The Light of Awareness

The Light of Awareness by Lidia Kenig (c) 2016

The Light of Awareness by Lidia Kenig (c) 2016

Have you ever wondered why you became afraid of the dark? Who told you that not seeing was scary? How did you find out that not knowing was a source of concern?

Psychologists say that the onset of night fear in humans seems to begin at about age 2 and its active stage lasts until 8 or 9 years of age.

As to the culprit, scientist say that given that toddlers spend their waking hours in active imagination mode; their minds are incapable of discerning fiction from reality while at rest. What they are exposed to, fuels their playtime and their dreamtime.

We are keenly aware of the huge role that technology plays in our lives. Fascinated by fast moving images, colorful back-lit screens are in our pockets, and giant televisions are prominently installed in our living rooms and even in bedrooms to, as one client stated, “make it easier to fall asleep and hear the news when I get up in the morning”.

Actually, technology seals in our minds the validity of our fears, and wrecks havoc in our dreamtime.

And, did any of you hear that if you didn’t behave the boogeyman would get you? The various versions of this seemingly light-hearted discipline, embedded in a simple phrase can instill a terrifying case of nighttime anxiety in a young overactive mind and serves to reinforce what children hear and view during the daytime.

So when a bleary-eyed and tired parent tries to convince kids that there are no monsters under the bed, and that they aren’t going to be trapped forever in the dark of the night, children are not convinced. It doesn’t match the stories they hear and are illustrated with images of unlikable, giant voracious spiders capable of doing untold harm to children.

And in the body language of trusted grown-ups, they feel unsafe and in need of protection:
They learn Fear.

While adults provided night lights, “blankies” and teddy bears to help calm our toddler’s insecurities; most of us were never guided to play with our fears and find that they were the product of our malleable mind.

We did not learn that we could look in the dark and playfully engage, or that darkness gives us chances to dream.

Primal fear was applied to all the life situations we were unfamiliar with, including mistrusting our dreams.

Now, fear of the unknown forces us to always seek light not matter what the clock shows. Night lighting interferes with circadian rhythms and hampers our ability to see the wonders of the sky, while vivid images on an ever-present back-lit screen show us examples of those, who under the cover of dark, behave badly and are real boogeyman coming to get us.

Our adult “blankies” and teddy bears became attachments to stimulants, relationships, material goods and false gods.

Embracing fear instead, invites us to turn the light of awareness inward, so we can discern if there is truth in how we perceive a particular incident. Looking within to see if the 2-year old’s active imagination is still counseling us to give our power away to the dark; we can acknowledge the fear, express gratefulness at the opportunity to consider the situation and decide to turn the mind into an ally.

Meditation is the tool I most successfully use to train my mind to be in neutral gear. It is what teaches me to practice awareness so I can dwell in the truth of here and now. And I turn to painting in order to play, engaging my imagination in exploring even the darkest recesses of my mind with the same zeal I used when I was 2 years old.

On the canvas, colors, shapes and textures fearlessly present opportunities to travel far, while brushes and other implements unleash the powerful light of awareness that helps me transform erroneous thoughts, feelings and emotions into playful fireflies that empower and illuminate my path.

My playtime is child-like, not childish.

The painting here invites us to playfully explore the darkness knowing that the only giant voracious spiders lurking in the closet will disappear with The Light of Awareness turned on, bringing the mind into present tense as adults, trusting our dreams and acknowledging that a bright sunshine and a dark moon are equally necessary to lead meaningful and empowered lives. Click on New Painting to purchase the original or blessed limited edition prints and fearlessly embrace the night as a child.

An Experience

On the Road by Lidia Kenig (c)

On the Road by Lidia Kenig (c)

At the tail end of a wonderful vacation I stopped by an old trading post now closed to stretch my weary driving body, and lo and behold, a fantastic panorama unfolded before my eyes.

I had to catch my breath as I slowly focused on the view while joyously slapping myself at my good fortune.

Knowing how quickly the light changes, I started breathing slowly and deeply, while my soles were firmly planted in the earth on the summit of Spirit Mountain, along the Mohawk trail in Western Massachusetts.

