Do You Deserve Gifts? Thank You for the Flowers!


Seating On Buddha’s Heart By Lidia Kenig Scher

Do you secretly fear opening presents or look forward to unwrapping a surprise?

At a time when we celebrate the birth of Christianity; the power of faith, and the strength of the light of God as in Chanukkah, and the joy of abundance and family bonds of Kwanzaa, we can easily observe much sadness, anger, and pain all wrapped in shiny “holiday cheer”.

Amidst the myriad of lights and the shopping for gifts, conflicting feelings arise. While we frantically buy, we also create hierarchies of giving and wonder what others will gift us. These all get craftily blended in a cup of dread.

Behind the wondering is a statement about our self-worth. Many of us would rather give, and we may even do so lavishly, including incurring into debt, because we are not able to receive.

You could immediately see my mother’s disappointment upon opening a gift. It took me a long time to realize that it had nothing to do with how much it showed my love, nor what I had spent on a precious bauble. Deep inside she felt undeserving and angry.

Because she thought she couldn’t afford to give substantial presents, she felt angry and blamed others for her situation.

She drank the dark roast of dread: she felt poor.

Such was the theme of this painting I created a few years back, when I decided to plunge into paper and, using various media, sought to transform my own feelings of stress during the holiday season.

In reflecting on how often I used my mother’s strategy in receiving a present, I saw that I too lacked awareness. I blamed others for not knowing that I did not need “this” or  for not realizing that I did not need to have to gift in return.

This 8” x 10” mixed media on paper depicts what we look and act like when we believe that we are not “good enough”, are unworthy of success, barred from living a joyful life and unable to notice the abundance that is our birthright.

Stuck in our sad stories, we miss the shooting stars, the rainbows casting myriads of lights, the season’s changes and the earth, along with the animals and vegetation and simply allow and embrace the spectacle.

The art asks that we focus first on our essence: our loving heart beating in unison with the Universe’s heart. Then we will begin to notice, as in the painting, our focal point.

A loving heart surrounds the main grouping appearing as the place from where Spirit’s presence emanates. It is embracing and supporting. It shows how we too are in this circle of love and light, but we hesitate.

We are still unconscious prisoners of our stories seeking proof that we are unfit to be in this place.

If we can start tuning into our hearts and begin to notice its rhythms, we would see that it does that all by itself. If we focus on our breathing and realize that we don’t have to do anything to breathe, we become aware that breathing and living are our birthrights.

If we can then start to contemplate the abundance available to us in nature, in people, in the seasons, and in all that is not ephemeral; we can notice simple things that we most often take for granted and are also our birthrights.

If we could just open to love by seeing our own loving traits, Spirit unconditionally pours more love and holds space for us to accept amazing untapped resources we could turn into empowering tools for healing ourselves and our milieu.

If we are willing to accept worth as our birthright, love from others becomes visible. This is a non-ephemeral gift requiring that we take the first steps!

When we take responsibility for our stories, we can partake in the season’s cheer and focus on the meaning of the holiday by giving and receiving lasting and rewarding presents.

Such shifting can make celebrating a source of bliss powered by faith, love, light, abundance and gratefulness, no matter our present circumstances.

Today’s life situation is the result of the stories we told ourselves…in the past.

By looking within we summon the amazing source of power to tell a story that speaks of joy instead of sadness, love instead of anger, and wellness instead of pain, all wrapped in resplendent “holiday cheer”.

Steven Pressfield writes in The Art of War, that when we don’t accept our gifts, our worth, and fail to notice the abundance we are surrounded by, we hurt not only ourselves, our children, the planets, but also “hurt and shame the angels who watch over us”.

In this season of Joy, notice the angels that watch over you and look forward to unwrapping a surprise. Embracing Bliss, be the Light unto the path of those who need it; fuel your Light with a Grateful Heart…for All You Have and,

Buy Seating on Buddha’s Heart now to remind you to Celebrate and create Heaven on Earth…You deserve it!

As I completed this post, an angel left a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, a card and yummy Parisian croissants in my foyer table. It was addressed “to my best teacher”. I am so grateful!


