It is About Hearing the Heart’s Song

The Heart's Song by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The Heart’s Song by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Working on a technique I wanted to teach at one of my Full Day Painting Retreats, this brightly colored acrylic painting seemed to magically appear on the canvas. As it was intended for the morning exercise, I allotted 3 hours and when the bell rang, it was as if I awakened from a dream.

I felt grateful for giving myself the time and the place to create.

The technique involves selecting three colors plus white and a dark neutral hue, a wide brush, water, a palette knife and a wide straight edge, plus a sponge and three small water buckets.

Paint goes directly on the canvas and it is then moved about and manipulated by the other elements in an apparently random fashion. Actually, if you are able to connect with your heart and trust its voice what comes out is not random at all.

When we quiet the mind chatter and ground the root chakra as in meditation,  we feel the pull of the earth. This connection unleashes the full power of the second chakra, the creative energy, and through its effervescence we begin to align the will chakra with the will of the Universe.

The heart chakra now receives the necessary fuel to put forth unconditional love and clears the throat chakra. As our real voice begins to emerge we are able to unleash our intuitive powers and gain new information through an activated third eye.

As we move energy through the chakras, we allow divine love as light to overflow through the portal of the seventh chakra. And it is at this moment that the heart and second chakras energies merge and easily flow into our hands.

I call Painting from the Heart what we are able to create in this state of connection to all. It is the approach I use in my art classes where I encourage people to become child-like again and play with art materials as if they were in a sand-box.

The joy we feel and what we allow to come forth on the canvas is our authentic voice. What we create only we can create, and without it, this world and the rest of us will be impoverished.

Gratitude engenders love and begets joy. So this painting is called The Heart’s Song. It is about celebrating life, the coming of Spring, Valentine’s Day and an expression of exuberance and abundance at all levels.

Dilbreen’s Trek Updates

Dilibreen's Trek by Lidia Kenig

Dilibreen’s Trek by Lidia Kenig


No matter what we do and where we go, we are always embarking on a journey of sorts but a trek, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is a long arduous journey, especially one made on foot. Such was the fate of a young Yazidi family and their first-born son, when they fled their enclave on Mount Sinjar in Northern Iraq and reached a refugee camp away from the mountain.

The family is part of the mainly Kurdish speaking peaceful minority, who practice an ancient unique, syncretic faith now targeted for ethnic cleansing by the Islamic State’s Sunni jihadists.

They reached the safety of the camp, but their trek was not over.

Their precarious safety was once again threatened when a wire caused a devastating fire inside their little house, shortly after their arrival. Eighteen month old Dilbreen sustained second and third degree burns to his face and neck. The toddler’s face was disfigured, and even though he received emergency treatment, it was clear that he needed more specialized and acute medical care to avoid the loss of one eye and enable him to eat.

Once more Dilbreen and his family embarked on a trek, but amidst the pain and horror; the new journey had tangible hope.

Through the determination and compassion of the international community (1), he arrived to Boston’s Shriners Hospital, accompanied by his father on October 2016. Since then, the doctors performed one surgery that enabled the child to drink from a bottle and brush his teeth. Several more graftings and other operations will take place over a period of a year or more, to save Dilbreen’s eye and reconstruct his face.

dilibreen-prior-depart-iraq-3I created this mixed media painting after one of my clients familiar with Dilbreen’s plight, related the story and proposed that I help raise funds to offset the monumental expenses that the family and the various local hosts will have to incur. I readily agreed to offer my paintings and their healing power as an incentive for others to donate to the cause by starting a Go Fund Me campaign.

Seeing the picture of this little boy seating on his daddy’s lap and about to board the airplane to Boston, simply broke my heart. Learning about the already endured myriad of threats to his well-being, made me more determined than ever to help him and his parents to see possibilities instead of obstacles, love instead of fear and joy instead of pain.

Upon finishing the art, I realized that I had painted the images of Mount Sinjar’s craggy terrain and changing skies in Dilbreen’s trek. Amidst the panoply of feelings, he may have sensed his parents’ concerns, yet felt the security of their love. And as a toddler would, his unbridled imagination may have created pinwheels with the stars to illuminate the adventurous path placing himself as the guiding one in front.