Fully taking in the fantastic array of colors and textures, my eyes traveled slowly from the ferns just below me, carefully discerning their infinite variety of greens, oranges, yellows and reds, to the soft mossy carpet covering the rolling hills below, until I caught sight of the rotund evergreens displaying awesome blue and deep green tones, accented in just the right places by a luscious magenta.

Yet nothing prepared me for the beautiful purples, violets, orange reds and pinks dotting Mount Greylock and the rest of the marvelous Berkshire mountain range in the background.

Seeing the sky canopy taking on a soft lavender hue I realized that this moment just before twilight was precious.

I could hear my heart humming a happy tune and I moved to capture the experience on camera.

As I write, I smile at the magical landscape in the photo; for I am reliving the expansiveness I felt in that moment in time. I remember the smell of the earth, the moist heat of that late afternoon and the silence, inner and outer that allowed me to be present for the tiniest spec of texture, color and form to embed itself in my heart-mind filling it to overflow.

That experience cannot be duplicated, not even if I were to paint it on a canvas, for experience dwells in the present moment, not in striving to make anything happen.

Experience cannot be premeditated or recreated.

It is in the fertile ground of alertness that an event unfolds bringing forth the awareness of that moment’s perfection.

The most beautiful thing we can do, is to joyously slap ourselves at the good fortune of having had such perfection and move on continuing to dwell in the present moment, fully alert, not striving, not longing, just being and then…

A fantastic new panorama unfolds before our eyes.

Art that comes from the heart is an experience based on being fully present, delighted in the colors, textures, shapes, light, and darkness and with all our senses in a state of peaceful alertness,  not preoccupied with other times and other spaces.

In the act of creation we experience our perfection and are in balance with the perfection in all things.

In such magical moments, we are the creator and creation itself. We are God and God is in us.

It is in such moments that a pure, clear and bright light emanates from our center and envelops us and all we touch and then…

A fantastic new panorama unfolds before our eyes.

Before I went away, I put together a Summer Sale gallery of well-priced originals that you may purchase to make room for new art. Go to and order your favorite today!

A Chain of Seemingly Insurmountable Mountains

Door Protector HL by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Door Protector HL by Lidia Kenig-Scher


Creating a Door Protector for this family was rather easy. I was first invited for a Feng Shui consultation some 10 years before and over the decade, I visited the husband’s workplace, helped the wife to carve a personal space within the home, re-arranged the children’s bedrooms, spiced up the master bedroom, changed the color of the family room and eventually participated in a house and garden major renovation that caused the property to grow from a “Feng Shui nightmare” into a warm and loving environment that supported everyone’s growth.

The husband is a well-recognized and admired business leader, a consultant to powerful organizations and a highly praised published author. The wife is a true renaissance woman. A successful entrepreneur, she is an accomplished ceramic artist who engages her pottery and the vibrational energy of crystal bowls to facilitate healing. This dynamic woman is also a 4-time best-selling author!

A couple of years ago, the family was going through a rough patch and I was called for the “Feng Shui tune up” that led to commissioning the door protector.

The silhouette of a sinuous mountain range with the sun peeking over the gentle yet solid shapes seemed the appropriate metaphor to convey the family’s need for stability and hope. The powerful Wish Granting Wheel Mantra appears to form out of the sunlight blurring the separation between night and day, as if to indicate that in life, darkness and light are equally powerful gifts.

A full moon mirror on one side provides for the crystal clarity born out of introspection. The North Star on the opposite side serves as a source of wisdom and guidance helping the dwellers to always find the best way to move forward in trying times. Mustard seeds are meant to dispel negativity. Placed at the end of the mantra, it implies that if the family follows the principles of ethical living, with kindness and compassion, climbing life’s hills and peaks could turn into gentle gliding journeys.

Door Protector Installed and its Proud Owner

Door Protector Installed and its Proud Owner

The day we installed the art above the door, one of the sons was convalescing from ACL replacement surgery and experienced a nasty rash on his whole leg that was defying all forms of treatment. After we installed the door protector, they “discovered” a treatment that worked effectively. The daughter had been sick with the flu and by that night, her fever had broken and she was on the road to recovery

Since then, the husband wrote a very influential book aimed to help people improve their leadership skills and build great organizations. The publishing of Ingaging Leadership by Evan Hackel in August 2014 was met with enormous success.