On Thanksgiving Beware of the Cupful of Cravings

A Cup full of Cravings by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

A Cup full of Cravings by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)


A while ago, a dear friend visited me over a long weekend, and as it usually happened, we had a great time. We laughed, we danced, we pranced and truly enjoyed each other. It was magic.

On the days that followed our parting, I could find nothing that could match the joy I experienced.

Eager to continue dwelling in the happiness of those three days,  I looked for ways to replicate magic in other friends and other activities.

In focusing on wanting that person and no other, I inflicted misery upon myself.

Seeking to move through the feelings and transform them, I entered the studio and faced a blank canvas.

I didn’t have to look too far or too deep. I had fallen prey to one of the most pernicious obstacles on the spiritual path: Cravings.

In Buddhism these obstacles are called The Five Hindrances- Cravings, Ill Will, Restlessness, Doubt and Spiritual Laziness. The ego is their foremost ally and each unto themselves is capable of making an unbelievable mess of our lives and derail our most cherished dreams.

Cherished is an interesting word.

We crave (cherish) all kinds of things, people, love, objects, lifestyles, ideas, body shape. We live in a society focused on desperately wanting a new toy that we must own now!

On the aftermath of a major disaster, a former president urged us to “go shopping”, while a beer commercial counsels us to “stay thirsty” and millions of people camp outside stores on “Black Friday” to catch the first sales.

Why do we want something so badly yet fail to notice that once that craving is satisfied, we find some other want? Can it be that what we think we crave is simply a thought fueled by a deeper lack?

Seeking to explore the nature of desire, I sprayed gold acrylic on the canvas to create a rarefied background and fashioned a very large and tactile cup in the foreground. The brightly painted cup coated in red enamel looks hand-made as if by a child.

Sitting precariously at the edge of a flimsy netting tablecloth, the pretty object with its contents looks like it can tip at any moment. What oozes out of the cup looks interesting, cute, somewhat odd yet vaguely familiar.

Each of the sinuous shapes project a creamy, dreamy, fluffy, shiny and alluring aura that dares us: Cravings.

As you gaze at the painting, which shapes represent your cravings? Which illusory corner of your mind has given a name and function to your latest acquisition? Where is that ring you cannot do without? Can you find that yummy cake that you must have? The perfect body you so beautifully sculpt at the gym? The lover you want, the…whatever?

The slick and tough enameled wants of today will tip and fall to be discarded when we want what appears as better. What we really desire is happiness, love, and joy and think that these primal feelings will be delivered by something or someone outside of ourselves.

Cravings are a hindrance placing us in a precarious position at the edge of our sanity. They mask a desire we think unattainable on our own, when in truth, we can only get only more of what we feel we already have.

What if on this Thanksgiving holiday, we search inside for what we already have and decide  to offer love to others instead of wanting it from others?

Can we notice an additional positive attribute in something we already own?

Can we share the goodness of the present moment with whomever is sitting next to us, and feel richly endowed just by sharing with them the bounty on the table?

Nothing wrong with wishing more. Beware, better and greater only appear when we feel grateful for what is great now.

Will you be happily eating turkey or will it be Tofurky?

I am deeply grateful that my son Adam serves both at the table and even more thankful that we will sharing the day with my grandson Tyler, my sister Diana and my niece Courtney.

Care to join us?

Original art and prints are available at Cup Full of Cravings.

The Wave Always Dies

Arising Wisdom by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2016

Arising Wisdom by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2016

There is a sea over which waves come and go, but the sea remains the same. The waves are not separate from the sea, but the waves are not the sea. Waves are only forms born of the sea, just appearances which take form and die…The sea is unborn, the wave is taking birth. The sea never dies; the wave always dies. The moment the wave knows that it is the sea, it goes beyond the chain of life and death. But as long as the wave believes that it is a wave it is within the possibility of birth and death”  Osho- Dimensions Beyond the Known, Chapter 2

In a week where many thought they lost their minds, I had to remind myself that life is a field of potentiality and that what is occurring in our world are just appearances which take form and eventually die.