I imagined that the pilgrims he was traveling with also trekked with a mixture of dread and hope, and as I learned more about their ancient beliefs, I realized that the copper chips in the painting, represent the heads of people moving up the path knowing their intimate connection to God. Their heads reflect the light of God’s helpers; the Seven Angels that are an important part of Yazidi belief. Each divine being is within a spoke of the large pinwheel spreading rainbows of love over the mountain.

The real trek to this distant land saved Dilbreen’s life but the difficulties were not over.

His father went back to Iraq in late October to assist his wife with the birth of their new child while Dili stayed behind, cared for by a gentle woman who speaks his language and embraced him fully.

A few weeks ago and following the birth of the new baby, the family was ready to join Dili. This time a new government in the United States hampered their ability to return to the United States to continue their son’s treatment. They would have to wait in Iraq for at least 90 days!

Today I call upon all my readers and followers to help me boost the Seven Angels power with huge amounts of love, to manifest the miracle of Dilbreen’s parents arriving in Boston quickly to allow his surgeries to continue.

In time, I also wish for them to see possibilities instead of obstacles, love instead of fear and joy instead of pain and you too can be part of the healing!

Purchase this artwork or any others by contributing to the GoFundMe campaign at whatever level you desire.

If you wish to own this special piece; it is beautifully framed and valued at $500.00 including free delivery within the continental USA. After your contribution is placed, please add in the notes that you wish to own Dilbreen’s Trek

You will own art that promotes healing and your donation will make the long trek to this child’s healing a little less arduous and much, much brighter.

(1)-For a glimpse of Delibreen’s arrival in the United States and the people who made it possible, please go to Dilibreens Arrival

Stay tuned to the latest news on the GoFundme site or follow me on Facebook.

Simply Love

Simply Love By Lidia Kenig Scher

Simply Love by Lidia Kenig Scher (C)


Seating on the cushion, pondering on love, I soon uncovered some old wounds having a lively party with my “small self”. The revelry festering in the shadows soon became loud enough for me to notice and I began squirming on the cushion. I became snippy, short-tempered, and felt very hungry; all clear signs that I needed a bright light to crash the festivities and dance instead of eating.

I soon engaged with a confused little girl who was still playing with the remnants of long ago events that laden with emotional charge, were assigned a “not-good-enough” meaning. That little girl was stuck in a time capsule within the recesses of my mind and continued to interfere with all my relationships, but most of all, it deeply affected my relationship with myself.

Instead of becoming annoyed and impatient I went into the studio and began to paint as if the canvas was the bright light to shine in on the shadows. A heavy mixture of gold, silver and white paint became the undercoat. Yet gazing through the lustered paint I felt unable to hear my heart’s voice and ended the first session sponging and scraping a soft turquoise blue color.

Over the next few days I sat with the “little child who needed love” and patiently reassured her. I needed time to muster courage and forgive my adult self who “messed up” the various roles I was called to play and be ready to take charge of my life, own my wisdom, gifts and talents. I couldn’t lather glitter over it.

Each painting session allowed me time to connect to my heart center; my authentic self. The light emanating from the colors and materials invited a door to forgiveness, self-compassion and acceptance to crack open. This door is called “Maitri”, the Sanskrit word for unconditional love for oneself, enabling us to receive love and practice compassion.

As I knifed in modeling paste, the stylized image of two fully opened peonies and an unopened bud showed up. In Feng Shui practice, these gorgeous flowers are a metaphor for female beauty and the ability to bear offspring. Its delicious scent is a symbol for the sweetness of pure love, nobility, opulence and high value. When in full bloom, peonies symbolize peace and harmony. As I applied pink, purple and magenta acrylic to the hardened plaster-like surface, I practiced loving and accepting myself now.

On some days, I was only able to place a dab or two of color on the flowers….Not easy to say I love you to me. On the last day, I sat for nearly two hours in front of the canvas until tears began to flow and my heart expanded. The door now swung fully open to a rush of joyous enthusiasm and I surrounded the flowers with a soft yellow tint to help them glow while soft willowy ribbons, like those of a wedding bouquet appeared.

The flowing ribbons became a metaphor for releasing attachment to old and crippling thoughts, allowing love to blossom as fully and openly as peonies. Through creating Simply Love I healed the past and witnessed the loving, courageous and free ME bloom.