Meanwhile in May 2015, Laura Zak Hackel published The Energy of Healing, the first of 4 best-selling books edited by Erica Glessing.

In Laura’s words, since the door protector was installed, “the house just felt right. It is expansive and open and I feel safe”.

Laura Zak and Evan Hackel along with their high school daughter and 2 successful young men in their 20’s enjoy life and like sharing their goodness with family, friends, clients and strangers. They cheerily encourage you to purchase an embellished canvas wrapped print of their door protector and experience its full power.

Allow the mantra’s teachings and all the symbols to inform your path in life, see the way forward with more clarity, and sense the North Star’s illuminating the way out of a chain of seemingly insurmountable mountains.

Check it all out at Door Protector HL

A Personal Guide to Enlightenment

Begonia Door Protector by Lidia Kenig

Begonia Door Protector by Lidia Kenig (c) 2016

When the single mother of two ordered the Door Protector featured above, she was experiencing unexpected turmoil posed by an ex-husband’s unethical actions that resulted in emotional and physical trauma to their children.

Within a week of ordering the art, the then fluid situation took a negative sharp turn yet; she was able to access timely advice conferring her with the clarity to put into motion beneficial changes. Later on, a few days after the door protector was installed, she stated that everyone in the household could feel a positive change.

My client’s situation in many ways mirrors the ethical dilemmas now abounding in the world and that in the United States are compounded by a presidential election cycle. Like my client, many people are feeling confused, fearful, polarized, and without concrete tools to make decisions that are clear and beneficial to all.

Could the sacred art I call Door Protector provide such a tool backed by a reassuring message?

Countless people owning them feel that after installing the art, they could carry on a more balanced life where wishes can be formulated with the possibility of them being fulfilled.

What makes this art vibrate with such power?

OM PADMO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT is the Tantric Buddhist mantra written in Tibetan at the center of the art. The 12 syllables known as the Wish-Fulfilling Mantra or the Wish-Granting Jewel Mantra are said to have been taught by the historical Buddha Shakyamuni during a talk known as the Sutra of Hut Construction. The mantra is also named in a Tantric text titled the Ksitigarbha Sutra.


Ksitigarbha statue

Ksitigarbha is one of the most important Bodhisattvas in the Buddhist iconography. She or he, depending on the particular emanation, was tasked by Shakyamuni himself to help celestial teachers in the in-between period from the time of his passing and until the arrival of the Buddha Maitreya who was to teach the entire universe about the truth of compassion.

Bodhisattvas, not unlike angels, spend a long time liberating beings who are undergoing suffering, before making a decision to become Buddhas (fully enlightened beings), or to continue their work among us. Ksitigarbha, deciding on the later path, developed such strong inner light that in her presence, people became free of suffering on the spot. She was thus said to possess the Wish Granting Jewel that swiftly awakens all sentient beings to their true nature, embody the Buddha’s teachings and go on to make the world a better place. The jewel is the mantra, and it is usually artistically depicted as the bright sphere resting on the deity’s open left hand.

Such is the purpose of the Tibetan script heading all the door protectors. It is the Jewel that grants whoever sees, says, touches or passes under it the gift of awakening.  The Jewel’s power is reinforced by crystals and symbols that are specific to the owners, their situation and their karmic path in this lifetime. These have been intuited by me in the process of creating the art while chanting the mantra.

The art thus silently and powerfully broadcasts the wisdom of understanding and the power of thought.  It beckons us to behave ethically by speaking of ourselves and to others with kindness and compassion and to act likewise in the world.  It exhorts us to engage in work that supports the family, and respects the environment, and all sentient beings. It asks that we apply the self-discipline and effort necessary to follow these precepts and be the best that we can be, by engaging mindfully with the world, practicing presence, meditation and reliance on the heart-mind to guide our lives.