This artwork started out as a demonstration on techniques for creating with alcohol paints on a surface called Yupo. Given the relative lack of control over the media, it is rather easy to see now that continuing to work on the piece over the next few days was a good choice. It mirrored the volatility and emotional content of what was happening around me.

Working with the colors and accepting the quickly changing nature of the inks every time I added an item, I ended painted a turbulent ocean, as in a Tsunami and topped it with both the sun and the moon, as in an eclipse.

Fire and water.

While eclipses are catalysts for change, they also provide portals of choice.

Tsunamis are ocean waves triggered by powerful undersea earthquakes. They bring about deep cleansing to the land, catching and forcefully moving everything in its path.

Both forecast lasting change.

Both eclipses and Tsunamis are natural occurrences.

Like the land, we sometimes need to create powerful internal earthquakes and will profit from deep cleansing.

Eventually the land and the water settle, the wind subsides and the sun provides nourishment to build anew.

It is hard for us humans to comprehend the magnitude of what we see and cannot control, because much like witnessing a huge wave, we can only glimpse the surface of the water.

In the end all storms bring goodness, both human and ecological because we work with what is instead of trying to change the storms’ course.

It is worth remembering that water is always moving seeking the low ground. When the land is high the flow is fast. As the terrain comes closer to the valleys, it becomes a nourishing gentle flow.

In these troubling and confusing times, we must remember that we are the ocean, and so is the wave.

When we begin to see the wave as indestructible, we create and unnatural Tsunami.

The sea never dies; the wave always dies!

Catch the wave of Arising Wisdom here!

Dilibreen’s Trek

Dilibreen's Trek by Lidia Kenig

Dilibreen’s Trek by Lidia Kenig

No matter what we do and where we go, we are always embarking on a journey of sorts but a trek, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is a long arduous journey, especially one made on foot. Such was the fate of a young Yazidi family and their first born son, when they fled their enclave on Mount Sinjar in Northern Iraq and reached a refugee camp away from the mountain.

The family is part of the mainly Kurdish speaking peaceful minority, who practice an ancient unique, syncretic faith now targeted for ethnic cleansing by the Islamic State’s Sunni jihadists. They reached the safety of the camp, but their trek was not over.

Their precarious safety was once again threatened when a devastating fire broke out in the camp shortly after their arrival. Eighteen month old Dilibreen sustained second and third degree burns to his face and neck. The toddler’s face was disfigured, and even though he received emergency treatment, it was clear that he needed more specialized and acute medical care to avoid the loss of one eye.

Once more Dilibreen embarked on a trek, but amidst the pain and horror; the new journey had tangible hope.

Through the determination and largesse of the international community (1), he recently arrived to Boston’s Shriners Hospital, accompanied by his father. Here the doctors will be performing several surgeries, over a period of a year, to save Dilibreen’s eye and reconstruct his face. The trek to this distant land will save his life and may even afford him and his parents the gift of feeling safe and supported enough to evolve into a healthy, vibrant, and confident family unit.

I created this mixed media painting after one of my clients familiar with Dilibreen’s plight, related the story and proposed that I help her raise funds to offset the monumental expenses that the family and the various local hosts will have to incur. I readily accepted to offer my paintings and their healing power as an incentive for others to donate to the cause.

I don’t have to tell you that seeing pictures of this little boy simply broke my heart. Learning about the myriad threats to his well-being already endured, made me more determined than ever to help him and his parents to see possibilities instead of obstacles, love instead of fear and joy instead of pain.

After I finished the art, I realized that I had painted the images of Mount Sinjar’s craggy terrain and changing skies in Dilibreen’s trek. Amidst the panoply of feelings, he may have sensed his parents’ concerns, yet felt the security of their love. And as a toddler would, his unbridled imagination may have created pinwheels with the stars to illuminate the adventurous path with himself as the guiding one in front.

I imagined that the pilgrims he was traveling with also trekked with a mixture of dread and hope, and as I learned more about their ancient beliefs, I realized that the copper chips in the painting, represent the heads of people moving up the path knowing their intimate connection to God. Their heads reflect the light of God’s helpers; the Seven Angels. Each divine being is within a spoke of the large pinwheel spreading rainbows of love over the mountain.