The completed painting is a banner for Valentine’s Day. It is also an excellent Feng Shui adjustment for the Relationship area, to boost peace and harmony within the family, enhance a relationship, or attract a new one, or to boost employee morale and interactions within a business.

The original has been purchased by a talented art lover and consistent supporter. But limited edition giclee reproductions are still available to assure the presence of Simply Love in your life, a pre-requisite to experience it in all its dimensions.

Ready for joy? Click on!

The Courage to Come into Full Bloom

Courage to Become by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Courage to Become by Lidia Kenig-Scher

It all started with creating a video teaser inviting people to a workshop I will be teaching next weekend. After the video was posted on social media, I continued developing the painting by manipulating the brightly hued alcohol-based inks and adding various textural elements with brushes, sprays, dabbers and a thin white marker.

The flower shape showed up again!

I realized that the fleshy flower is a recurring shape when I create samples for my classes, and although stylized, it is the only recognizable element in a sea of abstraction. In each case too, the blooms are a focal point in a composition.

Opening to understanding the meaning behind it, I found myself thinking about my role as a teacher, and how much pleasure it affords me. In teaching people to express their authentic selves pictorially, I recognize my purpose in the world.  I also mirror to them the process of trusting the inner voice that allowed me to be at peace and live joyously doing what I love.

I my classes, I am offering ways for caterpillars to become butterflies or for flowers to fully blossom toward the light of the sun.

Butterflies and flowers not only depend on each other for survival, they also follow parallel pathways in order to become who they are meant to be.

An egg has no concept that it could become a caterpillar, let alone a butterfly! As the larva hatches it stuffs itself with leaves that nourish and provide for its tremendous and willful growth. Evolution occurs through a series of molting and shedding layers of skin until one day, the caterpillar stops eating, hangs upside down from a leaf and spins itself a silky cocoon called a chrysalis. In time and through another laborious inward process of digesting itself, it emerges into an unbounded being of beauty with wings capable of traveling very long distances providing sources of growth and transformation on their journey.

A flower starts as a seed and has no sense it could become something else inside its protective shell. In order to grow, the seed has to decide to leave tangible protection where it can survive for millennia, and brave the challenges of rocks, soil, water, temperature changes, and human contact to emerge into the light. The struggle will continue until it eventually blossoms into a majestic being of beauty that provides sources of nourishment, joy and growth just as they are and where they are.

The egg and the seed made a choice to trust their desire to grow and transform. Neither worried about their right to do what they were doing nor their purpose in life. Yet they both have a life affirming purpose.

In choosing to have the courage to come into full bloom they contribute their unique magic to the rest of us. Can you visualize living in this world if they had been cowards?

We humans are not that different. Life is difficult and it involves choices at every step of our journey. As babes in the womb, we had no idea that we would be mothers, uncles, astronauts, senators, or teachers. Some of us assumed each of our roles with grace and ease, and some of us experienced pain and suffering. Still some lived through periods of both.

None of us are an accident. Had you chosen not to be born, “something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it”, said Osho and “…that’s what gives you dignity, that the whole existence will miss you.”

I saw in this painting and in the other flowers I create, that in my teaching, I seek to feed the longing in each person to become a flower or a butterfly. In their “safe shells”, they harbor many doubts; their minds rule and tell them that they cannot paint. But by practicing to quiet the monkey mind, each person begins to listen to their hearts, and in reaching out to colors and textures, they start to paint what they hear.

I encourage people to allow the heart to speak loudly and clearly, so they may summon the courage to come into full bloom!

If you want to participate in next Saturday’s Alcohol Inks workshop and start the process of speaking your authentic voice, using the perfect medium to experience growth, go to Valentines Art Gifs Workshop.

If you like to purchase this 5” x 7” painting on Yupo, go to Courage to Become.

Dwelling in Peace, Love and Fulfillment

Fondulas Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Fondulas Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

I don’t need to tell you that our planet is in distress and so are all who inhabit it. I mentioned it last week. I also don’t have to tell you that living with stress is not living fully or authentically. It is like we walk around with an invisible fence around us, yet one that can be punctured and can collapse at any moment.

We feel unsafe.