One client suggested that “hanging a door protector in a home or business is like living with a personal guide to enlightenment. The art and the personalized explanation of symbols you provide, confers a richness and beauty unequaled by any other art or tool” Won’t you order yours today?

Go to Begonia Door Protector and feel better immediately!


The Fool Is a Magnificently Divine Soul

The Fool by Lidia Kenig (c)

The Fool by Lidia Kenig (c)

What gets you up in the morning? What do you dream of when you are laying on the beach looking out into the vast ocean? Where does your mind go on a sunny afternoon lounging on the lawn chaise?

I awoke this past Saturday in a state of ecstasy. At such an early hour, I felt drunk with happiness!

A tune I recognized began to float from within and I joyfully joined the chorus. Singing at the top of my lungs, my chest expanded to take in the sounds while the inspiring lyrics prompted me to a dance that landed me in the art studio.

Exhausted after the painting session, I moved to the garden and slid into the lawn chaise smiling.

I felt like a fool.

My mind drifted to what has been showing up in the past year and like a movie, I saw my life unfolding frame by frame as a purple ocean I could easily walk on. The path was strewn with gentle ripples and as I learned to face my fears, and spend my time doing what I love and what gives joy to others, I saw some huge waves, but I walked on.

Trusting that adventures lay ahead, I braved some stormy seas, because in my heart, I knew I was on the right path co-creating with Spirit.

Frame by frame, I saw my art going into homes and businesses and rejoiced at what I heard. I looked into my classes noticing my students’ growth and I was grateful.

I smiled. I am a fool yet, I am not foolish.

The 30” x 30” x .75”, mixed media acrylic-based painting is called The Fool, because when I awoke the next morning and meditated on what I had co-created, I understood that the images and symbols were those that were present in my lawn chair’s daydreaming.

The painting depicts a constantly unfolding reality grounded on trust in one’s inner purpose and aligned with Divine Purpose. The images within the art place the focus on the unseen forces that are able to guide us through the bumps and boulders, and the high waves of a rough sea.

Because we embrace these forces as the allies that they are, they become the most powerful helpers we can summon.

When we trust these forces by listening deeply to the voice in our hearts, our dreams magically unfold.

In my experience, the ingredients in creating magic are:

• Abiding in gratefulness
• Practicing self-compassion by accepting fears as a mind construct, albeit nightmarish at times
• Trusting the voice of our hearts as being our authentic voice
• Heeding its counsel through diligent practice
• Allowing mental space in our lives for dreams to blossom
• Exercising absolute reliance that the unseen but not unheard forces are always ready to steadily guide the wind in our sails.
• Accepting ourselves as magnificent divine souls in a divinely inhabited universe
• Acknowledging that Spirit can only create through us
• Creating in every aspect of our lives

My belief in my right to create and in my duty to somehow make it available to others is what gets me up in the morning.

As a magnificent soul, I paint from my heart and teach others to express themselves pictorially.

I create magic.

My actions create pockets of goodness bursting out into the world at a time when dark forces attempt to grab a firm hold on our consciousness.

You too be a fool, create magic and expand goodness.

Heed the voice in your heart with diligence and alertness, be grateful for everything, trusting that benevolent unseen forces will raise you up to help you walk on stormy seas and summon that strength to be more than you ever thought you could be (*)

The art is an unseen force ready to help you. It is available at THE FOOL.

(*)The preceding paragraph was paraphrased from lyrics of You Raise Me Up, by Brendan Graham, music by Rolf Lovland, and made super famous by Josh Groban’s 2003 Grammy Award. It is the tune I was hearing in my mind upon waking last Saturday.

I Live in God – No Words Are Needed

No Words Needed, Lidia Kenig, ©2012

No Words Needed by Lidia Kenig ©

In yet another week headlined by violence, mourning the loss of lives and accounts of people fiercely aligned on the opposite side of issues, peppered with plenty of vitriol and blame as bookends, I found myself questioning my purpose, doubting the value of my work and at a loss for words that could assuage my conflicting emotions.

So I resorted to what helps me quiet the noise, find my center and connect to the voice of my heart.