On December 3, 2016 I will bring some of my artworks to a benefit being held at the Boston home of a philanthropist client where Dilibreen’s Trek will be auctioned with a starting value of $333.00. The entire amount garnered will be gifted to the family. Other artworks will be auctioned as well and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to make the long trek to this new land a little less arduous and much, much brighter.

If you like to aid the Seven Angels and I by pre-purchasing the art, you can submit a bid through my Contact page, by December 2, 2016 at midnight EST. I will contact each bidder as bids come in to alert them if a higher price was submitted. Thank you and have an awesome week ahead!

(1)-For a glimpse of Delibreen’s arrival in the United States and the people who made it possible, please go to Dilibreens Arrival

It is Actually a Mirror

MSR Door Protector by Lidia Kenig

MSR Door Protector by Lidia Kenig (c) 2016

After many years of suffering by freely giving her power away, the owner of this door protector now feels empowered, enjoys being in relationship with herself and dwells in peace.

You may say that after a long history of allowing others to opine on her beauty, her talents, her hard-earned skills and her worth, commissioning a door protector simply transfers the power to an inanimate object. You’d be mistaken!

Art may only appear inanimate. Like anything else in the Universe, it consists of frequencies of energy with which we interact, largely unaware, at a core level and, like other frequencies, are constantly moving and changing. This movement is most affected by our consciousness.

Scientists have effectively demonstrated that EVERYTHING is energy vibrating at different levels. Our consciousness which is also vibrational energy, changes and it is changed by the interaction with other vibrations to produce thoughts, feelings and emotions that in turn create powerful frequencies.

Thoughts are real forces!

Depending on their strength, or emotional charge, these energies spin slower and appear solid, or materialize. Our mind is actually “the creator and governor of the realm of matter” wrote Johns Hopkins’ Richard C. Henry in The Mental Universe; Nature 2005.

Buddhism among other philosophies urges us to understand how the mind operates and care for the state of our consciousness. Its teachings focus on mind-fullness, or total awareness of energy; the physical, mental and spiritual space we share with the entire Universe.

When Mary lovingly gazes at her sacred art, she deems it beautiful and feels gratefulness toward me because she thinks that I created it. While the good feelings certainly help both of us, I was able to create her door protector by directing my thoughts in meditation, toward her vibrational frequencies and painted the beauty and gratefulness that are already within her.

Thus each creation is dramatically different, appearing as if several artists painted each resulting visual. Actually, several people did, when with their thoughts, each of those who commissioned a door protector “directed” what I physically painted.

You could say that a door protector is a two-way mirror.

All Door Protectors start with the Wish Granting Jewel Mantra-OM PADMO UNSHISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT.  Each syllable of the ancient mantra constantly emits very particular vibrations of unconditional love, balance, joy, gratefulness, right thinking, right speech, right concentration, and right action for the benefit of all in the household and all who see it or pass under it.

The essence of the protection the art offers is that it broadcasts awareness of what it takes to live a fulfilling life.

Together with the mantra, the images promote conscious connection with the higher self and higher guidance.  Colors, textures, shapes, and crystals become symbols that the art owners can connect with. The more they establish an intentional relationship with the images, the more they notice that the art is a mirror of their true selves and begin to trust that what is in it, is there for their benefit. Thereafter, the wishers are naturally guided to the thoughts and actions needed to manifest what is best for all involved, broadening their sense of self and walking the path of wholeness.

Mary wrote that since she ordered her door protector, her “business is booming bigger than ever”, and her “work is nothing but joy!” As you can see in her art, a sunrise disperses the clouds revealing rolling fertile hills and flowering trees. Mary’s life is flowering because she is looking in the mirror and recognizes who she truly is, a powerful, abundant and peaceful woman!

I hope you all follow Mary’s example, direct your thoughts to commission your own Door Protector and manifest your best wishes! Go to PURCHASE INFO – and browse the Door Protectors Gallery to order a print.