Safety was identified by psychologist Abraham Maslow as being the second most important need we must have fulfilled in order to thrive. According to his pyramidal Hierarchy of Needs, when our physiological necessities are taken care of, these form the basis for our ability to perceive ourselves unlikely to be at risk.

When we can get food, water and can breathe and sleep; we feel safe.

When we feel under attack from other people and circumstances, we contract. When we are unsure about our employment, our health insurance, our property and the availability of resources, we live in fear.

This provides a very weak base for the next hierarchy of needs: Love and the sense of Belonging.

Such layer now becomes filled with suspicion and tensions we cannot even see. Total honesty is difficult and our relationships contract. We become needy. We huddle around others we perceive as kindred and hold on to life situations constricting us even more. We unhealthily attach to life, jobs, marriages, friendships, neighborhoods, beliefs and so on.

Thus, the next layer provides a creaky foundation for what Maslow called Esteem, or our ability to feel truly confident about our achievements and happy about other people’s milestones. We cease respecting ourselves, become weary of others and feel powerless. Anger swells and turns into disrespect for those with whom we disagree.

It is easy to see that the top layer, which according to Maslow provides the ground for self-actualization, cannot sustain our desire to live an authentic life. Our moral compass is badly tattered; our creativity suffers, stumped by our lack spontaneity. We have trouble solving simple problems and refuse to accept things as they are.

Prejudice pervades our lives; we lose faith in ourselves and blame others for our lot in life.

I started to create Door Protectors, when I looked at the world we share and saw how many people near and far were unable to fulfill even their basic physiological needs. Flint, Michigan’s cost-cutting measures resulting in lead contaminated drinking water is a perfect example of this.

Frustrated and pondering on being effectively helpful, I looked at a paper placed above my front door containing the Wish Granting Jewel Mantra I received from a beloved Buddhist monk. I noticed that since the Tibetan syllables flanked my entry, I felt more grounded, productive and happier. I also successfully changed my career.

Coincidentally, an out-of-town client requested what she termed “big Feng Shui help” for her new business. Unable to travel to the site, I proposed to create a special art to be placed above the front door. I meditated, chanted the mantra and was guided to write the ancient syllables and surround them with pictorial symbols, like in the art shown above.

The results were to our surprise, outstanding. Within a month, the turnaround in finances, interpersonal relationships and customer feedback were so dramatic that she ordered one for a relative. That was the beginning of the mixed media art I call Door Protectors, which seem to help people create strong layers of fulfilled needs flowing toward self-actualization.

Created in an atmosphere of sacredness, aided by the mantra and guided by an intense focus on the needs and desires of those who commission it, the art affects people in profound ways. The world around them has not changed, but how these art owners perceive it, has indeed changed and from within.

The energy of the paintings also affects those who see it and pass under it, and are strengthened by the owners’ deep connection to the art. As where attention goes, energy follows, it is a win/win exchange. I found a beautiful way to be helpful and blissful. Passing the bliss on to others, we each generate more bliss enabling us to build the strong base under which our authentic selves become fully actualized and…

We can beam bliss to our centers of influence.

I invite you commission your own Door Protector, or order any of the available prints and be on your way to dwelling in peace, love and fulfillment. You can also read more stories on the Blog.

The Perfect Order: Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Antonin Scalia

Perfect Order by Lidia Kenig Scher

Perfect Order by Lidia Kenig Scher


It appears that the world is in utter chaos. Social media and the 24-hour news cycle broadcasts in detail, the atrocities and mayhem that humans inflict on one another all over the world, compelling us to feel distraught and emotionally pulled in directions often guided by primal concerns.

And so it is that we take sides

Whatever we do to ensure the survival of our side, we believe we do it for the better good.

With that filter firmly in place, we organize marches, write petitions, send money, donate living necessities, and join with like-minded people to promote our cause. We are even willing to use lethal weapons to defend it.

Unfortunately, in the process of cementing our rights, we neglect to consider the other side’s rights. We steadfastly refuse to walk in the others’ shoes and thus suffer.

Some of us feel so overwhelmed with what we see and hear that we choose to retreat to our mental cave. We relinquish our power to false heroes who look and sound as if they will surely rescue and uplift us.

With this borrowed power, we act out pent-up anger and suffer for refusing to walk in the others’ shoes.