Through the practice of meditation I am able to embrace my feelings and allow thoughts racing through my mind to just be. I can more easily notice which clamor more attention and contemplate it as if it were happening to someone else.

When the space clears, I can look deeper to see what is reflected in the mirror of my heart.

When I looked within this week, to see what resonated with the violence, loss, anger and blame I was seeing in the world, I saw powerlessness and fear.

I felt powerless to change relationships and situations in my personal life.

And I felt powerless to change relationships and situations in the world at large.

I feared that my tools; creating art with the purest of intentions was not affecting my little circle nor the big world.

Fortunately I learned to question my assumptions and the memes these create.

I am neither powerless and nor are my tools.

The countless testimonials on how my artworks affect people and their environments, and the grateful and loving statements of my students were both easy to remember.

Yet the reason that the testimonials exist is because when I create, I am one with God.

In the face of confusion or anxiety, God is the mirror within reflecting the truth that lives in my heart.

The paintings then portray not what I originally saw;  sadness, grief, frustration, fear, or anger, but what my godly brushes transformed.

In the images, colors, and textures there is possibility, forgiveness, oneness, patience, acceptance, growth, kindness, joy and love.

Painting allows me to show others a way to wash away from the soul “the dust of everyday life”, as Picasso so eloquently said.

The “dust” is the doubts, the fears, the sadness, the frustration and the anxiety that renders us powerless.

These are the voices of the ego-mind.

Painting always elicits joy, bliss and love.

Creating is looking in the mirror of my heart and seeing divinity busy washing away “dirt”.

 “All the religions of the world have said that God is the creator, wrote Osho. “I don’t know whether he is the creator or not, but one thing I know: the more creative you become, the more godly you become…you live in God. So he must be the creator because people who have been creative have been closest to him”.

And the ancient Upanishads proclaimed that, “when a blade of grass is cut, the whole universe quivers”

When I heal myself and wash away the dust in the act of creating, and share the journey with others, through my teaching and paintings, I am closest to God and the whole universe begins to heal.

This is my purpose. I am powerful and I have powerful tools.

I live in God.

No Words are Needed.

The art is available in many formats to help you too, live in God.

A Well-Built Hut

Burak Door Protector by Lidia Kenig

Burak Door Protector by Lidia Kenig

This door protector was commissioned by a warm, caring and loving couple, parents to two teenagers. The art installed above their front door, on the inside was imbued with wishes for good health, peace, grace, success, abundance, ease and kindness for everyone in the family and to likewise affect all who pass under it.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra, also called the Wish Granting Wheel Mantra prominently featured in the art, is an important tool for reaching enlightenment in the Buddhist Mahayana tradition, of which Tibetan and Zen practices are a part of. Mahayana Buddhism is rooted in the basic teachings of the historical Buddha, and emphasizes the individual search for liberation from the cycle of samsara (birth, death, rebirth…). While Zen Buddhism tends to focus on meditation to bring out the essential Buddha nature, Tibetan Buddhism relies on rituals, and initiations centered on mantras, yogic techniques and meditations, with the ultimate goal of becoming a conduit for the divine to establish heaven on earth and achieve liberation for all.

This is the mission of the Bodhisattvas; human beings committed to the attainment of enlightenment for the sake of others.

Yearning to be of such service I faced the daunting task, furnished with pure motives and visual arts skills. I added my long and fruitful Feng Shui consultancy and interior design talent, and all paved the way to help homeowners and businesses create well-built physical environments conducive to optimal growth.

These environments are quite successful. They earn more money, have less employee turnover; people love their homes and all enjoy going to work. But those who display my artwork seem to be even happier and more satisfied.

About five years ago I was unable to readily travel to assist a client with a difficult home and business situation. Meditating on ways I could help her sooner, the Wish Fulfilling Mantra, hanging above my door, appeared as the divine solution I proposed.

I was privileged to be given this mantra by Geshe Tsulga-Ven. Tsultrim Chophel, when he was the resident teacher at Kurukulla Center in Medford, MA, and during a teaching on “building a powerful hut”. It was then that I understood the value of using all my life experiences to grow character, discipline, acceptance, non-attachment, loving-kindness, respect for all life, and joy, as a prerequisite to have all my wishes fulfilled.