Avinu Malkeinu

Avinu Malkeinu by Lidia Kenig Scher

Avinu Malkeinu by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

I worked on this alcohol ink painting on Yupo over the past few days, and when completed, I realized that the timing coincides with what in Judaism is known as the Days of Awe, the days between Rosh Hashanah (New year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

During the Days of Awe, Jews say prayers and contemplate their relationship with God, with themselves, with the other humans and with all that surrounds them.

Born in a contemporary Jewish family, I am quite familiar with Avinu Malkeinu, “Our Father, Our King”; loving the melody of the prayer and blessing that plays an important part in Jewish liturgy. Is it recited on all fasting days and on each of the 10 days in between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, as a tool of introspection and a call for hope and transformation. The prayer itself is a series of supplications and requests for forgiveness and pardon, usually done as a litany or as a call and inward response.

What I created portrays in vivid color, the central meaning of the prayer it is named after. As in Avinu Malkeinu, I am invoking the ultimate because in doing so, I recharge my inner compass and recognize forgiveness for myself and toward others as a gift of divine healing.

The painting shows how Divine Love (“our father, our king”) enables us to see that “we are ambassadors of Grace for one another” (Cheryl Richardson). By saying the blessing over and over again, we begin to see everyone as partners and teachers in this lifetime. As such, we can move to transform this world by acting both with justice and compassion and trust that we are thus creating heaven here on earth.

I invite you to purchase the original Avinu Malkeinu, connect with your inner light and begin to experience revelation and wonderment. may you have a fruitful holiday!

If you like to hear the prayer, check Barbra Streissand‘s version

Life as You’ve Never Known It

Paula H Door Protector by Lidia Kenig

Paula H Door Protector by Lidia Kenig (c)

When I first spoke with Paula H, in her voice I heard confusion, despair, and a sense of being stuck. Her energy level was low, which she said was due to the negativity that surrounded her in just about all aspects of her life. She even seriously questioned the decision to move to Miami five years ago.

Not seeing her way out, she consulted mystics, therapists and doctors when a chance meeting with one of my former students coupled with testimonials she read about the sacred art I create, led her to commission a door protector this past April.

Paula was beaming when we chatted this morning and offered an impressive list of good news that started at about the time we installed the completed art via Skype, in her Miami home about 5 weeks ago.

The formerly unappreciated sales associate in a Biotech firm got a promotion with a substantial raise and a private office. She started diving regularly and appreciating the beauty she found under water and share some beautiful pictures of recent diving trips with me.

New friends, resting better at night, and an improved relationship with a sister with whom she had not spoken in 2 years, led her to state that “for the first time in 5 years I enjoy living; I am a happy person, working in a successful business, enjoying my new friends and diving; and I love being in the water!”

While I cannot say that it was the art alone that helped manifest Paula’s dramatic improvements, I can say that it was a powerful catalyst since the moment she put in the order.

Masai Mara

Masai Mara

When the client first laid eyes on the art, she began to cry because the scene seemed to have come out of her computer’s screen saver; the sunset in Masai Mara, Kenya seen on left. The mountains, she was sure, were Mount Kilimanjaro, which she still had on her mobile device, all from a recent trip to Africa.

Mt Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro


I too had to take a deep breath, as I had not known of her trip, nor had I seen the pictures. However, it reassured me that the intuitive work I engage in when I create these artworks that are installed above the door, come through me and not of me.

Seeing the photographs reminded me of the beauty and power of what comes through in each finished product and the breadth of the images, ranging from very realistic to extremely abstract work and a huge diversity of color schemes. Many clients have commented that what I produced deeply resonates with them and often it comes from past experiences.

I can say that the divination and meditation work I do before I start painting and that seems to inform the images and colors, is always correct. It is confirmed by the final report and consultation I provide to my clients, of which I also had no previous knowledge. Present in the images, are life situations that they may use to dive deeper and transform their present lot, as they live and work with their door protector.

