brilliance. So it is with us.

Pain may now cover our true divine nature, but it is temporary. Our brilliance is always there when we allow our clouds to move!

Gold leaf rises from the bottom of the piece and surrounds the mantra. Gold is said to bring wealth, happiness and a sense of comfort. As a mineral of magic, it attracts positive energy by reflecting the sun and its power, preventing spiritual corruption, calming anger and easing sadness and depression. It purifies the heart chakra and it amplifies thoughts. The mantra directs us to choose its empowering message around this metal.

Black tourmalines on each side of the Wish Fulfilling Mantra provide grounding and offer powerful protection against negative energy, while encouraging a positive mindset.

Mustard seeds peppered with gold dispel illness, bad luck and harm and they are believed to have been a staple in the Medicine Buddha’s pouch.
Rubies promote passion and vitality; it increases life-force and helps us see prosperity at all levels.

Heliotrope, the crystal form of Bloodstone, provides blood cleansing properties, encourages generosity, abundance and it increases clarity. Along with the expansive brilliant sky above, both help us expand our thinking to fearlessly manifest our dreams.

After the installation ceremony, we shared a warm cup of ginger tea laden with lemon and honey. The smile on my client’s face spoke of her peacefulness and gratefulness. I am also deeply thankful that I can create the wonderful pieces that are as healing to me as they are to the new owners.

See available purchasing options at and read more door protector stories on blog.

Feeling Safe Is a Matter of Neuroplasticity through Art

Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher
Door Protector KWM by Lidia Kenig Scher

Feeling safe implies that we think we will not be harmed in any way. We tell ourselves that somehow, we will overcome a natural disaster, or that someone or something will keep us from being negatively affected by the actions of others. Feelings arise from thoughts that when sufficiently repeated become beliefs.

Feeling insecure comes from opposite set of beliefs laden with emotional responses to thoughts of survival. When we reinforce these beliefs by seeking confirmation outside of ourselves, they become instinctual by receding into our subconscious mind. Unaware, underlying fear is now the state of mind that guides our feelings and actions.

Fear is based on stories we tell ourselves that something we do not like may happen and will affect our well-being.  In a September 1851 journal entry by Henry David Thoreau, we get a clue of the power that these stories exert over our lives. “Nothing is so much to be feared as fear”, he wrote. Franklin D. Roosevelt was later to use the sentence to reassure a beleaguered nation gripped by fear of the Great Depression.

Today our buried fears are calcified by multimedia reinforcement. We witness terrorized people fleeing their homeland to encounter more fear, depending on where they land. We receive dire insurance solicitations promising safety in exchange for premiums and get text messages announcing that a known pedophile has moved nearby. Teachers are urged to wear guns in schools and savvy politicians feed with gory rhetoric the hungry fear deep within our core.  We want to move to Mars!

Unfortunately, underlying fear keeps us from thriving, creating and attaining happiness. Sure signs that we function in fear are issues with wealth and abundance, rampant health problems, especially cancer, anxiety, weight gain and the establishment of rigid rules that create a sense of false security, at home or worldwide.  Check, check, check!

We can start feeling safe now by deciding to change our minds, because “when we change our thoughts, what we look at changes”, said Dr. Wayne Dyer. This means creating empowering new neural pathways in our brains to help us alter emotional fear triggers. Scientists call it “neuroplasticity”, or a way to rewire our brains with new thoughts, that become new beliefs and provoke us into new ways of behaving and feeling. And I have just the tool to get us started!

A few years ago I encountered an ancient beautiful mantra called The Wish Fulfilling Mantra and began creating what I call Door Protectors with it, with the intention of assisting my clients to overcome issues they experienced and I saw as being consistent with living with fear. As the just delivered art above, door protectors are sacred paintings, created by channeling the energy of the person/s who commissions it while chanting and writing in Sanskrit the cherished Buddhist mantra taught 2600 years ago by the historical Buddha.

The colors, shapes, textures and findings around the mantra are selected for the particular client to create empowering new neural pathways in our brain that broadcast clarity, harmony, balance, and joy. The thoughts are reinforced on a constant basis because the art is installed above the front door on the inside. This neuroplasticity also positively affects all who pass under the threshold.

I am privileged to have received many wonderful testimonials from the many clients who now own door protectors. Their stories are quite compelling. Please see Door Protector Stories to read them. It is these stories that keep me creating them. Be safe and order yours today at Sacred Art

A Door Protector Serves its Purpose Well

Door Protector
TS-Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

The Door Protector was commissioned by The Theosophical Society of Boston a year after I conducted a consultation and healing session using Feng Shui principles to stabilize this independent branch of the venerable organization founded by Helena P. Blavatsky in 1875. The sacred art’s purpose is meant to sustain and ensure the growth this group experienced since the energetic adjustments were enacted last year.

I was honored to create art for a center dedicated to fostering spiritual exploration, and openly embracing the wealth of philosophies and spiritual practices available for the purpose of establishing dialog and cooperation. Yet most intriguing was the fact that Theosophy had a tremendous impact on the work of Wassily Kandinsky, arguably the father of the modern abstract art movement.