Ruth Bader-Ginsberg and Antonin Scalia traveled together, attended the opera and enjoyed a long friendship by accepting and respecting each other’s ideas.

Such is what I learned in the weeks following the creation of this painting, completed at a time I perceived to be the height of social conflict.

I knew that the conflict was in me.

It took me nearly a month of living with the art to come up with what it was trying to teach me about fear, strife, taking sides, supreme court justices, and giving power away… until this weekend.

As I observed the reactions and commentary of my visitors, I noticed that none perceived fear. I even encouraged some to notice the red forces and the purple shapes engaged in battle in an attempt to prevail. Were the red beings the loving ones? Were the purple beings mightier? Which were being swallowed by the other? Is red kinder than purple? Is purple more spiritual?

While my friend Isabelle saw the different shapes and even appreciated their struggle, she proposed that this was a depiction of the perfect order of the universe and an example of harmony, or yin and yang. Each textured form was moving about the galaxy being just who they were; gases, nebulae, exploding stars, planets collapsing and new ones being born.

Nature was being natural.

I knew that the conflict was in me when my friend Maria didn’t see conflict either. Instead she perceived the bright colors and shapes as playful and hopeful!

This morning, I finally understood what I had painted: a world where there are no sides, ever. I don’t mean that opposing forces don’t exist. Ginsberg and Scalia publicly expressed diametrically opposing views. It is just that opposition is the way of nature, yet in each opposite, the seed of the other exists and is capable of transforming both in a constant cycle of moving and changing.

When we understand conflict as natural and transformable, we are no longer afraid.

And seeing that conflicts outside mirrors inner conflicts we can transform, there is no need to defend anything.

The seed of peace arises within us and we can focus on bringing balance instead of fixing conflict.

When we notice that we all experience inner conflict when showing aggressiveness toward others; when we feel compelled to defend our position, or when we hear dissonant words and feel hurt; we would do well to remember that it all starts within and that it is natural.

In accepting the opposite as natural, we create harmony.

Acceptance of what is does not imply that we give our power away. We simply know that when a fire burns out of control, we do not add more fire. While it is natural to move to control a raging fire, it will eventually subside when what fuels it ends.

Osho said that “…the conflict is in man. Unless it is resolved there, it cannot be resolved anywhere else. The politics is within [us]; between the two parts of the mind.”

Only we can transform conflict.

Please click on Perfect Order and purchase the original or a well-priced print. Beholding it and allowing its vibration to affect your space, may open new avenues of understanding the shared world we inhabit.

Ruth and Antonin accepted divergence as natural. Their filter was respect so they had fun with each other. Their respect for the perfect order spawned harmony. You can do that too!

A Year Ends Filled with Blessings

Winterland Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher

Winterland Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher

This door protector was created for a winter vacation cabin in the woods in upstate New York a few years back  The client commissioned it because the dwelling was constantly exposed to vandalism and squatters. No more!

Since 2013, there have been no incidents reported, not even signs of rodents or other non-human creatures. The clients were so grateful that this year they purchased 3 prints to give as gifts to their friends.

They wrote that as they prepared for their last visit of 2016, sharing their good luck with others and expressing their appreciation for me would be a good way to end the year. Thus, I saw fitting to make this my last post for the year!

As I end a year filled with blessings, I will retreat, cleanse and enjoy the quiet of the snow and the warmth of friend’s fires without any technology or a to do list. I will take a mind vacation!

And so I wish you a good mind vacation.

May 2017 be a marker for forgiving yourself and others and accepting the past just as it was, and for the lessons you learned from it.

See it as a year filled with blessings…It was, really.

In this new year, pledge to dwell more often in the present moment, and make this date be the beginning of becoming more authentic, more loving, kinder and more compassionate toward yourself and those around you.

This attitude may not change the entire world, but it will change you and your surroundings, and that in turn, will change the world.

Join me in expecting to have a very happy year in 2017!!!


A Grateful Heart Does Alter the Land


The Grateful Heart Alters the Land by Lidia Kenig Scher

The Grateful Heart Alters the Land by Lidia Kenig Scher

A beautiful crystal heart hangs in front of my bedroom window. As it is a North window, the sun rarely pierces its prismatic facets, but I love knowing it is there bathed in its own brilliance. One cold autumn morning, after meditating on the Heart Sutra, one of Buddhism’s most revered scriptures, I noticed the crystal looking brighter than ever. It seemed to beckon me to the window.  I took it in my hands and looked through it at the landscape below.