In this case, the fog lifting from the mountains implies that in Paula’s life, her “fog” would lift through a greater reliance on developing intuition, trusting inner knowledge and connecting more deeply with Spirit’s counsel.

Eight silvery butterflies portend deep transformation, while one red butterfly at the rear predicts that it will happen very soon. Hematite flower petals, with a Phenacite crystal center, present opportunities for Paula to experience her inner light shining brightly.

Hematites have excellent grounding and balancing energy and are powerful aids in stimulating the mind, enhancing memory and evoking deep thinking. They also have a highly protective energy and are good to help women who lack courage and feel desperate and stuck.

Phenacites are rare crystals, here also seen crowning the mountains. They embody pure light and are known to continually beam blessings. They are also particularly helpful in healing the past and attracting angelic forces.

The mountain peaks are aimed at the gold leafed Tibetan script of the Wish Granting Jewel mantra * appearing to be beamed out of the brilliant afternoon sun, beckoning Paula to trust that her life is already transforming into a lovelier, warmer and brighter life.

paula-herman-pic A recent photo provided by Paula, is encouraging you to order your own door protector and begin to experience life as you’ve never know it! See the Door Protector’s Gallery and for more information on ordering your own, go to Commission a Door Protector.

Thank you, Paula and thank you to all the clients and collectors who have been enjoying the art, growing with it and gifting me with their trust and support!


Read more about the Wish Granting Jewel Mantra.



Boundless by Lidia Kenig, 201+6

Boundless by Lidia Kenig (c) 2016

If life is a journey without fear, you may hesitate at some of the turns, but move forward because you know that the new sights will be filled with goodness.

Moving as if you were boundless, you see the lights of possibility everywhere.

When you can walk on the road humming your own tune and liking the sound you are making; you are indeed boundless.

As you saunter knowing that “life loves you”, to coin the title of a little book by Louise Hay and Robert Holden, what you find as you turn right or veer left, is exactly what you need to make your meal bundle.

Even if you are not easily contented finding berries and nuts to make your lunch; you are boundless. For being easily satisfied comes from the smallness within that is powered by fear and it is of our own making.

You may feel apprehension and even right down distaste at whom or what you may encounter; but regardless of the choice you make, the alchemist in you can turn lead into real gold, just by choosing how to view the event.

Life is actually a boundless blank canvas with unlimited potential.

Some of my students are eager to work on the largest canvas, while others only want the smallest possible size. Each group seems to be missing the richness of experiencing the tiniest moments in total boundlessness. As you can see in the painting above; much is going on in a 12” x 12” size.

Tackling life’s canvas as boundless arises from the intensity of knowing that any obstacles can be embraced and transformed by the clarity of our inner light. This adventurous spirit is cultivated in the fertile ground of meditation practice.

The painting I created using alcohol based inks and enamel reminds me of the way I like to travel my life’s roads. I tend to tackle the trip feeling boundless, starting without a solid map, and knowing that when night falls, I can always turn on the intense fire of inquiry, examine what I collected on the day’s path and close my eyes knowing that what I could not solve on that night will be made clearer by sunrise.

I invite you to purchase this little canvas, as it is packed with wisdom, bright colors, and plenty of light, to inspire you as you begin to see your personal road as a boundless adventure.

Go to Boundless now!

Gliding Toward the Perfect Shore

Stacey Arb Door Protector -LidiaKenig

Stacey Arb Door Protector -LidiaKenig (c)

A Charoite boat, with a black and green Tourmaline boom, a pink Tourmaline mast and mirror sails is calmly aloft on the somewhat choppy waters.

The sailor knows that she is being divinely guided to glide with the rhythms of her heart toward the perfect shore.

The sun above the sails has become the Wish Granting Jewel mantra, while the winds arch in a protective motion against a magnificent pink sky.

As purple confetti showers giddily fall upon her ship, this sailor celebrates her newfound power.

She now knows how to turn off the mind’s noise, embrace the quiet and allow the silence to nourish her body, mind and spirit.

From the bliss of inner calm, life sails on the waters of truth.

Stacey ordered her door protector when her health and the state of her home reflected her inner turmoil. She was not sure what to change first, but knew she was ready for both direction and support.