OM PAD MO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT, written in Tibetan as in this and all the sacred art I call door protectors, is a powerful set of ancient syllables, believed to have been taught by the Buddha Shakyamuni in the “The Sutra of Hut Construction” which, besides containing general instructions on how to build meditative virtues to construct a well-built inner house, it gives the explicit direction to place this mantra over the doorway, so that all who walk under it may be blessed.

The esoteric knowledge surrounding the mantra appears to have been lost, yet the exoteric teaching still remains. Lama Zopa, Rinpoche considers it one of the “five great mantras” and recites it while visualizing its energy pattern, to grant enormous blessings for purifying water, healing negative karma and ensuring auspicious rebirths. He says that “anyone who goes under this mantra gets one thousand eons of negative karma purified… the whole family [will] have long life, health and prosperity…all wishes will be fulfilled according to the Holy Dharma.”

That first client had indeed all her wishes fulfilled, and many others, including me, experienced amazing results since that fateful day. Their stories are told in several blog posts since 2014, when I began to collect testimonials- see Door Protector Stories

The mantra is inscribed above a rising sun, in the art installed a month ago and crowned by a Selenite crystal. Lotus blossoms containing additional Selenites, instill the piece with a conduit of connection to our higher selves. The Azurite crystal in the bottom center is placed to assist everyone in making insightful decisions and for noticing truthfulness in their interactions. Everywhere there are symbols of transformation, joy, and ease within the waters of self-reflection propelled by a sense of adventure to find the jewels of learning from life’s difficulties.

This art will support each family member as they build a strong inner house. The visual symbols will continually broadcast powerful signals for the best way to do it.

Why call the art Door Protectors? Because they protect and benefit all who come through the threshold of a well-built hut! Order yours here.

What if you look within and a whole universe heretofore unknown opened up?


Spirit Within-Heaven by Lidia Kenig

A few years ago I went on a solitary retreat to Block Island, RI. I found a beautiful spot where I meditated, painted and walked every morning, afternoon and night. A nice deck cantilevered on an ever-changing marsh.

Leaning over the rails, I could count myriads of greens, and discover pinks, reds, blues, violets, yellows and oranges in lavish tonal varieties.

The wind moved the grasses below at times ever so gently and quite swiftly at other times.

Birds of all sorts visited. Majestic hawks perched above the peak of the house across the way or circled above me.

In the morning, subtle brush stroke-like streaks swept the magnificent ever-changing blue sky, and every afternoon, rolling clouds created amazing violet and pink layered shapes. The sheer vastness was simply breath-taking.

A perfect place to meditate with open eyes!

One late afternoon I stayed on my cushion past dusk and into the night, and I heard a hawk’s screech above me. The piercing shrillness soon became a song inviting me to see beyond what was there. Accepting the challenge I opened my eyes and fearlessly focused on the bird’s imposing shape.

Then… it happened.

My chest seemed to open for the rising moon to take over my heart. I felt a comforting coolness and blinding brightness as the entire shape of my body melted into the silvery glow.

A reassuring calmness settled on the marsh. But Nature was alive.

The wind was clearly speaking. At first I was unaware of any distinct language, and then I found myself asking questions, and hearing answers. I asked if I was dreaming, and I heard that perhaps I was exploring. I asked if the moon was really on my chest, and I heard that I was the moon. I was invited to see with the moon’s “eyes” and be within the sky. I did. A wolf howled in the distance until finally, a profound peace enveloped me…

As the sun’s fire peeked over the horizon I fell asleep knowing that I needed to make that experience visible in a painting.

A year passed where I practiced in deep meditation with open and closed eyes and had vivid dreams; but I could not find the right medium to portray what I felt on the magical deck.

One day, as I was cleaning the studio, an old laptop screen appeared and I knew that this was the perfect surface to depict oneness and wonderment.

My version of the Block Island night is the black shadow box representing the everyday mind frame with live in; tightly containing all the things, people and situations we know. These are the stories, roles and mental constructs that rule our experience. It is the seemingly unbending world that binds us to ever-repeating behaviors, thoughts and attitudes.