I felt my chest expanding as I saw the Buddha statue peacefully presiding over the garden fully dressed in late fall colors.

I knew it was cloudy, yet somehow there was gold everywhere. As early snowflakes began falling, they seemed to simply glisten. The tree branches provided a magnificent contrast to the dance I was witnessing. I took my camera and with a great deal of difficulty I captured what my heart and my eyes were seeing and turned a print into the 14” x 10” mixed media on paper that I call The Grateful Heart Alters The Land.

In the studio, I added more crystals, pearls, gold thread, gold leaf and iridescent paint to put on paper what I knew was happening in my garden. As I completed the piece, chanting the Heart Calming Mantra which is at the heart-no pun intended of the sutra, I understood that when we feel, act and see from the heart center, it alters our perception to such a degree that we can no longer see anything but gratefulness, joy, peace and infinite love everywhere.

Over the years I had guests gracing my garden who swear to have seen fairies lurking about joyously. They wonder…I know!

Gate, Gate, Para Gate, Para Sam Gate…Bodhi Svaha is the chant, loosely translated as gone, gone beyond, utterly beyond, toward enlightenment.  The original painting sold a while back, but you may purchase cards and easily frame them in a 5″ x 7″ frame and/or share them as greeting cards. They are available with or without the holiday message.

 “In this Season of Joy…Become the Change you Dream…Be the Light Unto the Path of Those who Need it…Fuel Your Light with a Grateful Heart…For All You Have, and…Create Heaven on Earth…Celebrate with Us!”

Filled with Possibility

Filled with Possibility by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2016

Filled with Possibility by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2016

I knew the moment I looked at this painting that the turmoil laced with uncertainty that I felt around me, in the country and in the world at large mimicked my own. No matter what media or what social situations I found myself in, they all managed to bring out a similar theme: fear.

Fear is evident in the collective when as a country, we find ourselves deeply divided in the way in which we perceive our role in society. One side looks in utter disbelief at how the other side feels and does not see a way to compromise.

The side appearing as the outcast expresses their wounds by complaining, and finding all means of proving the other wrong. The winning side celebrates victory by mocking the losers and showcasing their new-found power.

But we all carry our wounds, and in reality, neither faction is interested in hurting the other. Each group is simply safeguarding their own wounds and on alert to keep the other group from inflicting pain.


In this painting a turbulent bloody river caused by warring energies, moves sinuously to and fro in an attempt to affect and eventually transform the real fear; seeing the other as the enemy.

The ensuing devastation forces each faction to look at the other and see that the wounds are similar, and that the uncertainly that gave rise to fear is a shared experience.

 We come to see that by denying our inter-beingness, each side is equally affected.

A breakdown leads to surrender and in its aftermath, the quiet that follows enables our collective witnessing consciousness to arise.

A breakdown is filled with possibility. We can no longer run our present experience through the filters of our past. We begin to realize that there is neither good nor bad, but rather “two octaves of the same frequency” (Naisha Ahsian)

We see that each group possesses transformative powers.

And then there is a breakthrough.

We learn to look at the others in the eye and learn of their struggles. We hold another person in our arms and feel our hearts beating in unison. We hear the former enemy and realize that we BOTH allowed our collective ego to run amok.

The breakthrough is caused by a shift in consciousness whereby we do not blame others for our misfortune. Instead we hold each other accountable with kindness and compassion.

We ask for help when we are weak and we teach others to fish when they are hungry.

We ask for forgiveness and forgive ourselves for our incorrect perceptions.

Together we decide to own our interdependence and hold space for each other’s karmic path.

We look at our shared journey filled with love and light.

Breakdowns are filled with possibility!

This alcohol inks on Yupo paper painting helped me to look deeply within and see where I was feeling fearful and held others responsible for my pain. I too had a bloody breakdown, a much needed one, but in the stormy waters I saw possibility reflected and surrendered.

Instead of telling myself a story that inflicted misery, I became a witness to what was happening, saw the other’s fear matching my own and felt compassion for both.