Faced with a long time waiting for her custom sacred art to be completed, the client decided to order a blessed reproduction as a physical reminder that she was ready for change and indeed she was!

By the time I installed the original, Stacey had regained physical strength, she was in the process of removing decades of accumulated clutter out of the home, and with renewed clarity of mind, was planning for a complete home renovation.

Upon unveiling the art, Stacey was visibly taken by its beauty, and when I told her that the art reflected the beauty of living her truth and once again feeling empowered, I saw tears of gratefulness, joy and love mimicking the showers of confetti on her door protector.

The reproduction art helped her safely move forward on the most prescient issues. The customized original art would assist her, as many door protector owners attest, in uncovering deeper life circumstances and sailing through any storm as if protective winds and loving skies were showering joyful confetti to calm the waters and steady the lifeboat.

Stacey now knows that by working with the energy of her door protector, and embodying its ancient wisdom, she becomes a powerful sailor, sharing her authentic self, her skills and her talents with grace and ease.

I invite you to order your own Door Protector, or purchase blessed reproductions right now.

Go to Door Protectors and begin to glide with the rhythms of your heart toward your perfect shore!


Traveling to Find the Place Where Everything is Possible

Traveling by Lidia Kenig Scher

Traveling by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

Finding the place inside me where everything is possible is how this journey started.

Living my truth and having the courage to move forward on the momentum I created was the intention.

Shattering old patterns and limitations that have kept me from flying in the direction of my path was a goal.

Keeping a close watch on the mind and harnessing ego’s power to steer my life by the heart-mind was my resolution.

Teaching by example, giving and allowing unconditional love, embracing the abundance of what I have and who I am.

Sharing my skills and talents with compassion and kindness,

Practicing forgiveness on myself and toward others and consciously accepting every experience as part of my spiritual evolution and as an act of grace,

These intentions were the road map by which I created this work.

As I painted, I traveled through my life luckily noticing that the final destination determines neither my happiness nor the quality of my life.

But when I asked myself what would happen after I reached that place in life where I had everything I dreamed, another question popped:

what happens then?

The answers came in the act of creating:  to reinforce the treasures found in the joy of traveling.

The rhythmic, yet distinct movement of the red shapes in the art reminded me that growth occurs when I see every step on the journey with the clarity that arise from presence. The painting portrays, with its many colored layers and whimsy, the power of pondering the obstacles and skillfully integrating them into my life with a sense of wonderment.

The central figure with multiple heads looking in many directions, moving upwards and dragging a heavy load helped me recall times when I made myself miserable moving from self-help books to gurus, teachers, coaches, therapists and to religion to find my purpose and soothe my pain.

Yes, in my previous travels I exhaustedly swam mostly against the current until like in the painting, I noticed the light.

Then I lacked the understanding that my only purpose was to manifest that light, which is always emanating from within and is always available to me…if I look inwards instead of outwards.

This time I am traveling quite aware of where my light resides, it makes for a rewarding journey and it changes my vibrational field.

The explosions of pure light we see in the painting are there to shatter old patterns and limitations I may still carry. Electrical showers transform my load and move me forward to rejoice in the company of the other road warriors. As our vibrations rhythmically join in a sacred dance, we all become aware that we, along with everything in the universe, are actually fields of consciousness.

This is the moment when we humans understand our crucial role in the spiritualization of matter and bring about positive changes in the world’s frequencies. We take on our power to alchemically bring the vibration of matter into alignment with Spirit’s vibration. This, my dear readers is the place inside of us where everything is possible!

Traveling is a 30” x 30” mixed media painting on wrapped canvas that can teach you about your journey and of ways in which you can begin to… “Be a light unto yourself” to positively affect the world, as Gautama Buddha taught.

The art is so bright, that will lighten and energize any wall where it hangs, while its whimsical travelers will make you smile every time you pass by, thus joyfully altering the energy of the space where it lives. Original and very well-priced embellished prints are available at,
Traveling/New Work

Have a great week finding your light and post your comments and questions as they are always appreciated.