Yet the box is made of wood. We just have to notice that and pierce it with a hawk’s shrillness.

The second layer with silvery stripes glimmers with possibility. If we allow our minds to connect with our hearts, we may see and experience new ideas. The lines are sparks of moonlight beckoning us to break down our rigid ego-ruled mind and dig deeper to uncover our dreams and resolve to make them manifest.

The lines are made of shiny silver dust. There we can clip our pat answers, dullness, anger, fear, and scarcity.

And dust can be swept away!

Parting the veil, we see the vastness of a light-filled universe suffused with love-the center black screen, and realize that it feels familiar. We just had to go deeper inward and consider a hawk’s vision to take over our hearts propelling us toward oneness with the Universe.

The Universe is inside our hearts all the time.

It is where we experience freedom and find answers to questions we did not know to ask. Deepak Chopra calls it the realm of potentiality and others say that it is the realm of God.

It is always within us.

The mixed media artwork shows us that to hear our hearts’ voice we must start from inside it. Deep within, we can courageously face the imposing figure of our unrealized dreams, and reject nothing; consider possibilities without attachments or aversions and commit to enlightened action in pursuing our path as if we were in an ever-changing marsh surrounded by the vastness of the sky and guided by the vision of a hawk.

So the next time you throw up your hands and say “I let Spirit handle it”, look within. You are Spirit in human form. Open your heart and LOVE!

The art is on display at E. Shan Tang-Asian Healing Arts Center-171 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA, but can be purchased at SPIRIT WITHIN-HEAVEN

The Summer of Love

Toscana On My

Toscana on My Mind © by Lidia Kenig Scher, 2013

On June 20th 2016, the Strawberry Moon was seen at its fullest at 7:02 AM EDT, and at 6:34 PM EDT, the sun’s zenith was at its furthest point from the equator. This is the point on the horizon where the sun appears to rise and set, and when at this time, the sun stops and thereafter it reverses direction. This event is called the Northern Hemisphere’s Solstice. The two events haven’t occurred on the same day since 1967 and will not coincide again until 2062.

The summer of 1967 was “the summer of love”, and the beginning of a major cultural revolution, still reverberating.

The Strawberry Moon hasn’t occurred during the Summer Solstice since 1948.

In May 1948 the United Nations declared Israel an independent state in Palestine, and created the World Health Organization. Great Britain launched the National Health Service, an ambitious social program that would bring free healthcare to the citizens of the United Kingdom, funded entirely by taxation; the Marshall plan was enacted, and the Summer Olympics opened in London after an 8 year hiatus caused by war. Hope prevailed throughout the world and the effect of those events still reverberates.

Will this year’s skies signal a major shift in consciousness toward love and hope that will still reverberate in 2062?

Solstices and Full moons are metaphysically considered opportunities for significant change.

Solstices mirror our ability to stop and decide if a new direction is called for in any aspect of our lives.

When we see the moon at its fullest, it mirrors a cycle in our lives that is completed.

We have been witnessing violence, confusion, polarity, destruction, and extremism. All these attributes have one common denominator: fear.

Fear arises when we feel lack of self-love and deem ourselves powerless to control our destiny. Dwelling in a state of wanting, we imagine that forces outside ourselves will bring more income, security, well-being and happiness.

While overwhelmed by what is occurring at present; we may consider that underneath it, there is an opportunity for change. Like the sun, we can decide that we have reached our furthest point from our equator and choose to reverse course in the direction of compassion, community, acceptance, kindness, unconditional love, peace, cooperation, sharing and celebration of each other.

Additionally, at this time we can witness the “midnight sun”, where at least part of the sun’s disk is visible above the horizon for 24 hours, in all areas from just south of the Arctic Circle to the North Pole.

Isn’t this a great opportunity to stop, veer and aided by the abundance of light, see the events in our life from a different perspective?

Can we use the light from the magnificent celestial body to discover our own light?

Can we feel empowered by harnessing our own fire?

Can we turn away from violence and instead foster creativity in every aspect of our lives?