The term Theosophy often refers to the universal wisdom underlying all religions, which can be found at their core when they are stripped of accretions, deletions, and superstitions. It is also a state of consciousness accessible to all who are willing to undergo the type of inquiry leading to what we call enlightenment, which in Madame Blavatsky’s time was seen as communing with the devil.

Today we admired a person with strong spiritual practices and remark that she emits a particular vibrational field which in Kandinsky times was known as “thought-forms”, a term coined by J. Peters in 1908, referring to Mme. Blavatsky’s ideas of approaching spiritual issues by way of inner knowledge. Kandinsky fully embraced Blavatsky’s writings and what Peters called Transcendental Photography, or thought forms captured on form, such as a painting, and set out to fully explore art as “a pure inscription of the artist’s inner vibration”, dispensing of the need for representational content.

In his 1910 seminal book, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Kandinsky wrote that “the aesthetic purpose should be to produce vibrations in the beholder, and that “the work of art is the vehicle through which this purpose is served”. He posited that his paintings would be capable of relaying thought vibrations by evoking “sympathetic vibrations” in the viewer. Thus, the value of the work is measured according to its power to affect the viewer.

If you have been following my work, you know that I have ample testimonials that the art I call Door Protectors have a significant impact on its owners. Thus, this exploration of the purpose and philosophy of the Theosophical Society and its connection to the work of Wassily Kandinsky have given me a chance to explain why the installations work so well.

This much beloved and respected artist long ago paved the way for me to create sacred art in a state of deep reverence, holding loving and joyous thoughts that culminate in the writing of an ancient mantra intended to protect and guide those who behold it. I know that as I create the work, my vibrational field is enhanced, and I have witnessed that these paintings that embody my sincere wishes for well-being and harmony evoke sympathetic vibrations in those who see it or live with it. I would say that my works of art serve its purpose well!

The Theosophical Society of Boston is poised for a period of deep growth and renewal, knowing that out of the burning fires containing old thoughts, ideas and habits, one can emerge on a clear day where you can see forever! You can see a larger version of this door protector, and commission your own or purchase available blessed reproductions at LidiaScherArt/DoorProtectors

A New Door Protector Came Swiftly to the Rescue!

Door Protector TY by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)
Door Protector TY by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

The young man who commissioned this door protector resides in a house shared with people of varied ages and lifestyles. He chose to install the art not in his private room, as many living in similar circumstances had in the past, but above the home’s front door thus offering the art’s blessings and benefits to everyone. Amazingly enough, his largesse came in handy, for as soon as it was installed we all realized that the sacred art was there to protect him most, yet help the others as well in amazing ways!

I was not surprised. By his request, and in addition to the Wish Fulfilling mantra I write in Tibetan, archangel Metatron’s cube was included. The art became one powerful force of good.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra is said to fiercely protect even from the possibility of an unlucky rebirth.The cube to those familiar with sacred geometry, and the ancient Kabbalist texts, is said to contain all of the shapes and forms in God’s creation and all that God created. It is believed that Metatron, as God’s “heavenly scribe” formed the cube from his very soul

Metatron was called a “heavenly scribe” in Talmudic texts, describing him as “allowed to sit down”; a stance only God was entitled to. Metatron’s job was to record the good deeds of the children of Israel and guard the Tree of Life. He was also the knower of all of God’s secrets. The Zohar, the mystical Kabbalistic text, refers to Metatron as a heavenly priest working on Earth as Enoch and as the angel who led the people of Israel through the exodus from Egypt. These ancient scriptures also imply that he was the angel who knew God’s soul, thus he was able to create the multidemensional form to be used as a mirror of goodness for all to behold and as a protection for falling out of God’s ways.

Also called The Flower of life, the main Cube is composed of 13 spheres held together by lines from the midpoint of each sphere. These points are nodes that connect to the other nodes through single lines to a total of 78 lines. The cube not only contains all the shapes of the universe, but it is an etheric geometry that continues ad infinitum, encompassing the entire universe, always moving, expanding and changing. Like the Wish Fulfilling mantra, it is the ultimate symbol of Divine Love’s ever pulsating and ever expanding vibration and a powerful symbol of protection. Hereby is the ultimate secret of these two amazing symbols.

The cube and the mantra serve to protect us because both are vibrational instruments helping us to stay true to our high hearts, the place within us where Divinity resides. and be guided by love in seeing each other as Buddhas, or Gods in embryo, as Deepak Chopra likes to refer humans as. Vibrating with the cube and the mantra allows us to be always compassionate, forgiving and act for the benefit of all. As in the Upanishads. these sacred symbols vibrationally teach us that “when a blade of grass is cut the whole universe quivers” In the presence of either symbol, only goodness, joy, abundance, love and light can exist.

The day I went to install the door protector, a very serious incident occurred that put my client in a very dangerous physical situation. However, everything was rather quickly resolved and…for the benefit of all. It seems that the new door protector came swiftly to the rescue!

My client has graciously allowed me to offer 10 (ten) blessed prints of his door protector for you, my followers to purchase. Ten prints on archival paper or as canvas wrapped and ready to hang are available by clicking on TY Door Protector and…Namaste-a Sanskrit greeting accompanied by a slight bow made with hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards and closely positioned in front of the chest. that roughly translated means, the god in me salutes your godliness.