Healing my pain and forgiving is a breakthrough: We are both healed.

We can all change turmoil and uncertainty in the world by looking deeply, finding our own, accepting the coming breakdown and like me, allow the art to help you see that it is Filled with Possibility. Get it here now!

Do You Deserve Gifts? Thank You for the Flowers!


Seating On Buddha’s Heart By Lidia Kenig Scher

Do you secretly fear opening presents or look forward to unwrapping a surprise?

At a time when we celebrate the birth of Christianity; the power of faith, and the strength of the light of God as in Chanukkah, and the joy of abundance and family bonds of Kwanzaa, we can easily observe much sadness, anger, and pain all wrapped in shiny “holiday cheer”.

Amidst the myriad of lights and the shopping for gifts, conflicting feelings arise. While we frantically buy, we also create hierarchies of giving and wonder what others will gift us. These all get craftily blended in a cup of dread.

Behind the wondering is a statement about our self-worth. Many of us would rather give, and we may even do so lavishly, including incurring into debt, because we are not able to receive.

You could immediately see my mother’s disappointment upon opening a gift. It took me a long time to realize that it had nothing to do with how much it showed my love, nor what I had spent on a precious bauble. Deep inside she felt undeserving and angry.

Because she thought she couldn’t afford to give substantial presents, she felt angry and blamed others for her situation.

She drank the dark roast of dread: she felt poor.

Such was the theme of this painting I created a few years back, when I decided to plunge into paper and, using various media, sought to transform my own feelings of stress during the holiday season.

In reflecting on how often I used my mother’s strategy in receiving a present, I saw that I too lacked awareness. I blamed others for not knowing that I did not need “this” or  for not realizing that I did not need to have to gift in return.

This 8” x 10” mixed media on paper depicts what we look and act like when we believe that we are not “good enough”, are unworthy of success, barred from living a joyful life and unable to notice the abundance that is our birthright.

Stuck in our sad stories, we miss the shooting stars, the rainbows casting myriads of lights, the season’s changes and the earth, along with the animals and vegetation and simply allow and embrace the spectacle.

The art asks that we focus first on our essence: our loving heart beating in unison with the Universe’s heart. Then we will begin to notice, as in the painting, our focal point.

A loving heart surrounds the main grouping appearing as the place from where Spirit’s presence emanates. It is embracing and supporting. It shows how we too are in this circle of love and light, but we hesitate.

We are still unconscious prisoners of our stories seeking proof that we are unfit to be in this place.

If we can start tuning into our hearts and begin to notice its rhythms, we would see that it does that all by itself. If we focus on our breathing and realize that we don’t have to do anything to breathe, we become aware that breathing and living are our birthrights.

If we can then start to contemplate the abundance available to us in nature, in people, in the seasons, and in all that is not ephemeral; we can notice simple things that we most often take for granted and are also our birthrights.

If we could just open to love by seeing our own loving traits, Spirit unconditionally pours more love and holds space for us to accept amazing untapped resources we could turn into empowering tools for healing ourselves and our milieu.

If we are willing to accept worth as our birthright, love from others becomes visible. This is a non-ephemeral gift requiring that we take the first steps!

When we take responsibility for our stories, we can partake in the season’s cheer and focus on the meaning of the holiday by giving and receiving lasting and rewarding presents.

Such shifting can make celebrating a source of bliss powered by faith, love, light, abundance and gratefulness, no matter our present circumstances.

Today’s life situation is the result of the stories we told ourselves…in the past.

By looking within we summon the amazing source of power to tell a story that speaks of joy instead of sadness, love instead of anger, and wellness instead of pain, all wrapped in resplendent “holiday cheer”.

Steven Pressfield writes in The Art of War, that when we don’t accept our gifts, our worth, and fail to notice the abundance we are surrounded by, we hurt not only ourselves, our children, the planets, but also “hurt and shame the angels who watch over us”.

In this season of Joy, notice the angels that watch over you and look forward to unwrapping a surprise. Embracing Bliss, be the Light unto the path of those who need it; fuel your Light with a Grateful Heart…for All You Have and,

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As I completed this post, an angel left a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, a card and yummy Parisian croissants in my foyer table. It was addressed “to my best teacher”. I am so grateful!