Our ability to see the sun may be obscured by clouds, but it is always there. So it is with our inner light. It is always there but sometimes obscured by incorrect perceptions, habits, wrong thinking, and attachment to situations, ideas, things, that are inherently ephemeral.

Uncovering our inner light makes us feel safe, discerning and able to express our authentic voices with lovingkindness.

Toscana on my Mind was created a few years ago as a house warming present for my sister, as she was changing course in her life and decided to trust her voice, embody her light and move in the direction of love, forgiveness, acceptance, hope and joy. Her auspicious personal solstice event still reverberates.

The original 48” x 36” painting fills her foyer with sunshine 24 hours a day, joyously greeting anyone who enters the home. You may purchase embellished wrapped canvas prints or archival paper prints and allow the bright light to help you see your own and propel you to experience your very own rare cosmic event. It will reverberate!

A Door Protector to Heal a Family

SB Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

SB Door Protector by Lidia Kenig-Scher

The client who ordered this door protector told me that she came to my Open Studio exhibit this past April “as if divinely guided”. She does not reside in the neighborhood, or anywhere close by, and where I was holding the exhibit, was not an area that she frequents. Yet her eye caught the sign leading to my studio on a lawn and she felt compelled to follow it.

It didn’t take us long to connect at a deep level, and she was able to share some very personal events that threatened to destroy her immediate and extended family in the aftermath of her father’s recent death. The more she confided in me, the more the plot thickened. Soon her eyes fell on some of the reproductions of the sacred art I call door protectors, and she knew she must have an original for her home.

Stephanie was born in Germany and that is the scene where most of the extended family drama is unfolding, but there is plenty of it locally. A difficult divorce, confusion about her career and the management of 3 teenagers and a home had left this warm, soft and caring woman physically and energetically depleted. She felt unsupported, yet she did not want to preserve the role of a servant, a situation that she seemed to easily fall into with everyone.

What showed up as I started working on the piece, was the confusion and the hurt I felt coming from the client and her deep sense of responsibility toward everyone’s well-being, except her own. A forested background laced with gray dead branches sits against a stormy sky. We are not sure if it is morning or afternoon. It may be raining, or snowing…

Suddenly, soft sinuous rose colored flames appeared and blanketed the entire foreground. Could it be Love providing powerful new lenses through which to look at life? The rich texture of red enameled dots, forces us to stop and notice our inability to continue wallowing in our powerlessness. The strong red bespeaks of resilience and offer the fuel for transformation.

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra dances amidst the flames of Unconditional Love and a Snowflake Obsidian crystal wrapped in gold reminds Stephanie that she is receiving the highest forms of protection, no matter what comes.

Chrysanthemum blossoms with Pyrite crystals at their center lazily flow around Love’s flames. Mums signify a life of ease in Chinese folklore, and Buddhists practitioners are fond of using this flower as offerings on altars, as these flowers symbolize the powerful yang energy that attracts good luck to the home or the space where they reside.

Pyrites are protective stones known to block and deflect negativity from various sources. Their strong yang male energy beckons the user to feel empowered to make good decisions and to summon the courage to overcome feelings of inadequacy and inertia. Also known as “fool’s gold”, they are little abundance magnets!

The art was installed a little over two weeks ago and some powerful energy is surely shifting within Stephanie and her family, here and abroad. The seemingly negative occurrences in Europe appear to be more intense, and the local situation seems to be sapping her strength. I had to gently remind her today that there must be some breakdowns before we see breakthroughs, but that in any case, her sacred art has deep connections to Spirit, and thus she is fully guided and thoroughly protected, as has been the experience of those who have lived longer with their sacred art.

To heal a family takes patience, love, compassion, acceptance and trust. The door protector provides a neutral healing zone where we can exercise these helpful qualities by first practicing the traits with ourselves. In time we uncover our inner light, always emitting a strong, bright and smokeless flame, and then we know that we must shine it on. We cannot help anyone see their own light, nor acknowledge ours. But in healing ourselves, we create the possibility for others to heal. That is the breakthrough.

Prints are available to help you get started in healing yourself and your family! Go to Stephanie’s Door Protector.